Easier way for people to get their uniform problems fixed.

Operating as usual

[05/21/15]   CONGRATS to next years supply leadership
Suppo: Jonely Perez
Ast. Suppos: Courtney Lundquist and Casey Hargrove good luck next year. OORAH

[10/15/14]   Congratulations to the new supply officer C/LJG Sofia Acosta we wish you luck

[10/01/14]   If you are in supply or want to join supply text me by Friday @ 281-520-0996


Supply for character day stay tuned more to come #bigbangtheory 09/11/2014

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Supply is wishing our old SUPPO Corbin Oliva the best of luck at bootcamp!! We will miss you :)

[09/03/14]   No frame today

[09/01/14]   Uniform day tomorrow :)


We are a goofy family but that's what we are a family.

[08/29/14]   Your assistant supply officer will grad Tomorrow and be back on Tuesday

[08/28/14]   I love having my own desk so much better then using the box on the office lol :) if ever needed something just walk into male and drop it on my desk or in my box in the office it will get done faster that way :)

[08/28/14]   Guys guess what supply is on remind101!!! It will send reminders to everyone about uniforms and when we will be around to deal with it :) I love it :)
(832) 497-2102

[08/28/14]   Okay I need people for supply to start staying after our move to male supply is a huge project and is still in process. Our female supply though looks like bomb went off. We are trying to get everything done and set up but my staff as of right now is five maybe six on a good day. As you can tell that is not a lot of people.... So be patient with us. But please sign up and stay after we need you guys!! If you have early release and no ride and you are in ROTC then sign up and use your spare time to work. Would help out the unit a lot!!! :)


[08/26/14]   So male supply is huge now. Walked in and it's odd not having gunny next door.... Lol but more space to work with!

[08/25/14]   Bring uniforms in this week! I will be doing all fixes just brace yourself because we are also moving around. And we are all back on paper work so be kind and loving. We know as y'all's supply we have been slacking and that is why we are busting are butts to get it all squared away. :)


You know when doc says over and over again that we are a family. That we should stick together as one. I agree that ROTC is family and to lose a family member hurts. I still see Soria sitting in the office eating what ever she bought for herself that day. Being picked on by gunny because she rather eat then run a mile. I remembered issuing out her uniform lol as she made a stink face because the kaki looked weird. Sitting in the teaching theater for two hours waiting on captain to instruct us. We talked about everything under the sun and we both laughed. She wound up loving ROTC and the people in it. She helped out with so much from senior bios to helping paint a sign for prom. She was so fun loving and care free. If you even got the chance to know her then you would see that she was a strong individual with a lot of sas and heart of gold. #ripileen


I was hoping to never post this about anyone in our rotc family
The last time I talked to this girl she was eating food trying to gain weight to join the navy. I wished her the best of luck. Those were my last words to her. She was such a fun loving person and she had sas like no other. It's hard to believe she is gone. But god has a plan and you know what they say only the good die young. @springlionsnjrotc this is a major loss to are family. My god rest her soul. And help share this to people who knew her so she can get the funeral she should have for being who she was :( #ripileen

[08/11/14]   MARK PERRIN SAYS HI! He can't wait to work with you guys again! :)

[07/31/14]   Can't make it out tomorrow.. Family reasons but do make note of your issues and I will deal with them soon.

[07/30/14]   Thank you guys for the help! I am sorry for the uniform delay I didn't think we would be doing a moving day! I'll be there tomorrow. Thanks to Amanda! :)

C/ENS Frame

[07/30/14]   Thanks for all the help in male supply today I really appreciate it thanks once again :)-Valentine

[07/30/14]   Will be at ROTC tomorrow.

[07/24/14]   AY YO, ALL OF YOU LISTEN UP.

Try on your uniforms. Don't want you guys coming back looking like Steve Urkel with your pants, or having your shirts be too tight or too loose.
If you need things exchanged, talk to the people who are there and they should be able to help you out.

Be safe, stay rad, and enjoy your summer and practices and stuff like that.

[07/24/14]   Tomorrow I will be back and should be taking care of uniform issues and should be issuing out to new incoming freshman let me know in advance if you need uniform problems taken care of phone number is 281-520-0996 call or text

[07/23/14]   Try on uniforms :)
Let us know if you run into a problem! Better to get it fixed before the incoming freshmen start getting their uniforms.
Enjoy your summer!

[07/13/14]   Giving everybody a heads up about summer practice. It starts back on Monday , July 21st. It is from 9am-12pm, Monday-Thursday . So start planning to make time. If you have vacation to attend or can't make it , just try your best to show up as much as possible. Pass this on to everyone who you think will attend summer practices or is on a team. Give top 4 a heads up if you can't attend certain days. Thnx , any questions reply I'm a separate message.


SHS NJROTC Supply's cover photo


My kiddos :)

[07/11/14]   WE FRAME NOW.


-totally not Sepulveda

[07/11/14]   Frame is back in charge of this page! ⚓️🎉
Along with my 2014-2015 staff
So feel free to post on this if you run into any issues! :)

[01/26/14]   Staying for supply during practice is mandatory for all supply staff members and clerks next week, Monday there will be an important information meeting for final preparations for AMI, this meeting is only mandatory for BSO's and the assistant suppo. Very few excuses will be tolerated and unexcused absences may result in removal from the supply staff.

[01/20/14]   Supply is now closed until after ami, all uniform issue must come from Captain or Senior Chief. Also, nobody is alowed in supply during lunch hours or during class time unless instructed to do so by the Regimental Supply Officer or Instructors.

[10/25/13]   Hey guys, great job for the past few weeks, lets see how much we can improve. Next week there will be another surprise inspection, also starting next week new sections will be assigned and a list will be posted of all supply staff members, if your name is not on the list and you would like to work in supply, please talk to your battalion supply officer or myself. C/LJG Oliva

[10/15/13]   I steped down due to personal reasons two months max. I will still be working just not as suppo. Any question message me.....

[09/26/13]   Oct 7th-9th
Supply workshop!!!!
My staff isn't set for the 2013-2014 year, so show up with motivation and get ready to prove yourself
I will have two battalions and a Jums clerk plus my one assistant.Instructors make final decision!





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