Ada County Tea Party

Ada County Tea Party


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Action Needed: Call Your Reps...Tell Them That Idaho Social Services/Funds Should NOT Help Illegal Kids BEFORE IDAHO KIDS!
libs are trying to entrap patriots - stay home inauguration day in DC & state capitols.
EDITORIAL: It’s January 6th, the day Congress is to confirm the 2020 Electoral College vote. To quote the Constitution “Art I, Sect. 4 “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each State BY THE LEGISLATURE thereof;”. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan have violated the supreme law of the land whose officials (not the legislatures) changed the election regulations before, during, and after the voting. This is undisputed.

Our elected officials have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution. Congress has failed to do so. You are “pseudo-Constitutionalists” by failing to demand states adhere to the Supreme Law of the land. Next you’re going to tell Americans that “precedence” has been established and future fraudulent elections are “OK”. As you have seen from the events of today Americans know that you have not honored your oath and by failing to do so have disenfranchised over 74,000,000 Americans. We are in the middle of a Constitutional crisis and our Idaho reps are AWOL…except our Junior Representative Russ Fulcher from CD #1. The events of today lie at your feet! Have you figured out now that WE THE PEOPLE have had enough?
Get your tickets now! You won't want to miss this special event! Charlie Kirk & Rob McCoy from Turning Point, USA will be joining us for FreedomStand 2020 in Eagle, Idaho! Limited tickets available. Purchase now at

Join us and other freedom fighting patriots, to show that Idaho stands against Socialism and Bernie Sanders! America was founded on freedom and our constitution and Bernie's plan to ruin our country will not succeed!
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*Meet up location to be announced later this week*

We are rallying to protest Mike Bloomberg and his gun grabbing laws! Come out and show your support for your 2A rights. Do not allow these unconstitutional corrupt individuals to take away our rights.
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Join us and other freedom fighting patriots, to show that Idaho stands against Socialism and Bernie Sanders! America was founded on freedom and our constitution and Bernie's plan to ruin our country will not succeed!


*Meet up location to be announced later*

The Ada County Tea Party (formerly Tea Party Boise) is Idaho’s largest and oldest tea party. We su

The Ada County Tea Party (formerly known as Tea Party Boise) is Idaho’s largest and oldest tea party with its foundations in the very earliest days of the tea party movement. We took a stand then against big government, runaway spending, higher taxes, less accountability, and oppressive government interference in our daily lives; and we still stand by these principles today.

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Tell Your Lawmakers to Oppose SJR101 - Marsy's Law!

Breaking News!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is OPPOSED to SJR101, Marsy's Law, because it gives judges the ability to implement Red Flag laws in Idaho!

Check out the link here and then tell your lawmakers to oppose SJR101! The Idaho legislature is currently considering an amendment to the Idaho Constitution which would expand "victim's rights."  Idaho's constitution already contains rights for victims of crimes. "Marsy's Law," as it is commonly called, seeks to...


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Idaho Votes – Official Voter Information

Please vote at your local poll. If you are unsure where that is located, please click on the picture below and use your address to find your polling place. But VOTE...and take your friends with you so they can too. 8am to 8pm.


Jordan Peterson explains why dangerous people are teaching our children — and what we can do

We pay so much in taxes for education and it is questionably inadequate and may not be getting our kids what is necessary to be productive and good citizens. Jordan Peterson, renowned psychology professor and best-selling author, knows that there are some dangerous people teaching our children in schools. What did he say? In a video for Prager U, Peterson describes exactly what's happening with teachers, administrators, and students in today's society an...


VOTE NO to Medicaid Expansion..


Idaho Freedom Foundation

Please spread this far and wide! These lawmakers are standing up for you, your rights, and your wallet.


VOTE NO on Medicaid Expansion. Private enterprise options exist:
1. Direct Primary Care.


Home - Save Idaho Horse Racing

VOTE YES TO Start Horse Racing via allowing the again in Idaho....if betting on old racing is the answer...why not!!! Save Idaho Horse Racing is a campaign to restore and revive Idaho’s horse racing industry. This initiative will bring back the hundreds of jobs horse racing creates, provide funding for Idaho schools, and allow the voice of Idahoans to be heard.


Stay tuned for our list of candidates we support in this upcoming election.


More member doctors join growing Direct Primary Care trend | Samaritan Ministries

Private enterprise at it's best. Here is an article on what we should be pursuing instead of Medicaid works, and I use it. It's healthcare to keep or get health, not just treating the symptoms. And the cost savings are incredible. The Direct Primary Care model is gaining traction. Those fortunate enough to have DPC doctors in their area benefit in numerous ways.


Canada agrees to join US and Mexico in new NAFTA deal

Another promise kept by Trump....great day for our neighbors, but especially for the good ol USA. Canada was left out when the U.S. and Mexico reached an agreement last month to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement.


The Tuttle Twins

That face Tom Woods makes when he realizes you've come across books to teach your children about liberty. 📚👫

"Here's what we've been waiting for!" he said about the Tuttle Twins books… check them out!


Tonight, 6 pm, Ada Commissioners' Budget Hearing: 9% Property Tax Raise! Come make your voices heard!
Ada County’s proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-2019 budget is being presented to the public on Monday, July 23 at 6PM in the Public Hearing Room of the Ada County Courthouse, 200 W. Front Street, Boise, 83702.

Make your voices heard! come to the meeting tonight! Only with numbers will they listen.

They are proposing to increase the property tax portion of the budget by more than 9 percent.

Here is a link to the summary budget document:

Here is a link to the news release:

IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT TO THE MEETING>>>> PLEASE SEND COMMENTS: email comments to [email protected] by 5pm on Monday (TONIGHT), July 23, 2018.


Trump pardon for Oregon ranchers who inspired refuge standoff

TRUMP PARDONS THE HAMMONDS and BUNDY's....and others.....A day to celebrate!!!! Dwight Hammond, 76, and his son, Steven, 49, were convicted in 2012 for setting a fire that spread onto public grazing land. The two were initially sentenced to less than the legal minimum five-year prison sentence for their crimes, but a federal judge in 2016 ordered the pair returned to serve the


A great lunchtime presentation....don't miss out!!!


1pm EST



Wednesday, June 6, 2018 @ 12:00pm CDT -

Register now!


Reminder to join us this Thursday. June 7th. Please contact Tamara with any nominations for our leader team.


Russ Fulcher for Congress

Unity Event at the Capitol today. Watch it!!!

Live at the Republican Unity Rally!


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Come to the Party !!!


Come join us for FREE pizza and drinks this Tuesday, May 8th at the Eagle Idaho Pizza Company!

Time: Starts at 5:30 PM (come early to get a seat)
Location: Idaho Pizza Company at 78 East Eagle River Road (southeast corner of hwy 44 and Eagle Road.
FREE pizza and drinks for all attending. Bring the spouse/friends or family (some may be the same people)

Featured Speakers –

5:30 PM – Candidate for congress – Russ Fulcher

7:00 PM – Candidate for Governor – Raul Labrador (U.S.Congressman)

This session will be a 15 minute introduction by each candidate (they promised only 15 minutes max) and then an open Q & A session with the audience – no restrictions on what you may ask (within good taste)

Hosted by the Ada County TEA party (you do not need to be a member to attend)


ITS THE ANNUAL TEA PARTY MEETING....don't miss out!!! Event will be posted soon. Mark your calendars for June 1st at 6pm. Location TBA.


Russ Fulcher for Congress

Russ Fulcher took on the special interests in the Idaho Legislature, and now he's taking aim at Big Government in Washington D.C. Vote Republican Russ Fulcher on May 15!


REMEMBER TO VOTE: West Ada School District is asking for more money from your property taxes. Yes, your taxes may not go up, but the bond will last for years. Vote No to new taxes, that go on forever. Imagine a bond that does not go on and you get tax relief. It's time for land developers to offer room for a school when necessary and for school administration to eliminate most of their upper administrative staff. Time for less centralization. TUES. MARCH 13th. TODAY!!! More info for where you vote at: YOUR VOTE COUNTS


Idaho Freedom Foundation

This measure, which is sponsored by Reps. Lance W. Clow and Mike Moyle, would effectively hike taxes by as much as $37 million.


Idaho Freedom Foundation



Idaho Considers What Could Be the Worst Obamacare Plan Yet | National Review

CALL your Legislators....BAD BILL going through with Medicaid Expansion and its bad for Idaho...and look at the rest of it.

There is another bill that does the exact opposite if they let it out of Committee.

The SOLUTION: Demand it in a nice way....

A bill from real Conservatives to be heard next week on the Health and Welfare Committee: The Conservative Health Care Plan saves taxpayers over $100 million, does not shove people off private insurance, allows patients to keep their current doctor, and most importantly does not expand Medicaid. We need Idaho solutions which allow people to exercise individual choice in healthcare rather than the big-government plan to put more Idahoans on a federal program. Idahoans deserve choices, low costs, and independence in their healthcare, not more federal dependency and control. The Conservative Healthcare Plan is a freedom alternative for Idahoans Obamacare is a terrible law, but Idaho’s new proposed plan to expand upon it makes a bad situation even worse.


HB 578 - Internet sales tax

Please send your comments to your legislators. Bill description: HB 578 would require online retailers selling more than $10,000 into Idaho to assess the state sales tax on all sales made. Rating: -1 Does it directly or indirectly create or increase any taxes, fees, or other assessments? Conversely, does it eliminate or reduce any taxes, fees, o...


Rep. Ron Nate - Dist. 34 - Legislative Update 2-22-18

New tech allows Ron Nate to connect with his constituents. And check out the calendar for the next week or so. Testify or contact your legislators on the upcoming bills...


Please call your reps to make sure they have initialed this list and support and co-Sponsor this bill. Here is the information about what's behind this bill:

Here is the direct link to the bill as well:

Thank you for doing your civic duty~~

PANDAA bill to nullify the NDAA in the State of Idaho passed committee. Blank spots by the name need some encouragement. Please contact them and let them know how you feel about the indefinite detention of American citizens without due process.

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