1st North Carolina Infantry CSA "Bethel Regiment"

1st North Carolina Infantry CSA "Bethel Regiment"


Action Alert! Please call Rep. Arp’s office ASAP at: 919-715-3007. The $4 million was taken out of the bill but they can still put it back in. Rep. Arp’s office is taking a tally of how many people call for & against the $4 Million for new monuments, you don’t have to give them your name if you don’t want to, it’s about how many people call. At a time when Veterans’ monuments (from all era’s, including WWII, Vietnam Veterans, etc) are being defaced, vandalized, and torn down across NC, we DON’T need to be building new monuments. Any money should be used to repair the existing monuments. Please call Rep. Arp’s office at: 919-715-3007
Thanks for allowing me to join this group. My GGGrandfather, William Walker Hartgrove enlisted in the 11th North Carolina on 27 February 1862 at age 30 along with his younger brother Richard Dobbs, Spaight Hartgrove, age 18. They both fought at most of the major battles of the Eastern Campaign and William was seriously wounded twice. As part of Pettigrew's Brigade, Heth's division, the 11th was in the fighting on the first day at Gettysburg where William was shot in the thigh. In 1864 Richard Hartgrove was captured at Burgess' Mill, VA and imprisoned at Point Lookout Prison Camp in Maryland where he eventually died. William furloughed home after Gettysburg for about six months and then returned until he was again wounded at Cold Harbor, June 1-3, 1864. This time the ball penetrated his neck, passed through his body, and emerged at the back. He returned in time to be promoted to Sergeant in September of 1864 and stayed with his regiment until he was surrendered at Appomatox with the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865. He lived in Paw Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina most of his life, but moved to Mt. Holly, Gaston Co sometime before his death in 1905.
If interested there is a website called Newspapers.com . They have a 7 days free trial and they have papers dating back to before the Civil War era.
My great grandfather, R.B. Alexander (Richard) served in this unit & later the 11th Regiment - I am looking for stories about his time in the service - My SAR # is 200031
Thanks - Chris Beloin, Grafton, WI
My name is Randy Oakley sr.. I am a bluegrass singer/songwriter. I had a great uncle who was 18 when he was killed at Paynes Farm va. I have written a song about him and mentioned the 1st nc, as this was his regiment. I live in Quinton va. I'm in the process of recording a CD with this song included. His name was Calvin Perry from wake county. I'm proud of my heritage & the sacrifice he made. Playing this song live has produced standing ovations. Would love for you guys to have a copy & will send one on completion if you contact me with info.
my great great great granddad was in the 1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment company H captured near Salisbury NC on April 12th then sent to Camp Chase Ohio Yankee prison pen, released in June of 1965. Am I on the right page I was wondering if anyone has any information about this Regiment, thanks for any information
My great great great granddad was in the 1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment company H,
he was captured near Salisbury NC on April 12 1865 was sent to Camp Case, Ohio, Yankee prison pen release in Jun of 1865., does anyone have any more information about this ? any help would be greatly appreciated,
My am kin Private James Etters
Of Company H, 11th Infantry Regiment North Carolina. If there is any information you can share with me I would greatly appropriate it.
Greetings from Earlham, Iowa! I hope you'll enjoy this unlikely but true story. David Connon http://www.confederatesfromiowa.com/robert-e-lees-benediction-for-two-confederates-from-iowa/
Greetings from Earlham! I hope you'll enjoy the second part of this story. Best wishes, David Connon http://www.confederatesfromiowa.com/gifted-doctor-unpredictable-man-part-2/
My GGGrandfather was in Co. A 1st NC Infantry ( Albermarl Guard ) ............ Deo Vindice
My GGrandfather served in Co. F ,1st North Carolina.
John A. Gilchrist

History page for the 1st North Carolina Infantry, "Orange Light Infantry". {1861~1865}

History page for the 1st / 11th North Carolina Infantry, "Orange Light Infantry". {1861~1865}

Operating as usual


Deo Vindice!


Why else would he have made our ladies and land so beautiful? May God forever bless our beloved Dixie...


Merry Christmas to all y'all, may it be a blessed Dixie day for you and your families! Deo Vindice...


The good ole days of Dixie...

The streets of Atlanta 79 years ago on the opening night of Gone With The Wind. When the South was allowed to be Southern.

Photos from 1st North Carolina Infantry CSA "Bethel Regiment"'s post 10/17/2018

11 year Veteran North Carolina SHP Trooper Kevin K. Conner was murdered today in Columbus Co. NC by a driver he pulled over. Makes me hurt inside, SHP has a very dangerous and thankless job protecting North Carolinians from such horrible individuals. RIP Trooper Conner your watch is over, thank you for your service to North Carolina sir. RIP


Dixie Cups [>

Rename Austin? A report suggests taking a closer look at city's Confederate legacy 07/31/2018

Rename Austin? A report suggests taking a closer look at city's Confederate legacy


Ridiculous. This all began when towns, cities, high schools & universities CAVED to these morons over Confederate monuments and names. Then came the Founding Fathers, now city names? How about Washington State & DC, General Washington was "obiously" a "racist" by their definition so lets change those too. Just stop, grow the hell up for God's sake!

Rename Austin? A report suggests taking a closer look at city's Confederate legacy A report released last week raises the issue that Austin is named after Stephen F. Austin, a supporter of slavery.



Friends of the South, it is with great sadness that I
Have to report that political correctness has taken
Over in our very own backyard.
The City of Alpharetta has banned the Confederate
Flag from the Old Soldiers Day Parade.
This was the Soldiers Battle Flag that our ancestors
fought under.
I hope this concerns you as much as it does me.
This is an attack on our heritage and first amendment
God save the South, and God bless Dixie!
Jessie Pinson
Roswell Mills Camp
Roswell, Georgia


Lazer light show on Stone Mountain Georgia featured in the March 1984 issue of Nat Geo I found. Beautiful [>

North Carolina Confederate Monuments & Graves of our Fallen. 06/24/2018

North Carolina Confederate Monuments & Graves of our Fallen.


Unapologetically Southern: Raise your hand!

What burns my biscuits is when a yankee comes down here and makes fun of and ridicules us, my response is always; "who the hell invited you? I-95 runs north all day long, get on it!"

Photos from Save the Robert E. Lee Statue's post 02/27/2018

Well done Judge Moore and the great Commonwealth of Virginia!


Happy Birthday to General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson; 21 January 1824. Gallant Christian warrior & Southern gentleman.


Happy Birthday General Robert E. Lee, never forgotten and forever honored sir.

Officers, NCOs & Men of North Carolina 12/15/2017

Officers, NCOs & Men of North Carolina


The face of the scallywag that is betraying the memory of our gallant Tar Heels that fell in the War of Northern Aggression. He wants ALL of our North Carolina Confederate Monumnets REMOVED. Fortunately we have a law forbidding such action signed by the previous Governor in 2015. But this traitor to North Carolina will continue to beat that drum to suit his own agenda. A DISGRACE!


To all here, particularly those who may be attending protests in support of our Monuments and other Southern Heritage & Historical sites. I advise all of you to distance yourselves from the racial hate groups ie; neo n***s, k*k, antifa etc., because they are two sides of the same coin. It only tarnishes the Cause and the validity of our arguments in support of our precious Heritage and our gallant Heroes. It also distances you from other non caucasian Southerners who support our mutual heritage, on this very page we have Black, White, American Indian, Asian, Jew and Gentile Southeners, they are all our brothers and sisters. I believe Lee & Jackson themselves, both good gallant Christian Soldiers of the South would agree. Do not allow them to hijack our protests with their despicable hate speeches and sw****ka flags, just ask your selves "what would Jackson do". If attacked defend yourselves, but focus on the mission and keep it peaceful, also be articuate and intelligent when you speak of our glorious heritage. God bless the Confederate States of America and our gallant fallen.

Miscellaneous Confederate/Tar Heel Items. 08/05/2017

Miscellaneous Confederate/Tar Heel Items.

Timeline photos 07/24/2017

A little Monday chuckle, with much truth behind it lol...

Officers, NCOs & Men of North Carolina 07/22/2017

Officers, NCOs & Men of North Carolina

Flags of the 1st & 11th North Carolina Infantry 07/22/2017

Flags of the 1st & 11th North Carolina Infantry

Timeline photos 07/22/2017

The beautiful and fragrant Southern Magnolia, a wonderful way to be greeted upon waking on a glorious Southern morning in the Tar Heel state. [>


Heavy Machinery Moves In To Take Down Lee Statue

I don't see any of our people there protesting this, why? Where are the local SCV & UDC? If they were taking down a statue of MLK or some civil rights leader there would be people everywhere, blocking the equipment, protesting, etc., I guess they don't care.


Monument parts found

Heart breaking and infuriating... General Beauregard in lot with rubbish?! Leave us be!

Photos from 1st North Carolina Infantry CSA "Bethel Regiment"'s post 05/14/2017

To all of you amazing & self sacrificing Southern Mothers, including my own dear Mother whom is with Jesus, I wish y'all a very Happy Mothers Day. God bless all of y'all and thank you. 🌷🌹🌺

Timeline photos 04/29/2017

Timeline photos





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