Hero Martial Arts & Leadership Academy, Spring, TX Video April 25, 2020, 6:08pm

Videos by Hero Martial Arts & Leadership Academy in Spring. Helping our students become stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Winner of the best board breaking victory dance! ☺️🥋

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Way to go Caine! Great speech. 🥋

Winner of the best board breaking victory dance! ☺️🥋

At home Virtual Black Belt testing. Our families get it done!! 🔥💙

HERO Master Alex Segura Highlights.

Tonight we had our first ever Virtual Belt Test. Everyone was on fire! 🔥 Congratulations to everyone for working so hard through all of this. We love you! 🥋

Breaking Through Challanges!
Breaking through challenges daily! Congratulations to Noah, one of our newest white belts!

A message from Master Roland Osborne to all of our students! Thank you sir !

Congratulations to Easton today for being our first student to earn his white belt through our Virtual Program! Nothing will stop us from changing lives and making a difference. It's needed now more than ever!

4-6 year old Interactive Virtual Training.
Interactive virtual training for 4-6 year olds. 💙

How to schedule your Virtual Private Lesson.

Thank you sir for your kind words. We are in this together. We got your back! 💪🏼

Interactive Little HERO virtual classes.

We are now offering FREE virtual private lessons to all of our students. You can sign up on our App.

Hear what our families are saying about our online virtual classes!! 💙

A positive message from Master Josh Arcemont on the current state of things. 3-20-20

Master Josh Arcemont's Martial Art's Origin Story

Only 1 hour until class is in session again! We can’t wait to see everyone ready to turn it up tonight! Who’s joining us tonight?!?

We can & we will crush this challange!
Another night of amazing classes! This is what we call the “Adversity Advantage”. Check out the commitment from the HERO Family as they continue to crush their goals, and stay healthy through this challenge. #HEROstrong

Our online classes were a huge hit today!

Muay Thai Seminar with Tyler and Diego 2020

Tyler Wombles Combo #1
Learn form the best! Tyler Wombles seminars are amazing!

Faith Gordon's Martial Arts Origin Story.
Check out HERO Instructor Faith Gordon’s martial arts origin story.

Please help us in wishing our very own Master Instructor Alex Segura a Happy Birthday!

Jason Koch Martial Arts Origin Story
Check out HERO Instructor Jason Koch martial arts origin story!

Happy Monday HEROES!

Jadi Tention Seminar Highlights
Our Jadi Tention Seminar was on fire. Check it out!

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