Tiffany Sanchez

I enjoy helping people live their best life. I help businesses benefit their employees and their bottom line as well as help individuals accomplish goals.

I use my personal and professional experience to help individuals and entrepreneurs problem solve and identify avoidable issues before they arise. I believe in networking in business and they community. My passion is helping people overcome obstacles so they can live their best life. Whether that means tweaking a money flow issue, overcoming social setbacks, or helping to get would-be business own

Operating as usual 02/23/2017

Exoplanet discovery: What does Nasa's announcement mean - and should we be excited about TRAPPIST-1?

This is truly an amazing discovery!!! Well worth the read! Turns out it wasn’t just dust on the telescope lens, Nasa astronomers have spotted seven Earth-size planets around a nearby star, some or all of which could harbour water and possibly life.


Shoeboxed | Painless Receipt Scanning & Expense Tracking

This is something I found that looked really awesome. Does anyone use this? What are your thoughts? The digital age definitely makes things easier! The fast, easy way to turn receipts into an organized, categorized, and IRS-accepted online archive. Join the one million small businesses saving time and money with Shoeboxed. 02/18/2017

Thin Mints, Fat Sales: Top Girl Scout Cookie Sellers Spill Their Secrets

I know a lot of people are in network marketing right now. This has to be one of the best articles of inspiration I have ever seen... For guys and girls alike!
Go Entrepreneurs!
Go Women!
Get 'em Tiger! Slaying the cookie competition.


Volunteer Opportunities

I'm just going to leave this right here... So much good to do in Shreveport! Volunteer Opportunities in 02/16/2017

Talking benefits with your spouse, partner - WorkLife In honor of Valentine’s Day, pour some wine, turn on the music and let’s talk benefits. Okay – it’s not that romantic – but it’s got to be done. After all, many of you already vowed, “In sickness and in health.” Assuming you’ve already chosen a plan that works for your family by comparing costs …


We took the Beginner's Salsa class for date night. So much fun! The instructors are fantastic, and it's great to see your partner cut a rug! 02/15/2017

Finally, 20 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

I don't know how much I can get behind #15, but the rest are great! Parenting doesn't have to be difficult. Check out these 20 parenting hacks that will help make your life much easier. 02/14/2017

12 Ways to Hack Your 9-to-5 Job and Live Worry Free

#12, though! I'm sure that Peter Gibbons, the much-loved character from 'Office Space,' would endorse these tactics. 02/09/2017

Four great ways to start your day - WorkLife

I really need to get back in these habits... lol One of the best things about each morning is that you get a fresh start, a clean slate. But if you muck it up, it’s harder to navigate the rest of your day. So put a little thought into greeting the a.m. A few simple practices can help. Banish your phone the night before. Wake …


"What others think of you is none of your business." Be good to each other!


How to Delegate Like a Millionaire Entrepreneur

Sometimes it is so hard to let go of things you don't have time to do. This is a great way of looking at things. Delegation is an invaluable resource!

For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit Smart people think nobody else ca...


Just a thought...

The only difference between a tool and a weapon is how it's used..

Be good to each other.






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Gavin Havard is a real estate agent & investor that takes a consultive approach to helping his clients. His hard work, charisma, skill set, and true passion for his business have helped him quickly build his reputation as a qualified Realtor.

Joplin Triathlon Coaching Joplin Triathlon Coaching
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Triathlon coaching services for athletes ranging from beginners to top performing elites. Experience with youth, juniors, and para-athletes. Swim expert.

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Teaching the fundamentals of basketball to our area youth and also teaching leadership, teamwork and respect at the same time.

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Black & Figuring it Out Co-Host, Podcaster, and Spiritual Life Skills Coach

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The TakeDown™ Challenge is a 4-week weight loss and lifestyle improvement program. Reclaim your health and fitness by losing 12-24 lbs in just 4 weeks.

ENERGY by Michelle ENERGY by Michelle
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Certified NASM Personal Trainer. Studio provides fitness & nutritional coaching. Email [email protected]

Robert Patterson - RP Fitness Robert Patterson - RP Fitness
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Shreveport, 71108

At RP fitness we believe in exhibiting real work, along with persistence in your daily goals in and out of the gym to ultimately get you success!!

Stacie Slabaugh, Health & Wellness Counselor Stacie Slabaugh, Health & Wellness Counselor

Stress kills! Literally. And we are more stressed today than ever before. I help busy people reduce their stress levels and increase their energy, productivity,...and health. Programs available: • One-to-one • Group • Organizational (Corporate)