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The MAP System was developed to help people recognize the power they hold within, to quickly and effectively change their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Mission: As a society we know how to feed our families, we know how to heal our bodies when we get sick or hurt, we know how to make money, and we know how to put roofs over our heads; But rarely does a family know how to support themselves emotionally. That's what the MAP Coaching Institute is all about! We are here to empower and uplift humanity one family at a time. Through our coaches and online programs, we provide people real solutions to major life problems and teach them how to manage their own emotions and help others they care about to live a more meaningful life.

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The MAP Method™ helps Pavla find relief from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Pavla finds increased clarity, focus and energy using The MAP Method(TM) Autoimmune program.

To find out more about this revolutionary approach contact [email protected]

Pavla finds increased clarity, focus and energy using The MAP Method Autoimmune program. To find out more about this revolutionary approach contact [email protected]...

The MAP Method™ Supports Debbie's Natural Approach to an Autoimmune Condition

Debbie took part in The MAP Coaching Institutes research on Autoimmune conditions. Can rewiring your brain to help with pain and inflammation? That's what we wanted to know. The results are stunning! Hear what Debbie has to say about her experience in the program.

For more information on this program, contact: [email protected]

Debbie took part in The MAP Coaching Institutes research on Autoimmune conditions. Can rewiring your brain help with pain and inflammation? That's what we wa...

Join Madeleine for special double episode 29 where we learn about the latest innovation in neural retraining from Colette Streicher, licensed psychotherapist and founder of the MAP Method(TM) and the MAP Coaching Institute in Houston, Texas. She is the best selling author of the book Abundance on Demand.

Hear about this new frontier in rewiring the subconscious mind to overcome anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue as well as weight issues, allergies/sensitivities, and autoimmune diseases. Listen until the end to hear how you can experience a MAP Method session with Colette.

Debbie uses The MAP Method™ to release subconscious emotion & improve a painful autoimmune condition

Debbie is another success story from our Autoimmune pilot program. The MAP Method™ allows us to gently release subconsciously held emotions, this may improve the body's ability to relax and repair. As a busy mom, Debbie found the program easy to use, and the results were miraculous! Listen to what she has to say about this 30-day transformation.

For more information on this program, contact: [email protected]

Debbie is another success story from our Autoimmune pilot program. The MAP Method™ allows us to genly release subconsciously held emotions, this may improve ...

World class coaches like Kelly Hine supercharge their clients results with The MAP Method™

Kelly Hine, Owner and Director at Body and Soul Retreats uses The MAP Method(TM) to help her clients clear subconscious blocks, and get to the next level. Find out why top coaches all over the world consider MAP an essential in their coaching practice.

Connect with Kelly at:

Kelly Hine, Owner and Director at Body and Soul Retreats uses The MAP Method to help her clients clear subconscious blocks, and get to the next level. Find o...

The MAP Method™ helps Quincee find relief from an Autoimmune Condition

Did you ever wonder what happens when you clear negative beliefs and emotions around your past experiences? How would your body react? Watch this amazing testimonial from Quincee and how MAP Method(TM) has helped her with her autoimmune condition!

Note: MAP Method(TM) is a neural reprogramming method that allows us to release subconsciously held stress and emotions. MAP Method(TM) is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The benefits of MAP Method(TM) may include reduction in stress level that is shown to support the body's ability to restore and repair.

The result in this testimonial, although possible, may not be typical. Everyone's journey with MAP Method(TM) is unique.

Quincee recently took part in our Autoimmune pilot program. Here's what she had to say about her experience and the life-changing results. For more informati...

Ever wonder why traditional coaching methods that work with your CONSCIOUS MIND don't work for you? or for your clients?

MAP allows us to access "the other 95%" of our minds: the SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING that is really running the show.

Advanced Coaches and Therapists are using The MAP Method to unlock the power of the subconscious mind and get bold and revolutionary results for their clients. Join the revolution. Message us and ask about becoming a MAP Certified Practitioner.

Connect with Suzanne at

The MAP Method, taking back Amygdalas over the globe!

Join thousands of people rewiring their brains away from past pain to create more freedom, happiness, and success in their lives. See for yourself how MAP can MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you have MAP Sessions weekly, with a personal coach and group of likeminded people?

Read this amazing feedback from one of our members!
Join our MAP Experience, learn what is MAP Method™, get a real experience, and get our super uber duper MAP Coaching Program with a 50% discount!

Click here to join the next experience:

Why does MAP get so many bold results?

This video introduces the Neuroscience discovery that allows you to rewrite your long term emotional memory, in minutes. Freeing yourself from the stress of your past gently and permanently.

You will also see the Q-EEG session backing-up our claims and hear what a third party neuroscientist had to say about The MAP Method (Warning: words like "blown away" and "super impressed" were used by a scientist!)

Kath just shared two amazing WINS !!!! Read what she shared yesterday with me.

Heard about our latest Free to Speak Pilot program ? We are doing research to help increase Fluency for people with a stutter.

If you know anyone who could benefit, please share the link below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Brain Fog anyone?
Here is an amazing result we got from our research on the impact of the MAP Method ™ on autoimmune issues!

"I've been given a MAGIC WAND!"

Radio Host Dame Lilliane Walker thinks of MAP like a magic wand to eliminate stress and painful negative emotions. Less stress and pain allows more freedom and happiness!

Stutter / Stammer Research Looking for Participants!

Stutter / Stammer Research Looking For Participants!


We are looking for people who have struggled with stuttering and are interested in exploring a new application of neuroscience that has yielded unexpectedly promising results in this area.

After several of our coaching client had dramatic reductions of stuttering and increase of fluency after only a few MAP sessions, we have been left wondering if it was just a coincidence or if the MAP Coaching institute’s proprietary method of extinguishing stress/fear can be successfully applied to the issue of stuttering/stammering.

We are now accepting applications for a pilot program to research the effectiveness of this method.

Learn more and apply at

MAP FAQ ~ How does The MAP Method train the brain to heal itself?

Here's an explanation of how MAP rewires the brain:

Colette explains how MAP harness natural functions of the brain, like imagery and metaphor, to help the brain heal itself on instruction.

[05/11/20]   Here's a link explaining how MAP works by our Founder Colette Streicher:

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12th at 11am US EST at the podcast with Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Coaching From Spirit Institute!

Colette will show you how to STOP Sabotaging Your Success Once and For All!
Learn How you can Reach your Goals with Ease and on Automatic -- by rewiring your brain using the MAP Method(TM).

During this episode I share how to:

- Discover MAP: a Revolutionary Method that teaches your brain how to find and clear subconscious blocks in minutes.
- Learn the 3 steps Colette discovered, that are necessary to rewire your brain and get long lasting results.
- Discover the story behind the discovery, as I lost all my Inheritance.... and rebounded using this approach.

For listeners of the podcast Colette is offering her free trainings on what is MAP and the Money Blocks, as well as my book Abundance on Demand.

Join Colette here:

[05/02/20]   Interested in getting a session with us?

Find a time to do a MAP Experience Workshop!

Meet our Coaches - Testimonial Wednesday

Eunice Wong is a MAP Method(TM) Coach, also a Health & Wellness Educator from Singapore.

The following testimonial is from a satisfied client:

" Working with Eunice Wong has been life-changing for me. In just a single session, she helped me to shift old, stuck patterns in my emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and mindset that had been holding me back for years. I have worked with many different healers over the course of decades for some of these issues (especially self-judgment and not feeling valued by others), and nothing really seemed to change for me until I worked with Eunice. She is a very authentic, effective healer, and she embodies such warmth, sweetness, compassion, and understanding that I felt truly seen, supported, and loved. Eunice is an amazing healer and a delight to work with! " Jane

If you would like to connect with Eunice, contact her on Facebook or Telegram on the following link: https:/

Hi Everyone!

We’ve got an exciting update we couldn’t wait to share with you.

In fact, it could help you serve your clients from your home, including a personalized analysis of what you need most to serve clients online.

Shifting to online services can improve your business and your clients’ life in significant ways!

But before we launch our new Mini-Course we want to make sure we are addressing the questions that are most important to you!

So please give us your ideas on what we could cover to help YOU serve your clients online.

If you fill out the survey the workshop will be free for you to attend!

You might also win a complementary coaching session to analyze what you need and help you set it up!

Do you need help with?
- How to structure your services or figure out how to even do an online session?
- Learning how to connect with your clients when you have them over a video call or phone call?
- What softwares or cameras you need to look good and not distract your clients from their session?
- What microphone is best?
- What online conference meeting is best?
- What are the best free options and what are the best paid options?
- How to set up your background?

We have done it all (from organizing online appointments for 300 plus people down to just 1 on 1 sessions).

We have mastered going online and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you do the same!

If you fill out the survey, the workshop will be free for you to attend!

You might also win a complementary coaching session to analyze what you need and help you set it up!

Meet our Coaches - Testimonial Wednesday

Gloria Lechky is a MAP Certified Coach and Relationship Coach. The following testimonial is a great proof of what we can do with MAP Method(TM):

" My experiences with Gloria and her facilitation of the MAP process have transformed my old patterns of overthinking, being fearful and overwhelmed into being calm, focused and having a peaceful and tranquil mind.
The MAP process helps to disconnect from the past, old stories you tell yourself, and clear blocks in your life. The process itself is very calming and you don’t have to share personal details or relive the past. I could feel my mind and body relax and transform throughout my sessions. I felt at ease and my mind was immediately quiet after my sessions with Gloria. Gloria is a dedicated, passionate, caring, genuine, and exudes beautiful energy. I’ve had numerous sessions with her, and the results are immediate and always beneficial. For someone who has been a notorious overthinker her whole life, this has been one method that has truly helped to quiet the negative chatter! " Kristy H.

If you want to contact Gloria, you can do that by clicking on the following link:

MAP Coaching Institute's cover photo

MAP Global Uplifting Event


🌎 Join us at the complementary group MAP Session the MAP GLOBAL UPLIFTING EVENT that will take place on March 27th at 6 pm US EST. The session will be led by coaches from all around the world ( US, Croatia, Singapore, and Australia ) passing the MAP baton.

💆🏻‍♀️ Release fears worries and doubts about the current health situation in the world. Now is the time to clear everything in the way and plant some seeds of love, joy, and peace.

♥️ The whole planet is waking up! Let’s help it to be free from any fears and uplift it with love, joy, and peace.

Meet our coaches - Testimonial Wednesday

Erin Thomas is a Certified Hypnotherapist as well as Certifed MAP Practitioner. She is coming from Ontario, Canada. The following text is an amazing story about growing and letting go of the anger and sadness after so many years.

My client is a Native American, for the purposes of this story I’ll name him Clark. His father was taken from his family when he was 6 years old and forced into a government-run residential school. For the next 10 years, this child suffered horribly from this experience.
Consequently, his father was robbed of his heritage and cultural family life. Instead of learning from his elders that empathy and compassion are necessary with raising children, this man was taught that beatings and other horrors inflicted on children was the way to teach them good behavior. Clark had dyslexia as a child, but there wasn’t mainstream, clinical diagnosis until the 1970s. One astute teacher new Clark had learning challenges and tried in vain to help, but he failed 3rd grade. When he failed 4th grade his father took him in the basement and beat him severely, commanding him “never to fail anything again”. Clark was brought to tears relating this story to me. He carried with him the pain of that 9-year-old boy. After his first MAP session, those negative emotions tied to that memory were neutralized! Clark called me 2 weeks after his session to tell me of the compassion and love he now had for his father that he had never had, even though his father had died decades before. There was no more hatred or anger or sadness. MAP altered Clark’s life in a profound way and I am grateful to have delivered that medicine to him.

If you resonate with Erin, you can find more info about her work at the following link:

Meet our Coaches - Testimonial Wednesday

Roseanne de Beaudrap is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a certified MAP Practitioner as well as Wellness Coach. In the following testimonial, you will see how she has helped a young mom with terrible thoughts of her 6-year-old kid being killed in different ways. In only one session she was able to let go of every parent 's nightmare.

" The MAP session this time has taken away aspects of me that I no longer wanted there. I suffered really bad with thoughts, visions, paranoia of Milo, my little 6 yr old boy, getting killed in different ways when he was younger. It was multiple times a day. I couldn't even look at a picture of Milo without feeling scared. I've been working on it actively for a few years now, and it still comes lightly but I push those thoughts away. Since I have seen you I haven't even had a thought drift in of that kind, and when I try and spark it, which I don't wanna do to hard, it doesn't come on like a tilde wave.
Thank you So Much! " R. Terra

You can contact Roseanne by sending her an email on the following address: [email protected].

Meet our Coaches - Testimonial Wednesday

Rimi Yoshida is a Body, Emotion Code Practitioner and MAP Practitioner from Singapore. She was recently certified as a MAP Practitioner and the following story is all about self-love and acceptance of who we truly are.

A client asked to do a MAP session on self-worth. She was feeling negative and angry about herself, impacting her relationships and causing her to be in a depressed state. As the session went on, she shifted noticeably from doubting herself to being more confident about what she was thinking and feeling. By the time the session ended, she was believing in herself much more strongly and her words and body language were much more assertive!

If you feel like Rimi is the answer to what you were looking for, contact her on the following link:


MAP is a method to MASTER your MIND and emotions.

Our revolutionary system teaches your mind how to gently and effortlessly release subconsciously stored emotions, beliefs, and blocks.

Unlike most personal improvement methods that deal with the conscious mind, MAP bypasses the effort by allowing you to shift the deep automatic programming of your mind.

This is where the magic happens.

With MAP you can build a positive empowered mind that will lead you to your dreams effortlessly and on automatic.

Curious? Sign up for an introductory group session today: Visit our website and choose “BOOK YOUR MAP EXPERIENCE”

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Spring?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Why does MAP get so many bold results?
"I've been given a MAGIC WAND!"
Stutter / Stammer Research Looking for Participants!
MAP Global Uplifting Event
Allowing waves of joy in My life:)



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