Joel Gregoire Guitarist, Spring, TX Video August 20, 2015, 9:48pm

Videos by Joel Gregoire Guitarist in Spring. Professional Guitarist

Fun exercise. ...hope you enjoy

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Late night fun!! Put in the to reward myself with some noodlin!!....sorry about the low level audio...didn't ...

New lick of the day with my Hughes and Kettner Triamp Mark3 and my Ibanez RG! #HughesandKettner #IbanezRG #ShreddingFsha...

Checking out the new guitar, thankyou David and Tracy Harrison!

WIN this awesome Dean Dime guitar for 5 dollars! watch the video for details

Fun exercise. ...hope you enjoy

Playing a bit of "Long road home " off of my c.d. "Deranged kids of the electric playground " with my new Legator Ninja ...

Had a request after I posted last week's lick of the day to cover some melodic phrasing, ideas, and technique. I appreci...

Here's a fun odd grouping of notes to help with technique. It's a long sequence so I chopped it down into groupings. ..e...

Lick of the day!


Lick of the day!

Lick of the day!

Lick of the day!! Tapping new ideas!

Lick of the day!

Lick of the day!

Cool blues lick of the day!

Lick of the day!!!

Lick of the day!!! NEW!!

Lick of the day!!

Lick of the day !!!

Lick of the Day!!! Thanks Tim Sauers

Lick of the Day.....a very cool idea requested from Travis Wills.....enjoy!

Lick of the of my favorite instrumentals that Stride recorded.....

Lick of the day! Enjoy!

Lick of the Day....many requests for this one....building speed and alternate picking

Lick of the day and its raining out, so I covered some bluesy stuff......enjoy!

One of my personal favorite exercises.....enjoy!

Lick of the day, thanks Steve Rossi

Here's my lick of the day for sept.13th, sorry I did'nt post one yesterday but I had an out of town gig....enjoy!