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So proud of all my Students that completed Book 2 this week! A lot of hard work - practice - and maybe some tears along the way 😉 Parents and students 🤣 Lets face it it’s not always easy to practice but y’all did it 🎉🎉🎉 congrats ! 🎊


So proud of these two and all their hard work! Isaiah with his Book 1 trophy and Emma with her Book 2 trophy ! Congrats 🎊🎈 I have the best students 😍


I am so proud of Isaiah - at 5 years old he has passed book 1, medaled in his theory test, and earned a ribbon in a music festival. ❤️🎉🎹


I am so proud of all of my students this year - a lot have earned their book trophies this month ! Congrats and keep up the hard work ! It’s not easy to pass a book lots of practice and lots of songs to learn! Well deserved 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😍


I’m so proud of Angela and Isaiah performing at the Fall Festival!!!! You both played so well and it was such a treat to get to watch 🎹❤️😍👏🏼🏅


I am SO SO proud of these students for pushing themselves to do their first Sonatina Competition!!!! They all did so well, and have grown in their Piano playing so much! Congrats 🎊 Angela, Bethany, Ayda, Allison, Graydon, and Gavin!


Little Big Shots - Four-Year-Old Piano Prodigy (Episode Highlight)

Love this ! I love watching this kid play! Steve Harvey is also hilarious - the four year old is older now and it is amazing to watch his playing on YouTube! You never know when you give your children a chance what is possible ❤️

This amazing four-year-old can play "Flight of the Bumblebee," and his favorite composer is Bach. » Subscribe for More: http://bit.ly/NBCLittleBigShots » Str...


I am so proud of Ayda for passing book 1! She has progressed so much, and is such a joy to teach. She also competes in her first Sonatina Competition next weekend. Way to go Ayda 👏🏼🎉❤️


Diego passed his Book 1! 🥇That’s a lot of hard work and mastered songs. I am super proud of him and look to see great things out of this talented pianist! 🎹🎉🎉👏🏼


Isabella passed her book 1 moving on up to book 2 🎉🎉❤️🎹🎶 So proud of how far she’s come and all her hard work. 😊


Guitar Center Digital Pianos


I felt like the most blessed Piano teacher in the world tonight ! So proud of all of my students 👏🏼🎹


Why do we have a piano recital? 🎹🤷‍♀️
🌟In Piano we don’t have regular piano “games” where we get to showcase our talent. We often play just for the love of playing, and desire to learn. Every athlete,artist, and musician can benefit from a deadline to reach a goal. The recital gives us a date to accomplish the goal of playing our selected songs and playing them at performance level. We get to show off our hard work that is done alone to an audience. We learn to perform under pressure and proper etiquette. We learn we can do hard things! Things that make us uncomfortable we can push past that fear and be glad we did on the other side. There’s so much to learn and gain from performing in your piano recital. I hope for all of my students playing tomorrow that it is wonderful experience for all of you! I am so proud of all of your hard work ❤️🌟🎹🎶🙂

inc.com 04/30/2019

The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity


inc.com Learning an instrument increases resilience to any age-related decline in hearing.


🎶Heart and Soul🎶 Duet - I just briefly showed Graydon and Gavin this song at the end of their lesson on Monday! They are already sounding great and I am so proud of their practice. When I was young I absolutely loved playing this song and would drag one of my sisters to the piano to play it with me. This is one where you as the parent can learn a part and play along as well. 👏🏼


I’ve seen students with amazing talent throw it all away because they were unwilling to put in the work. Don’t wish for more talent - passion and consistent practice win every time. If you just happen to get to throw amazing talent on top of that - well that’s just the cherry on top! There’s no such thing as not enough talent to learn to play the piano. ❤️🎹🎶


FACT ❤️🙂


Congrats Melina on completing Level 1 🎉🎹 That means she has mastered over 66 songs! That does not include the extra songs we have done together that she picked out. I am so proud of all your hard work - on to Level 2. ❤️🤗


So proud of my student Angela for completing Level 1 and earning her trophy. She practices consistently week after week and always shows up excited to her lesson. I love when my students get to not only learn to play piano but to love it as well! ❤️🎹👏🏼 She’s already working hard on Level 2 🌟


Mistakes are just a part of the process 🎹❤️


I’m so proud of Nathan for earning his Book 1 completion trophy! He’s worked really hard and always such a joy to teach ❤️🏆👏🏼


🎼🎹 When is my child ready for Piano Lessons?

1️⃣Does your child know the difference between Right and Left Hand?
- this is important because we will constantly be switching back and forth

2️⃣Does your child know the alphabet atleast A-G ?

3️⃣Can your child count to 10?

4️⃣Can your child sit and focus for 30 minutes?

5️⃣Does your child show interest and really want to learn the piano ?
❤️probably one of the most important questions for me because I love to have students that are motivated and really want to learn the piano

6️⃣Can your child follow basic directions ?

7️⃣How are your child’s fine motor skills?
-can they hold a pencil? Cut with scissors? These basic skills will help a lot.

8️⃣Can your child read?
- basic reading makes learning the piano a lot easier and more fun learning the words to the songs they will play.

Are you ready?
🌟Parents who have very young children in Piano need to be prepared to help out with practicing and provide hands on assistance.🌟
🎹-Do you own a piano ? A proper instrument is needed please message me for requirements.
💵- Can you afford piano lessons and are you ready to commit? Regular attendance and practice is required.

🎉If you said yes to these questions let’s set your child up for a trial lesson 🎉


Piano Practice at our house 🎹 🌟Remember the more regular the practice the more they will love the piano🌟 Confidence grows and accomplishments are made regularly 😊


Congrats 🎉 Patrick on completing Book 1 and earning your trophy 🏆 Moving on to Book 2! 🎹


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[11/21/18]   My Current Available Spots as of 11/21 🎹:
Wednesday-4:30 slot and 5:00 slot (great if you have 2 and need back to back times) message me if you’d like to set up a free trial lesson 🎹


I’ll never forget growing up taking Piano Lessons and when my mindset changed to this what a huge difference it made. I had been practicing because my mom told me to and to make my teacher happy. But then all of the sudden I realized I really loved playing. I started to request songs I really wanted to learn and practice for the sheer love of playing the piano. My playing changed forever and really life because Piano became a retreat for me. Which we all need those ! It didn’t matter who would listen or who wanted me to practice I wanted my Piano time. This is why I encourage all of my students to find a song that speaks to them. There is a saying sometimes we do something just enough to hate it. So that’s a real thing no matter what song your working on or your child is working on if they aren’t practicing atleast that 10 minutes 5 days a week or running through each song 5 times whichever method works for you better they may start to just get discouraged. Even just a little progress every week can keep them excited! 😆 It is my greatest hope to help each of my students learn to love piano!


Love this ❤️




Hi 👋
Welcome to my piano lesson page ! So a little about me: I am a mom to 3 little boys-group fitness Intructor- and of course piano teacher. I’m 32 years old and I’ve been teaching ever since I was 16 years old. I started my music education very young with kindermusic and then moved on to traditional piano lessons. I majored in Piano Performance and went on to teach privately and then for Texas Fine Arts Academy in Austin, TX. Then the babies started happening 😉 After I had 3 very young children I took a break from teaching besides a few family friends. This is my first year back teaching full time and I’m absolutely loving it! I teach out of my home in the Northampton subdivision next to Klein Oak Highschool. I use a traditional Hal Leonard teaching method that puts a lot of emphasis on learning to read music. Instead of just having a metronome to work with I teach with a Roland Music Tutor that plays fun orchestrated accompaniments for each song! This makes practice more fun when you can have music right on their smart tablet to go with the songs! I love music and it is an amazing outlet to have. I do this because I LOVE it. I hope to meet you and become a part of your musical journey 🎶🎹 I offer a FREE trial lesson for anyone who would like that first before committing to a regular spot on my schedule. Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.


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Whitney’s Northampton Piano Lessons

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Guitar Center Digital Pianos
🎶Heart and Soul🎶 Duet - I just briefly showed Graydon and Gavin this song at the end of their lesson on Monday! They are...
Piano Practice at our house 🎹  🌟Remember the more regular the practice the more they will love the piano🌟 Confidence gro...




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