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Overcome your life struggles with private counseling sessions at Family & Youth Institute, LLC. In business for 9 years, our center is an individual and family counseling agency with 10 licensed professionals specializing in working with adolescents, families who have loved ones caught up in the cycle of addiction, sexual abuse, adoption/foster care, marriage and family therapy, mental health, couples struggling with infertility, and a variety of groups. We have Christian counselors and a bi-lingual (Spanish) therapist on staff.

Operating as usual

[08/28/20]   FYI Learning Zone Life Coaches and FYI therapists are considering offering a unique model of care to help children practice ADHD accommodations, Cognitive Therapy anxiety and depression management tools, peer interaction, and frustration coping skills in real time while they complete their online school work. This may include group work and therapy sessions as requested and needed by clients.

If you or someone you know may be interested in knowing more about the model of care or would like to comment on the need in our community, please inquire here or via messenger.

You may also call Mary Ann Sartori at 713-392-4584 for more details.

Family & Youth Institute LLC's cover photo

Family & Youth Institute LLC's cover photo

Family & Youth Institute LLC


Family & Youth Institute LLC in Texas is proud to announce Family and Youth Institute in Richmond Hill, GA and welcome back to our practice Mary “Denise” Sartori García, MA, LMFT, LPC. Denise, an owner in the practice, is from Texas and worked with FYI in Texas as a therapist and as Vice President of the LLC prior to relocating to Richmond Hill, GA, almost two years ago.

She is now licensed in GA, as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She Is re-entering private practice part-time and will have limited space to schedule clients who find her to be a good fit for them. She has been helping people since 2006, and continues to love what she does and to have a passion for this work.

She especially enjoys working with couples, parents, children, and adolescents, as well as, the entire family unit. To read more about Denise follow the website link below, go to the “Our Team” link, and click on Denise’s name to read her full bio.


Family Counseling | The Woodlands, TX

FYI welcomes Sarah Stewart, LPC Student Intern (Supervisor: Mary Ann Sartori, M.A., LPC-S) and Office Administrator, to Family and Youth Institute. She has experience with grief, loss, trauma, anxiety and depression. She is versed in military and first responder trauma and other needs. Sarah is now accepting private pay clients and sliding scale.
Read more about her at

Sign up for private and family counseling sessions at our center in The Woodlands, TX.

Family Counseling Center: Private. The Woodlands, TX

FYI is happy to have Jonesa Cochran, M.A., M.Ed., CSC, Stephanie Choo, M.A., Coznseling, and Mikayla Williams, M.A., LPC, join us as we make plans to add to our services.

We are expanding and looking forward to adding more group activities for youth and adults, life coaches, regular parent training, and other services to provide a more wrap around model of care for our clients.

I would like to add a special note of thanks to our summer college intern Shealen Taylor. She has been making life much easier around here, and we are enjoying getting to know her.

Please check out our website at

We would invite you to like and share our page. Sign up for private and family counseling sessions at our center in The Woodlands, Texas.

The FYI Learning Zone, a subsidiary of Family and Youth Institute, is offering two 7-week groups focusing on students transitioning back to school. The first group will highlight school success, and the second group will focus on friendship. Groups will be facilitated by Jonesa Cochran, M.Ed., M.A.. Jonesa is a certified school counselor with over 16 years of experience conducting adolescent groups. See attached brochure for more information. Incoming 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students are invited to register.

Family and Youth Institute, LLC would like to welcome Mikayla Williams, M.A., LPC-Intern
Supervisor: Megan Garzaglass, M.S., LPC-S

A word from Mikayla...

I strive to create an environment in which you feel comfortable expressing yourself freely. I will offer you a judgment free zone to release all emotions and thoughts. I obtained my B.S. in Psychology at Texas A&M University where I gained insight on neuroscience and human behavior. I pursued my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Sam Houston State University with a focus in Play Therapy, finding my passion for holistic, mindfulness mental health counseling for teens, couples, and adults in areas including trauma, domestic violence and sexual assault victims and survivors, grief, anxiety, depression, codependency issues, self-esteem, self-harming behaviors, relationship issues, and parenting issues. I aim to help you discover, explore, and find relief from your mistaken beliefs, your core fears, your shame, and learned behaviors that no longer have benefit. My goal is to help you develop courage to face what’s in front of you by facilitating an awareness of your strengths and your belonging and to help you have a sense of hope and an insight of new possibilities.

Family and Youth Institute and the FYI Learning Zone want to welcome Stephanie Choo, M.A., M.B.A., Life Coach and Group Facilitator.

Stephanie is working with the FYI Learning Zone as a Family Life and Career Coach and Educational Group Facilitator while completing requirements for licensure as mental health counselor intern. She has graduated summa cm laude from the Northwestern University Masters of Arts Counseling Program. Prior to entering the field of counseling, Stephanie enjoyed a decade-long career in business and received her MBA and BBA, graduating summa cm laude in both her classes. Her achievements, coupled with her ability to speak multiple languages, has enabled her to travel internationally, trading up to millions in commodities.

Stephanie enrolled in the [email protected] program and became interested in depression. She focused her capstone project on evaluating depression with an emphasis on, "The effects of screen time among children, adolescents and the family". She also believes nuero-cognition heavily influences the child’s psychological development. While Stephanie specializes in working with children and adolescents, her therapeutic approach lies in CBFT coupled with psychoeducation, and group therapy. Stephanie believes that although parent training is essential in psychotherapy, nothing is more important than families, who seek therapy as a cohesive unit. She is also a strong advocate for psychoeducation surrounding the teenage brain and its influence on an adolescent's developmental stages. Additionally, she works with children, whose parents are going or have gone through separation or divorce.

As a mother of two children, Stephanie understands postpartum recovery and postpartum depression among women. Stephanie has several years of experience working with mothers who have struggled with postpartum depression, anxiety and depression after abortion. She has as well, worked with mothers with Special Needs children, helping them transition.

Among some of her future goals include pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, writing & publishing children books, exploring international school counseling opportunities and setting up non-profit organizations for foster children and orphans.

Stephanie currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas, with her husband and four children. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook, swim and spend time with her little ones! She also serves as the Secretary to the Saint Anne's Society at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and volunteers her time at St. Anthony's Career Support Ministry, Divorce and Support Group and St. Martha's Society.

To learn more about Stephanie’s upcoming educational groups, presentations, and Family and Career Coaching activities call FYI at (281) 748-0233 or email Stephanie directly at [email protected]. Watch for more information.

[06/03/20]   Sarah Stewart, HBU Student Intern, is now seeing clients on a sliding scale and pro-bono basis. Sarah works with mental health conditions, such as anxiety, grief, stress, anger and depression. She also works with families, youth, and adolescents. Being retired military and having a family active in several law enforcement agencies in the area, she is particularly adept working with trauma within this population and with their families.

If you know of military or law enforcement members or families who need help, please call Sarah Stewart, Family and Youth Institute, LLC at 281-748-0233.

[03/31/20]   Therapists here at FYI are ready to help.

Ariel Batton, MA, LPC, is now scheduling clients She works with sliding scale, out-of-network insurance and private pay. She also accepts Aetna, BCBS and UHC insurances.

Her experience in mental health hospital, rehabilitation, and foster care settings has prepared her to work with a wide range of conditions. She is a certified EMDT Therapist.

Ariel has evening appointments available. Call 281-748-0233 to schedule an appointment.

Family Counseling Center: Private. The Woodlands, TX

Our therapists are accepting new clients and working with TeleHealth. We are accepting BCBS, Aetna, UHC, and Cigna. We also have therapists who work with sliding scale clients.

You can read about our therapists at

Reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed. Call us at 281-748-0233 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

We have 11 therapists here for you. Sign up for private and family counseling sessions at our center in The Woodlands, Texas.

[03/30/20]   COVID 19 has become a household word in just a few weeks. Therapists at Family and Youth Institute are here to help if you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or just need to get a new perspective.

We are offering video counseling sessions. Most insurance companies are acting to make therapy affordable by extending video counseling coverage to all members and waiving copays. Ask us about alternative payment plans also.

You do not have to go through this alone. Reach out. Call 281-748-0233 to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to Teen Tuesday.
With much attention being placed on social media and seeking approval from peers, I want to remind teens, “You are perfectly created, and you are enough. Look within yourself and give yourself approval to be you.”

Welcome to Mom’s Monday. Being a mom is a beautiful blessing filled with many joys. There may come days when a mom feels overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. When those days come, remember you are not alone. Take a deep breath. You were given at your creation everything you need to do what you need to do. Reach out to your Higher Power, family, or friends. Take a breath and think of what is good and beautiful and what can be. Focus on solutions and not the problems.

It is Mom’s Monday. Choose Joy!

[09/17/18]   Therapists here at FYI are ready to help.

Ariel Batton, MA, LPC, is now scheduling clients with Texas Traditional Medicaid plans (TMHP). She, also, works with sliding scale, out-of-network, and private pay.
Her experience in mental health hospital, rehabilitation, and foster care settings has prepared her to work with a wide range of conditions.

Ariel has evening appointments available. Call 281-748-0233 to schedule an appointment.

Thanks to Denise Cipolla for sharing. I work frequently with those grieving loss, and these tips are aligned with what many tell me they need. Grief hurts. Friends can help.

Therapists here at FYI are ready to help.

Ariel Batton, MA, LPC, is now scheduling clients with Texas Traditional Medicaid plans (TMHP). She, also, works with sliding scale, out-of-network, and private pay.
Her experience in mental health hospital, rehabilitation, and foster care settings has prepared her to work with a wide range of conditions.

Ariel has evening appointments available. Call 281-748-0233 to schedule an appointment.

Thank you to The Mama Bear Effect for this post.

Your pain matters. ❤️

[08/02/18]   I am facilitating a Life Skills Training Group (Self Esteem, Decision Making, Stress Management, Communication, Assertiveness) with a Focus on Executive Function Skills (Planning, Impulse Control, Organization, Self Monitoring, Self Accommodation Skills).This group is appropriate for ADHD and ODD boys.

Boys - Grades 7-10 (12-16)
Open Group - Limited to 7
3:00 PM, Tuesdays

We also have a co-ed open game group for the same age. This group is appropriate for higher functioning ASD teens and others who need help leaning to make and keep friends and interact appropriately with peers. It is facilitated by Amanda Norminton, LPC, LMFT

Boys and Girls - Grades 7-10 (12-16)
Open Group - Limited to 10
4:00 PM Mondays

Call Mary Ann Sartori for Information at 713-392-4584 or call Family & Youth Institute at 281-748-0233 to schedule.

Family Counseling Center: Private. The Woodlands, TX

Philip Harris, MS, LPC, LCDC with Family & Youth Institute LLC is now accepting Humana TriCare. We would appreciate being added to your referral lists.

Phil can be reached through our office at 281-748-0233.

Please visit us at Sign up for private and family counseling sessions at our center in The Woodlands, Texas.

[05/15/18]   Bipolar Treatments and Therapies

Treatment helps many people—even those with the most severe forms of bipolar disorder—gain better control of their mood swings and other bipolar symptoms.

An effective treatment plan usually includes a combination of medication and psychotherapy (also called “talk therapy”).

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness. Episodes of mania and depression typically come back over time. Between episodes, many people with bipolar disorder are free of mood changes, but some people may have lingering symptoms. Long-term, continuous treatment helps to control these symptoms.


Different types of medications can help control symptoms of bipolar disorder. An individual may need to try several different medications before finding ones that work best.

Medications generally used to treat bipolar disorder include:

Mood stabilizers
Atypical antipsychotics
Anyone taking a medication should:

Talk with a doctor or a pharmacist to understand the risks and benefits of the medication

Report any concerns about side effects to a doctor right away. The doctor may need to change the dose or try a different medication.

Avoid stopping a medication without talking to a doctor first. Suddenly stopping a medication may lead to “rebound” or worsening of bipolar disorder symptoms. Other uncomfortable or potentially dangerous withdrawal effects are also possible.

[05/14/18]   What is a manic episode?

Signs of manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder may include:

Episodes of out of control anger, including shouting, threatening, throwing objects, hitting people or objects. You may even think during an episode, “Why am I doing this.”

Doing things you later regret such as spending lots of money, engaging in reckless sexual activity, gambling excessively, or having arguments, shouting out of control at those you love.

Having a lot of energy and feeling as if you can accomplish any task.

Staying awake and not sleeping. Going non stop.

Finding it hard to stay focused

Thinking too fast or feeling as if your mind is racing.

Talking faster than usual — so fast that others have a hard time jumping in.

Appearing to be high even if you haven’t taken drugs.

Taking dangerous risks or getting into unsafe situations.

If you notice these in yourself or others, seek help.

[05/13/18]   More bipolar thoughts...

If you or a loved one recognizes signs of bipolar, seek medical help.

What are the signs of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder symptoms vary over time.
In an “up” swing, also known as a manic episode, you may feel extremely happy, energetic, or on edge and irritable. You may feel overly self-confident or even take dangerous risks.
In a “down” swing, you may feel depressed or hopeless. You may lose interest in the things you normally enjoy, find it hard to make decisions or remember things, and have very low energy.
Sometimes these mood swings may happen close together; sometimes there are periods between mood swings when you are not really "up" or "down," but feel more like your usual self.
You may have more down periods than up periods, or they may occur in about equal lengths of time.
Regardless of the pattern, if you are having severe changes in your mood, sleep, or energy levels, you may want to reach out for support.

Food and Mood: 6 Ways Your Diet Affects How You Feel

Anxiety has a way of showing up when we least expect it. I have become a huge believer that diet with balanced nutrients, water, exercise, sleep and avoidance of preservatives and fast food can be key to anxiety management. I am seeing more and more research on this.

Below is a link to one article

What you eat can lift or lower your spirits. What you eat can lift or lower your spirits.

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Family & Youth Institute, LLC is devoted to helping people live the best life possible. Our therapists seek out creative solutions to address client needs. Because it is our mission to offer services to people form all walks of life, we provide a variety of payment options, including private pay, in network and out of network insurance, and sliding scale (Proof of income is required). Our student counseling interns also provide free counseling to qualified clients (limited appointments available).

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