Civil Emergency Readiness Training Group, Inc.

The Civil Emergency Readiness Training Group , Inc. (CERT Group, Inc.) is a community of families f 1.2.

CERT Group is organized exclusively for civil emergency preparedness, education, exercise, and training purposes, and to fulfill each of the following purpose statements through it’s members;

1.2.1. Assemble an organized and reputable source of current hands-on field training for those serious about personal and family emergency preparedness;
1.2.2. Furnish training standards, capability,

Operating as usual

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By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. - B. Franklin

Where will you be when the next catastrophe strikes?

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Can you write? Do you like to write informative or instructional articles? Did you know that you can get published on the CERT Group, Inc. website? To submit your articles for consideration, simply send them to [email protected]. Make sure to include your name or pen-name and town. We will review the content for acceptability, suitability, grammar, and flow. If the article is selected for publication, we will email you the corrected draft for final review. Once you submit the final review article draft back to us or approve the corrected draft, we will post it on the website pages. Interested? Fill out this form, agree to the terms, submit it, and start typing!

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There are many methods of practicing preparedness, each with its own set of benefits and disadvantages, and certainly, no shortage of ideas, opinions, or methodology exists in the field of preparedness. When considering starting or changing to a new prepping tactic one must consider several factors, to include your own unique situation, risks, comforts, skills, weaknesses, and concerns. In spite of this, there are still some ideas that we can easily start to incorporate into our actions and methods which will serve to protect our stored investments while simultaneously improving our ability to effectively and efficiently evacuate with as many of them intact as possible. Read more here: 11/14/2015

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Tamiflu (the medicine) is chemically oseltamivir phosphate. The prime ingredient is shikemic acid. Commercially, shikemic acid is obtained from the seeds of the star anise native to china. (You may recall a shortage of tamiflu a couple of years or so ago due to a shortage of shikemic acid.) It was discovered that infertile sweet gum seeds in sweet gum balls contained about 3% shikemic acid. The star anise seeds are about 7%.
Collect enough green sweet gum balls (Best about mid July through August) to fill a quart jar and chop the balls up to expose the seeds (They are tough so it’s not an easy task. I quarter mine. Pack the chopped balls in the quart jar.
Cover with a minimum 50% alcohol, at least 100 proof vodka, and higher proof, such as Grain or Everclear, is better if it can be found. Then seal the jar and let the tincture infuse for 6-8 weeks. After infusing, strain the tincture using successively smaller porous devices such as a sieve or tea strainer initially followed several successions through new coffee filters.
I cannot advise on dosage, but logic dictates that since this has half the concentration of shikemic acid as does Tamiflu that the dosage would be doubled. Caution should be taken though, and best practices would be to start at the lowest dose and work up to an effective dosage.
The taste is pleasant but bitter, like green persimmons. You may wish to sweeten it with honey.
Pine needles also contain shikemic acid at about the same concentration. The Cherokee Indians made a tea using the needles. Of course they didn’t know about shikemic acid nor flu, but they did know it helped their symptoms.

by: J.K.

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Elderberry Honey Cough Syrup

Elderberries, are known to support the immune system and help ward off colds, and flu. I have eaten elderberry jelly all my life and rarely have a cold and the last time I had the flu was in 1991 or 1992. This cough syrup in addition to stopping coughing also has the benefit of aiding the immune system. Elderberries can be found just about anywhere along an overgrown fence row or roadside. Road departments, in their un-enlightened state, tend to spray road sides with w**d killer so look along a rural road. Also, if you find an abundance in a given year, gather all you can and either freeze or can the juice for later use.

Gather elderberries and remove from main stem. They are in a seed head sometimes 10 or so inches across. I use scissors and cut the berries from the main stalks. It’s ok to include some of the very fine individual stalks.
Place in a pot, press down, and cover with water. Boil and after about 2 minutes of boiling mash the juice out with some sort of press (I use a meat tenderizer mallet) while they are boiling. When it appears that all the juice has been rendered, remove from heat and strain the juice. At this point, freeze or can what you aren’t going to use.

Cough Syrup:
place 1 cup of the juice and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a sauce pan and simmer to reduce volume by ½. Cool to room temperature and add 1 cup of honey. This makes about 1 ½ cups of cough syrup and will keep in refrigerator all winter.
To make more in a larger batch just remember to add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice per cup of juice and the honey to juice ratio is 2 : 1 (1 cup of reduced juice requires 2 cups of honey etc.)

Canning As Juice or Syrup:
Leave ¼” Headspace, water bath (or pressure can at 10psi) for 5 minutes in pints or 10 minutes in quarts at up to 1000’ elevation, at 1001-6000’ double the times, and over 6000’ triple the times.

- by J.K.


We are soliciting donations to help with the installation of our Emergency Communications Repeater on You can also donate via paypal by visiting and clicking DONATE on the main menu. If you prefer to send a check or money order, please make them out to CERT Group, Inc. / Repeater Fund, and send them to 7550 Airways Blvd. #1112, Southaven, MS. 38671

Every dollar helps! Please support your local amateur radio operators in their mission to relay messages for families affected by natural disaster and/or terrorist attack.

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