Caddo Parish Schools in Shreveport, LA educational commentary community. All opinions and input welcomed. Brainstorming on how to improve public education. 10/20/2017

Five Principles of Courageous School Leadership

What is student centered learning? How most evaluators get it wrong. Pedro jumps head first into the deep end of the issues that determine whether all kids are reached, inspired and taught. Follow: @PedroANoguera @mjanatovich @ASCD @bamradionetwork Pedro Noguera is a Distinguished Professor of Education in the Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences at… 10/15/2017

Vocational High School Programs an Option for Teens

If public school funding were reallocated to this type of program, imagine how our state/country would evolve. We would have more students prepared for an evolving job market upon graduating high school. Let's rethink education! But parents should be aware that the quality of programs varies, one expert says. 

[10/15/17]   So these are my thoughts: the ultimate purpose of education is to produce citizens that can contribute to and help advance our society. For this reason, vocational skills should be offered in high school, and students who choose not to go the traditional college path should have the option to graduate with a certified skill. What are your thoughts on the PURPOSE of education?

[10/12/17]   Do you think testing companies are ruining education? 02/15/2016

Educational Leadership:Using Standards and Assessments:Why Standardized Tests Don't Measure...

This is a pretty long article with a lot of valuable information. But if you're still in the classroom, the information about standardized testing applies specifically to you!

As you read this, take note of the suggestions in the "What's an Educator to Do?" section. Founded in 1943, ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 175,000 members in 119 countries are professional educators from all levels an… 02/15/2016

Teachers at Low-Income Schools Deserve Respect

When a low SES school receives a low letter grade, who or what is that grade a reflection of? The teacher or the socioeconomic status of the students that attend that school? To stem disruptive staff turnover in low-income schools, we must first shift public perception, writes educator Bruce Hansen. 02/12/2016

Stop Humiliating Teachers - The New Yorker The U.S. has a tendency, when there’s an economic or social crisis, to affix unfair blame on public-school teachers. 02/03/2016

How do states support their public schools? Badly, a new 50-state report card shows.

Interesting read. No state gets better than an overall C on six different criteria by a public education advocacy group. 02/02/2016

Enjoy teaching more: 20 ways in 20 days begins February 1st! Are you in need of an extra burst of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration? In my latest book Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day...No Matter What, I’ve identified twenty different strategies for enjoying teaching on a daily basis. Each one is a different chapter in the book: The i… 02/02/2016

Virginia Teacher of the Year Tells Why He Resigned – School Leadership 2.0

Another reason we're losing good educators. Imagine how much better our public school systems would be if the actually listened to educators? As the title of this post suggests, I have made the tough decision to leave the classroom for good at the end of this school year. 01/31/2016

This DPS student's open letter puts the sick-outs into perspective

From the mouths of babes...when you support teachers, you ARE supporting the students. "Our teachers are doing what is best for us, and my education is not being hindered any more than it was when I went a whole Semester without a French/English teacher." 01/30/2016

This Father's Response To School About Kids' Absence Is The Best Reply Ever Epic! 01/30/2016

Why forcing kids to do things ‘sooner and faster’ doesn’t get them further in school Teacher who taught at no-excuses charter school: 'Maybe letting small children linger in childhood would endow them with more of the real skills necessary to 'stay focused on achieving excellence.' 01/23/2016

Parenting not schools has the biggest impact on student outcomes, so why are teachers blamed for...

Think about it, how can we teach the whole child by discrediting the largest influence in his/her life? The most significant challenge that every school in this country now faces is to bridge the educational attainment gap between the “haves” and “the have nots”; to ensure the achievement of disadvantaged students equals or even exceeds that of their more affluent peers. The government has made this o… 01/10/2016

Mom: What do I expect from my children’s elementary school? Certainly not this. 'The children that I get off of the bus are exhausted. They are frustrated. They are overworked. They are burned out.... I would blame the teachers for this bleak attitude, but I was one, and I know that the teachers are just as tired, frustrated and overworked. ' 01/06/2016

13 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories That Will Change The Way You Think About "Harry Potter"

Harry Potter fans will love this! Because there are no coincidences in the wizarding world. 01/03/2016

5 Simple Ways To Be More Likeable To Your Students | TopThings

Sometimes the students, not the paycheck, are the only reasons we stay. 5 Simple Ways To Be More Likeable To Your Students Topthings - 07:26 Edit The idea is simple. If your students like you, they’ll want to please you and seek your approval. Which gives you leverage to influence behavior like almost nothing else. And the best news is… it’s automatic. Your students wil… 01/03/2016

Mythbusters Star Argues That Schools Should Bring Back Shop Class

And how long have teachers said this? Maybe the Department of Education will respect the foresight of Mythbusters more than the professionals they employ.

Just a thought. American students could probably use some hands-on learning. 01/03/2016

Libraries: Filling the Community and... Skills Void?

It's not always about how much money you throw at improving the quality of life for many Americans, but how you invest it. Libraries are evolving in a surprising way. 01/02/2016

Homeschooling Mom: We Pulled Out of the Public Schools Because of the System, Not the People As it turns out, teachers and homeschoolers may share some of the same critiques about today’s public education system. 01/01/2016

Bestselling Books: 1915 vs. 2015

What do you guys think about this? An interesting contrast. 01/01/2016

6 Facts People Should Know About Teachers

Definitely worth the read. Too often teachers are faulted for working in a broken system, but at the end of the day, despite all of the controversy in the public education curriculum someone's got to do this job.

If you have kids in school or if you have ever given any thought about the individuals working in the school system, you should definitely take a moment to read this. Not a week goes by without a national news story proclaiming the latest sins of a public school teacher. People love to like, share, and comment on any story that exposes even the smallest wrongdoing on the part of an educator. I get it, I do. “Teacher Gives Own Time and Money to Buy Supplies for St… 12/31/2015

Teacher New Year's Resolutions--Version 2016!

#8 is my favorite! Where did 2015 go?  Seriously.  While I try to figure that's some NEW teacher new year's resolutions to make you giggle.  If you want to see the top 10 from 2015, click HERE. 12/26/2015

Obama signs new K-12 education law that ends No Child Left Behind

Finally, it seems as though the outcry of educators has reached the top! With more power given to the states to navigate their own educational system, local educators can breathe slightly easier. The Every Student Succeeds Act power over 100,000 public schools back to states and local districts. 12/26/2015

I’m Free

Last Friday I resigned from my teaching position. I have another non-teaching job lined up with my union, and I cannot express to you the sense of freedom I feel. Free from countless hours of obligated work outside of work. Free from the feeling of herding cats on a day to day basis. Free from the inevitable feeling of never feeling good enough at my job. [ 322 more words. ] Last Friday I resigned from my teaching position. I have another non-teaching job lined up with my union, and I cannot express to you the sense of freedom I feel. Free from countless hours of oblig... 11/24/2015

How do you fix bad parenting?

In other words, it's complicated. Education plays a big role, but the current system seems incapable. 11/15/2015

12 Clever Ways to Minimize Stress

Teaching is a tough job that is contingent upon a lot factors that are out of our control. So I want to remind all of my educator friends and followers to not let this job kill you! Remember to take a step back and de-stress as needed.

Love you all. Keep cool:-) 12 Clever ways to minimise stress for a better quality of life 11/14/2015

5 Logic Fails That Are WAY Too Common

Too bad logic isn't tested, otherwise we'd teach it, right? The focus on test scores will be the downfall of this country. Test scores are not important, knowledge and empowerment is. Maybe schools should start teaching logic again? 11/14/2015

What teachers really want to tell parents -

Read this article and comment below. If you are unfamiliar with Ron Clark, this essay is a good summary of his approach toward influencing future leaders. Teachers and parents can effectively collaborate to mold upstanding citizens #ittakesavillage. A principal who was loved and adored by all told me she was leaving the profession because " I just can't deal with parents anymore; they are killing us." 11/12/2015

Is Common Core Math Causing Students to Fall Further Behind?

If you make a kid hate mathematics, how can he become proficient in it? Every few months it seems that another story pops up concerning some child’s confusing Common Core math homework. 11/11/2015

Are Lax School Discipline Policies Hurting Good Students?

Many teachers would say yes... “Mom, I have to get out of my history class and transfer to another. I’m never going to learn anything because the kids are so disruptive.” 11/10/2015

Standardized Testing: The Jury is Out

A few benefits of standardized testing is that it gives teachers a framework for instruction throughout the year. Some would say that the grade level state standards are intended to provide this needed framework for instruction, but on the other hand how would we determine if students are actually learning the standards and if teachers are teaching them? Every job that is done well should have some level of accountability attached to it. [ 786 more words. ] A few benefits of standardized testing is that it gives teachers a framework for instruction throughout the year. Some would say that the grade level state standards are intended to provide this ne...




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GISMO Girls Initiatives for Science and Math Opportunities GISMO Girls Initiatives for Science and Math Opportunities
P.O. Box 8335
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We promote awareness of STEM courses and careers for girls in an effort to spark interest, excitement, and exploration!

Sci-Port Discovery Center Sci-Port Discovery Center
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Sci-Port Discovery Center provides a fun, educational environment for people of all ages to explore and actively engage in the world of mathematics, science, and technology.

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This is the place for all Rose lovers to find member news for the American Rose Society.

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The Red River Institute provides State-Approved Supervision & Continuing Education to qualified mental health providers.

Impact Sports Academy Impact Sports Academy
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Our focus: teach fundamentals with specific exercises to train core muscles to be a great hitter, pitcher, football player and all around good ball player.

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My page is about helping learners become fluent in American English.

St. Paul's Gift Shop St. Paul's Gift Shop
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St. Paul's Gift Shop is the best place in town for inspirational and spiritual gifts.

LSU Health Shreveport-Neurology Residency Program LSU Health Shreveport-Neurology Residency Program
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The Neurology Residency at LSU Health Shreveport is a fully accredited four year program, offering a PGY1 Transitional year in the Department of Medicine. The program offers an educational experience in all aspects of neurologic medicine and practice.

Surgical Skills Lab Surgical Skills Lab
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The purpose of this surgical skills laboratory is to serve as a teaching tool for medical students, residents, faculty, and practicing surgeons.

Curriculum Resource Center Curriculum Resource Center
1 University Place
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Resource Center Includes: Praxis Lab, Computers, Printers (B/W no fee), Children's Literature, Manipulatives, Teacher Resources, Die-Cut Machines, Laminating Machines, Seating, Storytelling Puppets, Bulletin Board Resources, and more.

CADA School of Addiction and Behavioral Health CADA School of Addiction and Behavioral Health
2000 Fairfield Ave.
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The School of Addiction and Behavioral Health (SABH) offers Continuing Education Hours to addiction professionals. This educational institute of CADA features weekend and weekday courses. SABH has status as an approved provider for ADRA and LABSWE.

Murphy Research Group at Centenary College Murphy Research Group at Centenary College

Plant Biology and improvement of crop species is the focus of this undergraduate-based research team at Centenary College of Louisiana!