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Kids R Kids We believe that happy, loved and connected children are destined for success in every face of their lives.

Our Philosophy We believe that happy, loved and connected children are destined for success in every face of their lives. “HUG FIRST, THEN TEACH” Our most cherished principle, “Hug First, Then Teach,” defines every aspect of who we are at Kids ‘R’ Kids. Unlike many daycare centers or childcare providers, our approach is a whole child approach, working to strengthen and encourage every child’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical being through the expert care of our child care providers and a unique partnership with parents. INVOLVE FAMILIES When it comes to teaching, Kids ‘R’ Kids understands the importance of involving families with the developmental milestones and accomplishments of their children - all the way from infant child care to preschool and throughout the school age program. When new skills are introduced or reinforced, having you, your child, and the teachers work together makes learning easy and fun. Using this streamlined approach to learning and keeping a close connection between home and school, Kids 'R' Kids ensures each child enrolled receives the individual guidance he deserves. DEDICATED TEACHERS Our teachers know that kids are naturally curious, so why not encourage this curiosity in a secure and educational environment? Going beyond traditional childcare, our highly trained teachers guide each child, using individual learning levels, creating the foundation needed to develop skills used in higher order thinking. Kids 'R' Kids is committed to providing a smart, safe, fun, and educational environment for your child, where he is loved and taught by experts dedicated to the highest standards in child care services, development and education. FULL ACCREDITATION Kids ‘R’ Kids International is accredited by AdvancED, the world’s largest education community, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), an accreditation division of AdvancED. This accreditation ensures that we are meeting and exceeding the high accreditation standards and providing excellence in education beyond most local daycare or childcare providers.

Mission: Kids ‘R’ Kids Schools of Quality Learning provide a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children, a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate and contributing members of society. Kids ‘R’ Kids wants all children to have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others in a fun, safe, and healthy environment. As a family-owned and operated organization, Kids ‘R’ Kids welcomes positive family involvement and encourages a parent-teacher approach where the needs of every child come first to obtain successful early childhood education and school-age care.

April 2020 Magazine - Kids 'R' Kids

April is here, and spring has sprung! CLICK BELOW for the April edition of The SMARTER CHILD Magazine, which includes fun crafts, delicious recipes, and informative articles you will not want to miss! Interactive, exciting and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

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When we wash our hands we are not only being kind to ourselves, but to others as well! Be sure to count to 20 and don't forget to wash the back of your hands, in between your fingers, and under your nails! #CleanHandsKindHeart

Since we can’t go to the spa, we brought the spa to us 💆‍♂️

We had fun with our DIY magnets project this week! If anyone has any fun & creative craft/activity ideas for us to try - please let us know in the comments below!

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

THANK YOU to the first responders who are on the front line for us every day! We are endlessly grateful for your selfless service.

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Children that read are typically happier and smarter. The March SMARTER CHILD magazine will help you instill a love for reading in your child! Our Kids 'R' Kids blog provides information and tips for parents with children in childcare, daycare, preschool, and school age programs.

Are you an essential worker? We are, too! Kids 'R' Kids Champions remains open to serve you! If you need a safe and clean place for your children, please give us a call at (281) 379-2998!

Kids 'R' Kids - Champions

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Enjoying some fresh air and sunshine ☀️ ✌🏽 😎

We turned snack time into learning with this easy STEAM activity! 🍇

With just two simple materials, we encouraged our children’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills. This activity focused on Engineering, Art & Math 🤓

After engaging in open-ended play, our teachers challenged each child with creating a design such as a square, building, car, etc!

We are thankful to be able to continue to be there for our families and staff!

We take every mandate, every guideline and policy extremely seriously. We will continue to
do everything to protect our families, students and staff!

The fun and learning continues next week at Kids ‘R’ Kids Champions! 🌈❤️

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

We take pride in our clean, state-of-the-art facilities. Our trained staff practice disease prevention techniques to protect the health and safety of all children in our care.

• Disinfecting classrooms, equipment and toys multiple times daily
• Proper hand washing techniques with child-size sinks in each classroom
• Preparing all food away from the classrooms in a commercial-grade kitchen
• Wearing disposable gloves to prevent the spread of germs when preparing food and while attending to the sanitary needs of children
• Maintaining a separate laundry room at each school, to prevent contamination of public areas and ensure proper storage of cleaning products
• Following cleanliness and sanitary standards from checklists for each room

The safety and well-being of the children in our care, their families, and our staff are our highest priority in accordance with the Kids ‘R’ Kids core belief, mission, and our policies.

[03/16/20]   Please note the following guidelines
March 15, 2020

Texas Licensing Regulations for Coronavirus

COVID-19 Guidance to Child Care Providers

Based on state law, federal guidance, and Governor Abbott’s disaster declaration, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is updating requirements for day care operations to assist them in protecting children in their care from COVID-19.
HHSC Child Care Licensing (CCL) urges all current providers to immediately implement the following guidance, which is consistent with the new requirements:

*Prohibit any person except the following from accessing an operation: operation staff; persons with legal authority to enter, including law enforcement officers, HHSC Child Care Licensing staff, and Department of Family and Protective Services staff; professionals providing services to children; children enrolled at the operation.

*Before allowing entry into the operation, screen all of the individuals listed above, including taking the temperature of each person upon arrival at the operation each day, and deny entry to any person who meets any of the following criteria:

*A temperature of 100.4°F or above;
Signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and low-grade fever;
In the previous 14 days has had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19; is under investigation for COVID-19; or is ill with a respiratory illness; or

*In the previous 14 days has travelled internationally to countries with widespread, sustained community transmission. For updated information on affected countries, visit:

*Require pick up and drop off of children outside of the operation, unless you determine that there is a legitimate need for the parent to enter an operation.

*Ensure that each child is provided individual meals and snacks. Do not serve family style meals.

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Turn your used up cereal boxes and cardboard tubes into a fun math activity with your preschooler. Click below to see how you can build a Tri-Level Parking Deck that is sure to keep your little one occupied and learning for hours! Our Kids 'R' Kids blog provides information and tips for parents with children in childcare, daycare, preschool, and school age programs.

Find the Reading Moments - Kids 'R' Kids Sharing information and tips for smarter and healthier kids!

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we understand eager preschoolers are ready to go all the time. Rest assured, our programs are well-equipped for this energy and constant thirst for knowledge through our accredited Preschool programs. Our Kids ‘R’ Kids Preschool Programs provide children with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning.

March 2020 Magazine - Kids 'R' Kids

It’s March, and we are seeing GREEN! CLICK BELOW for the March edition of The SMARTER CHILD Magazine, which includes fun crafts, delicious recipes, and informative articles you will not want to miss! Interactive, exciting and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

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Inspire empathy for nature’s creatures with this fun craft that
invites the birds over for a visit! You probably already even have
these items around your house. Show your child the materials and
ask how they may be used to help the birds feel at home. After
making this simple DIY bird feeder, be sure to hang it by the
window, so you and your child can enjoy keeping track of who
stops by!

Literacy Connection: Outside Your Window: A First Book of
Nature, by Nicola Davies is a great connection for appreciating
nature and poetry. It follows the seasons with mixed-media
drawings and simple poems that help you remember the wonder
of nature is one of the greatest gifts there is.

What You Need:
-Empty egg carton
-Bird seed

How To:
1. Cut carton in half so you only have 6 compartments
2. Poke holes through egg carton to place string
3. Add string
4. Tie a knot
5. Add birdseed
6. Hang from tree

Blog - Spring West

Did you know that your child’s coat may be dangerous for him to wear? Learn how to stay warm as you travel safely this winter in the Smarter Child magazine. Our Kids 'R' Kids blog provides information and tips for parents with children in childcare, daycare, preschool, and school age programs.

Being Kind - Kids 'R' Kids Share This Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on PinterestShare through Email February 3, 2020 Being Kind Parent Tips

Blog - Spring West

“As parents, our words are not relatable to a child without attaching an action to them. To teach our children to be kind to themselves and others, we must first show them what kindness means.” Learn how to do this by clicking below. Our Kids 'R' Kids blog provides information and tips for parents with children in childcare, daycare, preschool, and school age programs.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

Kids 'R' Kids is excited to kick-off Summer Camp 2020 with a focus on fun! Now enrolling ages 5-12, call your school today to reserve your spot!

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

What better way to encourage acts of kindness than with
chocolate covered pretzel sticks to give away? While preparing them, you can ask your child to guess how long it may take to melt the chocolate. All the fun of measuring, stirring, and sprinkling decorations will be even more worthwhile when you surprise a favorite person with this sweet snack as a gift!

Literacy Connection: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli is a sweet story that shows how simple acts of kindness can transform a person in powerful ways.

What you'll need:
• Pretzel rods
• Chocolate melts (any flavor)
• Glass to melt chocolates
• Spoon to stir chocolate
• Sprinkles (your choice)
• Cookie Sheet
• Wax paper

How to:

1. Melt chocolate in 30 second increments, stir in between.
2. Dip and roll pretzel in the glass of melted chocolate
3. Lay on cookie sheet
4. Shake on sprinkles
5. Put in freezer for 10 to 15 minutes to cool

February 2020 Magazine - Kids 'R' Kids

We just LOVE February! CLICK BELOW for the February edition of The SMARTER CHILD Magazine, which includes fun crafts, delicious recipes, and informative articles you will not want to miss! Interactive, exciting and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

How can a handful of craft sticks and a few rubber bands turn into an afternoon of learning and laughter? Math, science, and language skills all come into play with this STEAM-inspired catapult that is as much fun to play with as it is to build. Start by asking your child how he or she might make a simple see-saw using the craft sticks. Let him or her experience the struggle of adding the rubber bands. Introduce the meaning of words like force, motion, projectile, and accuracy. After creating the catapult together, have your child make predictions about how far items of different weights might travel when launched. Show how to use a ruler or measuring tape and make a graph of the results. You can also help practice language skills by having them tell a story to describe what is happening with the objects. This is a terrific way to build understanding of concepts and expand vocabulary.

Literacy Connection: The Marshmallow Incident by Judi Barrett, author of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, is the perfect ending to a day of launching projectiles. It is a hilarious combination of solving differences, marshmallows, and medieval life!

What you’ll need:
• Popsicle Sticks
• Rubber bands
• Hot glue or gorilla glue
• Cotton balls, small marshmallows, small balled up tinfoil
• Target, such as cup or bowl

1. Take about 8 Popsicle sticks and tie two rubber bands at each ends of the sticks so that it looks like this
2. Take another Popsicle stick and place it in between the last and second last stick. Take another one and place it at the top. Use a rubber band to tie both the ends of the sticks.
3. Glue a water bottle cap to the end of your launching stick to hold materials you want to launch. We suggest cotton balls, tiny marshmallows, or balled up tin foil. (please be aware that small objects are choking hazards for young children) The heavier the item launched, the further it will travel.
4. Add a target (such as a cup) to see how many times you can launch your materials into the cup. You can also see how far you can launch materials by taking a piece of yarn as your goal line.

Blog - Spring West

“In the age of modern technology, it’s important that young learners understand and practice digital citizenship. But what is digital citizenship?” Read our article in the Smarter Child magazine to find out! Our Kids 'R' Kids blog provides information and tips for parents with children in childcare, daycare, preschool, and school age programs.

Suite 500 enjoyed visiting H-E-B for the Be A Healthy Buddy field trip! They learned all about healthy habits and staying active!

Blog - Spring West

Do you have a new addition coming to your family this year? Pregnancy is an exciting time! Learn all you need to know about the tiny life growing inside of you with these great apps! Our Kids 'R' Kids blog provides information and tips for parents with children in childcare, daycare, preschool, and school age programs.

Digital Citizenship - Kids 'R' Kids Sharing information and tips for smarter and healthier kids!

Suite 450 has been hard at work practicing name recognition! Name play in preschool has many cognitive benefits which include the ideals that recognizing one’s name helps children feel important, recognizing others’ names builds community, & name recognition builds concepts of print and begins the process of site reading.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

Simple kitchen science is a fantastic way to teach your child that science is everywhere. This delicious snack is an easy way to let your child build connections between following a recipe and scientific thinking. You can even add in a pinch of math and language skills for a well-balanced activity. And this simple no-cook recipe is a safe way to let your child attempt as many of the tasks independently as possible. Estimating how much of the pan liner will be needed, tearing the paper, measuring ingredients and stirring carefully are all important thinking skills! To prompt some critical thinking, ask your child to predict how long it may take for the blueberries to freeze, talk about the freezing point of different things, and put a thermometer in the freezer to read the temperature together. Sharing conversation about the activity helps your child learn conversation skills and builds your relationship. Literacy Connection: Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey is a classic story that withstands the test of time, so you don’t want your child to miss out on this one. Little Sal goes with her mom on a blueberry picking adventure in the hills of Maine and winds up making an unexpected friend!

What you'll need:
• 1 pint container blueberries (about 125 blueberries)
• 1 cup vanilla, nonfat Greek yogurt
• 1 tablespoon stevia (or your favorite sugar substitute)

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
2. In a medium mixing bowl, stir together the yogurt and sweetener.
3. Working in 2 batches, gently fold in the blueberries to coat in the yogurt. Scoop
them up with a fork and tap the excess yogurt off.
4. Place the blueberries on the baking sheet, being careful not to have them touch.
5. Freeze the baking sheet until the blueberries are completely frozen, about 1 hour.
6. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the freezer.

January 2020 Magazine - Kids 'R' Kids

It's a time of new beginnings! Get your year started off right by CLICKING BELOW for the January edition of The SMARTER CHILD Magazine, which includes fun crafts, delicious recipes, and informative articles you will not want to miss! Interactive, exciting and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we understand the unmatched energy and curiosity of little ones. As such, we are confident our programs fill their days with challenging and engaging activities to build on previous knowledge and present them with new opportunities to grow!

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

Even if you live in an area where snow is uncommon, a snowman craft is a fun way to kick off the winter festivities!

Literacy Connection: Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin celebrates a historical look at the first person to capture the unique beauty of individual snowflakes! Even as a young boy, Wilson Bentley was determined to reveal the science and wonder of snowflakes during a time when such a passion was very uncommon. Despite this, his detailed photographs of microscopic
snowflakes from the late 1880’s are still popular and are even housed in the Smithsonian Institute’s Archives.

What you need:
• Natural wood clothespins
• Yarn in various colors
• Glue
• Orange mini pom-poms
• White paint
• Paint brush
• Black marker
• Scissors

How to:
• Start by painting the clothespins with white paint. Depending on the wood, paint, and your taste, you may need more than one layer.
• Be careful as the paint can “glue” the clothespin shut. Open it up a few times while it dries to prevent this.
• Once the paint dries completely, it’s time to make a scarf. Take a short piece of yarn and wrap it around the clothespin, making a knot. Add a drop of glue to secure it.
• Now take a black marker and draw two black eyes, mouth and black buttons on the snowman body.
• Add a drop of glue between the eyes and mouth and stick on an orange mini pom-pom. Wait for the glue to dry and your snowman is done!

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