Happiness Vibrational Healing

Happiness Vibrational Healing


Looking forward to learning more in 2921 with Katie and her wealth of knowledge
Tari and Katie are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Dec 21, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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THANK YOU Katie Moore for an amazing session this morning 👀 - Hours have gone by and I can still feel the support and love of my guides and the amazing Dragons under my feet. The New and Exciting Energies you are introducing to this group is f**king awesome - Thank you for helping me along. 🐛🐲🌟 CANT WAIT TILL NEXT ONE- 🔮
I’m new to the group. Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi. 💚💚
Thank you kindly!
Thank you..
“I AM” Tapping 😍😍😍
I hope you’ll enjoy using this over and over again. DAILY!!! Even 10 minutes morning and night would be so good.
Hi everyone i introduce myslef im jess ,i am glad to be a part of this group and help Katie Moore ,i love meditation and do daily .
I help katie with this group im happy to be a part of this comunauty God May bless you all 😇🦋🙏

Divine Channel. Cosmic Visionary. Spiritual Healer & Mentor. Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher.

Operating as usual



Everything in life is about balance.

Give without attachment, without expectations.

The energy from whatever you're giving comes back to you in greater form.

Because with no attachment theres no resistance.

We create so much resistance from fear, pain, and anger.

Let everything go with love.

Gratitude from the leasons (good and bad).

Live from a loving grateful heart.


Every act of kindness is important.

No matter how big or small.

It changes the frequency of your energy.

It changes the frequency of their energy.

Raises the frequency of the collective.

Aids in healing humanity.

Helps the Earth.


Every act of kindness IS important.


I go through different levels of awakening monthly....

Sometimes it feels like a weekly thing lol.

I have at least 1 day where I feel so sad and/or disconnected.

Doubt, fear, and a stuck feeling comes up very strong.

I have a choice.

#1 let this crappy feeling consume me and feed it....that only intensifies the feelings.

Or #2 see this for what it is....old emotions and fears surfacing because they're ready to be released.

I choose #2 every time.

What are you going to choose?


What I love the most about myself is that I am not only different but Im beautifully unique.

Some consider what I do a little woo woo....or A LOT woo woo lol.

I connect with Angels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, and Unicorns to name a few.

I own that and I love it!!

I own my past. The abuse and trauma. Its pushed me on the path Im on.

Helping everyone I can see their gifts. See their beauty. Heal the past. Heal past lives.

Appreciate your story. Love yourself. Heal yourself.

Let your woo woo, your uniqueness out for the world to see.


Hi everyone ❤️ We have some exciting news to share. We are going to be doing all of our lives in the group below. Our separate groups will be archived March 3rd.

Meaning that you will be able to access all the past live healings.

And there's a lot!!

We will be posting reminders letting you know when we are going live.

I hope you all will continue on this journey with us.



❤️ Happy 2/22/22! ❤️
Today is a POWERFUL portal day!

My wife and I woke up to sooooo many messages from souls feeling low, angry, and just having a hell of a time.

The energy right now is intense. Lots of massive shifts happening collectively. And it’s causing our energy to freak out. We don’t feel like we understand and that causes a major wtf is happening which inturn makes it worse. Lots of anxiety surfaces.

Tonight Lalantia Makana and I are doing an event with the Rainbow Dragons with Rainbow frequency activations. This will include some deep clearing out and will help so you can hold these higher frequencies flooding in. We are preparing your physical body for this as well as the chakras, bio-field and more.

It’s only $33 to join. We’d love to have you! We meet at 6 pm EST and replay will be available.


Everything is a choice.

Your thoughts create emotions.

Emotions raise or lower your vibrational frequency.

You will attract things that match your vibrational frequency.

It all starts with a thought.

Choose kindness and loving thoughts.

Be kind to yourself.


🔥Holy Fire Healing Thread🔥

Happy Sunday!! Please add a name for anyone needing healing or comment.

Holy Fire Reiki is gentle, yet very powerful.

Be open to recieving.


Healing yourself is the greatest gift we can do for the world.

This is my gift to you.


Once you become aware of yourself you become your own best friend.

No one can tell you what's best for you.

What you need to do.

What boundaries to set.

All those suggestions won't matter.

Because you will know how to listen to your heart.

Follow your soul.

You will know whats best for you.

Following your inner calling and soul song everyday.


Calling all my Rainbow Warriors 🌈

22222 Rainbow Warrior Activations Event

This is the year when we stand up and unite.

Coming together as one.

Color's carry different vibrations. Different frequencies.

They are very high vibrational.

Everything has a color. Emotions. Thoughts. Actions. You have to match their vibrations in order to fully experience their magic.

I was activated to hold the rainbow frequencies.
To use the rainbow frequencies to heal others.

Lalantia and I are now offering these activations to you.

The time for you to stand up for what is right. Giving you the strength and courage to do what's right. While being fully connected with the higher rainbow frequencies coming in.

This activation workshop done through zoom on the 2/22/22 portal at 6pm EST. Replays will be sent out after the event.

We are offering this for $33. Link is in the comments.

Are you ready to become who you're truly meant to be??


I go through different levels of awakening monthly....

Sometimes it feels like a weekly thing lol.

Every single time I have at least 1 day where I feel so sad and disconnected.

Doubt, fear, and a stuck feeling comes up very strong.

I have a choice.

#1 let this crappy feeling consume me and feed it....that only intensifies the feelings.

Or #2 see this for what it is....old emotions and fears surfacing because they're ready to be released.

I choose #2 every time.

What are you going to choose?


I understand that it looks like I fell off the face of the Earth just disappeared for a while.

I'd like to share with you what we are currently working on.

Are Priestess program is doing really well and we have one spot open for that.

Here's the big stuff. Take a minute and breathe let's build up the excitement and anticipation......

Go ahead I'll wait.............

All right here's number one.....
Exploring the lost and forgotten lands which is including Egypt, Atlantis, Avalon, Camelot, Lemuria, the original tribes of Africa and the Amazon rainforest, and we will wrap things up visiting Lyra.

And here is number two......
We have a 12-week course working with plants, crystals, and animal Spirit guides and familiars. In this will be doing Journeys and learning how to work with the energy of these three magical things and then putting it all together.

We got married. Moved into a wonderful House. Started a new business venture. And we are 100% back and looking forward to bringing this into your life. If you feel any of this is resonating with you please comment. We currently have people signed up for these we would love to add you to our list.

Sending lots of love to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰


Sh*t's about to get real.

There's so many remarkable things that have happened in the past few months.

They've happened because I do the inner work. It gets hard sometimes.

Hard enough to say f**k this. I suck and should get a "real job."

And then I get a message or work with someone that I can not only feel the shifts...

I can see them in the person. And I am fully aware that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I want you to be able to feel and your growth.

Fully experiencing your manifestations and creations.

My wife and I manifested each other. Then manifested her ability to move here with her kids. We birthed a new business. And then the house. It's a lot of changes in a short amount of time.

We asked for this. We co-created this.

YOU can too.

You can manifest whatever is in alignment with your purpose.

If you're feeling this pls comment or message one of us.

It's our purpose and mission to help people like you.

The healers, teachers, wayshowers, and frequency keepers of the world.....the people who know they are here for a much larger purpose.

If you're not sure, let's jump on a discovery call.

I am really looking forward to talking with you 🥰


We are inviting you to a FREE Full Moon Channeling Healing and Activations. We will do doing this through zoom February 16th at 6pm EST.

If you need to release something, feel stuck, or need help manifesting, this IS for YOU!!

Isis, Freyja, Gaia, and Ogun .....to name a few.....will be coming forth for you and

Come comfortable and somewhere you can lay down or sit without any distractions.

We are so excited to share this with you!! See you then 🥰❤️


" Am I overreacting?" .....

I can't tell you how often I've asked my closest friends that question.

When we are triggered, we can only see it one way. Our way.

Painful emotions and traumatic experiences come to the surface when we are triggered.

It feels ugly.

However its a GOOD thing.

It's showing us what we need to heal. A lot if the time its things we thought were healed.

Next time someone triggers you, ask if you are seeing it correctly.

Or if you are projecting your insecurities and past experiences onto the present moment.

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