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lailluminator.com 01/02/2021

The Good, Bad and Ugly in 2020 Louisiana politics - Louisiana Illuminator

lailluminator.com No year in recent memory offered Louisiana’s political leaders more opportunity to shine than 2020. Unfortunately, too many failed the test, cultivated their own narrow interests, or pandered to our worst instincts.



Bayou-Diversity (20 September 2020) HURRICANE LAURA & THE D’ARBONNE SWAMP During a period of four hours beginning at 10AM on Thursday, August 27, 2020, the D’Arbonne Swamp changed for many decades. The change was aeolian in the form of Hurricane Laura. She was obstinate, eschewing the normal shape-shifting impotence that occurs upon landfall, and for the first time in recorded history still maintained a Category 1 status when she passed within the D’Arbonne Swamp 200 miles inland. Thousands of trees, mostly the largest and oldest oaks, succumbed to the 70 mph gusts and were thrown to the forest floor. Their tentacled root-balls faced east toward the source of the most powerful winds following the eye of the hurricane. Some were caught in the arms of desperate neighbors, their trunks canted at oblique angles. Many of the larger ones though took their leeward comrades to the grave with them like royal retainers at an ancient Egyptian funeral. Their lives had been shared lives as inter-twining roots connected by invisible webs of microrhizoans dispensed nutrients to the needy and chemical warnings to all when dangers such as attacking insects arose. Scattered among the fallen trees were tall, limbless boles with jagged tops giving the appearance of surviving chimneys in photos of bombed-out cities.

This scenario of devastation elicits mixed emotions in humans. Some, who view all natural resources in terms of monetary value, see only rotting piles of potential lumber that could have been used to build a new strip mall. They won’t be consoled in this case as much of the downed timber is not even fit for salvage because of wind shake, a phenomenon that occurs when trees are subjected to extreme winds whereby the wood separates internally parallel to the rings. Even if the hardwood market would support salvage operations, most of the trees are useless as lumber. Other people lament the loss of the forest for its intrinsic values. For those who value it as a rich, natural ecosystem, there are reasons to be content, because what appears to be destruction and death is in the slow workings of a swamp actually destruction and life.

Oaks have growth habits that ecologists refer to as “shade intolerant,” meaning that young oaks cannot grow in the deep shade of other trees. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of oak seedlings under a parent tree in the forest. Most, however, will never grow taller unless the big tree falls and sunlight reaches the seedlings. This occurs naturally when strong thunderstorms pass over the swamp every few years leaving a few blowdowns in their wake. Over time a mosaic of small openings is created across the swamp in which oaks can regenerate for a while until lost to shade once again. Even though a hurricane such as Laura has not come this way in more than a hundred years, it has happened many times in the thousands of years that the floodplain has existed. On each occasion the mega-event causes a reset of ecological succession on a landscape scale as large areas of the forest floor are flooded with sunlight. It is not an overstatement to say that wind storms are critical to the well-being of the D’Arbonne Swamp.

So from the swamp’s perspective, Hurricane Laura was therapeutic. Young, vigorous seedlings of overcup, water, and willow oaks were released for rapid growth to become the future forest. Surviving older trees will produce acorns and provide structural diversity in the meantime. Tree species were not the only beneficiaries of the storm. The depressions, some three feet deep, created when the root-balls tilted on edge, serve as a critical water reservoirs for many animals during dry periods. Crawfish, frogs, and toads inhabit the potholes and are pursued there by mink and raccoons. The abundant tracks of various other swamp creatures reveal that they often drink from the pools. Violent forces of the hurricane resulted in the creation of countless new tree cavities, a habitat type necessary in the life cycles of many resident birds and mammals. Wood ducks, prothonotary warblers, squirrels, bats, and honey bees are dependent on tree cavities. Even fish, turtles, and other aquatic organisms benefit from a flush of new nutrients and habitat when trees toppled into the bayou. Decaying organic material from the fallen trees will eventually fertilize the entire ecosystem from the bottom up. In time, the devastating handwork of Hurricane Laura on the D’Arbonne Swamp will be lost in another mature forest patiently awaiting the rejuvenating changes of the next big storm. ©KO


Louisiana Department of Education

State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley joining the Louisiana School Boards Association virtual conference this morning. He’s serving as one of the welcome speakers and taking questions on how we’ll continue to move the needle for kids in Louisiana. #LouisianaBelieves


Louisiana Association of Educators

HAPPENING NOW: LA's brand new Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley speaks to 100+ LAE members attending the association's annual summer leadership conference to discuss his vision for office and answer member questions. #membershipmatters Tia Mills


The Teaching & Learning Center

This training--Embracing Diversity in Today's Classroom--right now! Register for this four session LAE member event!



Louisiana Association of Educators



Tia Mills


Louisiana Association of Educators

Last year, we walked members through the best practices for🌱growing🌳their local association chapters. This year, it's all 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏾💪🏿 hands on deck as we help you ⚓️Navigate⚓️ the New Normal. ⛵️Come sail away with us on June 22 and 23, and get your {Zoom} boarding pass today! Head over to lae.org/summerconference for workshop descriptions and the link to registration.


Louisiana Association of Educators

We're still rising together! Join LAE President Dr. Tia Mills and special guest, NEA VP Becky Pringle, for a virtual town hall this Tuesday, June 2 at 6 PM. Register for login credentials at lae.org/townhall. #WeRiseTogether

theadvertiser.com 05/29/2020

Poll: Louisiana educators worried about job security, student engagement and mental health

theadvertiser.com Respondents said challenges they have faced are low student engagement, lack of student contact, and access to internet and technology.

knoe.com 05/28/2020

Poll asks Louisiana educators about struggles teaching during COVID-19 pandemic

knoe.com A poll asked members of the Louisiana Association of Educators to weigh in on some of the struggles affecting both teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

educatingthroughcrisis.org 05/27/2020

Join our nation’s students and educators as we rise together from COVID-19 - Educating Through Crisis

educatingthroughcrisis.org Join our nation’s students and educators as we rise together from COVID-19 Pledge Your Support The coronavirus may have closed school buildings and campuses, but it didn’t stop educators from working to ensure their students learn, cope, and even get fed. It has revealed how critical public scho...

npr.org 05/26/2020

A Looming Financial Meltdown For America's Schools

This is a very informative article describing the impact COVID will have on public education if we don't convince Congress to provide funding to counteract the loss of tax revenue districts will face due to the pandemic. Please attend LAE’s Virtual Red for Ed Really tomorrow at 4:00 to learn how you can get involved!

npr.org With state income and sales tax revenues crashing, one expert predicts, "We're about to see a school funding crisis unlike anything we have ever seen in modern history."


Louisiana Association of Educators

Join LAE and NEA Wednesday, May 27 for a {virtual} Red for Ed Rally to help us convince congressional leaders to pass legislation to fill budget gaps left by COVID-19 that stand to hurt Louisiana's public schools. Register at lae.org/virtualrally #werisetogether #redfored


Louisiana Association of Educators

State and local budgets are expected to see the deepest cuts in history as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, placing students, educators, and public schools at great risk. Join LAE and NEA Wednesday, May 27 for a {virtual} Red for Ed Rally to help us convince congressional leaders to pass legislation to fill budget gaps that stand to hurt Louisiana's public schools. Register at lae.org/virtualrally #werisetogether #redfored

actionnetwork.org 05/15/2020

Legislation Could Jeopardize Local Pay Raises for Educators

actionnetwork.org Measures that seek to erode local control over approval or denial of lucrative property tax breaks for manufacturing corporations are advancing through the legislature with strong backing from large corporate lobbying groups. We can’t afford to lose local control of our ITEP dollars, everything fr...

surveymonkey.com 05/14/2020

LAE Summer Conference 2020

surveymonkey.com Take this survey powered by surveymonkey.com. Create your own surveys for free.

mobilize.us 05/12/2020

Tele-Town Hall: Actions to Help Our Public Schools and Communities Recover from COVID-19 · The National Education Association

mobilize.us Join a national tele-town hall about the work we need to do together to repair the economic damage done by the coronavirus. We’ll discuss what Congress needs to do to stabilize education funding, build bridges to opportunity for students and communities, and support the safety, health, and well-be...


LaSalle Parish Association of Educators

Early enrollment is happening now. You can sign up to become a member without paying dues until September.

This is difficult and uncharted times in public education, we all need the advantage of member benefits and legal representation to help face the unknown.

If you want to become a member you can call 992-6462 or go online to www.lae.org.

The LaSalle Parish Association of Educators wants you to join us.


Louisiana Association of Educators


Louisiana Association of Educators

Start your engines!🚗💨LAE President Tia Mills needs YOU to get in the driver's seat! Help LAE recruit new members between now and the end of 2020 for a chance to win some fancy 🏆prizes🏆 -- for YOU and for the members of your local LAE chapter. #membershipmatters #LAE3000

🏁On your marks...🚦Get set...🏁GEAUX!


Louisiana Association of Educators

Members of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education are progressing in the selection process for the state's next Superintendent of Education. Board members are asking for public input on topics related to this process. Please take a few moments to complete a public feedback survey. Head over to lae.org/statesupsurvey to get started.


Louisiana Association of Educators

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Louisiana Association of Educators

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Not a member of the strongest professional association for Louisiana's public school employees? What are you waiting for? Join TODAY FOR FREE at lae.org/join. #membershipmatters #fasttracktoprofessionalsupport


Louisiana Association of Educators

Belong to Louisiana's most powerful network of public school teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, school secretaries, nurses, and other education support professionals. JOIN TODAY at no cost! www.lae.org/join


Louisiana Association of Educators

Want to engage with your students while school remains closed? Join LAE members as they walk you through an interactive online course on the best practices for engaging your students, remotely. Register for access at www.lae.org/onlineinstruction and take the course when it's convenient for you!


The Teaching & Learning Center

Our pre-recorded Online Instruction webinar is ready. It was prepared for Louisiana educators by Louisiana educators--take it when you are ready! Participate in this interactive webinar to support your work with or prepare you for online instruction! Register today! lae.org/onlineinstruction


The Teaching & Learning Center

There is still time to register for sessions for our upcoming Virtual Student Learning & Online Instruction webinars, this Thursday and Friday at 4 PM. Learn some best practices for engaging students online during the time when schools are closed. Register today! lae.org/onlineinstruction


Louisiana Association of Educators

You have questions? We have answers. (And if we don't, we'll find out.) www.lae.org/covid19faq


The Teaching & Learning Center

Do you need some test prep help to pass the PRAXIS I or II Elementary? Monroe City Association of Educators and Ouachita Association of Educators are hosting PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II Elementary Test Prep sessions May 9 from 9:30-3:00. Contact Tamara Ross or Clara Staten Ellis to register for the session you need. Spots are limited. Mark your calendar and register today!


Monroe City Association of Educators - MCAE


Save the date for the Spring Listening Tour Set For March 18th @ 6PM. Meet and Greet LAE State President Dr. Tia Mills.

Staff will be out visiting in the schools March 18th and 19th.


Louisiana Association of Educators



Louisiana Association of Educators

The educator salary budgeting process: EXPLAINED. www.lae.org/keepthepromise


Louisiana Association of Educators


theadvocate.com 02/15/2020

Letter to editor: Louisiana teachers disappointed in lack of commitment to a 2020 raise

theadvocate.com I'm a teacher. I'm an activist. I'm a union member. And because of this, I'm a realist. So let me begin by being completely honest. I was surprised (and yes,


Louisiana Association of Educators

Think about your school — do you need a way to assess what’s going well and what may need to be improved for the success of your colleagues and students? This quick survey will help LAE develop a plan to 1.) make sure you and your students have everything you need; 2.) eliminate inequities, and 3.) strengthen teaching and learning practices. Click👇👇👇to get started: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/laeessasurvey




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