Sykesville Pottery and Art Center

Sykesville Pottery and Art Center


Where do I start? Sykesville Pottery and Art is a special place for our family; both on a fun creative level, but also on a more personal one as well. We love the comfortable atmosphere that Abby has created in this business owned by her eldest son, Christopher, with floors that have been loved on by paint sprinkles and other hints of artwork made by so many over the years. Much like the warm, fuzzy memories made by baking cookies and the unconditional love in your grandmother’s kitchen, there is an unspoken understanding that everyone is treated equally, and all differences are very warmly welcome at Sykesville Pottery and Art. While canvas and pottery painting are the focus, and one on one or group lessons are available to everyone, this business has managed to create such a unique atmosphere among children, preteens, and teens. In a small town where there could be a struggle to find appropriate places for teenagers to spend their time, they provide this so perfectly with the occasional pizza and art Friday nights; which also allows parents to enjoy a nice evening knowing their children are engaging in more than videogames and Netflix. Abby teaches the art foundations, but what I love is how she turns what children think are mistakes into beautiful masterpieces that boost their, at times, wavering confidence. I have heard of numerous children going to Sykesville Pottery and Art from 3 years hold through high school, and now I see why. Our son has Tourette Syndrome, and we are realizing that his time spent in this special place of business is a time where his tics quiet tremendously. He is doing what he loves in an atmosphere of support and understanding. No matter how children act at school and home, something about this small business changes each and every kid for the better the moment they walk through the doors. Some become more understanding. Some become more social. Some become more confident. This all takes place in only the first room, which the only part that some people venture into.
I don’t know if it is remembering the movie Ghost or my need to find a different creative outlet, but I decided to surprise my daughter with pottery wheel lessons for both her and I. Why should kids get to have all of the fun?! Abby’s husband, Mike, is the pottery expert. He was very patient and knowledgeable giving us instructions, but then allowed us to try and fail and try again. He was helpful in giving us more than one way at achieving the same goal. Having my hands on the clay was so soothing. I love being messy. So often in life, everything has to be ‘just so’ with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, but with art, beauty is found in the mess. Definitely don’t dress nice. We put on our messiest sweat pants and shirts and headed down to have messy, beautiful mother daughter time. I heard both of us encouraging and helping each other, as well as laughing while learning something new together. It was nice to have a different, outside-the-box date where we now have our achievements to look at and remember this special time together. Again, another warm memory created here in our little town of Sykesville. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter when you call or what is going on, Abby goes out of her way to try to accommodate within reason. She holds kids accountable in a loving way, as she sees the amazing adults they will one day be. She appreciates the honor of providing a place of acceptance where kids of all ages can have the room to change shape over time to become the unique individuals; much as they are creating and shaping their own pieces of art along the way. I do venture to say that Abby probably views each child (in addition to her own) that comes in those doors as her life’s favorite pieces of art.
Freedom Fitness Paint Night Fundraiser! What a wonderful time. Thank you members and friends.

Sykesville Pottery and Art Center

How cool does this look? Check the Sykesville Pottery and Art Center 's page to reserve your spot!
Thank you Mrs. Abby and Sykesville Pottery for the contribution to a basket for Abby as a Power Kid Day 4! She was so incredibly excited! We have talked about going all summer to paint as she misses going so much. We truly appreciate it!
Come down to Main Street today for Syked to Game on Main Street. We will have FREE PAC-MAN at our studio.

Vine on Main has shaded outdoor seating with beer and wine specials, great for parents to take a break.

Shops and restaurants are open and have various specials.
Downtown Sykesville Connection
Market Tavern
Be Blends Collective
E.W. Beck's Pub
Norwood Ice Cream and Candy Company
A Likely Story Bookstore
Tidal Salt Co
Revive & Company
Patapsco Distilling Company
Design of Mind
Firehouse Creamery
Sykesville Pottery and Art Center
Sykesville Station

Use the below link to Register for one of our amazing game trucks on main street.
Not too late to make something from the heart for mother's day at the Sykesville Pottery and Art Center! The last day is Sunday. We have so many great things available to paint. You can make a reservation or just come in. You can do pottery to go kits whatever is best for you.
Shop Small for black Friday!

Enjoy our gorgeous historic Main Street: start with a coffee at The French Twist, grab a book at A Likely Story Bookstore (9 am - 7 pm), treat yourself to the softest mittens at GypsySysters (9 am - 6 pm), swing by Tri Sport Junction (10 am to 7 pm) for some sports gears, check the Sykesville Pottery and Art Center out (11 am - 8 pm), grab some essentials and yummies at Firehouse Creamery (11:30 am to 9 pm).
By then, you will need one of the Patapsco Distilling Company's Holiday cocktails (10 am to 9 pm)!
Treat the kids at Georgie Lu's Childrens Consignment (10 am - 5 pm) and Happy Kids Co. (9 am - 6 pm). Don't forget to stop at Revive & Company (10 am - 7 pm) to check their Christmas wonderland!
Walk up the street for some shopping at Be Blends Collective (9 am - 7 pm) and Unwined.. You probably will deserve a stop at Market Tavern (12 - 10 pm) for a beverage and some treats to take home!
Follow the road runner foot prints to find the Snallygaster!

This fun project was a collaboration of the Downtown Sykesville Connection, artists Vickie Thurston and owner of the Sykesville Pottery and Art Center, Abby Dion, with her campers. It was supported by the Town of Sykesville.
On a community page someone asked for Father’s Day gift ideas they could find in Sykesville. A glimpse of Sykesville if you will.

So I answered.

Would he try yoga? Branches of Yoga, LLC gift card

Sweet Simplicitea has “Father’s Day” themed cookies and other baked goods
Sweet Simplicitea

Market Tavern has wine, liquor, cocktails for sale. Plus weird little nick becks, hard meats, cheeses, chips, drinks, diy 6 packs of their beers and more.
Market Tavern

Unwined. is know for candles. Dave recently posted a bunch of ideas as a visual tour in the shop video. he’s got huge bars of soap too.

If papa/ dad like to shop for the kiddos Georgie Lu's Childrens Consignment has plenty of well priced items.

Shrimptown Skateshop is in this same location. He offers some items plus classes and camps.

I’m Pin It Up Acupuncture. I have essential oils to create a certain mode plus acupuncture gift cards.
@pin_it_up_acupuncture (instagram)

The Sykesville 'Eileen M. Merkle' Community Garden is just that, so you can pull some weeds and some veggies for a basket.
Sykesville 'Eileen M. Merkle' Community Garden

cowboys and angels has hats, boots, a special chocolate and hot sauce.
Cowboys and Angels Boutique

Sykesville Dandelion Bakery has a ton of baked goods to choose from And some diy pizzas and savory options
Sykesville Dandelion Bakery

Norwood Ice Cream and Candy Company has your wakkenfus (?) candy’s and icecreams plus gift cards.
Norwood Ice Cream and Candy Company

E.W. Beck's Pub probably a gift card or take him out for a meal “date” in the future.
E.W. Beck's Pub

Revive & Company has very pretty lights and gift ideas. Maybe even the basket for wrapping.
Revive & Company

A Likely Story Bookstore has gifts plus books. Maybe a book about being dad and papa.
A Likely Story Bookstore

HeadMasters Grooming Salon for Men do amazing cuts and beard care plus products.
HeadMasters Grooming Salon for Men

Trisport junction has all you’ll need for the casual or intense long distance competence runner
Tri Sport Junction

The French Twist has a ton of nick nacks to go along with coffee and crepes
The French Twist

The visitors center (post office) sells the books the snallgaster.

Firehouse Creamery has a cute grocery to select from plus meats and fresh baked goods.
Firehouse Creamery

Hair by Samsara is another option for some pampering for your dad

GypsySysters has a collection of calm and zen items to help him chill.

Twin River boutique has an area of comfy clothes

Design of Mind has local artist pieces and the artists are there today. A navy guy who makes pens. A black smith that makes crab hammers.
Design of Mind

Patapsco Distilling Company has a collection of spirits for sale. They do a tasting so you can try them first.
Patapsco Distilling Company

Sykesville Pottery and Art Center the kids can make him a painting or pottery.
Sykesville Pottery and Art Center

The Vine On Main has a ton of gift ideas and wine snocones if you’re just exhausted at this point
The Vine On Main

Farm & Home Service, Inc.. has an array of plants, Carhart, tools. Worth a look around. Maybe a sunflower pack to plant with the kids for fall photos.

Lastly the Downtown Sykesville Farmers Market will be open tomorrow 9-1!!! Come down and visit our amazing Main Street!
School is out but the Sykesville Pottery and Art Center has what you need for the kiddos!
Thank you Sykesville Pottery and Art Center for your pottery to-go kits! I was able to paint a mug for mom for Mother's Day 💗 Thank you for excellent customer service and super easy drop-offs and pick-ups!

Paint your own pottery, Pottery Wheels, Glass fusing, Canvas Painting, Wine and paint, Silver Clay and many other wonderful things to do. Art Summer programs available.

Operating as usual


We are closed today Saturday March 12th. Enjoy your snow day and be safe!!! We should be own Sunday noon to 4 pm.
Thank you!!


Due to the incoming weather we are closed today . Be safe everyone! January 16th.


Exciting news!!!! Early summer art program registration has begun It goes till February 15th. Reduced price of $279 per week and no fee for changing weeks. Don't wait to sign up! Space will be limited this summer!


Due to icy weather today January 9th we will be closed today. Stay warm and be safe. Thank you Sykesville Pottery and Art Center 12/31/2021

Sykesville Pottery and Art Center wants to wish everyone a safe and happy and New Year!!! We are closed starting today till the 5th of January. Thank you to all the wonderful customers. Without you all we wouldn't be open. Times have been interesting but with your support of our small business we will be open. So again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Be safe!!!! Keep an eye on our Facebook we have a lot happening in the next month.


Our family would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We want to thank all of you for your support this past year. We are closed today and will reopen tomorrow. Enjoy your day no matter how you celebrate.


Wow can we say spectacular!!! Just out of the kiln and in time for Christmas!!!


Some exciting things gong on at Sykesville Pottery and Art Center.
Last day to make sure you have it for Christmas for paint your own pottery is this Sunday December 19 th.
Winter break art program for ages 7 to 15 is a follows.
Monday 12/27 pottery wheel.
Tuesday 12/28 canvas
Wednesday 12/29 hand building with clay
Thursday 12/30 is holiday craft fun day.
Each day is $60 and includes all supplies, pizza and drink.
The hours are 10 am till 1 pm.
Please registrar now as spaces are limited at this time. Must pay when registering please. You can call 410-552-9797 for registration.
Holiday hours are:
Friday noon till 9pm
Saturday noon noon till 8 pm.
Sunday noon till 5pm
We reserve the right to close up to an hour early if no one is in the studio.
Dec 24th 10am till 2pm for pick ups only.
Closed December 25th and 26th.
Closed December 31st through January 5 th.
Last note: we have most everything bagged for camps so pick up anytime. Thank you for your patience in this long process of at least 15 kiln loads. We will be changing how we do things next year for sure.
We are still doing pottery and canvas kits to go. Gift certificates are also available. Great Christmas gift.
Everyone have a nice holiday we look forward to seeing you. 11/25/2021

Wishing all a happy turkey day. We will be open Friday at noon. So many things going on this weekend. Come join us for teen night Friday 5pm to 8 pm. Make a gift night 5pm to 8pm Saturday. Gift certificate sale starts Friday. For every $100 you get $20. Great for kids club, summer art program, kids night or just anything. Come check us out!!!


We have multiple events happening next weekend! On Friday from 5-8pm is kids night for ages 10-15. Saturday is our small business Saturday GIFT CERTIFICATE sale (all day), purchase a $100 gift certificate and receive a $20 gift certificate free, Perfect for classes, Our winter break program OR our summer art program! Also on Saturday from 5pm to 8pm is our make a gift night, Drop your child off they make 3 different gifts that will be ready in time for Christmas. Call 410-552-9797 or email us at [email protected] for either more information or to reserve a spot.


Just out of the kiln!!!! So excited!!!

Photos from Sykesville Pottery and Art Center's post 11/04/2021

Looking for something new and fun to do? We have it. Thursday November 18th at 6 pm. Come do a paint pour canvas and glass vase combo. The cost for this event is $60 and includes everything needed for this incredible art project. Must register by November 16 th. This is so much fun to do. Please call 410-552-9797 to register. $10 non-refundable deposit due.

SP & AC Believe Big Mug Event 09/13/2021

SP & AC Believe Big Mug Event

Come join us Wednesday September 15th for our Believe Big mug painting event. You can call 410-552-9797 to make a reservation, message us through FB or follow this link This event also counts for student learning hours.We hope to see you there.

SP & AC Believe Big Mug Event Please join us for a Believe Mug painting on Wednesday, 9/15/21 from 6 - 8PM at Sykesville Pottery & Arts Center! The cost to paint is $15 per mug. This donation covers the cost of all materials to paint, glaze, fire, and package the mug. The Believe Mugs are then distributed to cancer patients to o...


Sykesville Pottery and Art Center will be closed 8/28 through 9/8 to reorganize after the summer program. During this time sending us an email at [email protected] or messaging us via Facebook will be the best way to reach us for any questions! We look forward to reopening and resuming regular hours Thursday September 9th! See you soon!

Photos from Sykesville Pottery and Art Center's post 08/14/2021

Looking for a great place to have a birthday party? We have it for you. Not only do we do paint your own pottery, we do canvas, pottery wheel and glass fusing. Loads of fun for all ages. Book your party now.


Due to some concern we are asking our campers and customers to wear masks this week and next. Just an extra layer of caution due to the outbreak at RVR. Thank you for understanding. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We take every precaution to make sure everyone is safe.


This is some talent. Carlie did this in the art program this week. Totally amazing talent. 07/04/2021

We will be closed Sunday July 4th. We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July.


This brilliant animation cell was done by one of our students. It is amazing!!!


Looking for summer help. Must be over 21. Monday through Friday 8:45 am to 3 pm Contact me if interested. Must love kids and love art .


Have a safe Memorial Day. Take time to reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. We will be closed today through Friday at 4pm. 05/09/2021

We are closed today!! Wishing everyone a special day!!


Not to late too make something from the heart for mother's day. Last day is Sunday. We have so many great things available to paint. You can make a reservation or just come in. You can do pottery to go kits whatever is best for you. 04/04/2021

Wishing everyone a happy Easter. We are closed Sunday, but will be open Monday noon to 4pm.


Sykesville Pottery & Art Center is closing early today (3:30 pm) and will remain closed through Tuesday. We will reopen at our regular time (noon) on Wednesday. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Sykesville Pottery and Art Center is now doing registration for our Summer Art Program. If you sign up by the end of February (extended due to weather) you can get the early registration price. Call 410-552-9797 for more information or go to our web site this program has been running in Carroll county for 14 years. Kids love it because it is about them. They get to do so many creative things. Also they work on the pottery wheel. So much fun. We follow very strict covid policy so everyone is safe. Limited space available don't wait.


Good afternoon, we will be closing at 5:00 pm today February19th due to the weather. Everyone please be safe. Come join us tomorrow February 20th for our believe big mug painting event. Purchase a believe big mug paint it and we fire it and it is given to a cancer patient. This is truly a wonderful charity. We want to do at least 40 so come in and paint or call 410-552-9797 and order a to go kit. The cost is $15 per mug. Thank you we hope to see you.


Good afternoon. We are opening at 12:30 today Friday February 19th.


Good morning! We are closed today February 18th due to snow! Everyone please be safe.


Good afternoon, due to the weather conditions we will be closing at 3:30 today Feb 13th. Everyone please be safe and warm. We should be open at noon tomorrow on Feb 14th.

Photos from Sykesville Pottery and Art Center's post 02/11/2021

We are open today Thursday feburary 11th at noon. Come in and get some valentine's fun. We are doing to go kits. All to.i have to do is call or come in pick out what you want and 3 colors. We pack it up with everything you need to have hours of fun. Call 410-552-9797 for your valentine to go kit. Spend some creative time with someone you love or family time.


Good morning! We will be closed today due to weather. Stay home and be safe! Enjoy the superbowl!


Due to the beautiful snow we are closed today! Have a great day and be safe.

Camps 01/30/2021


Early Registration for the Summer Art Program has started! Up until the 15th of February, the price of the the program is DISCOUNTED as an early registration bonus to match last years rate ($269.00). Early registers also have the ability to switch which sessions they would like to do without any sort of rescheduling fee, at any time! Registration forms can be found on the page available here:

Forms may be dropped off any time, mailed in, or emailed with a phoned in payment.

Camps Tuition: All-Day 9 am to 3 pm* —$299 per child per session, payable at the time of registration. Register for multiple sessions at one time and take $10 off each additional session. We will also offer that $10 per session discount for siblings signed up for the same session. We may also offer opti...


Today is the perfect day to get a Snow to Go kit. You can pick up anytime today, and paint your project at home whenever works best for you. We also have available pre-packed kits for the mug , bowl or small salad plate. They are all ready to go with colors already picked out, couldn't be easier. The prepackaged kits are available for $20 each. Great fun for the whole family. (The picture below does not represent the pre-packaged mug.)

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Pottery Wheel Classes




7611 Main St
Sykesville, MD

Opening Hours

Tuesday 12pm - 7pm
Wednesday 12pm - 7pm
Thursday 12pm - 7pm
Friday 12pm - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 4pm

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