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Videos by TherapyWorks Professional Massage and Coaching in Spring. TherapyWorks! Professional Massage and Coaching. I'm not your average Massage Therapist. I work with people who are 100% committed to their self care

Maybe what you've been asking for is right under you're nose!

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Maybe what you've been asking for is right under you're nose!

I love spending my mornings on my covered patio with my coffee. I usually watch the birds on the feeders and in the birdbath but this is peaceful too. #rain #rainydays #rainymorning #peaceful #relax #relaxing #painwhisperer #naturalpainrelief #stressrelief #massagetherapy #essentialoils #fasciablasting #selfcare #morningroutine #therapyworks #professionalmassage #thewoodlandstx #springtx #conroetx

Christmas gift ideas!

When you're a #massagetherapist and you are cooking #thanksgiving dinner..

Let's talk about stress!

They say a messy desk is a sign of genius but I'm not buyin it! It's a proven fact that clutter causes stress! And emotional stress can cause or increase physical pain. So if you want to feel better today what is one small thing you can do?? I cleaned off my workspace! Pictures in comments.

#realtalk Why do we always put our self care last?

☮ ❤ 👐 Peace Love & Massage Have a great Monday!!

The garden of your mind. What you focus on expands! Make sure you nip those negative thoughts in the bud!!

Finished w sauna and blasting

Live from the sauna!

Looking for a great stocking stuffer?

FasciaBlasting Level = Expert!

As a contrast to the video I posted before. This is how it looks when your superficial fascia is bound down....this is MY right leg....can't pick up any skin!

Did you know that you should be able to pick up and roll your skin anywhere on your body? This is what healthy tissue looks like when the superficial fascia is not adhered to the underlying tissue! Sorry it's so dark, I was in the middle of a massage...

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