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Our robotics classes excite, inspire, and motivate young people about the fun, importance and impact of robotics technology, engineering and team work.

Our robotics calsses excite, inspire, and motivate young people about the fun, importance and impact of robotics technology, engineering and team work...

Operating as usual


Why 19 Is Too Old For Many Startups…

Before COVID-19, our robotics academy was contacted by a California-based camp for entrepreneurial teens.

Their camp is a really big deal. This camp works with something called "angel investors", and their role is to find young entrepreneurial talent. This talent is in very short supply.

This camp specifically sought us out, because they were looking for roboticists, and they know what many others know… We are also a really big deal. They were offering my students a $5k scholarship just to attend their events.

The participants would have the opportunity to tour Google and other big tech companies. Even more valuable, they will also have the chance to meet other entrepreneurs, network, collaborate, and learn what starting a business with their investors and mentors looks like!

This camp’s interest in our students was largely due to the young age of our students, and this is a good sign. Students in their very early teens make an impact with people and companies who matter. In fact, many of these companies feel 19 year-olds and older are past their prime in many cases!

Could someone really go to work for Google at such a young age? The second youngest Google employee I know of to date is Tanmay Bakshi, who started at Google at age 13! Since then, Google hired Siddarth Srivastav, when he was 12. Siddarth followed Tanmay’s lead and went on to become a Data Scientist. Siddarth is still only in the SEVENTH grade!

What were you doing in the seventh grade? I wasn’t doing anything like this!

In the rapidly changing world we live, it has been shown the earlier someone starts learning, the faster they grasp the complex topics needed for 2025 and beyond, because the speed of business is increasing.

Are you aware that the life cycle of the ridesharing industry is just 10 years. Within 5 years the business model of rideshare will be completely based on driverless modalities. The current rideshare drivers will be obsolete! You have the chance to prevent this from happening with your child!

Kids love working with and learning from me…, kids who are visionaries and especially kids who can combine robotics and business together. This entrepreneurial camp contacted me again once COVID took hold, and my teachers were too busy and too passionate about teaching the kids they had invested themselves in. Where are your daughters and sons in this conversation? Maybe we should talk!

I’m Rosa. I’m passionate about teaching kids and helping them become all things they can, at ages few believe possible. You can reach me personally at 713-598-5250. Your kids are only kids for a short time, and some believe they get to be too old, sooner than any of us could have imagined. Let me help make that time count!

We are hosting our April Robotics Challenge:
A Study of Scales.
Contact me for details.


What is Robotics?

What is robotics? See what Veer, 8 yo, suddently realized...



[VirtualBuild] ASIMO set#1237
This is my favourite robot from HONDA.
#lego #Technic #ASIMO


Here is what I am testing!

Building Instructions for set#1237 ASIMO, a beautiful robot from HONDA.
Available as LEGO Technic set#1237



I am going to build this next.

This is an animated render video created with, it took 1:15 to render in 600x800 with GTX750i


Diego's Pong

"This is the MOST fun I've had in programming!"
Diego is challenging his dad to a game of Pong, that he made.

Join us for a 3-Day online programming challenge to recreate this classic game:


Flappy Bird in Scratch

What if making games is your kid's superpower?
Join us for 3-Day challenge and recreate the classics.



Valentina just turned 6, and she is mechanically gifted. This is her first time in robotics, and in just 5 afternoons, she has created about 7-8 robots and even combined them into various answers to test what solutions she can create to help the corals in the ocean.

Here is her test on her robotic stippling pen. Next, she will try stippling the starfish that is bothering the corals.


Our students age 6-8 chose their next project--creating a robotic stippling pen--all from looking at one final picture.

They are young, but they are all trained to differentiate what pieces they would need to create the movement they want. Learn to build without instructions with us!


Worried that your child is falling behind academically since March?

Learn the math and science to design original works, not just follow instructions.

From Qatar to Houston, your child joins our worldwide community of curious doers, and build/test in our live-streamed classes.


Bright William Loves Online Summer Camp

William, a young genius, so eager to learn and very creative. Mrs. Rosa helps him through our virtual online live program. He enjoys this safe no Covid-19 online summer camp so much. His mom told us he was so happy and excited to the point he didn't want to go to bed. What a lovely bright boy! He will definitely become someone to make a big impact to our science and technology future when he grows up!


William enjoys his 1st online Robotics Summer Camp

William has enjoyed several years of our summer camps in the past. Now he is enjoying our 1st time online summer camp due to the Covid-19 business restrictions.
He is so happy and learning so much with Mrs. Rosa. We welcome your child to join our online summer program. To register, please visit


AI Light Up

Great job, Jeffrey!
He is a very self-motivated learner! I give him some guidance only.
To join our AI hardware and C++ language projects summer camp, please visit


Dear Parents,

Our 2020 Summer Online Robotics Programs are ready for your registration!


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this year, we will be learning robotics online together. We have put hundreds of hours to design this program. We are very excited to see that your children will still get the best robotics and AI education and the most fun through our collaboration. Your children will interact in our Google Meet virtual classrooms with our instructors and other students who love robotics. This will make the classes inspirational, fun and engaging.

In the past, your children have always asked to take their robots home. Now, you can! You will acquire a set of parts, and your children will own his robots. They will be recycling their parts while learning multiple robots, as there is no one robot that does everything. This is a great cost saving option for your family and also greatly enhance your children's learning possibilities. This constraint makes students come up with more elegant, more creative answers. The best robot isn't the one with the most amount of pieces, nor the biggest. The future belongs to Makers!

To register for our summer camp programs, please visit this page -

Let' s have a happy and fruitful Summer together!


8th graders enjoying their learning with models of soap and coronavirus, for their virtual learning with me. They thought it was awesome! Their teacher said, "Thank you for helping us understand what's going on!"

8th graders enjoying their learning with models of soap and coronavirus, for their virtual learning with me. They thought it was awesome! Their teacher said, "Thank you for helping us understand what's going on!"


AI Light Up

This is Jack.
He is an accomplished gymnast and he love robotics.
He joined me on my online museum story hour, "soap vs corona".
He was both respectful and engaged, and he built different ideas to show me!

Thank you, Jack!


Dear Friends,

What an exciting news to your children! Our virtual learning robotics and AI online program is up running. This is a pilot program totally free. Limited to 7 children per slot/class only. We encourage you to register your childen quickly before seats are all taken. Registration and program details are on the webpage below:




LEGO is doing this test! We already did this engineering challenge in our classes!

Build strength like a LEGO Master! 04/01/2020

FREE LEGO Instructions! — Warren Elsmore

If your student wants some classic LEGO building ideas, this author has given us access to his books of LEGO instructions!

My favorite one is the windmill. Stuck at home? Maybe some free LEGO instructions will help a little...


Isabella's robot

Look at our Isabella's robot!


Our 2020 Summer Camp will focus on how robotics is of service, to Mother Earth.

Registration now open:


Spring Break next week!

World Champions Centre
Space Challenge Missions
How Smart Cars Work

We welcome students who want to understand how to organize their thoughts into robotics.

I am looking for builders that want to build and then dive into our challenges.

I am looking for builders that want to improve their building skills, because robots need to carry their own weight and do work for us.

The students must enjoy minutiae, tinkering with differentiations, who like to focus and persist.


Ian Bremmer

What about this visual experience?
Past and the future together!

Past meets future


How the Mumbai police used technology to solve their honking noise pollution...


AI Light Up

These young children in our weekend AI Elite Club were learning very advanced robotics engineering and C++ Coding language. Your child can benefit greatly too. Join them! Enroll at


simplicity and complexity robot chain

One way to invent is to take something simple and multiply it. Here, Jake and Christian and Oliver took their robots that are exactly the same and figured out ways to combine them. Out of simplicity, complexity emerges. 01/28/2020

First Person with Wuhan Coronavirus in U.S. Being Treated by a Robot

A robot is treating a patient in China and keeping the medical staff safe from the corona virus infection right now. The robot takes the man's vitals and communicates through a screen. 01/28/2020

Miso Robotics

We can totally do this! Flippy is the world's first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time.


This is the First LIVING Robot and it's Unbelievable

The first biological robot is just made and is ALIVE!!!!!!
See how they pieced frog cells to make this robot move!

Will this new robot make others obsolete? Xenobots are the first bio-robots: living, programmable cells. How do you feel about them? Subscribe for more asaps...



Meet Rocky. 66 years young and making amazing intricate sculptures with LEGO!


M&M LEGO sorter EV3

Ms. Erin and Ms. Nina are adjusting how their M&M sorter is working.

Testing is hands down the most important skill our students learn in our academy to master their art of robotics.


AI Light Up

These 5th grade boys are coding the robot vehicle with C++. They are meeting all challenges to write blocks of new codes to change the vehicle's movements. So happy to see you are one step closer to be the best A.I. experts as the time flies!
Come to our Spring and Summer Camp 2020 from


AI Light Up

Miss Nina enjoyed learning C++ coding and circuit design in our camp today. What a lovely bright girl! She's going to return to our Summer Camp soon. How about your child? We warmly welcome your child to join her in Summer 2020! Registration will be at


These lovely children made their robots dancing!


The drummer robot!

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What is Robotics?
Diego's Pong
Flappy Bird in Scratch
Bright William Loves Online Summer Camp
William enjoys his 1st online Robotics Summer Camp
Isabella's robot
simplicity and complexity robot chain
M&M LEGO sorter EV3




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