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Intuitive Birth Education offers evidence-based HypnoBirthing Childbirth classes for pregnant mothers. It is possible for you to have a calm, positive and relaxing birth!

"Empowering women through education, to birth without fear."

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❤️Today is day 5 of Kwanzaa.
🖤Nia (Purpose) - Encourages us to reflect within ourselves and set personal goals that will be beneficial to the community.

💚I’m a little late about posting but I’m doing what I can to celebrate. In the spirit of Nia (purpose) I wanted to be more intentional about my purpose in this upcoming year. My walk with God is always number one, this year has been rough with the pandemic and fellowshipping at church but God had provided different ways for me to connect my sisters in Christ through phone calls, restaurant dates and Virtual Bible Studies.
Family life- I want that to continue to thrive.
Health-Continue to take care of myself physically and mentally.
Career- help as many moms as possible through their pregnancy (that’s the short version, I have some exciting things coming up. 🙂)

Nia- by taking care of myself I can better take care of those around me. ❤️

Hey Mamas! Get ready, the next HypnoBirthing class will be here before you know it. I love teaching this class because this was the same class that helped me when I was pregnant. This class educated me and my husband and left us feeling confident in what we were about to experience! I desired to have a natural/instinctive home birth. I had no previous examples of how to go about this and I needed some guidance. This class was exactly what I was looking for and I’m happy to share this knowledge with as many moms as I can. If you have any questions please reach out to me! Next class begins February 20, 2021!

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Breastfeeding Benifits 🤱🏾

🤱🏾Yup! I’m still breastfeeding and proud of it! My son is now 19 months old and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon. And guess what?! I’m fine with that. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding besides your baby being feed. My favorite benefit along side the bond that is being created, is that my body produces antibodies that my son needs, when he needs it. It’s so amazing how God created our bodies to provide so much for our babies. Since my son was born he has never been sick. I’m so thankful breastfeeding has worked out for us because it was rough in the beginning. My son was born with a lip tie and a tongue tie that made breastfeeding almost impossible. We got those ties fixed at the dentist when he was 4 days old. In those first months of breastfeeding I had experienced clogged milk ducts, mastitis, and thrush, Ouch! But I didn’t give up! These boobies have been through a lot but now breastfeeding is so much easier! I just want to encourage any new moms out there to hang in there! It does get better!

Side note: on this day we were at a restaurant waiting for our food, but he was ready for his appetizer now! Lol 🤱🏾


🥬Let’s talk about the benefits of collard greens! 😋 Collard greens are very beneficial for you to eat, especially when you are pregnant. I’ve been vegan for over 10 years now so my collard greens do not have and bacon or animal fat and it’s so delicious! Collard greens are an excellent source of folate! Folic acid is the synthetic version of folate. Folate occurs naturally in a wide range of foods like collard greens. Not only will you find folate but collard greens also contain potassium, vitamin K, iron, protein (yes protein!), choline (helps your mood and sleep), vitamin C, zinc and so much more! Collard greens are an excellent food for you and your baby! Eat your greens ladies! 💚


Please be aware that if you have had a low risk pregnancy with no special circumstances there is no need to be induced. Studies show that there is a higher induction rate around the holidays. If you believe in instinctive birth (letting the baby arrive naturally) then do not feel pressured to induce! You have every right to say no! Why would a care provider introduced an induction if you really don’t need it?! Well, it’s easier to plan your holidays when you don’t have to go to work.
🤷🏾‍♀️Ask your provider why they want to induce.
🤷🏾‍♀️Ask if there is a medical emergency.
🤷🏾‍♀️Ask what would happen if you don’t induce.
💁🏾‍♀️Research the reason they give you to determine if it is medically needed or not.
👸🏾Make your own decision based on what you want to do.



BLACK MATERNAL HEALTH CRISIS - WHAT IS THE KIRA JOHNSON ACT? ➡️ swipe to learn. 🔁 @glowmaven 🙏🏾💛💫
The Black Maternal Health Momnibus is composed of nine individual bills sponsored by Black Maternal Health Caucus Members. The legislation will make critical investments in social determinants of health that influence maternal health outcomes, like housing, transportation, and nutrition. It’s the most comprehensive legislative effort to support Black Maternal Health. It’s been an honor to work on this effort and endorse the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act.

@MamaGlow supports the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act, swipe to learn more about the Kira Johnson Act and what you can do to support, amplify and take action to advance Black Maternal Health.

"The Kira Johnson Act is about so much more than Kira’s legacy. This bill is about the legacy of each and every mother that has made the ultimate sacrifice giving the gift of life. I don’t believe that you can legislate compassion. However what the Kira Johnson will do is make the necessary investments in women of color led organizations on the front lines of this fight who are leading with love.”
~ Charles Johnson, beloved husband of Kira Dixon Johnson, founder of @4Kira4Moms.
Please share! #mamaglow #4kira4moms #blackmaternalhealth #maternalhealthmomnibusact #pregnancy #birth

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Remember those little seeds I told you about that were planted in me that led me to this point in my life? Well this is one of the seeds that was planted. Some years ago I heard about Mr. Charles Johnson and the tragic loss of his healthy wife, Kira Johnson. After she received a C-section she was left to bleed for 10 hours afterwards. Mr. Johnson has dedicated his life to make sure that this doesn’t happen to any other mom. He created the organization 4Kira4Moms to fight for moms who are pregnant. He will be the keynote speaker of this event. The event is free, all you have to do is register.


2021 HypnoBirthing Class Dates are open for enrollment! Sign up soon to ensure your spot. Each class has a cap in size to secure the intimacy of the environment so try not to wait too long. I will add classes later if a need arises. I offer group and private classes. Please check my website for more details! 💝

“Empowering women through education, to birth without fear.” -LaKiesha Pham


I believe birth is a natural process that should be embraced and celebrated. I want woman and their families to have a strong foundation in their understanding of birth. Please do all you can to prepare for it. HypnoBirthing Childbirth Enducation classes can enhance your whole point of view of birth in a positive way! 💝


What is HypnoBirthing?? Is someone going to control my mind?!
✨I start at the 4:00 mark.

🍁I hope everyone will enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday! I know that I have so much to be thankful for! With all of the uncertainty that 2020 has had I’m so thankful for the stability I have at home. God has blessed me with my little Phamily. We all have a story or testimony of how blessings have come into our lives at the right time. Well, my husband and son are major blessings that I’m so thankful for! Happy Thanksgivings everybody! 🍂


Hi everyone! 👋🏾I’ve posted new 2021 HypnoBirthing class dates on my website! If you are pregnant, plan to be pregnant or know someone who is pregnant this class will definitely benefit them. Think about this, we prepare for so many important events and holidays, even down to what kind of car or house to buy, preparing for your pregnancy and birth is just as important. Be informed so YOU can make the best decisions for you and your family.
✨How to pick a care provider
✨How the uterus works
✨The power of your mind
✨Deep relaxation techniques
✨Create your birth plan/preference
✨Breathing methods for labor a birth
✨Be your own advocate
These are just some of the topics that we’ll cover.😃

For more information please visit

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This isn’t really birth related, well it’s actually postpartum related. 🙂 My son is currently 18 months old. I will share what I shared on my personal page.
Day 72 of my workout streak! I haven’t missed a single day and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Within these 72 days I’m averaging about a pound a week. This streak started September 13th. Before that I had lost 12.7 lbs since March. All together I’m down 24.5lbs! I still have a ways to go but I wanted to stop and share how far I’ve come.🎉 I do whatever workout I feel like doing that day. Here’s some that I enjoy: Camp Gladiator, Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil, Just Dance, The Fitness Marshall, random YouTube dance workouts (Kpop, African, Zumba), Chloe Ting, walking on my treadmill, walking outside, and probably others that I can’t remember right now. I have about 68 more pounds that I would like to lose but I don’t focus on that because I know I’ll get there. What I’ve learned for me is that constistancy is key, reduce the sugar, and stopping snacking at night is what works for me. For about a month in the beginning I woke up a 4:00am just to “sneak” a workout in while Benjamin is sleep. I had to MAKE time! I was sick and tired of not progressing and finally changed up my approach. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty happy about all this and wanted to share my joy! 💖

I hope this can encourage any other mamas out there. There’s no rush to snap back, that’s not what this message is. I’m just celebrating all that my body has allowed me to do.

I love listening to birth podcasts and a couple weeks ago I listened to an interview by @ebbirth Evidence Based Birth interviewed the “Queen Mother of Midwifery” Shafia Monroe Consulting. I usually listen to birth related podcasts when I am out walking and I felt so connect to everything Mrs. Monroe was speaking about. As a new mom and birth worker I am constantly learning. As I learned more about who’s who in the Black birth world, I would think “Where do I fit in with all of this?” There are so many amazing Black birth workers that are doing phenomenal jobs impacting our culture and improving healthy birth rates among Black woman. Whether it’s being a doula, midwife, childbirth educator, tshirt designers, artists, lactation consultants, podcast hosts, birth photographers and herbalists. I mean, the list goes on and on. I use to wonder if I was making as big as an impact like the women I look up to, and then I heard these words by Mrs. Monroe, “Create Your Legacy!”

My legacy🙂. I began to see that everyone has their gifts including me. That there’s room for everyone at this table and whatever I bring to it will be part of my legacy. I have the freedom to create my own path in this birth world and I am just as valuable as anyone else. So, with all that being said I want to say, “THANK YOU! Mrs. Shafia Monroe! And thank you to all the birth workers out there that stepped out and created their own paths!”

I Will Create My Legacy! ❤️

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☀️This is my Morning Tonic. I’m doing what I can to keep my immune system strong. This blend has Pineapple Sea Moss Gel from @powerofseamoss Lemon 🍋, Ginger, and Turmeric. I didn’t have any fresh turmeric so I used the season instead. Have a healthy day everybody!

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[11/18/20]   I just did my first Live video on Instagram! If you use Instagram please follow me 🙂

Knowledge is Power and so is your own intuition. If you are ever in a situation with your care provider that makes you feel uncomfortable use your power and say “No!” NO is a complete sentence. Educate yourself so you don’t feel lost in the process but if you are not comfortable with ANYTHING, say NO! It’s important for you to know what you want and what you don’t want during your birth. So prepare for your birth ahead of time so you can make informed decisions that you will be happy with! Do not let any care provider intimidate you. You can do this!


Hey! It’s Sunday and a new week is about to start. I want to challenge you this week to make yourself, yes, make yourself relax. Sometimes we get so caught up in everyday tasks that we don’t make time to relax.
🤰🏾Did you know that how you feel directly impacts your body?
🤰🏼Did you know that when you relax your uterus will also relax? It’s true!
But some of us actually need to practice relaxing. You should not wait until the birth-day to automatically know how to relax your mind and body, you have to practice that now.
🤰🏻What relaxes you? For me, I enjoy walking at the local park. Listening to the birds 🕊sing, watching the water💧 ripple every time a turtle🐢 poked his head up, and hearing the rustling of the leaves 🍃when the squirrels 🐿run into the woods is completely relaxing to me. Plus I’m getting some well needed exercise. I’m curious, what you enjoy doing to relax?


All I knew was that I wanted to have an unmedicated childbirth. I knew that I didn’t want to be in a hospital, especially after the treatment I received from a previous miscarriage. I knew I wanted to feel everything that birthing brings. I wanted to be alert and I wanted my baby to be alert. I wanted my care professionals to really care about me not belittle me. I wanted to feel empowered, not tossed around making rushed decisions. I wanted a midwife. I wanted to take the HypnoBirthing Childbirth classes. I wanted to learn as much as I could. Why does birth have to be this big secret? If care professionals can learn about it why can’t I? I mean, shouldn’t I know what I’m about to go through?Absolutely, yes! YES! YES! YES! I got what I wanted. I picked midwives that truly have a passion for what they do. I took the HypnoBirthing class which later developed in me a passion to help other moms. I felt cared for, respected, loved, special, safe, and free! My husband, who is the love of my life, was prepared and confident, cool and calm and he was educated. I’m sharing this because I use to think that birth meant suffering but it does not! I use to think that I would be struggling, forcing my baby out with each screaming, sweaty push. But it was not! My birth was beautiful. It was a time in my life that I will never forget. I loved my birth-day! Women and men need to know that birth can be amazing! Find the right birth team that works with you and not against you. Take the HypnoBirthing class. Not all childbirth classes are the same. Education is power. Education is freedom. (Yes, I’m also a former school teacher so I truly believe in proper education.) My birthteam consisted of my husband (#1), the midwife and nurse and my birth photographer. I am truly grateful for all of their support!

-LaKiesha Love Pham
HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

My favorite quote by Marie Mongan “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”❤️

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Breastfeeding Benifits 🤱🏾




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