Happy National School Counselor's Week Ms. Fowler! We appreciate all you do for our students and staff! Harmony Public Schools
Congratulations to Northview High School, 2022 State School of Character!

Northview is one of 13 schools in the state, and one of 68 in the country, to receive this honor. Schools award School of Character must meet the rigorous standards in's 11 Principles Framework for Schools. The principles serve as a guidepost for schools to plan, implement, assess, and sustain their comprehensive character development initiative.

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Congrats, Dove Science Academy Elementary and Dove Science Academy High School OKC!!
🎉 Congratulations to the Person Early College for Innovation and Leadership students and staff on being chosen as one of North Carolina Schools of Character for 2022 - one of only two in the state!

This means certified PECIL as a school that demonstrates a dedicated focus on character development which has a positive effect on academic achievement, student behavior, and school climate. PECIL now has the opportunity to be considered for’s highest distinction – National School of Character.

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Vestavia Hills Elementary East has been named a 2022 Alabama State School of Character by, a national organization advocating for character education in schools. VHEE was one of only five schools in Alabama chosen for the award this year.

VHEE previously earned the State and National School of Character awards in 2013.
The 2022 National Schools of Character will be announced in May.

Congratulations to our administration, faculty & staff!!

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A huge congratulations to our five newest winners of the prestigious State School of Character!

🍎Harmony School of Advancement–Houston
🍎Harmony School of Excellence–Houston
🍎Harmony School of Innovation–Garland
🍎Harmony School of Innovation–Sugar Land
🍎Harmony Science Academy–Dallas Middle

That brings the total number of of State Schools of Character to 13 and National Schools of Character to four!
Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Elementary has been named a 2022 State School of Character! What an amazing recognition!! Congratulations!!
Congratulations! has recertified McClure Elementary School as a Kansas State School of Character! McClure was originally certified under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Gordon, who retired in 2021 and passed the torch to her successor, Principal Chelsea Artrzer.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” - Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

While we are a place for learning, the learning that takes place at FSA goes beyond academics. FSA has put an emphasis on character education and social-emotional learning to help develop our students into the leaders of tomorrow.

Accordingly, today, we are very proud to share a school recognition that highlights our dedication to more than academics. It is with great pleasure that we share that after four years of rigorous preparation and application process, Fulton Science Academy has been awarded the honor of being recognized as a Georgia State School of Character becoming the only school recognized with this distinction in Georgia and one of the 67 schools in the nation this year.

Dr. Arthur Schwartz,’s President, said, "Each of these schools and districts have put into place a comprehensive initiative that equips and empowers their staff to reinforce and model a range of positive core values that will shape and form the hearts, minds, and choices of their students.”

The School of Character designation is awarded by, the nonprofit organization that validates character initiatives in schools and communities around the world. This process required an in-depth application sharing the practices within our school community to develop and refine a caring school culture. In order to improve our own efforts towards aligning with the 11 Principles Framework for Schools, we redefined our core values.

Our school’s Core Values, ICARE (Integrity. Curiosity. Advocacy. Resiliency. Empathy.) are now the “beating heart” of our school community and guide our school life. These values will help our students in the classroom and beyond at school, at home, and within their current and future communities.

Director of Schools of Character, Mrs. Lori Soifer, said, “State School of Character designation is not easy to obtain. Your team should be proud of your accomplishment and your commitment to creating a culture of character in your school community. We thank each of you for continuing to care for your students, staff, and school communities with grace, kindness, and character!”

FSA believes in the importance of addressing all aspects of school life to provide a successful character education program. Additionally, FSA also dedicates a daily period known as IMPACT (Intentionally Making Positive Actions Count Together) and College Prep time for students to receive lessons to support their growth. We support our character initiative using the curriculums from Caring School Communities and Stanford University’s Project Wayfinder.

Congratulations to our wonderful students, parents, and faculty members for this exceptional recognition! Way to go, FSA!

As the next step in the process, FSA will continue on to the national certification level. Wish us luck as we continue to this next step in hopes of becoming a National School of Character.

To learn more about the schools chosen today and those in the midst of their 5- year certification as State Schools of Character, please visit Criteria for selection are based on’s 11 Principles Framework for Schools: A Guide to Cultivating a Culture of Character which includes providing students with opportunities for moral action, fostering shared leadership, and engaging families and communities as partners in the character-building effort

ABOUT CHARACTER.ORG: is a worldwide network that empowers people of all ages to practice and model the ethical core values that shape our hearts, minds and choices. Formerly known as the Character Education Partnership, the organization has relentlessly advocated for character since 1993. Today, creates and shares resources that support people around the globe, including the 11 Principles Framework for Schools: A Guide to Cultivating a Culture of Character. The organization’s vision is to be the global leader and voice for developing character in families, schools, and organizations.
Congratulations to our dear friend Michele Borba -named the 2021 "Sandy Award" recipient 🎉 🎉 "Michele Borba's warmth, sincerity, and passion for character are her superpowers." -Dr. Arthur Schwartz, We could not agree more!
HSAG Student Council collected over 750 canned goods and donated them to Women In Need, Inc. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our STUCO.
"Thank you so much to the Digitell team for an impeccable display of engineering genius!" - Arthur Schwartz, President at

Every Thursday we are throwing it back to highlight some of our favorite positive feedback moments we received during 2021 from our valued clients. Check out's testimonial here: is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates for character.

Formerly known as the Character Education Partnership, we have relentlessly advocated for character since 1993 -- because we believe character is at the core of who we are. Today, creates and shares resources that support people around the globe, including our 11 Principles Framework for Schools: A Guide to Cultivating a Culture of Character. Our vision is to serve as the hub for all

Operating as usual


Let your actions be guided by the strength of your character, rather than the shadow of your reputation. Remember, the substance of who you truly are far outweighs the perceptions of others.

Here's a thought to ponder today: "Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are".


Integrity over convenience. Choose to uplift, not undermine. When you need to , do you help your friends cheat or not?

Help friends learn, not cheat. Let's promote honesty in education. Stay tuned to see how this story unfolded!


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Embrace the wisdom of Gandhi in understanding that love is the fundamental force sustaining life. It's an essential lesson that encourages us to persevere and thrive even in adversity, promoting peace, unity, and respect for all.

What quote inspires you to be your best self every single day?


Do students do the right thing because they feel guilty if they don't, or because it makes them feel good? Which option would you choose?

Let's open up this discussion and share your thoughts in the comments below. Remember, there's no wrong answer - we’re all here to learn from each other's perspectives.


Sandra Mossman Elementary in League City, TX is a part of the National School of Character program, which celebrates schools that demonstrate a commitment to character development. The school offers a wide range of activities and resources to promote the development of strong character values in its students.


Renowned psychiatrist Michele Borba will be gracing the 2023 International Forum on November 6-7. She'll provide keynote insights on the youth mental health crisis, along with strategies to build resilience.

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Celebrating the enduring legacy of Maya Angelou who taught us the profound impact of our actions on others.

She emphasized the power of emotions and feelings, a lesson that continues to resonate across generations. Let's remember to make each interaction count.


Whether it's staying in to study or making the choice to socialize, remember that doing the right thing is about making choices that align with your long-term goals and values. So, let's have a conversation about it.

Would you choose to hit the books or hit the dance floor? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let's inspire each other to make the right decisions even when they're hard.


Join us Nov 6-7 for's 2023 International Forum! Celebrate as we honor excellence in character development. Don’t miss out, register now:


In a world where everyone is busy climbing their own ladder, let's take a moment to treat everyone with kindness and respect, especially those who can't return the favor. Because that's what real character is all about.


Why do some students lie? We asked this question to two students, and here is what they think!

What do you think? Do you think it is to meet expectations or to get something?

Join us in another and share your thoughts in the comments!


West Patent Elementary School in Bedford Hills, NY is a National School of Character. This school strives to create a positive, safe environment for its students to learn and grow. Through the implementation of positive reinforcement and an emphasis on character development, West Patent is helping its students become responsible, kind, and empathetic citizens.


Every desert begins with just a grain of sand. You will not change the world overnight, but with every small action put together will slowly but surely make an impact. Start today, and you will get there in no-time!


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Doing the right thing isn't always easy, especially when it goes against the grain. But it's important to recognize that as students, there is always an opportunity to grow and become better individuals.

Let's embrace the challenges that come our way, because it's through them that we learn valuable lessons and develop our character. So, let's strive to do what's right, even when it feels difficult.


Unlock the power of reflection and expression through the Laws of Life essay contest. Open to students in grades 4 through 12 worldwide, this program encourages you to delve into your core values and share why they matter. will recognize all essay writers and feature the most compelling essays on our website. Apply now!


As we move through life, it's not the titles we acquire but the strength of our character that truly defines us. Let's focus on becoming worthy individuals, regardless of where we find ourselves.


Why do students lie? In this thought-provoking installment, we dive into whether it's a quest for inclusion or an attempt to avoid trouble that fuels dishonesty among students. Don't miss out on this insightful exploration.


Millstone Middle School in Millstone, NJ is a National School of Character, recognized for its commitment to promoting values such as respect and responsibility. The school emphasizes student leadership, service, and character education.


Little girls are not just sugar and spice; they are a dynamic mix of courage, determination, and resilience. They possess hearts full of dreams, talent waiting to be explored, and guts to face whatever comes their way.


Calling all young thinkers! The Laws of Life essay contest invites students from grades 4-12 worldwide to delve deep into their core values.

What means the most to you and why? Share your thoughts for a chance to be recognized by and have your compelling story featured on our platforms.

Let's shine a spotlight on your insights:


Integrity can surface in surprising circumstances.

Listen on to hear what happened when a student unintentionally remained clocked in at work while attending driving school. The twist at the end reveals his response to this situation!

How would you react if you found yourself in such a situation? Share your thoughts!


Meet Fairway Elementary in Wildwood, MO! A self-described family, they foster a safe and nurturing environment that challenges students to reach their full potential.

Their mission and vision revolve around creating lifelong learners who value diversity, show grit, empathy, and integrity. Welcome to a place where children and adults learn and grow together!


Everyone has a quote that resonates deeply within them, a quote that serves as an anchor amidst life's turbulent waves. Watch our video and join the conversation. Which quote helps guide your decisions? How has it impacted your journey?


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Reflecting on the transient nature of fame and wealth today. It's a reminder that what truly lasts is the mark we make through our character. Let's strive to be remembered for our kindness, integrity and resilience.


Our newest episode poses a tricky question: What makes it hard for students to do the right thing? Is it indifference, or a lack of foresight regarding the consequences? Join us as we explore these compelling student responses.


Wright City West Elementary School in Wright City, MO is the proud home of the National School of Character. The school has dedicated itself to teaching students to be kind and compassionate to one another, and to be respectful of everyone's differences.


Wealth may come and go, and our health may falter, but our character remains the cornerstone of who we are. When we lose our moral compass, we lose our essence. Let's focus on building a strong character that outshines any material possession.


Life's journey can be made smoother with a guiding quote, a compass that directs us even when we're treading unfamiliar territories. Check out our video, and join in the conversation. Do you have a quote that helps navigate your course? How has it shaped your perspective and understanding?


Today's video features a brave girl who stood up against harassment. When she saw a fellow student being mistreated, she intervened, preventing a potential fight. Her story reminds us that standing up for others is a powerful way to build character and promote respect.


Green Trails Elementary, located in Chesterfield, MO, is a National School of Character. The school emphasizes the importance of character development, creating a safe and respectful learning environment for its students. Green Trails Elementary employs unique methods to promote character development such as a weekly "character word of the week" and an annual character education day.


Do you have a personal mantra or a quote that keeps you grounded? It's fascinating how a string of words can hold so much power.

Watch our video and let's delve deeper into this topic. We'd love to hear from you - what quote steers you in the right direction?


Diverse paths have led us here, yet our journey forward is shared. Like voyagers on a common sea, let's embrace unity, peace, and collective success.

Remember the path to success is to always embrace everyone equally, and treat others with respect.


In our latest video, we delve into the driving force behind students doing the right thing. Is it lessons learned in school or their religious faith? Tune in to discover what our students have to say about their moral compass.


Fulton Science Academy Private School - Alpharetta, GA is home to the National School of Character. This private school emphasizes character development as an essential component of its curriculum. Their commitment to developing confident, ethical and responsible students has been recognized at the local, state and national level.


Every encounter and experience we have is a stepping stone in our life's journey. When we face challenges with honesty and courage, we grow stronger and build a robust character that can withstand the test of time.


A powerful quote can be like a beacon in life's stormy seas, a constant reminder of our aspirations and values. After watching our video, we invite you to share your insights. What's your guiding star quote? How has it influenced your choices and actions?


Character education plays a pivotal role in Social and Emotional Learning. It equips students with essential values like empathy, resilience, and integrity, fostering their emotional well-being. By nurturing character, we empower our students to navigate life's challenges, form healthy relationships, and become responsible citizens who positively influence society.

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