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"I suck at sharpening instruments!" In this video, I discuss the 3 main options hygienists have to help them with the sharpening "problem". Links Video Photos End

Update: Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) Osteonecrosis of the jaw first surfaced in 2003, and its mechanisms are still unclear. It is known to be associated with cancer treatments, infection, steroid use, and antiresorptive therapies for osteoarthritis. Here's what dental hygienists need to know.

Saliva protects teeth against cavities more than we thought Salivary mucins do more than just provide a physical barrier against bacteria that cause cavities - they keep them in suspension and stop them forming biofilms on teeth.

Treatment and Billing Guidelines for Dental Hygiene Patients: Plaque-Induced Gingivitis How often to do have patients scheduled for a dental hygiene appointment where they have no radiographic signs of bone loss, their periodontal screening exam is WNL but they have heavy bleeding? And what about those patients who were due to see the hygienists a year ago, they have no signs of perio…

Woman arrested, accused of operating unlicensed dental office Investigators arrested a woman on Tuesday who they said was operating an unlicensed dental clinic in Orange County.

24 Signs That You’re Addicted to Starbucks

Strategies for the Safe Treatment of Cardiovascular Patients (2 CEUs) Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is a monthly, peer reviewed journal that reconnects practicing dental hygienists with the nation's leading educators and researchers

Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

Shared by a fellow hygienist.
This patient is in her late sixties. It has been over 20 years since her last dental visit. Her treatment plan includes a full lower denture.

The CDC states that nearly 1 in 2 adults over thirty have some form of periodontal disease. So many factors contribute to this statistic: access to care, patient education, fear, the list goes on. Please take the time to educate each and every one of your patients. Your role as an educator cannot be under estimated!

Dental Hygiene Ergonomics Occupational Health Branch web page featuring the Dental Hygiene and Ergonomic Video Series

RDH magazine

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E-Cigs Have 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes - Mamas Off Her Meds Again Japanese scientists announced that e-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing carcinogens than its counterpart in the tobacco world. At one

Dental hygiene and anesthesia: Even government is perplexed by doublespeak Access to care and local anesthesia administration are passionate topics for me. My beliefs come from a mixture of experience, data, and personal observations.


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Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

*Just a joke. Plaque doesn't affect how your third molars erupt.


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Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day! The tooth fairy myth in the United States took the form of the story we tell today in the early 1900s. The tooth fairy is based on European myths and other traditions.

Europeans from before the Middle Ages were actually very concerned about the correct disposal of primary teeth. The belief was if a witch got a hold of a tooth (or fingernail clippings and hair) the witch could curse a child. So centuries ago it was a common practice to bury a child’s primary tooth in the ground when it fell out. This would prevent a curse and was done so that a permanent tooth would grow in its place. As people migrated to the States and began to live in cities where a yard wasn't always available to bury a tooth, flower pots were used. Eventually, this led to the tooth being “buried” under the child’s pillow.

But where did the money part come from? In the Middle Ages, from what is now Scandinavia, the Vikings paid children for a lost tooth a tann-fé (tooth fee). The teeth were, in turn, worn on a necklace for good luck in battle. The idea of exchanging a tooth for coins advanced throughout Europe, though it did not yet involve a fairy. The fairy probably came from English literature.

The 1927 play by Esther Watkins Arnold and the 1949 book by Lee Rogo, both called “The Tooth Fairy,” give the myth a permanent place alongside Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

From burying teeth to avoid curses to The Rise of the Guardians, the tooth fairy has come a long way!

I Love Being a Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

Here's to being literal!

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

An updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study published in the Journal of Periodontology, “Update on Prevalence of Periodontitis in Adults in the United States: NHANES 2009-2012,” reports that 63% of Hispanic adults in the United States have periodontitis. NonHispanic Blacks have a 59% prevalence rate of periodontitis, followed by Asian-American adults with a prevalence rate of 50%. Regarding age groups, periodontal disease is present in 68% of US adults age 65 and older. Additionally, the study confirms early contentions that approximately half of all Americans age 30 and over—64.7 million Americans—have periodontitis.

Read the study abstract here:

Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

A Visit with a Registered Dental Hygienist Could Save A Life! (PRWEB) February 19, 2015 -- The Dental Hygienists' Alliance responds to The American Dental Association's proposal to create a lower level provider in dentistry. Protect the quality of your dental care -- Oppose the Oral Preventive Assistant.

Bacteria Management Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is a monthly, peer reviewed journal that reconnects practicing dental hygienists with the nation's leading educators and researchers

Major children’s dental study underway Over 1,200 children from across 22 dental practices have been taking part in a pioneering research study aimed at making a significant improvement to the oral health of young children in Northern Ireland.

Oral Preventive Assistant FAQ Exploring new allied personnel categories to assist the profession in addressing access to care needs of the population.

Malocclusion and dental crowding arose 12,000 years ago with earliest farmers

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Do you have the coolest pediatric dental office?

One way to make kids love visiting the dentist is by having an office that is fun and exciting for them.

Check out these awesome pediatric offices and share with us photos of your own!

Trip to the dentist saves Edmond girl's life EDMOND, Okla. -- It was a routine procedure that turned into so much more for Journee Woodard. The 11-year-old was up for a routine cleaning, when hygienist, Rachel Stroble, noticed something odd a...

Dental Hygiene with Kara RDH

2015 Grammy Nominees - Dental Record of the Year

Dental versions of the Grammy nominees for Record/Song of the Year, brought to you by 4th year dental students in Arizona. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Brace...

Ultrasonic vs Hand-Scaling - Pros & Cons I am a student and I prefer hand-scaling to an ultrasonic, even on patients that have moderate and heavy calculus, also for me ultrasonic is only slightly faster than hand scaling. I was told this would be looked down upon when I got into practice for wasting time. Is this true?

New Spotlight Series: Dental Ergonomics.

The use of prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental procedures in patients with prosthetic... A panel of experts (the 2014 Panel) convened by the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs developed an evidence-based clinical practice guideline (CPG) on the use of prophylactic antibiotics in patients with prosthetic joints who are undergoing dental procedures. This CPG is inte…

New Spotlight Series: Dental Ergonomics.

GUEST EDITORIAL | The Gift of Gratitude Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is a monthly, peer reviewed journal that reconnects practicing dental hygienists with the nation's leading educators and researchers

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