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Videos by Cypresswood Montessori School in Spring.

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Thanksgiving Parade at Cypresswood Montessori!

The children sang a beautiful song "I've Got Peace in My Fingers" by Susan Salidor

All Around the World!
Great performance!

International Peace Day!
Children singing the "Peace Song" on International Peace Day! Enjoy :)

Happy 15th Anniversary Cypresswood Montessori School!!!

International Peace Day Song!

International Peace Day Song!
Cypresswood Montessori school participated in the International Peace Day on September 21st. Montessori Schools from all...

Salute American Heroes!!!
The students of Cypresswood Montessori School are saluting our American Heroes!!! Happy Veterans Day!!!

Balloons were released in the sky!

Celebrating International Day of Peace
Cypresswood Montessori School participated in the International Peace Day on September 21st 2016. Montessori schools fro...

The classroom made homemade sweet cream butter like a real pioneer child. We pretended to milk the cow and we collected...

Artisorri City created by our Afterschoolers!!!

Primary 3 students flying Kites!