Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend

Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend


The Tallahassee beer festival was expected to donate/distribute over $30k to local Tallahassee nonprofit organizations that are partnered with the local United Partners for Human Services. These nonprofits provide valuable resources and community support.
With the postponement of the beer festival, those nonprofits might be grateful for a little boost and help. We, as a social group within our community, can surely use our networking prowess to help them out.
How would you all feel about a few fundraising or networking for nonprofit events? Perhaps a little guest bartending from our board members at a local venue or a canned food drive at our social? What do you think? Tell us your thoughts.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend
Big Bend Homeless Coalition
Capital Area Community Action Agency Big Bend Cares Elder Care Services, Inc. Pace Center for Girls Epilepsy Association of The Big Bend Graceful Solutions Good News Outreach Hang Tough Foundation Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. Neighborhood Medical Center The Oasis Center for Women & Girls Second Harvest of the Big Bend 2-1-1 Big Bend Lighthouse of The Big Bend Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend Whole Child Leon CCYS
Through the Fund in 2021, Volunteer Florida is engaging 24 organizations to generate 9,600 skills-based volunteers & contribute 72,000 hours of service, with a primary focus on serving our rural communities and increasing economic opportunities for Floridians preparing to join or rejoin the workforce. Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend Community Hope Center of Osceola County Scholar Career Coaching, to name a few!
Stay up-to-date with the latest human services planning and response here:

Our are self reporting their community spread mitigation plans and they're being uploaded in (nearly) real-time to our website. To learn more about what your community partners are doing to prepare themselves and their clients for limited exposure visit:

The following members have already completed their self-reported plans:

- 2-1-1 Big Bend
- Ability1st
- Advantage Aging Solutions
- American Red Cross of North Florida
- Apalachee Center, Inc.
- The Alzheimer's Project, Inc.
- Big Bend Cares
- Big Bend Homeless Coalition
- Big Bend Hospice
- Brehon Family Services
- Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition
- Capital Medical Society
- CareerSource Capital Region
- Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement
- CESC Kearney Center
- Children's Home Society of Florida
- Disability Rights Florida
- Emergency Care Help Organization, Inc.
- Elder Care Services, Inc.
- Epilepsy Agency of the Big Bend
- Florida Veterans Foundation
- Girls on the Run of the Big Bend
- Good News Outreach
- Hang Tough Foundation
- Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend- Lighthouse BigBend
- Legal Aid Foundation of Tallahassee
- Legal Services of North Florida, Inc.
- Living Stones International, Inc.
- North Florida Office of Public Guardian
- Pace Center for Girls, Leon
- Refuge House
- Second Harvest of the Big Bend
- Special Olympics Florida-Leon County
- Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center
- Tcc Take Stock
- Turn About, Inc. of Tallahassee

Stay tuned for more updates.
Volunteers 55+ Mentor/Tutor Children in Schools!
Become an Elder Care Services, Inc. Senior Corps Foster Grandparent Today!
Positions Available In:

Leon County: Leon County Schools, Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend, Big Bend Hospice

Gadsden County: Gadsden County Public Schools - Florida

Madison County, Florida: Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend

Jefferson County, Florida: Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend

Apply Today!

We are in the final push for our adopted family with Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend! Thanks for everything we have in so far but we are looking to get any additional items in over the weekend! Reach out to us or Kids Inc. to see what items are available!
We are looking for local social service agencies and programs to participate in our first ever Community Provider Showcase on January 10th, 2020 at ELC Leon. If you are a program or agency that has resources to share with our ELC staff and early childhood teachers so that we can collectively better serve families. Please join us! To register for a resource table, visit 2-1-1 Big Bend CareerSource Capital RegionKids Incorporated Of The Big Bend Capital Area Head StartWhole Child Leon ECHO Outreach Ministries Boys Town North Florida Tallahassee Pediatric Behavioral Health Center FDLRS MiccosukeeLeon County Sheriff's Office TCC Workforce Development Tallahassee Community College TCC
This just in... $20 tour special! We want these to go to those in need for the holidays! Cashapp $pedicabs to speed up the process and make someone’s holiday with a pedicab tour! Hang Tough Foundation Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend fyi!
It's been an action-packed week, but I still had the chance to include visits and talks to several very special groups about the fascinating science of meteorology, plus tell entertaining stories to delightful youngsters this week! Thanks Riversink and Killearn Lakes elementary schools, Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend, and the local Cub Scouts troops who participated in these!
We have our list of items for Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend!!!
This just in... we are adopting a family for the holidays with Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend! If you chip in we will give you a tour as a thank you! The holidays will be here before we know it!
Last night, I watched the movie, "Instant Family." I'm realistic is that experience?
As part of their workplace campaign the team at Kids Incorporated Of The Big Bend are getting into the Halloween spirit. What fun things does your company do?

Supporting and educating young children through quality early learning, health, & family services

Our Administration staff will be available by Appointment Only at our Budd Bell Early Head Start Center, at 306 Laura Lee Avenue, Tallahassee, FL, 32301

Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend is a community organization serving children 0-3 years of age and pregnant women. Founded in 1972 by the late Budd Bell, we provide comprehensive Early Head Start services to 220 eligible children ages 6 weeks to

Operating as usual


Early Learning Programs in the Big Bend

Want to learn more about our Early Learning programs and the requirements to join? We have the application on our website and a free downloadable brochure available by visiting


Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend is looking for teachers invested in making a difference through early childhood learning. We offer competitive wages and benefits in a family-friendly environment.
If you are ready to help children 0-3 learn and grow, apply through our website at


It's national Bath Safety Month!

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children 1-4. This tragedy can happen many places - not just the bathtub. Toilets, buckets, pools or containers of standing water all pose a risk to toddlers and young children. As the caregiver, being attentive and proactive is key to avoiding risk. The CDC has put together an easy to implement list of ways to prevent drowning here:


Reading impacts the achievement gap!

Children begin learning words as infants, long before they can talk. Reading at least one book a day one-on-one with your infant and toddler will help them in all areas of learning.

Children that do not benefit from regular reading typically have slower development, fewer vocabulary words and generally lag in cognitive goals. Known as the “Achievement Gap,” this deficit in early learning can have a lifelong impact.
Learn more by visiting


Did you know that Winnie the Pooh stories were inspired by an actual bear and boy? The author A.A. Milne had a son named Christopher Robin who often visited Winnie, a black bear living at the London Zoo during World War I. The son named his teddy bear after Winnie and a swan named Pooh.

Generations have wandered through the Hundred Acre Woods – learning lessons from Owl, Rabbit, Piglet and others. Help us celebrate by sharing your favorite Pooh Bear adventure or quote in the comments.


Being a parent to an infant or young toddler can be overwhelming. Especially if their progress is at a different rate or you are unsure how to help them develop more words or coordination.

Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend’s mission is supporting and educating families with young children through quality early learning, health and family services. Learn more at


There are so many ways to volunteer with Kids Incorporated! Do you like reading to kids? Maybe you love administrative work or helping with events. If you are ready to help the children and families in our big Bend area, learn more by visiting!


Donate your toys and books to Kids!

PLEASE SHARE! Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend is a non-profit providing services to children 0-3, their families and pregnant women in need. We do this through grants, donations and community partnerships. Please consider us the next time you have children’s books, clothes or toys to donate. Visit to learn more about how you can help.


Perfect weekend day for you and the kids!

It’s the weekend! And the time of year in north Florida that you can go to a park and enjoy the day without too much humidity or bug activity. Pack the diaper bag (don’t forget snacks for all ages) and head out to your favorite park, or find a new one.

After the crazy energy of your toddler is worn out, head home for a nap 💤 and reading. If you dread reading the favorite book…again, check out our blog on ways to make storytime fun for everyone:


Tell us what birds you have spotted today!

Did you know today is National Bird Day? 🐦🦉There are approximately 10,000 species of birds – that’s a lot of different kinds of feathered friends! When you go outside today, look around and notice the different kinds hanging out in the trees, on the ground or chasing bugs in the air in front of you. Point them out to the children around you, look them up together and tell us what you saw in the comments below!🦆


A great reminder that every effort, every step counts!

Important reminder 💚 | Make connection a habit.


How to make your resolution a success!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? For your resolution to succeed, it needs to become a habit. Embrace the new action for at least two months or more and odds are it will become a part of your routine. 😃

If you have and infant or toddler in your life one of the best new habits to develop is reading at least one book a day, together. No TV, no smart phone, just one-on-one face time. If the evenings are too hectic, make it a part of the morning wake up ritual. Reading a book a day together helps close the achievement gap, an important cognitive area that you can learn more about here:


Looking Forward to Helping More Children 0-3 in 2023!

Can you believe it will 2023 this Sunday?

🌟To our staff, students, families and community supporters, THANK YOU for an amazing 2022! 🎉


Thank you to TaMaryn Waters and the Tallahassee Democrat for highlighting businesses and organizations, including Kid’s Incorporated of the Big Bend, that have served Tallahassee for decades.

The real heroes are the parents, teachers, staff, donors, volunteers and community partners that work hard to help us in our mission of children 0-3 and their families reaching their full potential.
See the full article here:

What a phenomenal line-up of food, fun and resources we have here in Tallahassee from The Palace Saloon, Mad Dog Construction, Food Glorious Food, Golden Lighting, Target Print & Mail, Aegis Business Technologies and Full Press Apparel, Inc.


Make fun slime and more!

There are a lot of families spending this week together. Yay! But even with new toys toddlers can be easily bored. Besides reading to them (one of the best ways to spend one-on-one time) you can make a few projects to share. Visit our page for fun recipes including frozen silly putty, colored pasta and more. Download your free recipes for fun here:


Happy Holidays!

✨ Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season. ✨


Toys can be fun but reading with the children in your life helps them for a lifetime. From before birth, reading is key to building vocabulary, concentration and imagination.

Instead of a last-minute gift to fill the stockings, grab a new book – or old favorite – and snuggle in for story time. Make the different voices of the characters and help toddlers sound out words. Help build lifelong learners by showing how much fun learning and reading can be!

For more ideas, visit our Storytime: Facts and Fun blog here:


Did you know?

Did you know that babies imitate the facial expressions of their caregivers? As they learn that smiles are happy and frowns are sad, they begin experiencing the same emotions reflected back to them. This is one of the reasons why face-to-face time is so important with infants.

In-person time also leads to more words being spoken – a significant help to infants and toddlers that are building their vocabulary long before they begin to speak. To learn more about how lack off reading, talking and direct interaction can lead to an achievement gap, visit


It’s been 50 years since Budd Bell founded Kids Incorporated of Big Bend. Her focus on the family continues to shape our programs today. Learn more about our history as we celebrate our golden anniversary serving children 0-3, their families and pregnant women in Leon, Jefferson and Madison counties.


Kids Incorporated 12/14/2022

Kids Incorporated

Are you ready to use your knowledge and skills helping children 0-3 – making a difference that will last their whole lives?

Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend is a United Way member agency providing Early Head Start services to families at five locations. We provide care for children 0-3, working with the parents to learn skills needed for the family to succeed.

Kids Incorporated cares about their teachers and staff, providing competitive salaries, healthcare and other benefits. You can learn more – and apply online here:

Kids Incorporated When Anzola became pregnant, she knew she would benefit from a program that could help her through her pregnancy and maximize the chances for a healthy delivery and a healthy baby.  She turned to Kids Incorporated's Prenatal Program, which is part of the Early Head Start (EHS) program.  A resident...


In the excitement of family visits and gift giving, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the demands and hazards of the holidays. New toys, small parts and batteries are a few of the reasons to plan ahead – providing a safe zone for infants and toddlers that are prone to chewing on whatever comes within reach.

An article by E-E Health includes tips on storing batteries and magnets, tossing old balloons, keeping small toy parts away from babies and MORE!



We love seeing self regulation on the agenda for K-2 education. Learning to recognize versus react is so important for all ages.

We are excited to announce that we will run self-regulation groups for K-5 and social skills (PEERS) groups for middle & high school students for Spring 2023!

Groups begin in late January and meet weekly until May. For more information about meetings and eligibility, read the flyer below.

You can click the link below to begin registration and an MDC staff member will reach out to you to complete registration. SPACE IS LIMITED.


Are you ready to help infants and toddlers in need reach their full potential? Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend is a United Way member agency providing Early Head Start services to families at five locations. We provide care for children 0-3, working with the parents to learn skills needed for the whole family to succeed.

Kids Incorporated cares about their teachers and staff, providing competitive salaries, healthcare and other benefits. You can learn more – and apply online here:


It’s Safe Toys and Gifts Month! Be sure toys and gifts are safe and age appropriate. Look for the age range on the toy and any issues of sharp edges or small parts.

The best gifts for infants and toddlers are those that help with eye-hand coordination, counting, reading, learning colors and showing empathy. Pick toys, books and puzzles that you can play or read together. Face-to-face interaction is the best gift for infants and toddlers any time of the year.


Only 5 days left to bring joy to a Kids Incorporated student and their family!

5 DAYS LEFT! Chose your family now for this year’s Holiday Happiness.

Help a Kids Incorporated family in need celebrate the holidays and share in the joy of giving and receiving. It’s as easy as choosing, shopping and dropping off!
Go to:


In two days, you can help children of the Big Bend reach their full potential!

It’s important to understand that infants and toddlers, ages 0-3, are building their
foundation for reading and social skills for the rest of their lives. Without frequent and focused reading and face-to-face time, children struggle as they grow, with gaps
widening into adulthood.

Make today or Giving Tuesday the day you help the children that need us most in the
Big Bend area. Learn more about donating or volunteering at


Think Holiday Happiness on Black Friday! Sign up to assist one of our students and their family at

You shop, we wrap and everyone has a happier holiday because of your generosity.


Getting the family out of the house and into nature 🌿 has far reaching benefits. Moving the body helps it gain strength, especially after sitting in an office or classroom all week. Nature and fresh air triggers beneficial chemicals, leading to better mental and physical health. Kids of ALL ages benefit from being outside 🌤 with family instead of watching TV or playing games on tablets or phones.

With the cooler temperatures in our area, it’s time to get out and go!


Holiday Happiness is a project Kids Incorporated has carried out for many years. It is designed to provide holiday gifts for Kids Incorporated's client families whose children would not otherwise receive holiday gifts.

Businesses, organizations and individuals shop for family members, utilizing a wish list developed by the family with the assistance of a Kids Incorporated Family Advocate. Learn more here:




Happy belated Tongue Twister Day. Did you know that Sally sells seashells 🐚 by the seashore? It’s one of the best-known tongue twisters around. By reading and having conversations with your infant and toddler daily, you are helping them develop language skills – even if they are not responding back at first.

How do you know if your child is struggling with simple words? There are common milestones to be aware of that help measure if a toddler may need help. Every 👶👧👦child is different, so remember that milestones are flexible. You can learn more about our services at


Thank you to all those that have served.


It’s not too late! These are still 30-minute sessions available for you to participate in Thanks for Reading. Help our students in their path to literacy by reading to them – sharing your enthusiasm for books and learning. Sign up now and hear the enthusiastic “Thanks for reading” next week from students and teachers alike!


The safety of our students, families and staff are our priority. Our centers and admin office are closed till Monday Nov. 14. Stay safe!


Our Kids Incorporated Holiday Happiness program has been a part of the Big Bend’s holiday season for years. Hundreds of children have received gifts that otherwise would have gone without. Would you like to be a part of bringing smiles to these children in need?

Businesses, organizations and individuals shop for families, utilizing a wish list developed by the family with the assistance of a Kids Incorporated Family Advocate. Learn more, or sign up here:


It’s Hug a Bear Day! Did you know it’s not just teddy bears that need hugs? Gentle, nurturing touching such as hugs is essential to brain and physical growth. Hugs have the physical response of your body releasing oxytocin, leading to the increase in growth, healing and emotional health.

While your child hugs their bear today, be sure to give them hugs every day, as many times as possible. It’s good for both of you! Learn more at


SHARE with FRIENDS and FAMILY! It’s that time again – time to fall back 🍂 one hour, snuggling in for a little extra rest 💤 on Sunday. Most cell phones change automatically, but don’t forget the microwave, oven and any other clocks that might make you panic on Monday.


Do you have 30 minutes to make a difference in our students’ lives? Volunteer for our “Thanks for Reading” program and help our 0-3 Kids Incorporated students share in your enthusiasm for reading.

We have 30-minute sessions available in Leon, Jefferson and Madison counties. Sign up today!


Look for circles with your child to make counting and learning shapes fun!

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Research has shown that reading aloud to children from birth is the single most important activity to be done to help pr...
We are celebrating 50 years of helping children 0-3, their families and pregnant women in the Big Bend. Be on the lookou...
Did you know that each Kids Incorporated facility has a Family Advocate on staff? They are there to work with families f...
Did you know it is our 50th anniversary of serving the Big Bend? Our CEO LaFonda Heidel was at our Jefferson County loca...
⭐The majority of a person’s vocabulary is formed by age 3.⭐50% of a child’s intelligence is formed by 5.⭐The critical wi...
Sometimes infants and toddlers need a little help in meeting milestones. That’s why Early Learning programs like we have...
September is Baby Safety Month. Keeping kids safe at any age can be a challenge, particularly for infants and toddlers. ...
Are you interested in a career that helps shape lives, making a difference for families in our community? If you enjoy w...
We found some fun and functional baby and toddler safety items and wrote about them in Lions and Tigers and Bowls, Oh My...
A WEEK FROM TODAY! April 30, 10-3 at Cascades Park. FREE Admission, Activities & Entertainment. Please help us by sharin...
A 2022 study reported an average of 67% of children under 5 yrs. old are exceeding what is considered the safe amount of...



306 Laura Lee Avenue
Tallahassee, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

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