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Timeline photos 05/29/2022

Caption this with the last text you’ve sent...

Timeline photos 05/26/2022

You can only pick one AND you have to tell me what it would be for!

Timeline photos 05/23/2022

If you could live anywhere in anything, where and what would you live in?

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Timeline photos 05/17/2022

Cookie flavors, superheroes, land mammals… I’ll answer them all!

Timeline photos 05/14/2022

What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Timeline photos 05/11/2022

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Timeline photos 05/08/2022

What is one smell that you enjoy that most others would not?

Timeline photos 05/05/2022

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to and what drew you to go there?

Timeline photos 05/02/2022

(Sometimes they are the little things!)

Timeline photos 04/29/2022

I know I have MANY talented friends which makes me wonder, what’s a skill you’ve been yearning to learn?

Timeline photos 04/28/2022

The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds you will never actually do it.

The John Maxwell Invite-Only Live Session on Saturday, April 30th at 8:00 am EDT is your opportunity to actually make a move toward a future filled with success. All you have to do is register at https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/27/2022

Ready to get into a new mindset and headspace about leadership, self-development, and acts of service for your community?

When you register for John Maxwell Invite-Only Live Session on Saturday, April 30th at 8:00 am EDT, you’ll gain access to a private masterclass led by John Maxwell himself—a leadership expert of our generation.

Learn more and sign up at https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/26/2022

What TV or book character do you relate to the most? (All shows and books included!)

Timeline photos 04/26/2022

These days, too many leaders think that being a leader means power and authority—but this hierarchical structure doesn’t serve the majority.

^^^That is John Maxwell’s line of thinking when it comes to leadership, and his teachings have influenced companies like Chick-fil-A, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Best Buy, and more!

If you’re ready to discover how you can become a better leader in your community, you won’t want to miss out on this special opportunity to hear John Maxwell speak in a private session on Saturday, April 30th at 8:00 am EDT.

To sign up or learn more, visit https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/25/2022

Hurry up and reserve your spot for a front-row seat to a private event hosted by John Maxwell, bestselling author, leadership expert, and motivational speaker.

To learn more, visit https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/24/2022

John C. Maxwell, named the #1 leadership guru as well as the author of over 75 best-selling books on leadership, sums up the definition of leadership like this, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

Like it or not, your actions DO influence those around you.

What will your legacy be?

Get a crash course in leadership and influence from John Maxwell himself on Saturday, April 30th at 8:00 am EDT: learn more at https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/23/2022

If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?

Timeline photos 04/23/2022

To succeed in your life’s goals, you need to influence those around you in a positive way. For over 50 years, John Maxwell has been studying influence and leadership and has a lot of wisdom to share.

Get access to a special, invite-only event he’s hosting when you visit https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/22/2022

Gain access to the same knowledge shared with the world’s most powerful CEOs and executives when you sign up for this invite-only virtual session led by John Maxwell.

As a rockstar in the field of leadership, John Maxwell has helped thousands of people improve their path toward success and harness the power of positive influence.

Are you ready to see what he can do for you? Check out https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/21/2022

Are you ready to be inspired to reach your full potential? Do you want to learn strategies to improve your personal growth from a master in impact and influence?

Then you don’t want to miss out on this special opportunity on Saturday, April 30th at 8:00 am EDT to get a crash course in positive leadership and self-reflection from John Maxwell.

Sign up ASAP at https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/20/2022

(Bonus points if you can guess mine!)

Timeline photos 04/20/2022

Are you curious about learning new ways to increase your impact, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re feeling as though you lack the motivation to follow through on your dreams in the first place.

If you’re feeling as though you’re not living up to your true potential, you won’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the teachings of John Maxwell. On Saturday, April 30th at 8:00 am EDT, he’ll be hosting a virtual, invite-only event for people who want to learn about leadership, influence, and self-development.

Will you be there?

Learn more at https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/IOLS0001

Timeline photos 04/17/2022

Everyone’s view is different so I’m curious... how would you describe love?

Timeline photos 04/14/2022

If you had unlimited funds to shop at one store, which store would it be and why?

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

I know it’s a tough call, but what do you think is the greatest invention of all time?

Timeline photos 04/08/2022

The lifelong family debate… cake or pie?

Timeline photos 04/05/2022

If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be and why?

Timeline photos 04/05/2022

Your “why” is what inspires you to take action and also what inspires others to take action, spread your ideas or buy your products. By clarifying that “why” in a way that others can understand it, you’ll be better able to communicate your own ideas and help change the world you live in.

Take the first step and sign up for my email series: https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/ESFW0001

Timeline photos 04/02/2022

Looking for ideas… what’s a great book that you’ve read recently?

Timeline photos 03/24/2022

What is your favorite app and why?

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

What’s the ONE DESSERT that you just can’t resist?!

Timeline photos 03/18/2022

Would your rather live for a week in the past or a week in the future?

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

There’s no such thing as being “too old” or “too far along” to try a new path. Put yourself first.

Take the first step and sign up now for my Finding Your Why Email Series: https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/ESFW0001

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Timeline photos 03/12/2022

What was your favorite toy growing up? (All ages welcome to answer!)

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

Here’s a joke for you…

Why aren’t koalas actual bears?

They don’t meet all of the koalifications!!

What’s your favorite joke?!

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

Are you surrounded by people who seem super happy with their lives, but you just can’t relate?

It’s probably time to try something new.

Let me help you, learn more about my Find Your Why Email Series here: https://kathyhedrick.leadingthebest.com/ESFW0001

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