Rock Solid Character

RSC is the character education program that utilizes a 25' portable rock wall, traveling all over TX, to teach K-12 students how to get a GRIP on good character!


Just happen to be on your way to the Texas PTA Conference at the George R. Brown? Come stop by and say hi! Over 400,000 K-12 students have gone through our program, help in' kiddos get a GRIP on good character!


InSPIRE Rock Indoor Climbing & Team Building Center

The Rock Solid Character Crew is spending a couple of days near Lufkin at Peavy Primary, helping the young kiddos learn about how to get a GRIP on good character! #nevertooyoung #rocksolidcharacter


InSPIRE Rock Indoor Climbing & Team Building Center

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. Today and every day, we are thankful for our veterans.


Our heroes DO wear capes! The Rock Solid Character crew is teamed up today with Meadow Wood Elementary in Spring Branch ISD today, encouraging kiddos to get a GRIP on good character!


A Rock Solid Character day starts reeeeeeeeal early, but getting the opportunity to talk to kids about the life lessons you learn while rock climbing makes it all worth it. This week, the crew is in Alice ISD talking to three different schools about how to get a GRIP on good character! 03/10/2015

Entire Town Secretly Learns Sign Language To Surprise Deaf Neighbor (WATCH) - The Good News Network

What a great story about a #community coming together in a #caring way! It took a month of planning and sign language trainings, all to surprise a hearing-impaired young man in Turkey. His sister teamed up with an ad agency in a grand scheme to let her brother feel what it would be like to have no barriers to communication.


From Westlake Academy near Roanoke, to Drapier Intermediate in Wylie, RSC is hitting North Texas this week, helping kids get a GRIP on good character! 01/20/2015

Vacuum Salesman Invited to Birthday Party for Boy with Autism, Moves Room to Tears

What an amazing, #caring salesman! As a boy with autism, Dylan Johnson never was much interested in "normal" toys. Instead, he always had a passion for vacuum cleaners. For his 14th birthday party, his mother Jodie wrote a letter to the Kirby Company, hoping to get a vacuum salesman to come and give a demonstration of Dylan's all-tim…


BuzzFeed Video

Here's some motivation to get you going this chilly morning!

9 Quotes To Conquer The Day


We spent the day with the students from Bill Brown Elementary. They worked really hard and were so thankful we were there. We could tel that the counselor, Mrs. Clancy, is doing a great job!


When we see someone in need, what can we do to really help? What a great story about #caring.

Instead of Issuing a Ticket, Michigan Cop Buys a Car Seat for Family Fallen on Hard Times

When the family couldn't pay their bills, their car had been repossessed with the daughter's booster seat still inside. Instead of giving the young mom a ticket when they were being transported by a friend, Emmett Township Officer Ben Hall bought her a new booster seat.

"A ticket wouldn't have solved the problem," he said.

WATCH the video or READ more from the Good News Network: [FB Photo via Emmett Township Public Safety Department]


PTO Today


A great little video about a puppy that Perseveres and "keeps on keeping on even when things are tough"! Enjoy friends!

TurboRoo was born without front legs. After being dropped off at a vet clinic by his breeder knowing she couldn’t care for him, Vet Tech Ashley Looper became quite fond of him. She ended up fostering him, and thanks to an online fundraising page she set up for him, she was contacted by Mark Deadrick, TurboRoo gets around much easier.

After seeing TurboRoo hop along on the floor “like a little frog,” Ashley knew a cart or doggy wheel chair would really improve his quality of life. Through her fundraising page she met Mark. He is mechanical engineer, and had a wonderful idea to help this little dog get around.

“He had messaged me on my personal Facebook (page) and asked me if it would be okay for him to make a cart for Turbo,” said Ashley. “Within two days he basically, without measurements, without anything, he sent me a message and said ‘I have a cart for you, it will be in the mail, you should get it by Thursday,’ which was two days after we spoke.”

Mark has now made three different versions of the 3D printed cart. Mark is president of a company called “3dyn.” He and Ashley speak often about adjustments that needed to be made, as Turbo makes his way to fully grown.

“We’re working with Mark to update his cart as he grows,” Ashley said. “He should get anywhere between five to eight pounds at the very most.”

Turbo enjoys a massive social media following. He has accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Each of these accounts have over 20,000 followers, all watching Turbo grow up to adulthood, and each evolution of his specialized cart, given to him by one forward thinking man and his 3D printer.

“I think it’s amazing that people are just so supportive of him,” Ashley said.



Passengers free man from train platform

What a great reminder of what we can do when we come together! #respect #caring #cooperation

Fellow passengers came to the rescue of one of their own when a man’s leg became trapped between a train and the platform at a station in Perth, Australian on Wednesday.


What a great day at Jessup Elementary. Now the crew is heading to Itasca.


Had a great day at Fisher Elementary in Pasadena. Quote of the day: "I'm shy but this is the best day ever!"


Who's ready to have a ROCK SOLID SUMMER?!

Rock Solid Adventure Camp is our summer day camp program for ages 6-12 focused on what it takes to get a GRIP on good character! Camp activities include climbing, yoga, team building, character lessons, excursions, crafts, and more! You can read all about it here:


What a great story about the #selfless act of a #caring boy!

Boy Buys Smoke Detectors Instead of PlayStation 4

An 8-year-old Texas boy had been saving for months to buy a new PlayStation 4, but after seeing a TV news report of a devastating fire near his home that killed a mother and 6-year-old child, he took the $300 he had saved and spent the money on smoke detectors. The fire department helped him go door to door installing them.

UPDATE!! Hector got his prized PS4 after all. Following a report on an NBC station, Ashton Harder, 19, and sister Peyton of Allen, Tex. delivered a new PS4, and also contributed an extra $150 for more smoke detectors.



We started yesterday with 35 students from South Elementary school in Daingerfield. They had excelled at some tests and were rewarded with some RSC. The rest of the day was spent helping 6th thru 8th graders think aboout the importance of their choices.


What a beautiful day for RSC. It was great to see some high school Mustangs helping and encouraging the elementary Mustangs


Spent the day with students from Polk Elementary. One 3rd grader said, "I was going to stop but then I heard my classmates cheering for me, so I kept trying and made it!" That's a great example of respect!


What a great day in Lake Jackson! As I was harnessing a student, he said, "I love this school!" We do too. It was a pleasure working with the Broncos


We are at Port Neches Elementary for the first time. The fourth and fifth graders are crushing it and learning how character can help us be successful.


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "You will never do anything in this world without #courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor." -- Aristotle


Had a great day at Yes Prep. Props to the two 8th grade guys that gave up their harnesses without being asked so others could climb. They said "Whatever it takes for a fellow Titan."


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people." -- Nicholas Sparks, #cooperation


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts." -- Rita Ghatourey, #caring


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "Never separate the life you live from the words you speak." -- Paul Wellston, #trustworthiness


We're at the TCA Conference in the Houston Galleria! Are you? Come visit us! We've got the good mints. ; )


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "#Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." -- Thomas Jefferson


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "You cannot escape the #responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." -- Abraham Lincoln


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "A lack of boundaries invites a lack of #respect."


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "People with good intentions make promises, but people with #goodcharacter keep them."


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." -- Albert Camus


Wednesday Words of #Wisdom: "A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but its persistence." -- #perseverance



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