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Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of The Woodlands


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Just to make the Academy aware, I am Dr. Zucconi a bilingual Pediatrician who just moved out to I-45 on the feeder next to McDonald's. The formal address is: The Oaks location 25312 I-45 North Spring, Texas. Feel free to contact me is I may aid you or your children in any way. 281-367-1414
Best daycare around! We have tried others in the area but this is the only one we have liked, and by like I mean LOVE. My son is in suite 200 he has great teachers, who are excited to see him everyday and get disappointed when I don’t bring him in. I have a crazy travel schedule which complicates things at times, but KRK has always found a way to accommodate our needs. From the teachers, to the front office staff, to the owners everyone is very engaged and creates a fun loving, educational environment. Thanks for all you do!

Kids R Kids' mission is to inspire families through love and education.

Kids `R` Kids is a locally owned and operated franchise. We are very proud to provide the most innovative facilities and effective educational programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age. Our sincere love for children and strong belief that they should have a solid foundation, in combination with Kids `R` Kids, the absolute leader in its industry, make the perfect choice for your family`s childcare needs. Our center is approximately 17,000 square feet with 10 classroom suites, a cafeteria, a resource room, a large activity gym for before and after school students, and four large play areas separated for age groups. At Kids `R` Kids, we share a common desire with parents, which is to provide the absolute best for the children. Our high quality teachers, creative and fun educational programs and, of course, our state-of-the-art facility make us stand high above our competitors. We love children and are dedicated to making our school a great success. Our door is always open for parents to come and discuss their needs, ask questions, give suggestions and comments. We encourage you to come take a tour and meet the staff. We are confident that you will agree with us this is the best environment for your child! We look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you again.

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A simple thank you is the most basic form of politeness, recognized all over the world. Sharing information and tips for smarter and healthier kids!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to let restaurants, movie theaters and malls open with limited capacity Friday

Good Afternoon Kids R Kids Woodlands Parents!

Hope each of you had a great weekend, and are ready for the slow return to Normal as we all are here.

Gov. Abbott announced today, that Phase 1 of the re-opening for our Texas Economy will begin Friday May 1st.

This is Incredible news, which I am sure we are all ready for!

What does this mean for us? We still plan to practice safe drop-off and pickup measures as you have seen the past 6 weeks, guided by the CDC and Texas Childcare Licensing.

If you are a parent who has remained at home, and are thinking about re-enrollment, please give us a call so we can walk you through the details. 281-362-9222

Our teams have been missing you and your kiddos dearly.

Look forward to seeing our centers back and full of love very soon! 281-362-9222 The businesses must limit occupancy to no more than 25%.

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Playing outside can benefit you and your child in so many ways! If you need some ideas for things to do, take a look in our Smarter Child Magazine for some inspiration! Interactive, exciting, and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of New Territory

Good Afternoon KRK Woodlands Parents! Our sister school Kids R Kids of New Territory is celebrating their 1 year anniversary under new ownership. Crazy how fast time flies, when everyone is having fun, and focusing on improving everyday.

To celebrate, our team put together a "Missing You" Video for our families. Look forward to seeing everyone back in our centers soon!

Blessed to Call Each of You Family!

KRK Owners and Management Teams

Hey Kids 'R' Kids New Territory families!

A year ago today, Bret Bietler and Alex Mesa, took over our facility! This last year has been filled with fun, laughter, hardwork, and perserverance! We are so blessed to have owners like them who lovingly push our team and school to be the absolute BEST! Happy Anniversary KRK NT Family! Here's to many more AWESOME years together!

Some of our staff got together and made this awesome video for our families and students to be able to see our faces, even if we can't see theirs right now. We hope you enjoy! :)

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

What makes birds the best engineers? Their nests! Make this fun bird nest treat and welcome spring along with the birds who are usually one of the first signs of Spring. Then go outside and do some birdwatching! You can also look for the letter N while you’re out around town.

Literacy Connection: Connect nests and building with Bird Builds a Nest by Martin Jenkins and appreciate how engineering a safe, comfy home is hard work from a bird’s perspective. The physics of nesting come alive as the bird prepares for a very special arrival in the nest! Who will it be?

What you'll need:
-Mixing bowl
-Mixing spoon
-Muffin tin
-Serving tray
-Rice cereal bars
-2 cups coconut flakes
-Green food coloring
-Mini chocolate eggs

How to:
1. Add coconut flakes and food coloring in a bowl
2. Stir until well coated
3. Use your hands to mold the rice cereal bars into the muffin tins
4. Top with the green coconut flakes
5. Top with mini Easter egg candy

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of The Woodlands's cover photo

Good Morning Kids R Kids Woodlands Parents and Teachers. Our Directors and Owners will be Hosting a Facebook Live Event tomorrow night(Wednesday) at 6:30pm CT, with Host Hal Bowman from Teach Like A RockStar.

We will introduce you to our culture, share a moment with Juana Lawrence our Director, and highlight what we are excited about for the slow return to our new normal.

You can tune in on this FB page or

Please tune in, comment/interact and share with your friends!

Wishing all of our April babies a sweet and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Although your birthday couldn’t be celebrated with a big party and all your friends and family, just know YOU are loved and celebrated! #coronabirthday #kidsrkids #thewoodlands

Gov. Abbott announces phased reopening of Texas businesses

Afternoon KRK The Woodlands Families. Hope your week has been as Positive as Possible. Our Teams Certainly Miss Seeing all of Your Smiling Faces 😉

Our Great State of Texas Received New Information Today from Gov. Abbott focusing on Upcoming Phases toward Getting everyone safely and slowly back to work/normal life.

We know that the elementary/middle school closures can be a pain, but remember, we do offer Summer Camp and curriculum programs for children up to age 12.

Our teams have cleaned, organized, prayed and prepped for your child's return. If it makes sense for your family to return, please know we have daily and weekly flexible options. Please call for details.

Look forward to hearing from everyone soon!

281-362-9222 Gov. Greg Abbott announced executive orders Friday that will reopen businesses and state parks, ease surgery restrictions and aim to reduce further spread of COVID-19 in Texas.

Read Wednesday by Suite 100

This weeks Read Wednesday was brought to you by one of our Suite 100's teacher! Hope you guys enjoy this book about Tutu's.
If there is a story/book you would like us to read...comment below!


We are screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our awesome Curriculum Coordinator Jessica Warnsley! We hope you are having an amazing and blessed day 😎
Your Kids R Kids family loves you! ❤️

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April is famous for the large amounts of rain that fall during the month. Why not collect the rain with your very own rain gauge?! Find out how to do this simple project at home in our Smarter Child Magazine! Interactive, exciting, and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

Happy Good Friday Families. As our school is closed today, be sure to reflect on the most important things we are blessed to have in our life.

Our teams are grateful to serve and know each of you personally. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence.

Enjoy some down time this weekend, and we will see each of you Monday morning. Look forward to a blessed and fun filled week!


Our GYM students got to have a mini easter egg hunt with a twist.
Way to go Ms. Emily!

Easter Greetings

Welcome to Read Wednesday! 📚
We will be posting a video every Wednesday of our management team or teachers reading a book and we would love you guys to sit and watch with your children.
Hope you guys enjoy this weeks Easter Video made by our management team!


Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

How is measuring rainfall thinking like a scientist? It’s easy to make the connection with this simple rain gauge. As you make it together, discuss words like meteorologist, atmosphere, and forecast. Read a weather forecast, find a good spot for the gauge then wait, observe, and measure the rain that collects in it. Let your child make a table to record the results when it rains. Make a note of the day and amount of rain, then compare it to the forecast. Hint: before the first rain, your child can check to make sure the water at the starting mark hasn’t evaporated.

Literacy Connection: You were probably a kid the last time you felt the rain could be a joyous occasion. Singing in the Rain by Tim Hopgood is a new twist on the old attitude of rain, rain, go away! There’s no such thing as bad weather with this classic throwback to one of the world’s best-loved songs. Children don’t care if you’re not the best singer, they just want to see you be happy, so go ahead and sing this story with style! You’ll be laughing at the clouds and appreciating at least something about a rainy day with this positive message.

What you'll need:
-Empty liter soda bottle
-Clear packing tape
-Construction paper

How to:
1. Create a measurement card using your ruler. Draw lines across the paper as you place ½ inch and 1 inch marks all the way to 5 inches.
2. Cut top off empty liter bottle. (adult supervision is advised)
3. Fill bottom of liter bottle with sand to the one inch mark.
4. Add water to the sand line.
5. Place measurement card on the outside of the bottle with clear packing tape. Make sure the measurements show on the inside of the bottle.
6. Use the top part of the bottle and place it upside down inside the bottle to make a funnel.
7. Add clear packing tape to secure and hold the funnel in place.
8. Place your new rain gauge outside to catch the rain.
9. Keep a measurement journal and write down how much rain falls each day.

April 2020 Magazine - Kids 'R' Kids

April is here, and spring has sprung! CLICK BELOW for the April edition of The SMARTER CHILD Magazine, which includes fun crafts, delicious recipes, and informative articles you will not want to miss! Interactive, exciting and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

Our Schoolers are staying busy with academics and art time is always a big hit.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

When we wash our hands we are not only being kind to ourselves, but to others as well! Be sure to count to 20 and don't forget to wash the back of your hands, in between your fingers, and under your nails! #CleanHandsKindHeart

Both the Junior and Senior Camps have jam-packed weeks filled with endless fun. Each week of Summer Camp 2020 involves a new theme designed to empower and enlighten campers through amusing activities, fascinating field trips, timely lessons in teamwork and so much more! By the end of summer, campers will have their eyes opened to limitless possibilities and their minds focused on creating their own special brand of greatness!

Are you ready for Summer Camp with a Focus on Fun, an action-packed summer full of plenty of fun? MAke sure to register your child summer 2020! #focusonfun #krksummercamp ☀️🎉

Good Evening Kids R Kids The Woodlands Parents,

We Will Remain Open and Ready to Serve from 6am-6pm. Should our hours change, we will be sure to notify you. Childcare is deemed an essential business to remain open to help children of First Responders, Doctors, and Other Essential Businesses. We appreciate their dedication to serve and continue helping our communities.

With this said, should you choose to stay home, please contact Your School's Management Team for our most recent Virtual Curriculum/ Curriculum Packet. We will be updating this curriculum weekly, so all your kiddos can continue to learn, while at home. We can send this to you through e-mail with a step by step guide for each lesson.

Please let us know if interested!

Want to challenge your little one's brain and have a blast without leaving the house? Add some excitement to your day with an in-house scavenger hunt!

Happy Thursday Parents,

Does each day feel like a week to you? Struggling to find things to keep your kiddos occupied? Just a reminder on 2 things:

1) We are still open and miss your kiddos
2) We offer a daily virtual curriculum

Although we would rather see your faces in person, we understand some of you may not be leaving the house.

If you are currently at home, and would like further information about the virtual learning option, please contact us today.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

We are blessed to have each of you continue supporting our team!


Ninja Warrior with Pre-K & GYM kids 💪🏽


Our weekly #krksummercamp themes tie into our STEAM Ahead curriculum! Fun-filled activities involving science, technology, engineering, art, and math await your little one. Register today! #focusonfun ☀️🎉

First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, and Anyone Deemed to Fall Under our New "Essential Worker/Business" category.


We are grateful to remain open and serve your family.

With this said, if you are in need of childcare, please contact our center for details. We are only accepting a very limited and cautious amount of enrollments to better help our first responders in their need to work.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Again, a Big Thank You from our Team!

These 2 ladies right here, are a true blessing.

Juana our Center Director
Maria our Center Assistant Director

We could go on and on about everyone on our Kids R Kids Woodlands team, but these 2 have especially risen to Lead and Care at The Next Level.

Alex and Myself are Very Grateful for every Small and Big Action they do daily, to provide a safe and caring environment for our teachers, kiddos, and parents.

Thank You!!

Bret and Alex
Proud Owners of Kids R Kids The Woodlands

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Children that read are typically happier and smarter. The March SMARTER CHILD magazine will help you instill a love for reading in your child! Interactive, exciting, and challenging content for Smarter Kids!

Four Healthy Foods for Child Brain Development - Kids 'R' Kids

It may not be surprising to hear that many Americans have a poor track record regarding what they feed their children. If you want a smart child, feed him or her healthy foods that support brain development, such as the four nutrient-rich food categories listed below: Share This Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on PinterestShare through Email August 1, 2019 Four Healthy Foods for Child Brain Development Nutrition

Good Evening KRK The Woodlands Parents,

We Will Remain Open and Ready to Serve from 6am-6pm. Should our hours change, we will be sure to notify you. Childcare is deemed an essential business to remain open to help children of First Responders, Doctors, and Other Essential Businesses. We appreciate their dedication to serve and continue helping our communities.

With this said, should you choose to stay home, please contact Your School's Management Team for our most recent Virtual Curriculum. We will be updating this curriculum weekly, so all your kiddos can continue to learn, while at home. We can send this to you through e-mail with a step by step guide for each lesson.

Please let us know if interested!

Morning Families. Our Team's Health Insurance Partner is looking for some Assistance. They will be gathering Protective Masks to Help Protect our hard working Medical Doctors, Nurses and Staff. If you have extra, you have 2 options to Help:

1) Drop them at our Center, and we can arrange for pickup.

2) Drop them at their Location in The Woodlands:

First Primary Care – The Woodlands
25144 Grogans Park Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Phone: (281) 549-8060

Make it a Great Day!

Summers are made for friends, and friendships last a lifetime here at Kids ‘R’ Kids. Register your child today for Summer Camp 2019! #focusonfun #krksummercamp

Looking for ways to keep your preschooler preoccupied that don't involve screen time? Here are 20 old-school activities to try as a family!

Good Afternoon Families, We are blessed to be open again this week. Hope you Enjoy Church/Family Time Today. Quick announcement, we
Will be closing each day this week at 6pm until further notice. We do this in order to get our teams home to rest and be ready for the next day ahead.

Question: Any of you know of a local restaurant or bakery (Very near our Preschool) who could use some business this week? Since our teachers/team will be working hard to ensure your kiddos are well loved and educated, we want to thank them with some goodies and good food while helping a local business.

Please comment on this thread, and help us get connected. Thanks, and see everyone this week!

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Read Wednesday by Suite 100
Easter Greetings
Yes, We Are Open This Week!





320 Valley Wood Dr
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Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 18:30
Tuesday 06:00 - 18:30
Wednesday 06:00 - 18:30
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