The Queen's Towers

The Queen's Towers


Camri has a beautiful spirit inside and out. You can tell after the first time speaking with her that she has a love for people. I found this out firsthand when she was there for me when one of my best friends died. She checked on me everyday and supported me as I made my way out of a dark place. I would recommend her services to anyone . Once you try her you will see that she will not only become a friend, but a confidant as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Hello my dear ladies, and welcome to the habitat of the feminine boss where Queens gather, become ch

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My TikTok account is up and running now ladies... go follow me on there 👉🏽👉🏽


We’re going to talk about SO MUCH, girl, including how you might not be ready to use the law of attraction...


The Number 1 Reason You Fall For the WRONG man!!!

The Number 1 Reason You Fall For the WRONG Man!!!
Follow this link if you want this tea ☕️ ☕️


Learn how to connect with God/Source within 7 days. 🌸🌸Only $9.99🌸🌸

Start your spiritual journey within 7 days.
🌸🌸Only $9.99🌸🌸

Hey girl hey 👋🏾

I was lost once, and couldn’t find my own way. I had no purpose or direction and I struggled to figure it all out. I did everything everyone told me to do in order to successfully connect to God/Source; religion, books, crystals, etc. None of it was pure enough for me. Something was still missing. So I shut myself off from everyone, got serious, and came up with the purest way to connect to God/Source.

I learned how to connect with the God in me and simultaneously everything came together. I learned who and what was truly for me and my purpose has never been clearer.

I created this 7 day challenge to show you exactly how I went about it.

For my ladies needing help connecting to God/Source or starting a spiritual journey, click the link below. It’s only $9.99.

Can’t wait to see you there 😘 😘


Only when you decide to take control of your life will you begin to see prosperity.


Are you ready to become a Manifesting Queen, girl?

It only happens when you begin a journey of self-love and I have the 🌸exact🌸 process you need in order to start that journey.

It’s the same journey that helped me find my purpose, a loving partner, and leave my 9-5 🙌🏾

Learn the number one secret [FREE] to starting a successful spiritual journey (no one tells you this)


Go straight to our 7 day challenge to start manifesting instantly


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🔸🔸No more figuring out the ‘correct’ spiritual path, Queen.

➡️Get connected to Source
➡️Become in contact with your angels
➡️Learn to be in alignment with your life’s purpose

A 7-Day challenge for spiritual enlightenment.

Who’s going to accept the challenge? 💋

Homepage ***Our famous 7-Day "Get Connected" Challenge was created to give you a foundation for your spiritual journey and connect you with Source, getting you on your way to abundance. Click the button above to begin 😘***


Fell in love with the wrong person and need help breaking yourself away?

Book your free consultation today 💋


The Queen’s 👸🏾 Towers holds an exclusive curriculum for ladies who are passionate about becoming One with their highest feminine energies so that they can feel sexy and confident while attracting Love on all levels. This includes romantically, professionally, and most of all personally. We do this with my very own 3-step process, what I like to call, my ‘First Husband’ method.

Book your free consultation today 💋


She who is One with herself is untouched and unstoppable.


You are destined for real Love. Real intimacy, real partnership, real togetherness.

Don’t settle for half-ass relationships. Be strong enough to remove yourself from stagnant and downward moving situations. Get what you deserve.


We are not for everybody, and everybody is not for us. And that is just perfect 🙏🏾


Your Empire starts in your mind, Queen 🙏🏾

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The Number 1 Reason You Fall For the WRONG man!!!
#1 SECRET to Starting a Successful Spiritual Journey




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