Sandman Exotics

Sandman Exotics


Do youโ€™ll sell iguanas? If so how much and how could I purchase one?
Great experience buying from them!! Love the ATB we got from you and canโ€™t wait to do business in the future.
Hi! Just wanted to check in with an update. We got Nebulus from you at Repticon in 2017, when you were discontinuing your dragon program. He was just a little squeaker then. As you can see, he has grown exponentially, as has his personality. He loves to be held by me, but always tries to bite my husband, and he hates baths. ๐Ÿ˜‚ He sure loves his food, though!
Background info for leopard gecko I bought from u in corpus exhibit
We have a 2 year old leopard gecko we purchased from Petco and she is developing a bump by her vent. What should we do?
Thank you so much for all your help Kaitlin. We are super excite to have this lil guy join our big family. ๐Ÿ’™
We got these 2 sweet babies from Sandman Exotics and they are so docile and loving!! They are very knowledgeable about their animals and take the time to put the extra love in raising these babies! I was amazed at how easy they took to us but I believe it is because of their environment and the extra attention and love they received!! Thank you so much for our beautiful girls!! We love them so much already!! If anybody was wondering about Sandman Exotics, these people are the real deal and I will never go anywhere else for my pets again! Thanks again!!

We love to share our passion about exotics and strive to produce healthy, socialized, beautiful reptile pets. We do Parties and Educational events as well!

Operating as usual

Some pretty pictures of some of the nonholdback babies. :)

Some belated Halloween pictures. Lol
Some of my holdbacks.

This baby still looks so weird. Lol
The smooth feel to its skin, its partially scaleless head, neck and legs, all the wrinkled extra skin, its deep dark eyes and drastic contrast in its color and pattern make for a truly unique and interesting gecko. I have also noticed the way this baby almost in a way fires up and down in its color. When I first get her out she is always almost a deep burnt orange than once she has been out a couple minutes she brightens up to this bright beautiful orange.
Really enjoying watching this baby grow and change.

A couple quick outside pictures of these two pretty sisters today.
Atomic Electric Emerine cross het Tremper Albino pos het eclipse

This Funky Jungle Radar just keeps getting better looking with each shed! The amount of orange on this baby's tail is incredible and shows all the way down both sides and the bottom to the very tip of the tail. Very excited to see where this line will take me in the next couple seasons!

Really happy with how these two are turning out. This clutch has been exactly what I was hoping to see from Nemo X Beauty. They are going to be incredible adults. At the moment they are both looking female which would be great! Not too bad for crappy cell phone pictures with bad garage lighting. Lol

Both are Atomic Electric Emerine crosses het Tremper Albino pos het eclipse.

Oh the greens!
Daemon X Elora
Funky Jungle Tangerine het eclipse pos het bell albino
Azriel looky!

Matt will be out at the Lions Club in McQueeny, Texas this weekend for the Texas Reptile Expo!
He will be vending with S&S Exotics and will have a select few of our high quality, genetic guarrunteed geckos available!
These babies will make gorgeous pets or be amazing genetic power houses to add to your breeding plans! Don't miss out on snatching one or more ๐Ÿ˜‰ of the few babies we have left for the season. Several of these available were originally hold backs we have now released!

Have a blessed day! Hope to see you there!

Some over cast out door pictures I got the other day of some of our holdbacks.
I like our daughters old jungle gym as a photo spot. Lol Worked decently. There are more pictures of each in the comments.

My strange little Odd Ball was looking lovely the other day. Growing and shedding well.

Looky who was in the incubator this morning!
Normal het Rainwater Albino/Murphy patternless pos het eclipse(Cyclone)

Mack Snow Typhoon het Murphy Patternless(Cyclone)
This one will be a holdback for now.

Better pictures of the babies up for homes!

Sandman Exotics

Natural light pictures of some nonholdback ;) geckos ready for families.

Genetics will be listed as the pictures captions shortly.

* There are more pictures of each gecko in the comments that show their colors better* lol

Some of our Holdbacks!
These are not for sale.

Outdoor lighting and indoor garage lighting. These two are so incredible.
Atomic Electric Emerine crosses het tremper pos het eclipse

Natural light pictures of some nonholdback ;) geckos ready for families.

Genetics will be listed as the pictures captions shortly.

* There are more pictures of each gecko in the comments that show their colors better* lol

This season has thrown me a few odd ball babies.
This one has been weird looking since hatching. I loved how dark it was from day one and how different it is from every other baby the mom or dad has ever produced.
It was this pair's first season together but both have been used in other projects for 3 to 5 seasons prior to this.

Atomic Electric Emerine(proven nonhet) X Bold Mack Snow het eclipse

It hatched with a bit of extra skin and has always had an odd smooth look. I figured it was just bc it was such a neat color and didn't think much of it.
His dark head and legs really had me intrigued about how it would look when the pattern started changing so I have kept a close eye on it. As it has gotten older the gecko itself feels slick and smooth and its body is showing that it has no "bumps/scales" on its head/neck and has very few "bumps/scales" on its body compared to its siblings and all my other hatchlings.
Its skin reminds me of the way Silkie bearded dragons and scaleless snakes look.

It is definately an interesting and beautiful baby and just looks weird to me. Lol

It will be staying here to see how it grows and turns out.

Really liking how this boy is turning out. We are aiming to have some captive bred water dragons from.this pretty boy and our big girl, TJ in the next couple years. Matt and I had them out on us for some socialization when curiosity got the best of him. He enjoyed jumping in and getting to check out TJs huge enclosure while we were cleaning it.

With and without flash pictures of the babies we had hatch a few days back. Neat patterns on these little ones.

My garage lighting stinks at night. So I apologize for the horrible picture quality.

Caught this cute little 3 day old in its first shed.

Always fun to see and crazy how much they change each time they shed.

Our amazing holdbacks are really making me excited to see them grow out and get ready for next season. :)

One of our Atomic Electric Emerine cross het Tremper albino pos het eclipse babies ready for a forever home. :)

These pretty babies are all almost ready to go home to their new homes! Their new families are patiently waiting to be able to bring them home!
I love seeing how much they change each shed.

I am having alot of fun with my little crepe myrtle and the pretty photo opportunities is has given me this week. :) Another pretty little Atomic Electeic Emerine cross Holdback.

Awesome to see how different color can be and the changes to pattern even with the very first shed.

Really happy about how this little one is coloring out. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฌ It will be staying here.
Atomic Electric Emerine Cross het tremper albino pos het eclipse.
*please excuse my horrible looking hand. I am having a psoriasis flare so my hands look terrible.* ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

The newest hatchlings! BjXBrienne

Jungle Mack Snow Rainwater Albinos het Murphy patternless pos het eclipse!

Love the cool jungle pattern on these babies!

All will be beautiful new family members. Let me know if you see one you like.

Beautiful babies!! Genetics will be listed shortly.

Newest hatchlings from our Funky Jungle Radar projects. Not the most clear pictures but they are still such pretty babies. The little Funky Jungle Radar will be a hold back and staying here. :)

A few pretty babies

A few holdbacks with some killer color!

A few of our babies who are just waiting to be ready to be picked up by their new families! These are all going to be amazing kids pets for their respective families.

The season is off to a great start with beautiful babies hatching all the time right now. We will post pictures soon of all the pretty little ones we have had hatch this last month! Stay tuned!

Mothers Day Babies!
BjXBrienne clutch #2

Murphey Patternless het rainwater albino/eclipse X Jungle Mack Snow Rainwater Albino het Murphey patternless/Eclipse

Hatchling #1 Jungle Mack Snow Typhoon (Rainwater Eclipse) het Murphey patternless
Hatchling #2 Jungle het Murphey patternless/Rainwater Albino pos het eclipse

Excited to watch these little ones grow and color up.

First hatchlings of the season are here!
These two cutie pies are Mack Snow Eclipses het Murphey Patternless/ Rainwater Albino

The pairings we have this season may be fewer than the past years but they are some of the best and I can't wait to see what else hatches out!

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