Limelight Music School, Sykesville, MD Video November 19, 2020, 8:00pm

Videos by Limelight Music School in Sykesville. We offer music lessons for all instruments, vocal lessons plus classes on beginning music theory, stage and performance techniques, rentals/repairs.

Making Music Merry & Bright

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Small in Stature, Big in Sound

Priced So Nice

Making Music Merry & Bright

Christmas is Coming...

Find Your Voice at Limelight Music School!
It's one thing to sing, it's another to sing well - but with the right instructor, your dreams can quickly become your r...

Back to (Music) School!
It's Back to School time and we've got everything you need for your young music scholar! Every book, all of the cleaning...

Stan Getz said it Best!
These past six months have given us time to explore virtual instruction for a whole range of instruments, and what we've...

Virtual Virtuosos in the Making
While this year may be different, a child's love of music remants a constant. We now offer virtual lessons in addition t...

Drew Thompson plays the theme from Star Wars
Video Recital that coincided with Make Music Day all over the world, June 21, 2020.

Black Velvet - Quarantine Edition
See guitar instructor Doug Yeager's student, John Hudson, performing Black Velvet for his entry in Limelight Music Schoo...

Brooke Gebhardt give a remote piano lesson
Want to learn music at home? It's easy-peezy! Limelight Music School is offering a FREE half-hour music lesson by Faceti...

Ro Younkins Remote Voice Lesson
Limelight Music School teacher Ro Younkins gives a voice lesson using virtual technology

Ro Younkins gives a Piano Lesson
Ro Younkins, one of Limelight Music School's experienced local teachers, teaches piano by virtual technology.

Doug Yeager gives a remote guitar lesson
Stuck at home with little to do? Learn music through Limelight Music School. Offering a FREE half-hour music lesson by F...

Duffy Kane gives a virtual guitar lesson
Limelight Music School virtuoso guitar teacher Duffy Kane gives a virtual guitar lesson.

Great duet at Limelight Live!

Flematu singing!

Mason performing at limelight Light! Awesome song and performance!

Another wonderful performance at Limelight Live in Westminster!

Limelight live!

A drum lesson at national night out


Behold our newest guitar, the Aria Pro II Mac Standard, in the capable hands of our instructor, Tim Houston. Sporting a ...