ICARE - Independent Christian Association of Responsible Educators

Founded in 1985, ICARE is a home school support group in Spring, TX. We provide opportunities to gather our children together with other like-minded families in wholesome, Christian environments for the purpose of enjoyment and learning.

This is ICARE's public page and only events open to all homeschoolers are published here. To participate in our private group events, you need to become a member of ICARE by going to www.icarehomeschoolers.com and registering. You will then be invited to our closed FB group and have access to all of our events.


Over Grow The System

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Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)


Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)

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heartland.org 09/19/2019

Report: Homeschoolers Much More Diverse Than Previously Thought

heartland.org More than a quarter of homeschooling families are black or Hispanic.



**Book Giveaway!*

You know the questions...

What about socialization?

Is that legal?

How do you have the patience?

Are you even qualified to teach your children?

Who do you answer to?

You have probably heard one or more of these questions as a homeschool parent. Maybe you have asked one or more of these questions (or even just thought them to yourself).

Israel Wayne has tackled the top 25 questions that critics ask about homeschooling in one place: Answers For Homeschooling.

On patience he says, "Homeschooling is parenting with academics. To gain primary influence in your children's lives, you need to spend more time with them than anyone else, and affirm them more than anyone else."

On socialization he says, "Where did this idea of institutional classroom learning as a means to proper socialization come from? I can assure you, it did not come from the Bible. In Proverbs 13:20, we are warned, "He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed." This is a very stern warning! If this is true (and we know it is because it is God's word), then we must be diligent, as parents, to avoid the companion of fools...."

On qualification he says, "My experience in high school mirrored what research from Brian Ray (National Home Education Research Institute) discovered when examining the standardized achievement tests of homeschooled students: 'A parent's education background has no substantive effect on their children's home school academic performance. Home educated students' test scores remain between the 80th and 90th percentiles, whether the mothers have a college degree or did not complete high school."

So whether you HAVE questions or find yourself ANSWERING questions, this book is a must-have! (Click here to download a FREE PDF sample: https://www.familyrenewal.org/store/product/answers-for-homeschooling-free-pdf-preview/)

And I'm giving a copy of this book to ONE reader this week! To enter, simply comment below and tell me which homeschooling question you answer the most OR what question is always nagging at you?

If you can't wait to win a free copy, order yours at Family Renewal: https://www.familyrenewal.org/store/product/answers-homeschooling-top-25-questions-critics-ask/

(You can read my review of another Israel Wayne book, Education: Does God Have an Opinion? here -- https://nickitruesdell.com/2019/02/book-review-education-does-god-have-an-opinion/)

Winner announced Sunday!

icarehomeschoolers.com 08/21/2019

Join Us

JOIN US AT ICARE!! Our new year starts Sept. 1 and membership dues have been reduced to ONLY $15!

To register for the 2019-20 school year go to our website (http://www.icarehomeschoolers.com/join-us). Share with your friends, too! We're looking forward to another great new year!

Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!

icarehomeschoolers.com ICARE Membership: As a paid and registered member of ICARE for the 2019-20 school year, access to the Members-Only websites and events will be available until August 31, 2020. The school year runs...



"I can't homeschool because I don't have the patience."

Did you have the patience to teach your child how to walk? Did you have the patience to teach them to hold a spoon? Did you have the patience to teach them to ride a bike? Did you have the patience to teach them how to play a board game?
Did you have the patience to teach them how to swing? Did you have the patience to teach them everything they learned before Kindergarten?

We always find a way to do what we want most. If your kids learned to walk and talk and eat and play and dress themselves under your care, they can learn to read and write and add and think under your care, too.

If you think you can't do it, you have bought the lie that only experts can teach children academics. If you can parent, you can teach. It's all the same.

Have you taught your children to obey you? Have you taught them the God-ordained order of the family? Have you taught them to come when called, to obey quickly and cheerfully, to not argue or talk back, and to respect your authority?

I believe that what we call a lack of patience is actually a lack of discipline -- in ourselves and in our children. It takes work and self-sacrifice to consistently train children, daily and throughout their childhood. It takes dependence on God's plan and His promises, knowing that both we and our children will reap great rewards.


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

fee.org 07/23/2019

7 Persistent Myths About Homeschoolers Debunked | Jeff Minick

fee.org In the last 50 years, homeschooling in the United States has grown from a tiny movement composed primarily of conservative Christians and John Holt “unschoolers” to its present size of around 1.69 million students. Despite these numbers, and despite the fact that most Americans are familiar with...

thsc.org 07/19/2019

Homeschooling 1st Grade (A Comprehensive Guide) - Texas Home School Coalition - THSC

thsc.org Homeschooling 1st grade! It’s official—Kindergarten is over and you’re on the count to graduation now! Here’s everything you need in one place to get you

moms.com 07/17/2019

Everything To Know About Homeschooling

moms.com From the flexibility of homeschooling to just how common the practise has become, here's everything you need to know about this style of education.


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap



romper.com 06/13/2019

Even Haters Can't Argue These 10 Advantages Of Homeschooling Are Pretty Great

romper.com Most parents take for granted that their children will be going to a public or private school for a dozen or more years, starting at about age 5. But a growing number of American families are rethinking their idea of education and opting to teach…


Rock Your Homeschool



And reading together is such a great bonding activity. It creates family memories that last a lifetime.


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


Karla and The Sensational Six


Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

PLEASE be advocates in your state and community among other homeschoolers - to actively remind them (daily if necessary) that:

1. They are NOT beholden to government school regs - EVEN for high school;
2. Their only regulatory guide is the state's HOMESCHOOL law;
3. The most important thing is to CUSTOMIZE an educational plan for each individual child - in terms of methods, materials, etc.;
4. They NEVER need to use common core (and for their kids' sake, shouldn't).

There is SO much misinformation floating around out there, even among long-time homeschoolers. The only way we break the chains of the wrong info is to keep pushing until the right stuff prevails. And then we start all over again with the next family! It's a pain...but it's imperative. If we don't insist on this, all our freedom is at risk.


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


Extraordinary Education Learning Center

While EE students do not take the STAAR exams, we're saying special prayers for peace, patience, and self-confidence for all of those students taking the test this week.

atlantic.ctvnews.ca 04/03/2019

Experts say we need to let kids get dirty and get hurt as part of growing up

atlantic.ctvnews.ca You've heard the statistics: kids are spending more time indoors and on screens, and less time playing outdoors. Some experts say we need to reverse the trend for the good of our children and some educators gathered in Fredericton on Thursday to discuss the benefits of getting dirty.


Educating Today

thefederalist.com 03/27/2019

Children Don’t Need ‘Day Care For All,’ They Need Their Mothers

thefederalist.com Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris want to nationalize not only economic industries, but also families.



There’s no mystery here. If you’ve helped your child with their homework or taught then to tie their shoes, you can homeschool.

gulflive.com 03/19/2019

Is homeschooling better for kids?

gulflive.com Every education system has pros and cons.


The Learning Station

So true! We love this post by How Wee Learn. What are your thoughts?


Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)

In 2017, more than 20,000 students withdrew from public schools to homeschool in Texas. Today well over 350,000 students are homeschooled in Texas. Why? Because homeschooling works!

Read more at https://buff.ly/2Tt6NpV

circeinstitute.org 03/01/2019

Not Everything Good Is Measurable

circeinstitute.org One day, when my husband got home from work, he joined me at the kitchen window to watch our children. "What are they doing?" he asked. ...

calledtomothering.com 02/26/2019

3 Ways To Enjoy Staying Home With Your Kids – Called To Mothering

calledtomothering.com Three ways to thrive as a stay-at-home mom in a culture that views spending so much time with your kids as a punishment.

fox46charlotte.com 02/20/2019

Homeschooling on the rise as concerns about public schools grow

fox46charlotte.com Chemistry class is underway in the Hampton family kitchen and Rylee’s teacher is her mom Patrice.




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