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RC Health Services Spring location is the fastest growing training site within the network. Founded in late 2009, RC Health Services has grown to be one of the largest AHA Training Centers in the US with 11 locations nationwide.

The company started out as a small business based in Pearland, TX, with a husband and wife team who had a vision to create quality training where lay persons and healthcare professionals equally can train and prepare for lifesaving skills. Within a year of operating as an AHA training site, RCHS opened its second location in the Houston area and trained over 1000 students in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and H

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Great meeting the new Pearland team!!!

[02/17/21]   Good morning everyone! We hope that you are all safe and warm during these unprecedented times. RCHS will remain closed until Saturday 2/20. All classes for the remainder of the week are canceled. Many of our staff and instructors remain without power but hope to be firing on all cylinders very soon. Please keep your safety as your highest priorities. We'll be back before you know it!

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CPR Houston, ACLS, PALS, First Aid, BLS, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth

ATTENTION CLASS CANCELLATION FOR SPRING AND PEARLAND: Due to Hurricane Laura, ALL traditional classes for the Spring and Pearland Campus have been cancelled for Wednesday August 26th and Thursday August 27th.

As of now, the virtual classes are still on. HOWEVER, THE VIRTUAL CLASS ON THURSDAY MAY BE CANCELLED BEFORE OR DURING CLASS DUE TO LACK OF INTERNET AND ELECTRICITY. BE PREPARED TO BE RESCHEDULED. If you do not want to take a chance, you may reschedule yourself by visiting www.rchealthservices.com. If you are going to cancel, please email [email protected].

The safety and well being of our Students and Staff are of utmost importance. Thank you for understanding and we hope everyone stays safe during this time. We appreciate your partnership.

rchealthservices.com American Heart Association ACLS, PALS, BLS, CPR, First Aid Courses Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worht, Beaumont Texas.


😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. Happy Monday everyone. (What’s left of it). 😉


Congratulations to the Texas A&M School of Pharmacy Kingsville Campus P1 Class of 2024 for completion of your BLS class. Between the Kingsville and College Station Campuses, we trained 101 students. It was fun and thank you all for being flexible. Good luck and go Javelinas and Aggies.

Also a huge thanks and shout out goes out to our Instructors Robert Bruce, Melodie Stahl, and Brian Hendricks for helping to make this possible as well as the numerous Virtual Instructors and Moderators. Great job Team.


Hero CPR

The word is getting out and everyone is learning CPR. Its so easy even a bear can do it.

[07/07/20]   RC Health Services would like to congratulate Marisol Zavala and Shelby Martin on their recent promotions! Shelby Martin is being promoted to the Operations Manager of Atlanta and Jacksonville and Marisol Zavala is being promoted to take on NOLA and San Antonio.

Shelby is our current Training Center Coordinator and is based out of Kennesaw. Shelby has been with us since 2017 and was our Training Center Coordinator at Chattahoochee Tech before we were an AHA Training Center!

Marisol is our current Operations Manager for Houston and has been with us since 2017. She started with us as the Office Coordinator for Pearland and has since worked her way up and expanded her scope to oversee 4 different locations.


RC Health Services would like to wish all of the Fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day.

chron.com 06/17/2020

Innovative EMS leader’s work impacts 2 communities

We would like to congratulate Chief Lisa Camp for winning the Lifetime Achievement Award from the 100 Club of Houston.

Chief Camp as well as Chief Roy Hunter and a few others have been instrumental since Day 1 helping us develop one of the best EMS Academies in the Country.

RCHS is proud to have Chief Camp, Chief Hunter, as well as our other Partners on our Team. Stay safe out there.


chron.com Had the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon instead been designed with Lisa Camp in mind, everyone in Friendswood and La Porte would have been directly or indirectly touched by the longtime emergency medical services leader. The Friendswood native is the EMS chief for the volunteer fire departmen...

jems.com 06/10/2020

William B. Kouwenhoven: A Father of CPR - JEMS

This is a great article about the history of CPR. We offer daily classes, so go to www.rchealthservices.com to sign up and learn how to perform this life saving skill.


jems.com Robert S. Clawson, MD, recalls the contribution of William B. Kouwenhoven and his truly life-saving procedure made for emergency medical care.


Los Angeles County Fire Museum

As EMS Week comes to an end, we would like to recognize the most influential television show dedicated to firefighters and rescue personnel. The 1970s series known as “EMERGENCY!”, not only helped to promote the paramedic profession to the general public, but it was also single-handedly responsible for the recruitment of countless men and women into the fire service. An entire generation of firefighters grew up watching the adventures of “Johnny and Roy,” and many of them credit the television show with motivating them to choose their careers in public safety.

ems1.com 05/22/2020

Provisional certification: What if it weren’t just an emergency measure?

ems1.com A bold proposal to change the way we educate and certify EMS providers


RC Health Services would like to thank all of the First Responders for everything you do to keep us safe, especially during this pandemic. Stay safe and keep up the good fight.


Happy National Nurses Week May 6-12, 2020 to all of the nurses around the world. We greatly appreciate all of your hard work before and during this pandemic. Keep up the great fight and stay safe and sane.


Treating Coronavirus: A Day Inside Houston Methodist’s Highly Infectious Disease Unit (HIDU)

We spent a day inside the Highly Infectious Disease Unit (HIDU), where we are treating many COVID-19 patients from the community. What did we see? Incredible...


American Heart Association - Texas

The signs of stroke can be more subtle in women, but they should not be ignored. Stroke symptoms require immediate medical intervention, and every second matters. Learn the signs and act FAST. http://spr.ly/6182128Hm

[04/01/20]   Good morning! We are aware that our phone system is down right now and we are working on it. Please send your questions to [email protected]
Thank you!

tmc.edu 04/01/2020

Houston Methodist performs the nation’s first plasma transfusion to treat COVID-19 - TMC News

Exciting news!

tmc.edu Houston Methodist Hospital performs the first FDA-approved blood plasma therapy to treat COVID-19.

medium.com 04/01/2020

The Almost Medics: The 2,400 Stalled Texas EMS Students

medium.com Sierra Hayes scheduled her final paramedic clinical for March 15th. She would soon graduate, promote, and progress in her career as a…

[03/23/20]   Your education is essential.

RC Health Services has received clearance from Dallas County to be listed as an essential service during the COVID-19 outbreak. We will continue to provide you the high quality American Heart Association and EMS courses necessary to go to work and fight this virus.

As a reminder, we are following all CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID. We have limited class sizes, followed the AHA's direction on course modifications, and practice strong decon procedures.

We need you back at work to fight this virus!

[03/17/20]   My beautiful little business employs hundreds of incredible people throughout the country. We have survived hurricanes and multiple floods. Hell, we survived Harvey! I promise everyone that works for me and the great number of families that rely on me that I will do everything within my power to keep this thing together and weather this storm. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We were recession proof and now we will be Coronavirus proof. Failure is not an option. #rchs #rchealthservices #win #neverquit

[02/20/20]   En route to spread the AHA mission. It’s going to be a great four days of training others to save lives.

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Man saved by a bystander and staff at HCA Houston Clear Lake

Great article of a man living another day from bystander CPR and great work from hospital staff.

Please spread the word so more bystanders can take this easy, lifesaving skill.


fox26houston.com Henry Watson had just enjoyed watching his grandson’s Clear Falls football game. But as he packed up the car, he was struck by a heart attack and collapsed in the stadium parking lot. Thanks to the quick actions of a teammate’s mom, followed by immediate care at HCA Houston Clear Lake, Watson wi...


Congrats to Gary Brandt and his sales team for breaking every records in the book to start out 2020!

statnews.com 02/10/2020

Lottery like no other offers a cutting-edge medicine — with lives on the line

statnews.com Novartis is holding a lottery to obtain doses of Zolgensma, a gene therapy for infants with a former of spinal muscular atrophy.


The Chambers Fund for Children

The owners of RC Health Services have started a new charity aimed at supporting impoverished children with rare diseases. Please check out the page, like, and share with your friends. Thank you so much.

We are working on collecting donations for children in need of medical treatment.


We would like to welcome Sweeny Community Hospital/West Brazos EMS and Lake Jackson EMS to the RCHS Training Site Family. Together we will teach others to save lives and continue the AHA Mission.

They have a lot of great ideas planned for their Communities.

bbc.com 01/22/2020

'I had a cardiac arrest and a vet saved my life'

This is a great success story of how CPR saved a man’s life. Please encourage others to take CPR training as you never know when you may need to use it. We offer daily classes.


bbc.com Mike Pinkerton was given CPR for 20 minutes after he collapsed inside a vet's practice.

kristv.com 01/11/2020

Texas facing shortage of 60,000 nurses

kristv.com TAMUCC prepares nursing students to fill gaps


2020 sounds like a futuristic date for most of us, and that's because it is. The future of EMS Education is here: RC Health Services is going augmented! With the help of our friends over at MedCognition (https://www.medcognition.com/what-is-persim) we are now training EMTs in augmented reality!

Gone are the days of instructor prompts and verbal descriptions. Our students in Austin are now evaluating dynamic, fully animated patients using the Microsoft HoloLens. Our vision is producing "street-ready" medics. This cutting edge technology will allow us to educate students using dynamic, real-world simulations instead of plastic manikins.

Become and EMT with RC Health Services and get a 21st Century experience that prepares you for the real world like nowhere else!

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RC Health Services 10% off New Year Special

RC Health Services 10% off New Year Special


foxnews.com 12/18/2019

Girl, 7, who learned CPR from YouTube videos saves mom with emergency procedure: 'She’s my hero'

This is an excellent story about a young girl saving her Mother’s life with CPR that she learned while watching you tube.

Please start off the new year by learning this life saving procedure. We offer fun; affordable, and stress free classes. Go to our website www.rchealthservices.com for class listings. We hope you have a great holiday and wish to see you in the New Year.


foxnews.com A 7-year-old British girl is credited with saving her mother’s life with CPR after learning how to perform the emergency procedure by watching videos on YouTube.

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RC Health Services Holiday Special!!!

RC Health Services Holiday Special!!!



Funny riddle of the day. Stay safe out there.

RC Health Services Spring, TX

Founded in late 2009, RC Health Services has grown to be one of the largest AHA Training Centers in the US with 11 locations nationwide. The company started out as a small business based in Pearland, TX, with a husband and wife team who had a vision to create quality training where lay persons and healthcare professionals equally can train and prepare for lifesaving skills. Within a year of operating as an AHA training site, RCHS opened its second location in the Houston area and trained over 1000 students in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and Heartsaver First Aid. So far in 2018 alone, RCHS has trained over 60,000 students throughout its training network with an average of 220 students trained per day. With the addition of the EMT Training Academy in 2011, RC Health Services opened the door to students from various areas and backgrounds, to enter the world of emergency medical care in a non-traditional training setting where the ordinary classrooms are replaced with technologically infused, more hands on and critical thinking-oriented instruction. The EMS Academy educators at RCHS are skilled, field paramedics with several years of emergency medical care experiences and educational backgrounds.





18351 Kuykendahl Rd
Spring, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
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