Rolling Ridge Elementary School

Rolling Ridge Elementary School
500 E. Frederick Dr.
Sterling, VA 20164
571-434-4540 Our goal is to inspire our students to BELIEVE in themselves, others, and their school!

[08/14/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

New teacher tech training @RRD_LCPS ! Of course we had to try out #googleexpeditions ! So excited to welcome these awesome teachers! #lcpsifts #lcps19

[07/12/18]   Retweeted Matthew Harbert (@mattharbert21):

One of our first attempts with our roller coasters. Test, assess, redesign, repeat. #Stem @RRD_LCPS @LCPSScience

[07/01/18]   Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Grateful for some last day visits, smiles, and hugs and for this group selfie with the RRD Dream Team! @RRD_LCPS thank you for four fantastic years! Keep serving the Roadrunners with a smile and with heart! #ExcellenceEveryDay #ExcellenceInEveryWay

[06/18/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

I will be @InspireLoudoun tomorrow with this huge case!! Hoping to see lots of smiling faces!!! I will be in the playground all day so stop by and see me! @RRD_LCPS #inspireloudoun18 #KidsDerserveIt @NickGrzeda

[06/18/18]   Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Looking forward to some of our awesome Team RRD members presenting: @mattharbert21 @MsStiles_RRD @AbbySpessard & Jason Comins! #TeamRRD

[06/17/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

I enjoy the paper plate awards at school! You hear such amazing (and some amazingly funny!) stories about your coworkers! Thanks @morgankhuey for reminding me of my many hats! You truly are the queen of #kindness @RRD_LCPS

[06/17/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

So excited to be sending home a #stem activity for the summer! Thank you @Wikkistix and to @NMartirossian and @suzannevel for getting everything together and passed out today!! Parents can scan the #qrcode to go to our website with stem activities for summer! @RRD_LCPS

[06/17/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

Forgot to post this! This was the reaction we got from all classes!! #stemlab was such a success this year! Students were engaged in their learning while having fun! So excited to do it again next year!! Thanks @NMartirossian for making a huge impact on our students! @RRD_LCPS


Lauren Mihalik on Twitter

Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Enjoyed the smiles and fun @RRD_LCPS today and all year!

“Last day fun! Go @LottieSpurlock @AbbySpessard and @morgankhuey”


Jaimie Roy on Twitter

Retweeted Jaimie Roy (@JaimieRoy_LCPS):

Amazing year! Amazing kids! Amazing last day! #kidsdeserveit @RRD_LCPS

“Amazing year! Amazing kids! Amazing last day! #kidsdeserveit @RRD_LCPS”

[06/13/18]   Retweeted Mrs. Mullins (@MrsMullins5th):

Awesome parent volunteers to help serve food today at the 5th grade party. Thank you all! @RRD_LCPS

[06/08/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

We already have our first winner for #bluebotraces at #RRFieldday ! Way to go @walton147 class!!! @RRD_LCPS

[06/07/18]   Retweeted Delaney Barry (@MrsBarry_RRD):

#Super2nd enjoyed the 3 Piggy Opera by @RRD_LCPS’s very own Kindergarten! A cute story and great advice for stranger danger! Just say no way!!!

[06/07/18]   Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Thank you @morgankhuey for your collaborative leadership and dedication with our awesome Student Leaders. What a fantastic lunch with leaders today! @RRD_LCPS #RoadrunnersDeserveIt #KidsDeserveIt #studentvoice

[06/06/18]   Retweeted Morgan Huey (@morgankhuey):

Can not even begin to describe how proud I am of our Student Leaders this year! Inspiring lunch today with them. @RRD_LCPS #RoadrunnersDeserveIt

[06/06/18]   Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

So excited to put together our #makercarts ! We will be taking #STEM to the next level next year @RRD_LCPS ! #lcpsifts @suzannevel @NMartirossian

[06/04/18]   Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Wow again! Many thanks to LEF and @AppleFedCrUnion for funding our grant for “Breakout Rolling Ridge”! Kudos to @AbbySpessard @brendalsheridan #RoadrunnersDeserveIt

[06/04/18]   Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Wow! Thank you LEF for the “Making a Difference Grant” -Claude Moore Charitable Foundation. Excited to be able to support our Roadrunners in learning the 5C’s thru social-emotional learning! Kudos @morgankhuey & @MsStiles_RRD ! @brendalsheridan @lefexecdirector

[06/04/18]   Retweeted Lottie Spurlock (@LottieSpurlock):

Volunteers and community partners we are ready for you! Thank you for all you continuously do for our Roadrunners! #RoadrunnersDeserveIt @RRD_LCPS

[06/02/18]   Retweeted Matthew Harbert (@mattharbert21):

We're making @KEVAplanks mazes and obstacles and finding the best way to get our bot through them! @RRD_LCPS #LoudounPL #KEVAMaker #problemsolving #creativity

[06/02/18]   Retweeted Sabrina Jackson (@MrsJackson_lcps):

Its time for the Book Barn! @Woodgrove thanks for sharing some fun farm learning with our Kinder friends! 🐴🐄🐖🐏🐑🐐🦃🐔🐓🐤🐝

[06/01/18]   Retweeted Lora Webber (@lLora66):

A year of hard work and we have earned a break! #Readingforpleasure
@RRD_LCPS 06/01/2018

Ms. Stiles on Twitter

Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

So glad to have you representing the ridge! @RRD_LCPS “I'm excited to speak at Inspire Loudoun 2018! Come learn about how I use Flipgrid in a PL Classroom! @inspireloudoun #inspireloudoun18 @sched” 06/01/2018

Matthew Harbert on Twitter

Retweeted Abby Spessard (@AbbySpessard):

So glad to have you representing the ridge again this year!! @RRD_LCPS “I'm excited to speak at Inspire Loudoun 2018! Come learn how you can integrate digital content and tools into your classroom and use the data to drive your instruction! @inspireloudoun #inspireloudoun18 @sched”

[06/01/18]   Retweeted Vicki Shea (@RRDLibrary):

#RoadrunnersDeserveIt Woodgrove HD students delivered our new #BookBarn today! Great presentation included farm stories read by students and Q & A with our K & 1st grade. Thanks @LCPS_WHS @MrShipp @RRD_LCPS

[06/01/18]   Retweeted Morgan Huey (@morgankhuey):

Our student leaders’ officers worked on a bulletin board today! They are certainly going to miss @RRD_LCPS !

[06/01/18]   Retweeted Delaney Barry (@MrsBarry_RRD):

#Super2nd had some very special visitors at Briar Patch Park this morning! Ss got to sit in the car, turn on the lights AND the siren. @LoudounSheriff @RRD_LCPS

[06/01/18]   Retweeted Natalie Martirossian (@NMartirossian):

I absolutely LOVE seeing the joy on a student’s face when they feel like a #stemsuperstar!!!! @RRD_LCPS @AbbySpessard #RoadrunnersDeserveIt 05/30/2018

Lottie Spurlock on Twitter

WOW Wednesday! “So happy to see our amazing Sprouts in action after school today! #RoadrunnersDeserveIt”

[05/25/18]   Retweeted Jimmy Casas (@casas_jimmy):

Thought for the day: Challenging the status quo can seem daunting & overwhelming at times. However, only by bringing our best can we expect the best from others. Expect excellence....via #Culturize

[05/24/18]   Retweeted Sofia Halapides (@Sofia_Halapides):

#Super2nd @RRD_LCPS in Ms. Armstrong's class learning about capacity outdoors! #RoadrunnersDeserveIt #handsonlearning

[05/24/18]   Retweeted Delaney Barry (@MrsBarry_RRD):

Updating our #GoalGetters wall to reflect today’s #KindnessChallenge thrown down in Morning Meeting! Each student wrote down a way they could be kind to a friend. At the end of the day we’ll check in on their success! #KindnessMatters #StudentGoalSetting #CultureofKindness

[05/23/18]   Retweeted Tara (@mspoolereads):

@MissRichRRD and her class spread joy with her Ss writing notes to Ts and sharing kindness and positivity 😊#wowWednesday @RRD_LCPS

[05/23/18]   Retweeted Sabrina Jackson (@MrsJackson_lcps):

#wowwednesday I'm always so amazed at how much information these kiddos retain when they really like what they are learning about! @RRD_LCPS #nationalsymbols #MemorialDay

[05/23/18]   Retweeted Tara (@mspoolereads):

Beautiful day for Ss to practice sight words with chalk! Lots of encouragement amongst peers! @RRD_LCPS #WOWWednesday @ShannonMendez18

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