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What are your toddlers favorite books you’ve read 1001 times and counting? KEEP IT UP!

Go ahead, read Duck On A Tractor for the fourth time, it's actually a good thing! A study found that children who heard the same book multiple times, actually had better retention of a new words compared to kids who were read different books containing the same word. 🤯⁣
I’ve always felt people jump to new books too fast. With my literacy-based sessions, we use the same book for 4-5 sessions ( sometimes more ). ⁣
I did a post about how to set up literacy-based therapy sessions. So if you are not sure where to start, just pop over to the blog 👍⁣⁣
Horst, J. S., Parsons, K. L., & Bryan, N. M. (2011). Get the story straight: contextual repetition promotes word learning from storybooks. Frontiers in psychology, 2, 17.⁣⁣


Having the honor of being in so many homes and helping families, I have said this many a’ time.

Thank you The Peaceful Parent for the reminder, I hope it reaches whoever needs to hear this today. ♥️

You are their safe place.

via The Peaceful Parent


Something important to ponder… maybe it’s your child, your client, your student, your neighbor or a kid on the playground🤟🏽☺️


L🤍VE This! As adults are making their New Years Resolutions, it’s a special time to make fun and attainable goals for kids too! 🎉

Tired of keeping track of your business mileage and expenses? 12/31/2021

Tired of keeping track of your business mileage and expenses?

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Check out this awesome mileage and expense tracking app, Everlance.

Tired of keeping track of your business mileage and expenses? Everlance records your trips and transactions for you -- all you need to do is swipe to classify as business or personal. The average user saves over $7,500+ a year on taxes.


Tick tock ⏰❕ how many Continuing Ed hours do you have left for your cycle?

Watch this reel by toucan.grow on Instagram 12/04/2021

Watch this reel by toucan.grow on Instagram


Watch this reel by toucan.grow on Instagram

Magnetic Hidden G-Tube 11/01/2021

Magnetic Hidden G-Tube

Magnetic Hidden G-Tube

Photos from Allison Fors - Speech Therapy's post 08/26/2021

Great representation of early and functional vocabulary for your little one 👶🏼🗣👄

Timeline photos 08/23/2021


Timeline photos 08/19/2021

Heads up to local LoCo Fams 😊

Did you know breakfast, lunch, snack and supper meals will be served free of charge to all students during the 2021-2022 school year? It’s a fact! For details, go to:


Words have so much power❤️

See 30 inspiring quotes here:


⚠️Show me what you want!

🔸Just look at all of the ways babies learn to communicate prior to having an abundance of spoken words.

🔸Gesture development starts early, around 6 months of age. These examples are just the most commonly used gestures.

🔸The sky is the limit for the amount of gestures you can teach to help your child better communicate!

🔸Model gestures as you go about their day and encourage them to use gestures by creating opportunities to communicate and waiting to give them a chance to show you!

🗨️ What new gesture has your baby recently learned?

ID: infographic with gestures by age for 6 months to 16 months, 6-7 months: reaches and pushes items away, 8 months: waving, 9 months: clapping, 10 months: pointing 11 months: dancing, 12 months: shakes head no

Watch this reel by toucan.grow on Instagram 07/16/2021

Watch this reel by toucan.grow on Instagram

Preach it Mama!
Functional words > Academic concepts

Watch this reel by toucan.grow on Instagram naenaetwins • Original Audio


So excited for this book!!




Eric Carle, Creator Of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' Has Died 05/26/2021

Eric Carle, Creator Of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' Has Died

Some of my fondest memories from Preschool and kindergarten revolve around Eric Carle books! I have passed my love down to both of my kids. His books and illustrations will continue to live on ❤️🐻🐛🦋🥞🐦🏔

Eric Carle, Creator Of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' Has Died The beloved author and illustrator drew more than 70 books for kids — often about friendly bugs like that famous caterpillar. He said he got his inspiration from nature walks with his father.


“Many children experienced limited in-person interaction with peers over the past 14 months. Families can work on social skills at home with some of these easy ideas.”


It’s the perfect time of year to start checking some
Natural wonders off this list! What’s your score from this past year?! ✅🌈🦋🌄🌌✅

How many have you seen? How many points do you get?

(Don't worry, it's not a competition... You can celebrate no matter how many points you get!)

Also -- what would you add to the list?


There are so many benefits to 😴 outdoors! This is a common practice is many other cultures around the 🌍 and I wish it was normalized in the States.


Our bodies are so beautifully made and complex. Tongue 👅 posture and it’s associated symptoms can be overlooked or not associated with certain complaints. “We are connected from the top of our head to the tip of our toes”.

Your tongue acts as a rudder and support system through a fascial line that runs right down to your toes!

In nearly all my patients, I see poor tongue posture, and the links to bad spinal posture, breathing, and other issues are felt right throughout the body.

The simplest way we can see how the tongue is so influential is how it supports proper head posture. When the tongue is down and forward, forward head posture and mouthbreathing occurs.

Over time this associates with a narrow jaw, crooked teeth, and sleep disorders.

But… you guessed it, as always the mouth is a gateway for so many other systems in the body.

The tongue is an extremely complex muscular and fascial rudder system.

It guides all the structures of the myofascial continuity that runs from the inner arch of the foot all the way up through the middle of the body to the tongue and jaw muscles.

Isn’t that amazing?

Actually the tongue is potentially more important for core stability than turning on your actual core.

Our core begins deep under the arch with the insertions of the tendons from the lower leg, especially tibialis posterior.

To find its insertion, feel just under the inside arch of the foot, just underneath and forward of protrusion of the navicular bone you can feel a bit over an inch in front of your tibial malleolus on the inside of your ankle.

This point will respond to a soft-but-energy-rich touch that is held, and also to a more firm and direct fascial release. Pressing here can make a flow of feeling run up the fascial line.

So for better core support, spinal, hip and leg strength, you need to work on your tongue posture.

During exercise practice sealing the tongue to the roof of the mouth, this turns on the fascial rudder to the toes. It takes time and you need to work on making the BACK of the tongue connect to the soft palate. More on this to come.


"But what if they only eat the candy?”⁠

It's happened with M&m....rarely. They only eat the "treat." By "rarely" I mean, I can't actually think of a time, but I know it's happened. Why is that?⁠

Because I work hard to prevent them from feeling restricted. As soon as they do feel restricted, that leads to sneaking food, binging, and obsessing about foods. So, if I see anything like that, I bring the obsession food into their meals more. ⁠

Also, I make sure that there is food that they usually like to eat in the meal. And that the "treat" portion is child-sized. So, they won't be full if they only eat the treat.⁠ And it’s perfectly fine for me to say “we’ll have more m&m’s on Thursday, there aren’t any more available right now.”⁠

That said, if a child has been feeling restricted, they may only eat the treat food and obsess about it and tantrum for more. And they may continue to eat large quantities of a treat food if they have the chance, until they realize they are going to be able to eat it often. That may take a several weeks or more, before you see them become less obsessed.⁠

Have you noticed that you eat more of something if you feel like it's limited or restricted?⁠

If you'd like to read more, there's an article in my link in bio The Most Overlooked Reason Your Child is Not Eating Food 😘 ⁠


The many hats we proudly wear as SLP’s!!
I had to steal this from my dear friend Anida, who is a veteran SLP. 💜🗣🦻🏽🧠👅🤓💜


Who had their recreational Cup O’ Joe this morning? ☕️🙋🏻‍♀️

Happy Saturday! ☕️ 🍵

Photos from The Childhood Collective's post 05/16/2021




Photos from Transforming Toddlerhood with Devon Kuntzman's post 05/09/2021

Semantics and mindfulness in your words can work to your advantage during those toddler years 👧🏽🧒🏻


Function First > Rote learning! What are your first go-to functional words??

Yes 🙌🏼 👏🏼

Thanks Speech Sisters!


Happy [early] Mother’s Day to all my fellow Mama 🐻s!

❤️ Like, save, and share with your mom friends!

I'm hoping for the ultimate Mother's Day gift... hearing my sweet baby boy say that cherished word for the first time!

If you're also still waiting to hear "mama", try these tips for teaching your baby!

👂 Babies have to hear a word many times and connect that word with it's referent (in this case, you!) before they will be ready to say it! You will know they have learned the word when they are able to look at you or point when someone says, "mama" or asks, "where's mama?"

🪞 Once babies learn the word, practice having them imitate you saying the word. The mirror is a great place to get visual feedback, especially for lip sounds (bilabials) like the /m/ for mama.

👄 Also try modeling "mama" while sitting face to face with your baby. Draw their attention to your mouth so they can see how you form the sounds. Say the word, pause, and look at them expectantly as if to say, "can you try?". Don't forget my rule of thumb for Imitation practice- try twice and move on and always keep it fun, no pressure!

📢 Now let's see if we can get them to say "mama" all on their own! Play a game with another adult where they sit with baby and model calling for you ("mama!...mama!"), then appear like magic and make a show of it! Next time you disappear, wait and see if your baby will call for you all by themselves!

👩‍👧‍👦More mama games: cover your fave with a scarf and wait for your baby to *find* you. When they pull off the scarf, say "mama!". Do this over and over, be silly. Once your baby has this down, try waiting and looking at them after they pull the scarf off your face. See if they can say "mama!" all by themselves!

Spread the ❤️ and tag a friend in the comments who might need these tips!

Photos from Mrs Speechie P's post 05/04/2021

So much language with such basic toys. 😊


Even though M A Y kicks off I couldn’t resist....

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