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Jennifer L. Aune Counseling PLLC, MA, LPC


Please STOP for school buses! Get off your phones, slow down and pay attention. Otherwise, get OFF the road. I say take away people's drivers license if caught violating the laws, esp the laws that are put in place for our safety. People are in a hurry these days....NOTHING is that important that you can't stop for a bus unloading our children!
"She encouraged me to read, to write. She earned us money. She gave us time. She handled all the organisational side of my life, the stuff you need to do to tick over. She filled in the blanks that worry and darkness had left in its wake. She was my mind-double, my life-sitter, my literal other half when half of me had gone. She covered for me, waiting patiently like a war-wife, during my absence from myself." -Matt Haig Reason to Stay Alive

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Mission: Healing through enlightenment, laughter & peace!


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I certainly would not wish a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist/anti social/cluster b personality type on anyone. This demonstrates the logic that one would never want their child to meet or marry a person like that... But that's not how they think... Simply they are incapable of love, empathy or respect. Most of them don't even care about their children much less worry about the person they may fall in love with. They are way too self centered to care about anyone expect themselves. It's sad and pathetic. But be thankful if you have ever experienced the torturous hell they put you through because when you finally escape and release the chains they placed around you to suck your spirit and soul out you will have grown and reached a new level of enlightenment... And a new level of self love, self worth and healing. Thank GOD and the universe you are finally free and your light that you have always carried will shine even brighter! Namaste my friends. ❤

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Counseling Telehealth problems 2020!

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The struggle is real!

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Jennifer L. Aune Counseling PLLC
Re: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
March 15, 2020

In an effort to maintain our communities safety and health our office will be offering secure video conference counseling sessions as well as telephone sessions for the week of March 15th through the 22nd. If you are receiving this message then you are a current or previous client and/or have a scheduled upcoming appointment at our office. We respect your decision during this time with social distancing to help reduce the risk of further infection especially if you are an:

*Older adult
*People who have serious chronic medical conditions like: Heart disease, Diabetes and
Lung disease.
*Currently ill.
*Or have knowingly been exposed or are on a voluntary quarantine.

We are committed to doing our part for the community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected. We understand the increased anxiety this is causing for many. Please affirm that our world will be safe, at peace and healthy.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach us at:

[email protected] or 832 704 4320.

Jennifer L. Aune MA, LPC
Jody Reed MA, LPC

Thank you!

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Let's be HAPPY! Let's think positive! What's the alternative?

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COVID-19 (A Manifestation of Narcissism)

Love Teal or not.. I follow her.

The COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak is spreading throughout the world, but what is spreading faster is the fear and panic surrounding it. You have fear with...


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❤ If you believe in The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration, Epigenetics, The Power of Positive Thinking, Positive Affirmations, Meditation, Prayer, etc... Why not affirm that as ONE we are ALL healthy and safe. We are protected and free from FEAR. We... as ONE are at PEACE and have an ABUNDANCE of LOVE, HEALTH, PROTECTION AND SAFETY!

Otherwise, you are focusing on one of the MANY things in this world that can and WILL go wrong and hurt you and your loved ones. Our time here is temporary and we often fail to remember this. Our hearts have hardened to a lack of gratitude and positive thinking and beliefs. We fail to recognize that we are the creators of our experiences. We are not victims of circumstances. We are here to grow, learn and expand our consciousness.
How did many of us forget this? How did many forget that we direct our bodies to heal or be ill. Your body has its own intelligence and knows how to heal itself and how to communicate to you what it needs and wants yet we often ignore it.

If you are familiar with Epigenetics then many things in your life would and can drastically change. Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Your thoughts and beliefs in your conscious and subconscious dictate your blood chemistry. Most (some claim 90 to 97%) of disease and illness are caused by these types of repetitive negative irrational, and faulty belief systems based on limitations that have been playing on a continuous loop in your brain from early on. Early experiences from inside your mother's womb up to around 8 years old downloaded the programming that is currently driving all your conscious actions and behaviors. It's ALL unconscious. More on that later as my point is more about this...

For example.... your life could be going very bad and then all of a sudden you meet someone and you fall in LOVE/INFATUATION. What happens next? Well, we all know life is paradise right at that moment! So what changed? Did your circumstances, stressors and problems go away? NO! You turned the negative programming off in your brain and you began to live in the here and now.... the very thing that you have wanted which is love and connection is right before your eyes and you fully motivated to focus on that amazing thing right before your eyes! Therefore you changed your blood chemistry to all of the feel-good chemicals. Now you are happy, care free, eating and sleeping less because of increased energy. You are glowing and maybe skipping and dancing around. You see the beautiful sky, the vibrant flowers and sun all around you ! Life is good! Jackpot! Excitement! Soulmate! Paradise! Love songs! Neurotransmitters are flooding your brain lighting you up as if you were on cocaine (yes, brain scans can prove this). And let's not get into why affairs place you chemically even more high as if your brain is on crack cocaine! I'll save that for another discussion but it's fascinating stuff. During this process you also reduced/ get rid of all the bad stress chemicals and hormones that have been surging through your blood stream for days, months, years, decades. This is what we call the delicious "HONEYMOON EFFECT". Anyone can live in it at any given moment and time. We know this to be true because stress is what eventually kills us. It's the blood chemistry and chronic intermittent activation of the sympathetic nervous system that wreaks complete havoc on your entire body and organs. Particularly hit hard is your sweet and kind heart. We cannot achieve longevity with ongoing chronic stress (The Fight, Freeze or Flight Response). Why do you think heart disease is the number one killer? Your heart is the HUB of everything within your system and believe me it feels and records the impact of all negativity, all loss, all pain, all grief and all bad thoughts, etc. This is why we say " he or she broke my heart, my heart is breaking, they took a piece of my heart"... your heart works so hard for you every second of every minute of every day of your life and yet we don't acknowledge it. We actually abuse it. So yes... one can die from a broken and or mistreated heart.

We are wired to think about the negative and worse case scenario...its part of our make up and evolutionary drive to survive. So yes in times we need the automatic stress response to aid in our survival. Without it we would cease to exist. We cannot control this automatic life saving process BUT we can learn to recognize when it's activated and then use our emotional intelligence to turn it off instead of allowing it to remain activated for a lengthy amount of time. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is the quickest and easiest way to deactivate it. That's another topic that I would love to write about as well.

We have control over ONE thing... Our thoughts and beliefs. They can change anything you are wanting to change and create for yourself and our planet. Remember repetition is how thoughts and beliefs get programmed into our subconscious then it becomes automatic. Think learning your ABC's or driving. It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction... Things begin to happen. There are other ways that we can reprogram and retrain our conscious and unconscious but this is just one of the most simplistic forms that's easy to do on a daily basis.


Imagine all GOOD, GREAT AND AMAZING things and help yourself and the collective unconscious manifest it. It's YOUR responsibility! This is a universal law and many don't understand it or utilize it.

Ok just my 2 cents and my beliefs. Take it or leave it. I'm not a medical doctor, scientist, spiritual leader or guru but I do study alot about this daily! I'm extremely passionate and quite obsessive in my quest for our healing.

Written are strictly my words, thoughts, education and collective knowledge from years of study, research and working with patients for over 20 years as a Psychotherapist. And if you disagree...I am open to your feedback and discussion but I do not want anything negative attached to this so any rude comments will be deleted because this information comes from a place of LIGHT and LOVE. This has been a journey and quest for me and I continue to learn every day. I understand many people will not believe the things that they cannot see or feel and I respect that as there is validity in that. So take what is helpful for you and use it to expand your experiences and understanding of our mysterious, miraculous and unique existence during this time and space. You are far more BEAUTIFUL than you know!

Stay healthy and strong FIGHTERS, ROCKSTARS AND GODDESSES my friends! Wash your hands and LOVE yourself and everyone around you! ❤

One of my favorite people that I study and teach his works to my clients! Dr. Bruce Lipton knows his stuff and I respect his knowledge and opinions to the core.

Dear Family of Love and Seekers Everywhere,

Coronavirus: Do Not Fear the Bogeyman

The world is currently gripped in fear of the scary coronavirus. Let’s first get one fact clear: If you have ever had a cold or flu in your life, odds are that it was the result of a coronavirus infection. Yes, coronaviruses cause colds.

But, we are being programmed with the belief that this particular cold virus is “deadly.” This fear has shut down concerts, conferences, and major public events all over the world. The fear has led to quarantines and closing down of international travel. It has even led to a major scarcity of toilet paper in Australia, were concerned citizens emptied the shelves of this commodity in anticipation that they will be walled up in their homes with this infection.

First, how deadly is this version of the virus? Yes, there have been corona-related deaths reported with the statistics suggesting that ~2% of the infected population dies. Wow! That number is almost 1% more deaths than are attributed to any conventional flu the world experiences. What is misleading is the fear that everyone who carries this virus may die from their cold. This is simply untrue! The health of almost all the victims of this coronavirus was already compromised before they were infected.

For example, the following information was provided by the news in regard to the 6 patients that died of the virus in the state of Washington last week (I added the bold print):

Washington State

Six people have died in Washington and health officials have identified 18 cases.

Four of the cases in King County were linked to the Life Care nursing facility in Kirkland. More than 50 residents and staff at the facility are being tested.

The deaths announced Monday, according to health officials, included:

-A male in his 70s, who lived at LifeCare. He had underlying health conditions and died Sunday.

-A female resident of LifeCare in her 70s. She also had underlying health conditions and died Sunday.

-A woman in her 80s, who was already reported as in critical condition at EvergreenHealth, died Sunday.

-A Snohomish County resident at EvergreenHealth also died but details of that patient have not been given.

Two previously reported deaths included a man in his 70s who had underlying health conditions and had been a resident of LifeCare. He died at EvergreenHealth on Feb. 29. The other was a man in his 50s with underlying health conditions. He was admitted with serious respiratory issues and tested positive for the virus. He died at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland.

As emphasized in this report, the health of all those that died with the coronavirus was already compromised. Healthy people get cold and flu symptoms, while those already sick and near death’s door may experience the “Grim Reaper” when infected by the virus. True, sick people are more vulnerable to the virus; healthy people really have nothing to fear.

As presented in The Biology of Belief, stress is responsible for up to 90% of illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When an individual is in stress, the release of stress hormones (e.g., cortisol) shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy for running away from the perceived stressor, that proverbial “saber-toothed tiger.” Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that physicians therapeutically provide recipients of organ transplants with stress hormones to prevent their immune system from rejecting the foreign implant.

The conclusion is clear: The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!

The media (perhaps in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry) is compromising people’s health using the fear card! This is the result of negative thinking (the nocebo effect) which is the complete opposite of the placebo effect manifest through positive thinking! If you make efforts to stay healthy, with good nutrition, exercise, taking vitamins and supplements, and more importantly, avoiding stress (e.g., the “fear” of the virus), even if you do get infected with the virus, you will likely only end up with a cold and/or slight fever.

If you are someone with a compromised immune system, it is supportive to surround yourself with loving family and friends, nature, and positive thoughts as well as any other nutrition and vitamins that you may already be taking for your health and wellbeing. Following your intuition about what is best for you is key! The point here is that no matter who you are and what your state of health, you will only benefit from steering clear of the fear and supporting yourself in whatever way feels best to you.

Please remember the truth of quantum physics, the most valid of all sciences on the planet: Consciousness is creating your life experiences! Are you being conscious of disease … or of health? Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Harmony.

With Love and Light,

From the The Guardian (newspaper in England, March 11, 2020): What is the mortality rate of the new coronavirus?
It is probably about or a bit less than 1%. Much higher figures have been flying about, but the chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, is one of those who believes it will prove to be 1% or lower. The World Health Organization’s director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, talked of 3.4%, but his figure was calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the number of officially confirmed cases. We know there are many more mild cases that do not get to hospital and are not being counted, which would bring the mortality rate significantly down.
Deaths are highest in the elderly, with very low rates among younger people, although medical staff who treat patients and get exposed to a lot of virus are thought to be more at risk. But even among the over-80s, 90% will recover.

Jennifer L. Aune Counseling PLLC, MA, LPC

Here's to STRONG WOMEN! May we know them, be them & raise them! Happy International Women's Day from one strong woman to all the strong women out there!
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