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TeamViewer – Access your computer remotely and share your desktop with friends – it’s free!


The beta phase is over and, thanks to your feedback, TeamViewer 11 is now available for download. With improved performance, an overhauled toolbar, and many other new features, you’ll enjoy a much more efficient way of working.

Get started by downloading TeamViewer for free: Download now
Or purchase a license for your organization by December 11, 2015 and take advantage of an introductory discount. Remote Control any computer within seconds as if you were sitting right in front of it and host online meetings and presentations easily over the internet. Find out why more than 200 million users trust TeamViewer!

[11/18/15]   Do you know the difference between Upgrade and Update?

Every day computer users are clicking boxes on popups that say, "Upgrade" and think it is to "Update" the current software. I guess they do this while ignoring the notation which reads, "Read Carefully". I just don't get it.

There is another gotcha in the installation of software as you click through the installation prompts. Do you want to install this software? Do you give permission for these updates? Do you want blah blah to be your new blah blah? Do you want to install Blah Blah?

In high school my teachers taught me RTFQ - Read The Full Question. She passed out a test with 50 questions on multiple pages. At the top of the first page the instructions said, "Do not begin answering these questions until you have read all of the questions first."

Question #50 at the bottom of the last page read, "If you have followed instructions properly simply turn in this test without answering any of the questions. This has been a test to see if you can follow instructions." That message is still important today so RTFQ and save yourself the cost of an IT service call. 11/17/2015

Don’t Get a Microcell (or T-Mobile CellSpot) if You Live in an Urban Area

Think Twice About Getting a Microcell (or T-Mobile CellSpot) if You Live in an Urban Area Many cellular carriers offer “microcell” devices — T-Mobile is calling them “CellSpot” devices, but they’re the same thing. These function as small cellular towers, but they use your home Internet connection and anyone can connect to them. 11/10/2015

Sorry, There’s No Such Thing As “Unlimited” Data

Sorry, There’s No Such Thing as ‘Unlimited’ Data - Comcast, Sprint and others agree to increase rates and cut services but, there's no price fixing. When it comes to data, "unlimited" always has a limit---even though it's not clear at all that excessive users cost companies or other users all that much.

[11/02/15]   Windows 10 to become 'Optional Update'

The "reservation" phase of upgrading to Windows 10 is over. Microsoft is now getting ready to push the operating system out to even more users. Microsoft will "soon" be publishing Windows 10 as an "Optional Update" in Windows Update for all Windows 7 and 8 customers. Then, "early next year," Microsoft will re-categorize Windows 10 as a "Recommended Update."

Don't forget you only have 30 days to roll back to previous OS. After that the Windows_Old will be deleted.

But what happens later when your hard drive fails? Where's my license number for Windows 10?

Contact Singer Network for details. 09/22/2015

KeePass Password Safe

Today you need to remember many passwords. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your e-mail account, your website's FTP password, online passwords, banks, credit cards, social media, etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. Also, you should use different passwords for each account. Because if you use only one password everywhere and someone gets that password you have a problem. A serious problem. The thief would have access to your e-mail account, website, etc. Unimaginable.
Why don't you try KeePass. Its Free, Open Source, never a charge. It is a great piece of software. KeePass is an open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, which can be unlocked with one master password or key file. 08/19/2015

Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data

Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data - From common men to heads of state - 9.7 Gigabytes of data, 32 million users along with 7 years of credit card data.
“Ashley Madison is the most famous name in infidelity and married dating,” the site asserts on its homepage. The other shoe just dropped. The hackers who breached the cheating site appeared to make good on their threat to expose customer data on Tuesday, dumping the stolen information online. 07/22/2015

Opelousas hacker held wihout bond, allegedly controlled thousands of computers

Opelousas hacker admits to controling 2,000 computers by use of bots but FBI thinks the total number could be 100,000. Guidry, 28, is charged with computer fraud and accused of attempting to sell access to a "botnet," a collection of Internet-controlled computers whose security has been breached and controlled by a... 06/26/2015

Samsung accused of disabling Microsoft security updates - BBC News

Samsung Disables Microsoft Update (June 24 & 25, 2015)

Microsoft has issued a statement "condemning" Samsung's decision to download software that keeps Windows Update from updating in the background on Samsung devices. Samsung maintains that it is simply giving its users "the option to choose if and when they want to update the Windows software on their products."

A decision with which many agree. Rumor has it that at some point Windows 10 will become Operating System As A Service (OSaaS). Which at that point it should be renamed to Windows X. WinX, as in my ex operating system.

This will mean that if your don't pay the monthly fees Microsoft will turn off your water. Will the 'key' to shut down come as a back-door Windows update?

Pescatore: What Samsung did is wrong. But instead of dueling press statements, I'd rather see Microsoft work with the big PC hardware vendors to end this problem of Windows update trashing various drivers. Windows Update has progressed to its own form of bloatware - installing system tray icons to drive adoption of Windows 10, for example.

Honan: This move by Samsung is bad on so many levels. Undermining the security architecture of an operating system to enable remote support for bespoke hardware drivers is not the way to address the problem. It also raises the question if Samsung can disable the Windows Update service how long will it be before criminals are using the same techniques.

Honan, maybe the criminals (Microsoft) are already using Windows Update for the same techniques. Samsung is accused of disabling Microsoft updates in order to run its own software.

[05/24/15]   Do you trust your retail Store

Fifty-five percent of all retail sites and half of all health care sites were vulnerable every day in 2014, according to a report by WhiteHat Security.

Retailers and health care companies continue to be vulnerable to attack through exploitable flaws in their Web applications, according to a report released on May 21 by Web security firm WhiteHat Security.
The analysis of data collected from vulnerability scans of the Web applications created by 118 companies found that more than 55 percent of retailers and 50 percent of health care firms had applications that were always vulnerable, having at least one serious vulnerability remaining unpatched in a Web application every day of 2014. Only 16 percent of retailers and 18 percent of health care firms were rarely vulnerable, where a Web application was vulnerable for less than 30 days during the year, the report stated.
About a third of finance companies had a year-round window of vulnerability as well, Jeremiah Grossman, founder of WhiteHat, told eWEEK.
"These are things that you really need to fix," he said. "The things that could make your company headline news." #Virus #Malware #Hacked #Fail


Ran across this Geek Test today and thought it was worth reposting.

[05/13/15]   Are You Ready for Windows Server 2003 End of Life (EOL).

In two months, support and bug fixes for Windows Server 2003 will end. This will cause huge security threats if you attempt to fight it on your own. If you are maintaining Win Server 2003, find out what other SysAdmins are doing and learn last-minute tips & tricks, pitfalls and roadblocks in a free online seminar sponsored by CDW. 04/21/2015

Microsoft to preview the mobile version of Office for Windows 10 this month

Microsoft will preview the mobile Office Suite for Windows 10 by the end of April. Some details have emerged 04/16/2015

Linux Mint - from freedom came elegance. ~ Free and Open Source World.

Have you heard of Microsoft Windows 10? Microsoft is giving everyone Free upgrades to Win X. Supposedly this will be the last major upgrade of Any Windows. Even if you have a hacked/stolen/illegal version of some other Windows OS. Even Win 95. You can upgrade for Free. You will never never ever be charged for that upgrade. Wow. What a deal. Of course there May be a small fee if you have to install a new copy or purchase a new computer, or anyone a dozen more scenarios.

Don't get too excited till you read the fine print. The MS Pied Piper is leading us all to monthly subscription service. It's somewhat like leasing a car vs. buying a car. You will never own your MS OS. Software As A Service (SaaS) is the goal for this Microsoft model. That is the present business model for Office 365. You can't buy it but you can lease it for about $9.95/month. You simply pay for it forever. Also down the road is Platform As A Service, PaaS to go along with this Windows As A Service WaaS. Laptops, cell phones etc are all going that direction buy Microsoft. Many commercial packages written for Windows are already a monthly subscription service. Some reasonably priced and some not so reasonably priced. All this is controlled, in essence, by the ID of the processor in your device.

Businesses may continue down the SaaS path for the time being but what about the home user? Does $9.95 for Windows + $9.95 for Office + $9.95 for some other 'can't live without' software sounds a bit much for you? GNU/Linux might be the most economical answer today for home and business. It really is free. Not to mention the names of 42K Open Source pieces of software to go along with Totally Free GNU/Linux.

If you have an android device such as a cell phone you are already running Linux. Android is not Microsoft. It's GNU/Linux.

My GNU/Linux flavor of choice is Linux Mint. If you are not familiar with it you should take a look. If you need help or more information just let me know. 04/15/2015

New To Linux? Don’t Use Ubuntu, You’ll Probably Like Linux Mint Better

New To Linux? Don’t Use Ubuntu, You’ll Probably Like Linux Mint Better. I've used both and Mint is my choice for 'Thinking Challenged' people. Linux newbies have probably heard a lot about Ubuntu, but it isn’t the only Linux distribution. In fact, Ubuntu’s standard Unity desktop is still controversial among long-time Linux users today.

[04/03/15]   Windows 10 has a built in server codenamed Viridian. It's been around since Server 2008. Make sure you enable your Hyper-V in Windows 10 before you upgrade to 10049 else it'll puke all over the floor. There is a bug in the Windows Hyper-V codenamed Viridian which was formerly knows as Windows Server Virtualization. Make sure you initiate Hyper-V before upgrading current version to version 10049 else you'll have to backup and initialize it.It breaks everything. 04/03/2015

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How hard is it to permanently delete data?

How hard is it to permanently delete data? The controversy surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email has brought data destruction to the forefront of the national conversation. But now reports say Clinton “wiped the server,” deleting all emails. But how easy is it to permanently wipe data from servers or storage media?


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