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Love Always Coaching supports parents through the process of achieving specific intimate relationship goals.

Mission: Love Always will support their clients through the process of achieving specific relationship and intimacy goals throughout their lives by providing comprehensive coaching with actionable steps. Here’s to more fulfilling relationships, better sex and the Happily ever FOREVER, you’ve always wanted.

Operating as usual

Are you having #Sex?

#WhyNot ?

Is your focus on your #Career?

Is your #schedule keeping you from it!?!

Kiddos keeping you busy?

This #wednesday August 5, 2020 @ 8pm EST

@lovealwayscoach and @carlad365 the host of #Love #lust and Everything in Between will help with rekindling your sex life and maintaining your busy schedules.
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Guess what today is!!!!! I'm normally not in the business of giving dietary tips but today I ask you to.. COUNT YOUR ORGASMS NOT YOUR CALORIES! #romance #OrgasmDoula #orgasmgap #birthingbetterorgasms #lovecoach #lifecoach #sexologist #houstonsexcoach #texasrelationshipcoach #sexdoula #mentalhealthandsex #orgasmismedicine

So? What's the answer? How far down are you on the list of things you love? How can I help you boost yourself on the list? Link in bio for consultations! #selfhelp #selflove #mentalhealth #love #lovelanguages #relationshipcoach #trauma

Now available on Amazon! What a joy to see the email this morning that the Journal is now published on Amazon! This 6x9 100 page journal offers guided prompts throughout and affirmations that will help you with recognizing your personal power, nurturing yourself, changing your thoughts, and discovering how to manage your feelings and to have deeper connections with yourself and others. Order here > #relationshipjournal #journalsofinstagram #lifecoach #marriagecounseling #mentalhealthandsex #mentalhealth

This Reset and Release course creation has definitely been a labor of love...and maybe some hate lol.
Journal complete ☑
Workbook Complete ☑
Adding content to @coursecrafting as we speak! Let the healing of relationships begin!! #ResetAndRelease #randr #relationships #healingrelationships #mentalhealth #lovecoach $sexologist

Thanks to Jada we are no longer using the term situationships!!!! We're using.... entanglements lol
How are folx defining it?
A complicated or compromising RELATIONSHIP or situation 🤷🏾‍♀️
So Coach LaShonta wants to know.. Have you ever been in an entanglement? #relationshiptruths
#romance #lovequotes #entanglement #relationship #situationships

Happy HUMP DAY!! Today is the day that you can ask us anything you want about YOUR life (clearing that up for certain folx😜)! Got questions? Feel free to respond here or DM if you want to remain anonymous! #sexologist #sexualhealth #sexgames #educateyourself

Just a late night educational message 😏 #sexeducation #sexwellness #sexed #covid #wearamask #physicalhealth #sexologist #covid_19

A little dating humor! What are your dating/relationship goals? Marriage or nah? Why or why not? #marrriedlife #datinggoals #relationships #datenight❤️ #love #singlelifebelike #datinglife

Love Always, Reflections… | Lashonta Edwards

"Love is not an emotion that should rule our actions. We absolutely need to be smart and careful when it comes to love." I give myself permission to love and be loved. The seeds of love take time to grow.


Repeat after me!!!

"I give myself permission to love and to be loved"
#love #selflove #TraumaBonds #relationshipgoals #relationshiptrauma #sexologist #sexology #sexdoula #instalove

Yes please!! You betta grab them rolls! 💦
"If a man grabs your rolls and ask to kiss them let them AND..KEEP THEM!"-Love Always Coaching #bettersex #bodypositivity #lovequotes #SexCoach #sexdoula #relationshipstrategist #lifestylestrategist #sexologist

Of course we do! Do you have a favorite? Let's hear it. Don't be scared!!!! #masturbationmeme #sexgames #sexToyMatchmaker #Sextoys #lovethyself #Orgasm #OrgasmDoula #orgasmgap #birthingbetterorgasms

*Snort* yup

Sometimes we need to lighten the mood.. so today, we're talking masturbation month AND COVID... In light of recent events I hope you all are still enjoying national masturbation month. However, lysol and bleach don't go there!!! #sexeducation #safersex #covid19 #instahumor #saturdayvibes #lovecoach #sexologist #relationshiptruths #realtalk #livinglifewithlashonta #sexed #sexuality #mentalhealthandsex #masturbationmonthofmay #nationalmasturbationmonth

😂 or him🤷🏾 or them😘 Happy International Masturbation Month! #DrinkWater #LoveAlways #Talksexytome #Sexualitycoach #SexualWellness #livinglifewithLashonta #prwithLashonta #SexandHemp #hydrate #funandgames #sexlife #singlelifeproblems #singlesofinstagram #singlelife

YESSSS!!! #bodypositivity #loveyourself #eatingfood #sexologist #FoodAndSex #aphrodisiac #aphrodisiacfoods

1. Masturbation makes you go blind.
2. Masturbation makes you infertile.
3. Masturbation gives you hairy palms.
🤦🏾‍♀️ all myths.. all scare tactics into shaming us into not exploring our bodies.
What we do know is
1. Masturbation relieves stress.
2. Masturbation boost your mood.
3. Masturbation allows you to figure out what you do and do not like and effectively communicate it! #sexologist #sexdoula #sexualwellness #sexualhealth #loveThySelf #lovelanguage #masturbationmonth #SexualHealthAwareness

Soooooo what plans do we have for the month!?

Guess what month it is!!!!!!!! Did you guess masturbation month!? If you did, you are correct. Follow us this months as we provide tips and tricks on self discovery and exploration!!!

Let's not be so private about what we do in our private time. We need to be reminded that masturbation is both a privilege, and a right.

The San Francisco based sex shop Good Vibrations started Masturbation Month in 1995, in response to the firing of then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders who suggested masturbation be included in youth sex ed!
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MotherlandCo., LLC

Look! My first IG Live! Join me on IG live tomorrow with @sexmommywellness and @akoma_counseling as we discuss your questions and concerns! You don't want to miss it!

*Clears Throat* DON'T DO IT!!! #lovecoach #datecoach #exboyfriend #exgirlfriend #sexgames #couplestherapy #covid_19 #sexualitycoach

Quote Credit: ian goff

With everything happening with COVID 19, Love Always, wants to remind you to make sure you're washing your hands frequently!😏


Love Always,
#love #lovecoach #relationshiptruths #sexualitycoach #covid_19

Today is Steak and BJ day!!! Are we still celebrating this year or are we cancelling because of the Rona!? Also little fact: did you know that semen is comprised of properties that can decrease depression!? Let me here it!👀 #sexgames #steakandblowjob #healthyrelationships #mentalhealthawareness #lovegoals #coach #sexualhealtheducation #sexualitycoach

Do it! It may be hard. You may love them. They may love you but sometimes you need to break those #TraumaBonds #relationships #mentalhealth #sexandmentalhealth #relationshiptruths #relationshipcompatibility #relationshiptrauma

Hey guys. I know thatt right now in Houston, we're walking out to a nasty yellow film on our cars! Pollen is here!!! Allergy season is here! Don't allow that to mess up your pleasurable moments! Use lube!! It's not a bad thing!! Ummm, you should actually be using lube ALWAYS anyway but I'll save that for a different day! #romance #allorgasmsmatter #allergies #allergyseason #sexfordummies #protip #SexEdofInstagram #relationshiptruths #goingncummin #sexgoals #pleasure

What is a toxic trait? A toxic trait is a behavioral pattern that is deleterious to either the person himself and/or the people they are connected to. By enacting the trait(s), they create a negatively charged environment.
So what toxic traits do you possess? #relationships #toxicrelationships #toxicpeople #toxictraits #couples

We've seen this request floating around on social media recently!! So it brings up a question.. what do you desire for Valentines Day? Yes we know it's one day of the year.. yes we know you like to feel special every day..yes, you get your partner stuff everyday lol.. But indulge us!! What do you want? Desire? Crave? #galentinesday #valentines #giftsforher #giftsforhim #lovecoach #SexCoachForParents #intimacycoach #intimacy #lovealways #relationshiptruths #relationshipgoals

"Her being open about her sexuality is not an invitation to skip formalities." #relationshiptruths #datingadvice #datenight #datecoach #lovecoach #dateafternoon #relationshipgoals #relationshipcoach

On March 31, 2020 I have been asked to be the moderator for #SexTalkTuesday over on Twitter!! The discussion will be about POSTPARTUM SEX..
3 THINGS! Go to Twitter and follow me @CoachLashonta!
Go follow the page @SexTalkTuesday
And follow #SexTalkTuesday
Don't worry! I'll remind y'all when the time comes but until then, WRITE IT DOWN😂


There are people that are triggered for various reasons due to the terrible accident yesterday. Here are a few steps to that you can use to navigate during this time.
📷: @therapyforblackgirls

Free Suggestion Box - Talk Sexy to me!

What have we learned? We've learned that many times people have tons of questions but are afraid to ask them. In 2020, the Talk Sexy to Podcast hosted by LaShonta will begin hosting "Monday Moaning " chats via podcast and Live!! They will be short segments (5-10 minutes) of whatever you want to know! So let's here it. What do you want to know. It can be anything.. relationships tips, sex tips, etc. And guess what.. by following the link you can suggest something ANONYMOUSLY!!! That's right! You can be as nice or as nasty as you want and your question will be answered.. so GO FOR IT! 1st Monday Moaning to be released Monday, January 27, 2020 Free Suggestion Box is a free and easy way to collect real and honest suggestions from anyone. Instantly start collecting information from anyone.

Have you taken the time to learn your mates love language?? Here's the deal... you can tell a person that you love them a million times but if their Love language is Quality time, they may not feel loved...
*Words of Affirmation
*Acts of Service
*Receiving Gifts
*Quality Time
* Physical Touch.
Each one is important and expresses love in its own way. #LovePeopleTheWayTheyWant #lovelanguage #lovecoach #relationshiptruths #relationshipcompatibility #relationshipcoach #relationshipgoals #relationships #SexCoachForParents #sexdoula #Orgasm #OrgasmDoula

Reset and Release 6 Week Journey to Sexual Wellness

The 2nd Cohort is starting soon!!! You weren't able to register for this 1st cohort? It's ok!!!!!!! Register to begin Feb. 17, 2020. Only 10 spots available! Are you in need of a little R&R?Yes, a vacation would be nice but we're talking about something a little different.It's time to Reset and Release! Join Us on a 6 week Journey to Sexual Wellness!Sex and Intimacy can look very different after children for va...

Tuesday health tip!!!! Happy Tuesday Folx!!! Hmmmm I wonder who created this list?🤔😂

The Party..

LaShonta attended her first pleasure party in 2008 as a young single mother in the throughs of Postpartum Depression. New to the “toy party” process, she sat quietly, smiled, and listened. While listening, she realized that there was so very little that she knew about her own body and had been engaging in sexual acts merely to keep her partners happy. LaShonta decided it was time to take back her relationships and sex life and became a Romance Consultant with her clients dubbing her as the Romance Paramedic. This choice also created a space for HER so she could enjoy adult conversations and interactions. Not only was she creating a safe, judgment free, and fun environment for women, she loved having the ability educate individuals on their bodies ensuring that they knew what would make them happy inside and out of the bedroom.

As a mom of three VERY active children, LaShontas’ life is full of adventure. She enjoys coffee dates with friends, collecting cute mugs, and eating cake and tacos! Maybe not in that order! Maybe! As she completed a romance enhancement order for a client, she decided that it was time to further her education. Upon further research, LaShonta became a student of The Dr. Rachael Institute to obtain her certification as a Sexuality Coach. Through countless hours of education, the course teaches the science behind relationships and sexual wellness problems. LaShonta is extremely motivated to make a positive impact by helping people create the relationships and sex lives that they desire.

Sexuality Coaches are trained individuals that help their clients identify and strengthen aspects of their relationships and sexual lives by teaching their clients how to properly communicate, set boundaries, understand how to like/love themselves, love others, and allow others to express their love towards them. And of course, effective sexual skills! Sexuality Coaches are trained to focus on all aspects of relationships (self-included), intimacy, sex, nutrition (yes, this matters) and the science behind it all.

Our Philosophy

Love Always Coaching supports their clients through the process of achieving specific relationship and intimacy goals throughout their lives by providing comprehensive coaching with actionable steps. I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact by helping people create the relationships and sex lives that they desire. I believe that many people settle for mediocrity within relationships, when they deserve greatness, and it is my honor to help you realize that you can achieve everything you desire and more.

Here’s to more fulfilling relationships, better sex and the Happily ever FOREVER, you’ve always wanted.

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