Shannon Banks Child Care

My name is Shannon Banks, and I offer child care services from my home. I have one son who is two years old, and he loves having friends to play with!

Hi! My name is Shannon Banks, and I babysit at my house in Spring Texas for a little extra income, but mostly for social opportunities for my two year old son. I currently have a two year old girl in my program, and an almost one year old girl that will come back after the summer. I prefer toddlers, so they can all play together, since most of our toys and activities are for that age range, but I

[01/29/16]   Reminder that I will not be open next Friday, Feb 5 because it's Jude's birthday and my parents will be in town.

[11/16/15]   After Thanksgiving, I will have 1 opening in my daycare full time. I like working for teachers because their holiday schedule lines up pretty well with my husband's. It is $125 a week flat, plus food and diapers for your child. I am open 6:30am to 5:30pm. Please spread the word :)

[08/28/15]   5 toddlers in the house today and every Friday starting today! They've been spending most of the morning playing in the back yard :) They LOVE the playground

[08/23/15]   Took the kids to the Woodlands Children's museum yesterday!

[08/15/15]   Ok I came up with a more structured schedule. This is basically what I've already been doing, but now I can make sure we have time for a little of everything every day with more structure. So let's try it and see how it works! With flexibility for days involving field trips, of course :)
6:30-8:00- people arrive, some still asleep, some waking up, quiet playtime and educational tv

8:00-8:30- breakfast

8:30-9:00- arts and crafts

9:00-9:30- play outside

9:30-10:00- bath

10:00-10:30 story time

10:30-11:00 singing time

11:00-11:30- puzzles

11:30-12:00- free play

12:00-12:30- lunch

12:30-3:30- nap

3:30-pick up- free play/educational tv

[08/12/15]   We've gone to story time at the library the last 2 Tuesdays, and it seemed to work well! Hoping to make it a weekly field trip with the kids!

[08/04/15]   We are going to be at full capacity again in 2 weeks! Including my son jude, i will have two 2 year old boys, one 2 year old girl, and a 1 year old girl, making 4 total full time, and 1.5 days a week I will have an extra 2 year old girl. Thanks everybody for your support!

[07/28/15]   Child Care Rates (parents *always* provide any food and diapers the children need):
Full Time Daycare, flat rate, regardless of number of hours or days attended, including over holidays
1 child: $125 weekly
2 children: $150 weekly
3 children: $200 weekly
4+ children: $250 weekly
Summer Option: Pay a little extra (amount of gas and entrance fees) as wanted for field trips to museums, the zoo, water parks, etc.
Late fees: If a parent is more than half an hour late, I will start charging $5 for every 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes, unless they call ahead to notify me of the delay at least half an hour before the usual pick up time.
Occasional babysitting
1 child: $8/hour
2 children: $9/hour
3 children: $10/hour
4+ children: $12/hour
After School Care
1 child: $65 weekly
2 children: $80 weekly
3 children: $100 weekly
4+ children: $130 weekly
Temple trips or LDS church meetings: free

[07/21/15]   Suggested food to bring for toddlers: (if you don't know what to send)
Any fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables your child likes: The kids I've had usually enjoy apples, pears, watermelon, kiwi, grapes, pineapple, bananas, blueberries, peaches, raw broccoli and baby carrots dipped in salad dressing, corn on the cob, carrots, green beans...
snacks: granola bars, crackers, cheese cubes or string cheese, gold fish, cereal that's easy to eat with their fingers, fiber one bars, belvita breakfast biscuits, yogurt...
meals: oatmeal, kids cuisine frozen dinners, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, left over meals in a tupperware (I'll clean it and return it), bagel bites, lunch meat and cheese for sandwiches...
milk and juice 07/21/2015

Toddler Education

This is a playlist I've put together as one resource I use to teach toddlers new words, shapes, colors, numbers, letters, potty training, how to play nicely, months of the year, day of the week, seasons, telling time, the preamble, sign language, presidents of the united states, animals, states in the US, getting dressed, what to do if you get lost....etc. The kids love it, and have learned so much from these videos!

[07/14/15]   Make sure to confirm whether or not you need me for this fall soon! I have lots of people who are interested, but haven't told me for sure one way or another, so save your spot before it gets filled!

[07/02/15]   Child Care Rates (parents always provide any food and diapers the children need):

Full Time Daycare, flat rate, regardless of number of hours or days attended, including over holidays
1 child: $125 weekly
2 children: $150 weekly
3 children: $200 weekly
4+ children: $250 weekly

Summer Option: Pay a little extra (amount of gas and entrance fees) as wanted for field trips to museums, the zoo, water parks, etc.

Late fees: If a parent is more than half an hour late, I will start charging $5 for every 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes, unless they call ahead to notify me of the delay at least half an hour before the usual pick up time.

Occasional babysitting
1 child: $8/hour
2 children: $9/hour
3 children: $10/hour
4+ children: $12/hour

After School Care
1 child: $65 weekly
2 children: $80 weekly
3 children: $100 weekly
4+ children: $130 weekly

Temple trips or LDS church meetings: free

[07/01/15]   LOOSE usual daily schedule for toddlers:
6:30-8- slowly waking up, relaxing, watching educational TV, playing with puzzles, quiet activities, morphing into playtime.
8-10-free play inside, read books, sing, puzzles, toys
10-11- play outside in the back yard and/or finger painting/coloring/crafts, depending on the weather
11-11:30- bath, get dried and dressed
11:30-12:30 Lunch time
12:30-3:30 nap time
3:30-pick up, waking up time, educational tv, play time

[07/01/15]   Let me tell you a little about my parenting style. I like to use books, videos, and puzzles to teach kids. At nap time, I put the toddlers down with a plush blanket and any comfort items, although I prefer kids don't bring much from home because it can get hard to keep up with everything. Nap time is generally 12-3 or 1-4. For small infants, nap time is obviously going to fluctuate. I can swaddle a baby with my special Velcro swaddling blankets, but I won't put any soft pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals in the crib with them, due to SIDS. I am not a helicopter mom. I play with the kids, read to them, sing to them, do action songs like head shoulders knees and toes, I feed them and make sure they sit at the table and say please and thank you...but I don't hover. I believe kids should have the freedom to run around and play how they like and use their imaginations and learn from mistakes. I make sure they are safe and happy and playing nice, but I don't interfere too much in what they choose to play, other than giving suggestions or pulling out new toys if they look bored. If they fall or bonk their head or something, I remain calm, and say "you're ok!" or "uh oh!" instead of freaking out. I find that they mirror your reaction, so if they aren't really hurt, they will get back up and start playing again. If they are hurt, I help them, or course, or at least "kiss it and make it better", but I act calm and happy, not frazzled. I am nurturing and kind, but I'm not a pushover. I cuddle and teach and nicely explain why they should or shouldn't do something, but I won't let them get away with murder. As far as discipline goes, different things work for different children. Usually just talking helps, but I use time out as needed. I do research and read child care articles pretty much every day during nap time. If a child isn't adjusting well after two weeks with me, it probably isn't a good fit, and that's ok. It happens. It doesn't mean they are bad or I am, it just isn't a good fit. Usually kids get into a groove and get settled within the first two weeks, though, and it's smooth sailing after that. Since my husband and I are both very active in our church, we often have meetings or activities with the youth or children, sometimes at our house. Since most of that is at night, I prefer not to work past 6 at the very latest. I believe kids should be active and get plenty of exercise, but it's also ok for them to watch age appropriate, educational shows, as long as they don't just sit and stare at the TV all day. I like to let the kids explore the back yard, color, paint, dance, etc. I keep the door to the tub/toilet part of the bathroom closed with a door handle cover so they can't get in without me, but the sink and potty chairs are still accessible. I often bathe them together, never unattended. I never administer medication without parental consent.

[07/01/15]   Child Care Agreement

Children’s Names ___________________________________________________
Parent’s Names ____________________________________________________
Start Date:_____________ End Date (or time for agreement to be re-evaluated)_____________
*policies outlined in this agreement are for regular, full time child care for one child under the age of 3
Drop off time: Pick up time:
Monday__________________________ Monday_________________________
Tuesday__________________________ Tuesday_________________________
Wednesday________________________ Wednesday_______________________
Thursday_________________________ Thursday________________________
Friday____________________________ Friday___________________________

Payment: Weekly Flat rate of $125 a week for one child, regardless of how many hours or days childcare is provided. That means you pay the same amount even over the holidays. This option ensures consistent and predictable payment for full time care.

Payments will be made: Weekly on__________ Bi-weekly on___________ Other_______________

Parents are expected to provide: food, diapers, breast milk and/or formula, and wipes. Car seat may be required if Shannon knows ahead of time that she will need to go somewhere. If the parent does not provide food, it’s an extra $5 a day. That would bring the weekly rate to $150 if parents do not provide food. Shannon must notify parents when food supply is running low the day of, as well as the amount of diapers goes down to 4.
Shannon will provide: toys, extra clothing if the outfit from home gets soiled (to be returned later), burp cloths, bouncer, bedding, bottles, bathtub, baby wash, sippy cups, a place to sleep, high chair, baby bowls and spoons, bottle warmer, baby proofing equipment etc.

Shannon is listed through the state of Texas as a home child care provider, and can legally take care of three children full time in addition to her own. She will use her best judgement to care for the children. This is based on:
Maintaining a 3.5 GPA at Brigham Young University in the field of Family Life. (she is still taking online classes)
Child Care Training Certification for Infants and Toddlers through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Practical application in the development of her own child and other children she has cared for.

If the clothes the child comes in get soiled, Shannon will try to have them washed and dry by the end of the day if it happens early enough and she has a load to throw it in with, but is not required to. If it is possible to get the children on the same nap schedule, Shannon will do so, but will not force it. If Shannon believes medicine may be needed by the child, she can administer it only after consulting with the parent and getting their consent. She will never administer any kind of medication without the parent’s permission. She is educated about SIDS and will not do anything she believes would potentially harm the child. When needed, Shannon may trim nails, bathe the children, and let them play outside when weather permits. Shannon and her husband both work with the children and youth in their church, and occasionally have them at the house, always after 6:00pm. If your child is here past that time, there may be church gatherings held while they are still here.
If Shannon is unable to babysit for any reason, the parent will need to provide a backup child care provider. Shannon can take care of children when either she or the child are sick unless they are feverish, vomiting, rashy, or in need of immediate medical attention. Shannon is allowed to take children in the car for occasional playdates, short grocery trips, or Jude’s doctor appointments if needed. If the parent is going to be over 15 minutes later than expected, or if they unexpectedly aren’t bringing the child, they must notify Shannon via text or phone call as soon as they know. Either party must give two weeks notice before termination of the agreement. If two weeks notice is not given, the balance of the days worked, based on the rate agreed upon, must be paid.

Shannon’s Signature____________________________________ Date__________________

Parent’s Signature______________________________________Date___________________






Near Cypresswood And Aldine Westfield
Spring, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 06:30 - 17:30
Tuesday 06:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 06:30 - 17:30
Thursday 06:30 - 17:30
Friday 06:30 - 17:30
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