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Sandman Exotics


Do you’ll sell iguanas? If so how much and how could I purchase one?
Great experience buying from them!!
Love the ATB we got from you and can’t wait to do business in the future.
Hi! Just wanted to check in with an update. We got Nebulus from you at Repticon in 2017, when you were discontinuing your dragon program. He was just a little squeaker then. As you can see, he has grown exponentially, as has his personality. He loves to be held by me, but always tries to bite my husband, and he hates baths. πŸ˜‚ He sure loves his food, though!
Background info for leopard gecko I bought from u in corpus exhibit
We have a 2 year old leopard gecko we purchased from Petco and she is developing a bump by her vent. What should we do?
Thank you so much for all your help Kaitlin. We are super excite to have this lil guy join our big family. πŸ’™
We got these 2 sweet babies from Sandman Exotics and they are so docile and loving!! They are very knowledgeable about their animals and take the time to put the extra love in raising these babies! I was amazed at how easy they took to us but I believe it is because of their environment and the extra attention and love they received!! Thank you so much for our beautiful girls!! We love them so much already!! If anybody was wondering about Sandman Exotics, these people are the real deal and I will never go anywhere else for my pets again! Thanks again!!

We love to share our passion about exotics and strive to produce healthy, socialized, beautiful reptile pets. We do Parties and Educational events as well!

Operating as usual

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 11/29/2021

Cyber Monday Specials! New abode needed. Pm for details!

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 11/11/2021

Geckos ready to βœˆπŸ›©
Nonholdbacks! ;)
Info to be put onto each photo tomorrow. Pm for extra details. :)
Crappy Cellular Garage photos but could be worse. πŸ˜†

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 10/01/2021

Pretty little Funky Jungle Tangerine Albino holdback. Coloring up really well! I love bells, and the funky jungles always give me pretty babies. 😍

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 09/29/2021

A few quick cleaning pictures of some geckos I can't holdback.
My loss can be your gain!
Descriptions on each pictures caption.


Some progression pictures of Oddball, our weird partially scaless baby from last season. Pictures show from hatching until now. She has almost micro style scales on sides of her head. Still has the wired silkeish extra skin and odd eye pigment. She skin feels different still also and she has crazy drastic pigment changes from day to day not just from hatching until now. So neat to see how this girl has changed.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 08/31/2021

Baby rat snakes are hatching!!!

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 08/19/2021

I haven't posted lately so I figured I would share that the last Leo clutch of the season hatched!
Jungle Atomic Electric Emerines het tremper Albino pos het eclipse.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 07/05/2021

Sooooo pretty! These two Funky Jungle Tangerine Bell Albinos het eclipse are great additions to my Funky Jungle Radar projects. So excited to see how their oranges and yellows come in.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 06/23/2021

Really looking forward to this project. Bell and Captain Farrell are one of my most anticipated pairings in the future.
P. metallica tarantulas are truly one of my absolute favorite arachnid species. Ornamentals are beautiful arboreal tarantulas and the blues and yellows on the Metallicas makes them by far one of the most stunningly beautiful ornamental species.


For Matts birthday earlier this Month he was gifted a pair of Black Racer snakes. They are gorgeous solid black snakes but not an easy species to captive breed from what we are finding in our research. The female laid a massive clutch! These guys will be so awesome to get to see hatch and to add another species to our list that we have been able to hatch! FINGERS CROSSED!!


It was a great Father's Day here! Matts rough green female gave us a clutch of 7 eggs!!
We really love Opheodrys aestivus and can't wait to hatch these guys. This will be the 2nd time breeding and working with them.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 06/23/2021

Ra X Shikari
Tangerine Eclipse het Tremper Albino X Pastel Redstripe Cross Tremper Albino het eclipse from Giant lines.

Such pretty babies!
These two will probably be hold backs for a while. :)

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 05/31/2021

Rehoused 8 of my 15 tarantulas tonight into upgraded larger spaces. I can't wait to see how they web these new enclosures up. My 8 legged babies are such awesome animals.


Pretty Babies!!!
Murphy Patternless het rainwater albino het eclipse(cyclone) X Jungle Mack Snow Rainwater het Murphy Patternless het eclipse(cyclone)


First hatchlings of the season! Nemo X Nashe
Atomic Electric Emerine cross X Bold Mack Snow het eclipse

They are so tiny and cute!


Hey there Sandman Exotics family!!!
Over the last 11 years we have had the blessing of meeting hundreds of thousands of amazing families and helped them pick out the best scaley family members for them!

If you are one of those amazing families that has had the pleasure to talk with us and or purchase babies of any kind of animal from us in the past please make a comment about your expirance with us and/or animal! I would love hear what year and to see updated pictures of your furred, feathered, scaled or insect pets you have gotten from us in the past!
I appreciate your time in sharing your story of how we helped and love seeing all your animal pets.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 02/16/2021

With and without flash pictures in my crappy garage lighting of one of my holdbacks. Atomic Electric Emerine cross het Tremper Albino pos het eclipse
Nemo X Beauty

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 02/16/2021

These three were looking awesome after fresh sheds. Love these pretty girls. 2 are first time breeders this season and one, Nashe, is one of my first snows ever produced.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 02/16/2021

Some natural light outdoor pictures I got about a week and a half to 2 weeks ago that I forgot to post. These are some holdbacks and they are looking great.
I am so excited to see where our projects lead us the next couple years and proud of what we have achived in the last decade.

Photos from Sandman Exotics's post 02/13/2021

Indoor and outdoor with and with out flash. This pretty boy was originally a hold back but I decided to keep a brother instead so he will be going to his forever home today! He only gets better looking with each shed. His greens in person are absolutely stellar.
Atomic Electric Emerine Funky Jungle Tangerine cross het bell albino pos het eclipse.


My Holdback Funky Jungle Radar female is getting some nice yellows on her sides and her head pattern looks really awesome right now.


Really cool to see the color change in this animal. Oddball is still an oddball!
With in just a few minutes of being out in the setting sun this baby really goes from dark to bright. It is still such an odd looking gecko and it's skin still feels and looks so different than any other gecko I have ever hatched in the last 10-11 years.
Atomic Electric Emerine Cross proven non het X Bold Mack Snow het eclipse


Went to take a picture and it ended up on video. May not have been the still shot I wanted but still an awesome video of Lillith's Daughter, Carrie.


Got pictures of my holdback Hog Island boas from last years litter.
Both are absolutely gorgeous and flaring opposite of one another. As September 13th, 2019 babies they have been aptly name Carrie and Jason.
Carrie is the darker of the two and Jason the brighter. Both have some of the most incredible pinks thank the camera just doesn't pick up just how gorgeous their pinks are.
Really excited for future projects and seeing how these two beauties grow.


Some pretty pictures of some of the nonholdback babies. :)


Some belated Halloween pictures. Lol
Some of my holdbacks.


This baby still looks so weird. Lol
The smooth feel to its skin, its partially scaleless head, neck and legs, all the wrinkled extra skin, its deep dark eyes and drastic contrast in its color and pattern make for a truly unique and interesting gecko. I have also noticed the way this baby almost in a way fires up and down in its color. When I first get her out she is always almost a deep burnt orange than once she has been out a couple minutes she brightens up to this bright beautiful orange.
Really enjoying watching this baby grow and change.


A couple quick outside pictures of these two pretty sisters today.
Atomic Electric Emerine cross het Tremper Albino pos het eclipse


This Funky Jungle Radar just keeps getting better looking with each shed! The amount of orange on this baby's tail is incredible and shows all the way down both sides and the bottom to the very tip of the tail. Very excited to see where this line will take me in the next couple seasons!


Really happy with how these two are turning out. This clutch has been exactly what I was hoping to see from Nemo X Beauty. They are going to be incredible adults. At the moment they are both looking female which would be great! Not too bad for crappy cell phone pictures with bad garage lighting. Lol

Both are Atomic Electric Emerine crosses het Tremper Albino pos het eclipse.


Oh the greens!
Daemon X Elora
Funky Jungle Tangerine het eclipse pos het bell albino
Azriel looky!


Matt will be out at the Lions Club in McQueeny, Texas this weekend for the Texas Reptile Expo!
He will be vending with S&S Exotics and will have a select few of our high quality, genetic guarrunteed geckos available!
These babies will make gorgeous pets or be amazing genetic power houses to add to your breeding plans! Don't miss out on snatching one or more πŸ˜‰ of the few babies we have left for the season. Several of these available were originally hold backs we have now released!

Have a blessed day! Hope to see you there!


Some over cast out door pictures I got the other day of some of our holdbacks.
I like our daughters old jungle gym as a photo spot. Lol Worked decently. There are more pictures of each in the comments.


My strange little Odd Ball was looking lovely the other day. Growing and shedding well.


Looky who was in the incubator this morning!
Normal het Rainwater Albino/Murphy patternless pos het eclipse(Cyclone)

Mack Snow Typhoon het Murphy Patternless(Cyclone)
This one will be a holdback for now.

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Went to take a picture and it ended up on video. May not have been the still shot I wanted but still an awesome video of...
TJ enjoying some egg





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