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The VIP Music School offers voice lessons for ALL singers in Spring, Texas. All you need to enhance, free up or train your voice are here for YOU!

I have been singing since I was very young. I have always loved vocal music. I received a Bachelor's Degree in music and began teaching right away. Through the years I have seen many students make great improvement in their singing by using the tools I provide. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to sing better when given the proper tools. 06/07/2018

Good Singing Studio

We are off and running with our Summer Singing Lessons. We still have a few times open if you are considering voice lessons for yourself or your child (ages 5 and up). The monthly price is $60 for a weekly 30-minute lesson and $120 for a weekly 1-hour lesson.

*No lessons will be taught July 18-July 30.

Call (832)987-4642 today to start! Keturah Moller has been teaching voice for over 10 years. She teaches all ages and abilities. Singing is a passion. Now is the time to find your voice.


Tips on how NOT to breathe:

1. Don't breath deliberately, take a reflexive breath. In other words sing then relax and let air enter your lungs.

2. Don't fill yourself completely up with air before singing, take enough, then sing.

3. Don't breathe then hold your air, just breath and sing.

4. Don't practice audible breathing. A relaxed breath is silent.


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"If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing." - James Barrie 09/08/2016

Adele, Grammys and Vocal Damage -

Amen. You only get one voice! Learn how to use it properly. BY ANDREA BENSMILLER If you thought Adele’s Grammy performance, besides the obvious pitch problems (whether caused by bad sound or not), felt strained, pushed, tense, not quite so fluid…it was. People have probably forgotten by now that in 2012 Adele, after damaging her voice “suddenly” on a French…


Good Singing Tip:
I often get asked what key an individual should begin their warm-up session. Although this varies from student to student, a good rule of thumb is to begin a bit above your normal speaking range, then move up or down from where you start. The main thing is to explore your voice! Discover what is comfortable. Take note of what your mind says in relation to the pitch. And above all, sing with ease.


Singing Test: Hold a lighted candle a few inches from your open mouth as you sing a vowel. If the candle flickers, you are using too much air. To improve this, imagine inhaling as you sing. It will slow down the rate of air leaving.


Keturah M. - Spring Teacher

Hey, everyone! I'm now offering private singing lessons online as well as in my studio in The Woodlands, TX! Interested? Let's get connected or please share with anyone who wants to improve their singing voice. Thanks! In 2015, I began teaching voice in TX. Prior to moving, I taught voice in California and before that I was in Utah teaching private voice and choral education at Bonneville Junior High in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a deep love for singing and performing. I began singing with my family at the age o…


Good Singing Tip:
Try this exercise in your warm-ups to see if jaw tension affects you. While singing a note, gently move your jaw up and down with your hand, without using your jaw muscles. Avoid clenching your jaw. If it is easy, good news you are nice and relaxed. If not, well, at least you know now what to work on.


Good Singing Tip:
Your vocal folds (vocal chords) come together just by thought. Therefore, to ensure note accuracy, think the note before you sing.


Good Singing Tip:
You sing with your entire body. Good singing depends on relaxation.Take time in your warm-up to relax your shoulders, neck, jaw and anywhere else you may hold tension. It really makes a difference in your sound! 04/01/2016

Sweet Adelines International - The_Pitch_Pipe_April_2016

Warm-ups are so valuable! If we skip out, we are missing faster growth. What Makes Warm-Ups SO Important By Keturah Moller • Preface By Betty Clipman C horus rehearsal is ideally a night of joy and accomplishment. e common thread that motivates members to join Sweet Adelines is that they love to sing. As a chorus director, it's a privilege to train women who really want…


Singing in a choir or chorus can be a lot of fun. Each member usually wants to do whatever they can to give the director what they are asking for. So why is the director always repeating the same demands? Are we really giving the director what they want? That is where a private voice teacher can help. It can be difficult to know if we are producing the tension free, beautiful quality our director wants to hear.
If you could use an outside pair of trained ears to help you reach your singing goals, call the Moller Music Studio and get started today!


Breathing is the most overlooked aspect in singing. Sure, you may think about breathing while you sing, but do you warm up your breathing mechanism when you warm up your voice? Did you know that correct breathing while singing results in the singer being able to sing a phrase or word longer, sing louder or softer and produce a relaxed sound? The results sound pretty fantastic, right? If you have been attempting this alone for a while, maybe it is time to look at taking private lessons. An outside, trained ear can do wonders for your voice!

If you want support in building your breathing skills, set up a lesson with the Moller Music Studio. In no time you will be able to sing with ease!



singing lessons for all ages and abilities



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