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This page focuses on providing relevant information for anyone who recognizes the need to provide protection for themselves and/or their loved ones. 01/27/2019

Guns and God: Growing number of churches want armed security "Fifty years ago, you could say no guns should be allowed in church, but times have changed," said a police chief who runs a volunteer church security team. 11/17/2018

Dallas Officer Who Came To Colleagues’ Aid While Injured During 2016 Ambush, Hailed A Hero Again

Warrior mindset makes all the difference. Well done Officer Rocha. Despite being injured, Dallas police officer Gretchen Rocha still managed to arrest a burglary suspect overnight, and on Friday her superiors stressed that the officer has a history of bravery in bad situations. 10/17/2018

Man Sets House On Fire Then Starts Shooting At Firefighters And Police - Blue Lives Matter

Once again someone tries to ambush emergency personnel. Police believe a gunman intentionally set fire to his home to lead first responders into an ambush. 10/03/2018

BREAKING: Five Officers Down At 'Active Shooter' In Florence - Blue Lives Matter Five law enforcement officers have reportedly been shot in Florence.

[07/24/18]   Speaking at another Church Safety seminar tonight in Caldwell TX.
We put these events on for FREE, no cost to the church at all. I
f you are interested in having one for your church message me for the details.


Blue Lives Matter

We have all heard "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Fortunately for all of us, that just isn't a true statement. Here are some cases that prove even unarmed response can stop a spree killer.
Armed response isn't the ONLY way but it will certainly increase your odds of winning.

The narrative that "armed citizens don't stop active shooters" has just been destroyed.


Warrior Culture Gear

The Only Defense Against Evil, Violent People is Good People Who Are More Skilled at Violence. - Sgt. Rory Miller

[02/16/18]   When it comes to school security the first and foremost goal should be to save lives. Put in place what can do that first. That has to start with armed defense.

Then, once that is in place, work on multi-layered approaches to address heart and mind issues and add quality of life.
Preservation of life has to be the priority.

You cant change the hearts and minds of dead people...


Sheepdogs, Inc.

Some thoughts;
When the 911 line rings and the call taker answers, the first question is usually "what is the location of the emergency?", or something similar. When the call is dispatched the location is given, the complainant's info, maybe some suspect info, nature of the call, etc. When the officer arrives he or she will diagnose the situation and solve what can be solved through whatever action is required, or not required as the case may be. This process is repeated countless times every day, all day, 24/7/365.
There are some things that I think get overlooked by many people. Nowhere in any of this is an individual in need of assistance asked about their political affiliation, sexual identity, religious beliefs, dietary restrictions, or economic standing . None of that matters. (Race and gender does matter for identification purposes, and those are things that must be known.) When a person calls for help someone is coming. A human being in a car will answer a voice on a radio and respond in a timely manner to render whatever aid is necessary, regardless of who is in need. That person in the uniform will give anything and everything to make sure that their community is safe, and it's residents can rest peacefully. In short, law enforcement officers could give two sh*ts about how an individual feels about them when that individual is in need. They will respond, address the issue, and take action to solve the problem(s) to the best of their ability and within the confines of policy, procedure, and the law. All of this despite, and sometimes in spite, of how they are judged in the court of public opinion.
And I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. 11/28/2017

Affidavit: Slain DPS trooper ambushed while sitting in patrol unit

Rest in peace, Trooper Allen. A slain Central Texas state trooper was sitting in his patrol unit when the driver of a car he pulled over for speeding on Thanksgiving Day opened fire with a rifle, according to an arrest warrant affidavit released Monday.

[11/16/17]   Something to think about:

We have to maintain a clear delineation between practice and training. Both are necessary but the terms are certainly NOT interchangeable. Especially in the combat arts.

Training is something someone else does TO you, practice is what you do on your own. We can not "train" ourselves. We can only practice what we learned in training.

The most important thing to remember is to take formal training regularly with a variety of instructors.
It is your job to make sure you have the skill to win/survive.

You owe it to your family and all who count on you. 10/13/2017

Concealed Carry: Are you Combat Effective? | The Loadout Room

Great article about what you need to consider in order to be prepared. I would add traumatic bleeding care as a required skill as well. If you’re not training then you’re combat ineffective. You need to understand the difference between being hands on to stop the threat or hands on to create space and survive.

[10/03/17]   I was in a conversation about what can we do to better respond to Active Shooter threats like Las Vegas. My answer may surprise you:

"I am a gun guy so i dont say this lightly but...
Carry more guns if it makes you feel better but if you really want to be better prepared the answer wont be in guns, ammo, or armor.

Carry TQs, pressure bandages, clotting bandages, etc. Take training to know how to use them AND train your family how to use them. You and yours practice regularly. Nothing could have prevented it but more could have been saved if more people knew how to slow/stop traumatic bleeding." 09/24/2017

Tennessee church shooting leaves multiple people hurt, officials say

Its only getting worse folks. Be prepared. At least six people were injured when shots were fired at a Tennessee Church on Sunday, Nashville police said.


Texas LawShield

Was your firearm affected by Hurricane Harvey? Boyert Shooting Center would like to help! They will be offering free gun cleaning and appraisals through the end of September! Call 713-977-3000 or click the article below for more information. 07/06/2017

Radio transmission of NYPD officer that was assassinated

By all accounts a cowardly and unprovoked attack. Killed because of the color of her clothing.

RIP sister. A New York City police officer died after she was shot in the face by an attacker who was then located and shot to death, police said Wednesday.


Paramedic had to steel himself on entering foyer full of dead victims

If you dont carry a IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) daily then reading this will explain why you should.
Folks, THIS IS COMING TO AMERICA. It WILL happen here.
You must be an active participant in your own rescue.

Nothing in his training could have prepared father-of-three Paddy Ennis for the carnage he would witness as he reached the blast zone at the Manchester Arena.


Handgun Combatives

Thoughts fro John Farnam regarding last night's terror attack in England...

22 May 17

There is an immeasurable distance between late,

... and too late!

Og Mandino

Today’s events in the UK:

Another terrorist su***de bombing, this time at the entrance to a packed
entertainment arena, just as a popular concert ended. At least nineteen
dead on the spot (a number sure to go up), twenty times that number injured.

For those souls, in the unlikely event Western Civilization ever gets
serious about terrorism, it is already too late. For the rest of us, it is
time to reevaluate our lifestyles and routines, once more!

There is no logical reason to believe these attacks upon the innocent in
the UK, Western Europe, and CONUS will diminish any time soon, nor is there
any reason to believe that governments will do anything effective to stop
them! There is “security,” and there is “security theater.” We have
precious little of the former, far too much of the latter.

We see the results!

Given the foregoing:

1) Beware of crowds! My advice is to stay away from concerts, sporting
events, large gatherings of any kind, particularly those with a political or
religious theme, particularly Christian and Jewish. When you must go, keep
your head up and stay sober. Don’t get too far from the door. When you
see “trouble in the making,” get out of there!

2) Carry a trauma kit! During a shooting or bombing attack, many wounded
and immobile remain untreated for an hour or more. It may be a while
before any kind of medical help arrives. Many bleed-out in the interim!
Tourniquets, IBD’s, and Combat Gauze are literal lifesavers, but only when you
have them with you and are practiced in their use!

3) Go armed! There is no “substitute” for loaded guns that you can get
into action instantly. There are some forms of evil that cannot be
adequately repelled short of gunfire. You must be prepared and ready to deliver
it, with precision and adequate volume. Places where I can’t be armed, such
as nightclubs and theme parks, I don’t go!

4) Don’t go anywhere without your cell phone! They don’t always work,
but in an emergency your ability to communicate will be critical to your
survival. In addition, dress so that you can walk several miles when
necessary, on gravel. Have cash, credit cards. Carry a tactical flashlight.

5) Forget offshore travel for the foreseeable future, particularly to the
UK, Europe, anywhere in the Middle East, Mexico and anywhere in South
America. Even when traveling domestically, keep informed, keep your head up.
Stay away from big metro areas, particularly NYC, Philadelphia, Boston,
Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, and a host of others. Be prepared to
cancel travel plans, even at the last minute, when there are genuine safety

6) Understand that you’re on your own! Police do what they can, but “
protection” is not going to follow you around like an obedient puppy. The
one, and the only one, who will be called upon to save your life, is going to
be you. You’re going to have to learn to live with that!

Western Civilization has still not woken-up, and may never! Down here in
peon-land, Operators don’t wait for “permission.” We look-after our own
best interests, and we don’t apologize!

“Now remember, when things look bad, and it looks as if you're not gonna
make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Because, when
you lose your head, and you give up, then you ain’t gonna win, and your ain’
t gonna live. That's just the way it is.”

Josey Wales (played by Clint Eastwood) in the 1976 feature film, “The
Outlaw Josey Wales”



Manual Safety on a Self-Defense Handgun

I've had a several questions lately about what kind of firearm to get for a defensive handgun. Modern designs of fi****ms are more advanced and reliable than they used to be. For defensive purposes, there is notl longer a need for a manual safety. Modern firearm designs will have safety mechanisms built in that don't require the shooter to take additional or unnecessary steps without compromising safe handling.

Here is a short video from Rob Pincus that explains the difference between a pistol with a manual safety and one without.

Using a Springfield Armory XD and a Beretta 92 as examples, Rob Pincus defines appropriate manually operated safeties for defensive pistols. When we talk abo...




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