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I am so glad to find you I want to stay in touch. From smiles
My new favorite obsession! My family and I just got goats, and they're adorable, but dirty. This hand sanitizer is amazing and I love that I can use it between hand washes with my 2 year old :)
We love the Bug Off spray. It's been great for our dog too.
Pizza can totally fall under the "clean eating" umbrella if done right!!! I love using local raw cheddar or goat cheese on mine!
Breakfast is so important- it sets the tone (and health!) for the rest of your day; get started right!!

Plant Wisdom Wellness for Women's Health: Betsy Miller is a clinical herbalist who specializes in wo

Plant Wisdom Wellness offers holistic health coaching that empowers the individual to move from health-care to self-care. Betsy provides herbal consultations, nutritional counseling, and custom-made herbal products. Please contact Betsy at 301 602 1518 or [email protected] if you would like to schedule a consult.

Operating as usual


Working on some elderberry syrup to gift to friends and family this year. I love adding astragalus root, orange peel, and cloves to mine. What do you add to yours?


Today’s infusion brought to you by Elderberry Echinacea Wellness Tea- perfect for this cold rainy day when I’m not feeling quite right. I like to steep it in cold water overnight to bring out the aromatics of peppermint and chamomile without as much of the bitterness


Thanksgiving cooking with my tiny supervisor


Parenting is so hard. Even on the best of days. And especially on the days following a rough night when the baby is up at all hours with teething pain. Coffee is so tempting right now as I try to focus and work, but what my mind and body truly need is a supportive nervine blend- linden, skullcap, oatstraw, hibiscus and orange peel

EarthSide Botanica Intro to Fertility Tracking 06/24/2022

EarthSide Botanica Intro to Fertility Tracking

Education is what I have to offer to women as our rights are being stripped away from us. I'm offering a free class in two weeks to learn about fertility tracking and identifying ovulation/fertile window, whether or not your goal is to conceive or avoid conception. This information won't help the women who didn't have a say in the conception, women whose lives are at risk when conception occurs- we still need to fight for the rights of those women- but hopefully this information will education and empower others who need it. Please feel free to share.

EarthSide Botanica Intro to Fertility Tracking Education is one of our strongest tools right now. This class is a short introduction to learning how to identify your fertile window.


Blessed summer solstice!


40 seconds of nature magic- breathe deeply, ground your feet into the earth, feel the water wash over you


Magical finds today- chimaphila and pedicularis


Plant walk with the one and only


Sitting on a porch swing on top of a mountain, drinking my coffee with no sound except for a mountain stream… I miss my children but oh this is pure bliss


Making a batch of garlic honey for little man’s cough


When your mommy is an herbalist you make flower lemonade for April show and tell at farm school- strawberry blossoms, hawthorn blossoms, violet flowers, dandelion flowers and redbud blossoms


Wild medicines awakening to spring- I will be drying the ground ivy for tea, and making pesto with the nettles and ramps (leaves only)


Calendula ‘quadruple’ oil extraction: a heated double oil infusion (base of almond, avocado, jojoba) which was then used for the alcohol intermediary method of extraction 😍🌿


One of the main ways I managed my pandemic anxiety was upping my houseplant game; being around plants is so relaxing, they’re good for our airspace and bring so much beauty medicine to our homes. The simple act of repotting, pruning, and propagating was a much needed reminder to breathe, slow down and focus on my mental health.

Photos from EarthSide Botanica's post 12/13/2021

Tis the season- cough season! Onion syrup is the perfect remedy to soothe your tiny human’s coughing. Just chop up a red onion, stick it in a glass jar and cover it completely with sugar. Once the sugar liquifies, strain it out, discard the onion and give 1/2-1 tsp every 3-4 hours.


Preparing the prettiest turkey brine ever from 😍 the aromas of orange, apple and piñon are wafting through the house

Photos from EarthSide Botanica's post 11/04/2019

Dealing with a wet winter/fall cough? This easy homemade cough syrup will clear it right up! It’s great for adults and littles over the age of 1.

4-5 cloves of fresh garlic
4-5 (or more 😊) sprigs of fresh thyme
Approximately 1 cup raw local honey

Put the herbs in a glass jar and cover with honey. Place the jar in a water bath (pot filled with water) so that about 1/2 the jar is submerged, and leaving the lid off the jar. Turn the stove on low, and let the honey warm for about 2 hours. Remove the jar from the water, cap, and use as needed! You can strain the garlic and thyme out of the honey, but I just leave them in there. For adults, I dose 1-2 tsp 4-5 times daily, and for littles 1/2 tsp up to 4 times per day.

Photos from EarthSide Botanica's post 09/10/2019

Hi everyone! I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted- I did a thing, and have spent the last almost year focusing on being present for my sweet tiny human and prioritizing him. I’m so excited though to be getting back into medicine making, plant walks, teaching and seeing clients.

Today’s post, in addition to letting you know where I’ve been, is to share one of my favorite kitchen remedies for sick littles. Onion syrup is so simple to make, and is one of the most effective medicines to break up congestion.

Take the root end of a red onion, chop it up and place in a jar. Cover it with organic sugar, and wait 3-4 hours for the sugar to liquify. Strain out the onion pieces, and save the liquid in a jar in the refrigerator. I give Finn 1/4 tsp 4 times a day when he’s fighting a cold.

Webinar: Making Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit 01/14/2019

Webinar: Making Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit

There's still time to sign up for our webinar tomorrow on herbal first aid! Included with the webinar is a pdf handout with recipes for compiling your own first aid kit.

Webinar: Making Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit Having a home first aid kit is essential for taking care of small scrapes, cuts, burns and boo-boos. Join herbalist Betsy Miller to learn how we can use herbs to make first aid salves, compresses, liniments and more so that you can build your own completely natural herbal first aid kit. All attendee...


D.C. area herbalists and friends- I'm collecting herbs and first aid supplies to send to an herbalist friend in Texas to help with the aftermath of the hurricane; if you're able to contribute, let me know! Waiting for a list of needed supplies, but items always helpful include herbal first aid salves, bandaids, gauze, tape, nervine teas, immune support, empty tea bags for distributing blends and of course monetary support so the herbalists on the ground can continue to get supplies and food as needed. I'll repost with a comprehensive list of specifics once it's available.

Advanced Medicine Making: Tinctures, Percolations, & Ethyl-oil Extractions 08/17/2017

Advanced Medicine Making: Tinctures, Percolations, & Ethyl-oil Extractions

Looking for something fun to do this weekend??!! I'm teaching an advanced medicine making class at Smile Herb Shop in College Park on Saturday from 11-2. Come learn how to make tinctures, percolations & ethyl oil extractions!!

Advanced Medicine Making: Tinctures, Percolations, & Ethyl-oil Extractions This is a class for students who already have some medicine making experience. We will learn advanced medicine making techniques, including herbal tinctures, liquid extracts using a percolation cone, and ethyl-oil extractions. Everyone will get to take home a sample tincture made during class. Featu...

Herbal Syrups & Medicinal Vinegars with Betsy Miller 04/13/2017

Herbal Syrups & Medicinal Vinegars with Betsy Miller

Interested in learning more about making herbal medicines? I'll be teaching a class in less than two weeks about using vinegars and syrups to make delicious, nourishing herbal potions!

Herbal Syrups & Medicinal Vinegars with Betsy Miller Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own herbal products? Join herbalist Betsy Miller for a fun afternoon of hands-on herbal experience! We will learn how to make a variety of herbal preparations, and learn how to decide which preparation is best for a variety of herbs depending upon their...


Today's plant medicine projects: date-infused vodka, new batch of yoni balm, and ocotillo slowly infusing into jojoba and avocado oil on the stove 😍😍🌿🌿


April Plant Walk

Hello friends!! Exciting news- I'll be starting up my monthly plant walks again in just a few short weeks!! Come learn how to identify edible and medicinal plants that grow all around us in the Maryland and Virginia regions- to learn more and register, click here:

April Plant Walk It's time for my monthly plant walks to start up again!! Join me for a 1.5-2 hour walk through the woods to learn about our native (and some invasive) edible and medicinal plants. April's plant walk will be held around Lake Audobon in Reston, Virginia. There is a small parking lot on Twin Branches...

Bloodletting, voodoo and o***m: New Orleans museum spotlights medical methods of the past 02/23/2017

Bloodletting, voodoo and o***m: New Orleans museum spotlights medical methods of the past

As if I needed another reason to go visit New Orleans for the first time- this looks amazing!!***m-new-orleans-museum-spotlights-medical-methods-of-the-past/2017/02/22/b927f99c-f460-11e6-8d72-263470bf0401_story.html?hpid=hp_regional-hp-cards_rhp-card-arts%3Ahomepage%2Fcard&utm_term=.3f0132e9b538

Bloodletting, voodoo and o***m: New Orleans museum spotlights medical methods of the past At the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, a prescription for goose bumps.

WEB CLASS: Holistic Immunity: Players, Pathologies & Practice, with Betsy Miller 02/07/2017

WEB CLASS: Holistic Immunity: Players, Pathologies & Practice, with Betsy Miller

Hello friends!! I will be teaching an online class tonight about herbs and immunity- join me from 7-9 pm to learn about how we use herbs and foods to support our vitality!

WEB CLASS: Holistic Immunity: Players, Pathologies & Practice, with Betsy Miller The immune system is a complex entity whose functioning and vital force is essential to our health and survival. Join clinical herbalist & nutritionist Betsy Miller for a holistic approach to understanding the immune system, its key players and how it communicates with the other systems in our body....

Click here to support Herbal Medic Supplies- Womens March by Betsy Miller 01/18/2017

Click here to support Herbal Medic Supplies- Womens March by Betsy Miller

In addition to standard medical supplies (bandages, gauze pads, etc.), I will be bringing a mini apothecary to the Women's March on Saturday to offer free first aid to anyone in need. If you're curious, here's what I'm bringing:

Nervous system: kava, wild rose, cal poppy, linden, skullcap, pulsatilla

Musculoskeletal/Pain: my pain blend, yarrow, gelsemium, pedicularis, jamaica dogwood

Respiratory/Immune: oregon grape, grindelia, peppermint spirits, lobelia, echinacea, lung tonic (herbs etc.)

Topical: my all banged up balm, arnica oil, clear chest balm, calendula salve, calendula cream, arnica salve, plantain salve, golden salve (equinox botanicals), antiseptic spray

Essential oils: lavender, tea tree, german chamomile, first response (aura cacia blend)

If you're interested in helping support my efforts and stock supplies, here's a link to my GoFundMe campaign; any funds not used for this event will be donated to Herbalists Without Borders.

Click here to support Herbal Medic Supplies- Womens March by Betsy Miller I will be heading to the Women's March on Washington this coming Saturday as an herbal medic to provide care for those in need; I am raising funds to help supply my first aid kit (bandages, gauze, etc.) as well as stock my herbal tinctures and salves. This march is a peaceful protest so that our...


I just got some pretty new labels printed for my bitters, so while supplies last I'm selling my Coffee Bitters and Cranberry Orange Bitters with the old labels for 25% off!! Use promo code Bitters25 at checkout to get them before they're gone!! #!/Betsys-Bitters/c/21292339/offset=0&sort=normal


Herbs for today:
- linden, to nourish our nerves as we process and to offer wisdom as we move forward
- hawthorn, to strengthen and protect our hearts as we take on this fight and push back against hate
- tulsi, to offer a moment of peace and tranquillity amidst the storm of pain and violence


Herbs for today:
- Kava, to dull the pain and transport you to another place, even just for a little while...
- Skullcap, to calm the mind and help us breathe...
- Rose, to hold our heart while we grieve and hold our hope so it isn't lost..

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40 seconds of nature magic- breathe deeply, ground your feet into the earth, feel the water wash over you





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