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MANNA Educational Services International - Rick Chromey

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Dr. Rick Chromey is the founder and president of MANNA! Educational Services International. He has MANNA! We inspire. We provide insight. We offer ideas.

Educational Services International is a nonprofit organization that services churches and faith-based organizations with "edu-trainment." And everything we do is FREE. People give to underwrite our work. It's a labor of faith, love and passion.
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Life is short, hard, temporary.

Many of our days--too many for some of us--will include trouble and sorrow, so we must learn to enjoy whatever days that come with order to find peace.

Count your days by making them count. Essentially, LIVE every day as if it's your LAST so you won't be surprised when it is.

“...our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away. Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:10, 12)

P.S. Back on the Columbia/Snake river until May 24. It's my "happy place" and a joy in my life's JOurneY. I hope you find that "place" too. It's a space of GRACE, where purpose and passion collide to create peace. It's a blessing. Here are a few photos, with some commentary, from recent days.


Where do you put your energy? What centers your life? What keeps you sane in a world gone mad?

Here's a recipe for a LIFE that has transformed my soul and perhaps will help your's. In all you think, believe, say and do:

Live by GRACE. Walk with JOY. Labor from LOVE. Rest in PEACE. Stand upon HOPE. Speak for LIFE.

Photos from MANNA Educational Services International - Rick Chromey's post 04/01/2024


My organization (MANNA! Educational Services International is moving into the "edu-travel" business! We are taking INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES and GROUPS to the learn and understand the Bible in trips to ISRAEL, GREECE and ROME.

Beginning JUNE 2025 with our first inaugural trip to GREECE (10 days, includes 3-day Mediterranean cruise), with option to ROME (3 days). Includes guest cultural experts (including myself) to understand the "Life and Writings of the Apostle Paul."

For more information:

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN, with early bird registration breaks.

I'd love for any of my Facebook friends and family to join us! Tours lined out until 2029. I will take churches, Christian schools/colleges and organizations EXCLUSIVELY to these places (with advanced booking and at least 25 confirmed registrations).

It's equivalent to a 3-4 hour Bible/world history class, with an accredited professors. Other profs may also join me too. It's "edu-travel!"



Happy Resurrection Day to all my Christian friends and family.

He is Risen, indeed!


No fooling...


TODAY IS VALENTINE'S DAY. It’s traditionally a day of love. But what’s the story behind the day?

A man named VALENTINE OF TERNI lived in the 3rd century AD.
It was a period of deadly plagues and severe Christian persecution. The great Roman Empire had started its long disintegration.

With a small pox plague raging, killing 5000 a day and decimating his army, EMPEROR CLAUDIUS needed committed citizens and soldiers. So he OUTLAWED TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE, especially for Roman soldiers (thinking they fought better as bachelors).

Claudius then forced all Roman citizens to worship Roman gods, including deified emperors. The Christians, rapidly growing as an underground church, naturally refused and were declared enemies of the state. Consequently, they were thrown to lions, beheaded, gutted, dismembered and set aflame.Political chaos ensued, along with economic upheaval, assassinations and a war with the Goths.

HISTORY IS SKETCHY ON VALENTINE'S LIFE, as church records were destroyed by Roman authorities. Nevertheless, we know
VALENTINE WAS A PRIEST IN ROME (or a bishop nearby).
He refused to worship Roman gods or idols, and conducted marriages, including for Roman soldiers, in direct defiance of the emperor. Valentine was eventually arrested, convicted and condemned to die.

While in prison, his jailer asked Valentine to pray for his blind daughter…and when Valentine did…she was MIRACULOUSLY HEALED. The miracle converted not only this Roman jailer to Christianity, but many others too. A strong bond developed between the jailer, his family and Valentine. Consequently, on the eve of his ex*****on, VALENTINE PENNED A LOVING NOTE to this formerly-blind jailer’s daughter to encourage her new faith. He signed it “FROM YOUR VALENTINE.”

The next day Valentine was viciously clubbed and stoned, then beheaded outside Rome’s Flaminian Gate…on FEBRUARY 14, 269. Over 230 years later, Pope Gelasius designated his death day as “SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY”

And because of Valentine’s ministry of love–and radical commitment to traditional marriage in a culture that despised it–the holiday found it’s root. The tradition of sending “Valentine” cards to loved ones and particularly lovers emerged with this special day.

And now you know how we got Valentine’s Day. It’s a CHRISTIAN HOLY DAY to honor the life of a Christian saint who gave his life for LOVE and TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE.

I dare say we need more Valentines in our day and age, too.


Life is disabling and cripples even the best of us. The real question is in WHAT or WHO do you put your FAITH?


Found this anonymous writing today about a "successful" man (or woman). It resonated with me...and hopefully with you, too.

Too often we define success by wealth, popularity, power or achievement, but that's a limited and temporary view. It's far better to be wealthy in friendships, faith and experiences; known for your integrity, wisdom, service, humility and compassion.

That's what they'll talk about at your funeral, so live it today.


TOMORROW (FEBRUARY 3) is a day the U.S. military has celebrated since 1951, but the tale has grown dusty and dark with time.


Never heard of it? You should. It’s a fascinating story of courage, service and faith....the tale of a fateful day when the U.S.A.T. DORCHESTER–packed with over 900 men–was hit by a N**i torpedo.

The SURPRISE ATTACK in the early morning hours of FEBRUARY 3, 1943, killed several soldiers and trapped dozens of others. The ship quickly began to sink in the icy waters off Greenland and soon it was "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.” Chaos ensued as men prepared to survive or die in the north Atlantic Ocean. Lifeboats were deployed and many were filled, but not everyone got a seat.

Thankfully, two Coast Guard ships were in the area. They rushed to the Dorchester and began to pluck drowning soldiers from the frigid waters.

Meanwhile, on board the Dorchester, four chaplains–a METHODIST minister, a ROMAN CATHOLIC priest, a DUTCH REFORMED pastor and a JEWISH Rabbi–consoled the panicked servicemen...

Continue reading what happens next....

**I DEDICATE THIS POST TO THREE MILITARY CHAPLAINS IN MY LIFE: Mark Knox, Corey Arnold and Nate Wheeler. Thank you for you service to God and man in the U.S. military.

As always, your likes, comments and shares keeps these posts featured. Thank you.




IT WAS 40 YEARS AGO TODAY! THE MAC CAME OUT TO PLAY. Now you may not own a Mac--nor even an iPhone or iPad--but I'll guarantee SOMETHING in your life has a "Mac" or Apple fingerprint. Steve Jobs changed our world.

The Mac (Apple, Inc) introduced a WYSIWYG computing world. It created the Windows platform that Microsoft pirated. It introduced the mouse and "point and click" computing. In fact, many of its features framed the 1980s personal computer. But Apple wasn't done changing the world.

Apple's iTunes carved a streaming culture. The iPod revolutionized digital music and killed the compact disc. The iPad transformed mobile computing and made the "touch screen" a part of our every day world.

And then the iPhone came along and blew up the cell phone. Suddenly the phone became "smart" and more than a device for calls. It was a computer, TV, game console, bookstore, shopping mall, GPS, music player and social media center ALL-IN-ONE.

The iPhone also introduced the "app" or "application." Suddenly everything had an "app" for that!

In 1994, Apple was nearly dead...bankrupt. Steve Jobs returned to the company he founded and resurrected it. As a joke, he referred to himself as the "iCEO" (interim CEO). It's why later Apple products all started with an little "i" (although Apple later said it also stood for "Internet).



Pursue EXCELLENCE and perfection happens. The most overused word (and my Millennial waiter used it ad nauseum) is "PERFECT." What type of potato? Baked? Perfect!

I prefer the Amish view: "Nothing is PERFECT but God. Everything else, including you and me, are flawed." Consequently, I've learned to embrace imperfection (if its excellent). And I'm okay with falling short (if it was the best I could do).

And did you know the Amish will even create a flaw if what they built IS "perfect" in their eyes? It's true. Its how they stay humble.

So I'll leave "PERFECT" to God...and to a Millennial Generation we poorly taught to mistake anything "good" as "perfect."

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