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[01/08/18]   Mountain Monday

1-2mi warmup
2 min at 2%, 2 min 0%
2 min at 4, 2 at 2
2 at 6, 2 at 4
2 at 8, 2 at 6
2 at 10, 2 at 8
2 at 12, 2 at 10
4 at 0% stretch is optional
2 at 10, 2 at 12
2 at 8, 2 at 10
2 at 6, 2 at 8
2 at 4, 2 at 6
4 at 2%


Same warm down

[12/20/17]   Wednesday track workout:
Normal long warmup with incantations and visualizations.

5x 400 odds are 400 recovery, even 100 situps
2x 800
5x 400

Warm down

[12/11/17]   Mountain Monday is again on base!

0530 AM West Gate for those without gate access. Silver F-150, will depart 0535 sharp.


2-3 miles warmup, goal visualization, ritual and incantation
Stretch, goal setting

Conduct this set three times, (reduce incline by 2-3% each round, increase speed for both reps during each set
8 min treadmill @ 18% incline, FAST
8 min treadmill @ 1% incline, FAST
2 min EZ walk recovery or get off treadmill to recover

1-2mi EZ warm-down, stretch, nutrient rich recovery drink and at least 2-3min cold shower


[11/29/17]   Today's Warrior Wednesday workout. Standard 15 to 25 minute warm up. Then you will do 20x 400 repeat. First one 100 fast 300 recovery. Second one, 200 fast 200 recovery. Third one 300 fast 100 recovery fourth one 400 fast 400 recovery repeat.

[11/27/17]   Mountain Monday workout
1.5 to 3.5 mi warmup with race visualizations
Main set
On field 50 air squats perfect form. 30 seconds lunge hold then 1000m ascend (slow) by 200m.

Lunge walk across the field to start.

800m descend by 200m
Squat jump across field to halfway mark.

600m steady every 200 at ~ 32-8sec or choice. Pick and stick with it.

100 supermans and v ups by 25.

400 for time ~ 1:08-1:13

Stretch, 2x 200 for time

EZ cool down with drills. 15-25 min

[11/27/17]   Tomorrow we are on base! Message me if you want a ride in. Workout warm up begins your choice between 530-545. Main set 0600 at the latest.

[11/08/17]   Today's Warrior Wednesday Track Workout:

2mi/15min warmup

3x (EZ 200m, 50 all out, EZ 350m, 100 all out, EZ 300, 200 all out, EZ 200, 400 HARD, 200EZ)

15min warmdown


[11/06/17]   Today's workout:

15 min warmup
6 rounds of:
1) 400m run, 15 sec rest
2) 200m run, 15 sec rest
3) up two flights of stairs, 15 sec rest
4) finish the stadium, (down two stairwells up one) 1 min rest
You should be at the opposite end of the track you started on

10 min warm-down
long stretch, rehydrate

[10/30/17]   Today's workout is straightforward.
30 minutes stairs.
30 minutes tempo run
15 min stretch

[10/30/17]   Meet at the base visitors entrance at 535 for Mountain Monday, military edition.
We're working on getting the gates opened at the high school.

[10/23/17]   Mountain Monday set:

If coming to the track:

~2mi warmup
bag carry up one set of stairs, run down that set w/o bag
run back up the stairs, grab the bag, bring it down and bring it to the next set of stairs, run up and drop it off at the top. Do this for one side of the stadium.

Transfer on the track and run 800m whereas on each 400 the first straight away is a strong bounding drill and the second straight away is an all out sprint (

[10/10/17]   Being realistic is the sure path to mediocrity.

[10/09/17]   We are unsure if the stadium will be open on Columbus Day. However here's the workout for you!

Stress Set. Will train you to handle frustration.

Warm up: 8-15 minutes easy, with 6x 15-20 step bounding drills sprinkled during the start of all the straight aways

Main Set: Pick a lane on the stadium. Go up 10 steps, descend down, go up 20 steps, descend, go up 30 steps, descend, go up as many 10s as there are steps. When you reach the top, descend and run 3 laps, return to the top of the stairwell and descend 10, ascend 10, descend 20, ascend 20, you get the idea.

Run 3 laps. Repeat sets as long as you can.

go 8-15 min warm-down.

Happy Columbus Day!

[10/02/17]   Mountain Monday set:


1.5-2. mile warmup, strictly enforced.
Stretch very well.

30 minutes loop for laps.

Up the first flight, down the second, up the third, down the fourth, up the fifth and down the sixth and final flight, conduct 400m for time, then up the 6th, down the 5th, up the 4th, down the 3rd, up the 2nd and down the 1st, 400m for time opposite direction.

1.5-2 mile warmdown. Stretching is strictly enforced. Please stretch the glute and hamstring.

This will be made into 2 STRAVA segments for later competition. 09/29/2017

Nutrition is an important part of your desire to be healthy, feel better, have more energy and be more for the people you love.

Many people get lethargic, lazy, irritable and gain weight with the following food types:

1) bleached flours [instead go with small portions of whole grain and multigrain

2) artificial food coloring [tends to disturb your nervous system, cause shakes, irritability, stains your GI tract]

3) artificial preservatives [there are many natural preservatives, artificial preservatives tend to sour and curdle your stomach preventing nutritional absorption and creating acidic environment]

4) Canola oil [for whatever reason this ingredient tends to bog me down and make me feel lethargic]. By the way this is a horrible ingredient, please look it up.

5) Too much [if you eat too much of one ingredient it will overload your enzymes and you will be faced with undigested food in your GI, which will give you stomach and bathroom issues]

6) Mixing foods that react in ph levels. Avoid starches with meats, avoid melons with anything else and other guidelines can be found online. Bad ph levels will inhibit digestion, make you sick, and make you lethargic and irritable.

[09/25/17]   Mountain Monday 25 September Workout:

There will be weight vests and bags.

Standard warmup.

Warmup main set:
one round through the south stadium, run 600 then do the north stadium's first and last flights, run 600. Record time. PROs

[09/18/17]   Awesome workout today!

We watched the beautiful sunset while running and lunging up the stairs. A few of us elected to do 1000m runs after the stadiums, which went very well. We were joined by a gymnastics team of about 20 girls. They looked very strong!

[09/15/17]   Next Mountain Monday workout: Focus on the glute (butt)

- 10-15 min warm-up with drills (butt kickers, high knees, karaokes, duck walks, ankle rotations, lunge walking etc).
- You will go through 3-4 of the following rounds:
--Lunge walk up the first set of stairs, putting hands on hips or on the back of the head, keeping back straight hips square and head straight; easy go down
--squat jump up the next set of stairs by skipping steps; easy down
--recover before starting next round,
--fast up last set of stairs
400 steady @ 10mi or half marathon pace
--Ascend in pace by each upward stair (meaning your first set of stair climbs will be fastest, each next set will be just a bit slower)
--600 steady @ 10mi or half marathon pace

WARMDOWN with visualizing your next race, your new body, your new future


GIVE THANKS 09/15/2017

9 Things I Learned from Talking to 9 Millionaires

Nearly every millionaire interviewed had a rigorous workout regiment: When I began interviewing business leaders for my podcast The Inbox Inspiration, I didn’t realize the impact it would have on me.

[08/28/17]   Mountain Monday workout:

- 1.5-2.0 mile warm-up
- take one stairway and go up and down single stepping for 8 minutes
- One mile for time: 4x400m {descend each lap by 10 seconds}
- 1-3 min break with stretch
- one stairway and go up and down double stepping for 7 minutes
- One mile for time 4x400 {ascend each lap by 5 seconds}
- 1-3 min break with stretch
- One stairway and go up and down your choice for 6 minutes
- 1600 straight, hitting every 400m exactly same time
EZ warm-down with stretches


Mountain Monday

Awesome Mountain Monday!

[08/21/17]   MOUNTAIN MONDAY:
~2 miles warmup.
2 rounds through stadiums (standard up and down both sides of the stadium, with a 400m at race pace).
Take shoes off. Go to center field.
The hurdles should be placed in the field, you will conduct 5 of either over or under the hurdles. Then a 100m sprint hard back. Heart rate recovery to under 120bmp. If you lack HR monitor, try taking your pulse at the carotid artery. Less than 20 beats in 10 seconds.
You will do that 5 times for beginners, 10 times for pros.
Follow-up with 3-5 full stadiums.

If we are authorized to use the hurdles in this way, we will work these into full sets in the coming weeks, where you will do a full stadium, over/unders then 400-800m sprints.

You will get stronger.

[08/11/17]   Mountain Monday Workout:
(I will be out of town at a race and family event)
(You will need a backpack with weights)

1) 12 min warm-up with 3-5x50m sprints sprinkled
2) 3 sets of 12 minutes: a) 1st set begins the first stairwell is double steps, second stairwell climb are double steps by jumping repeat for 12 minutes at 12 minutes stretch for 3 minutes...b) 2nd set goes reverse through the stadium steady and strong for 12 minutes with the backpack if you have it, then stretch for 3 min, c) 12 minutes where going up the stairs strong for halfway then easy halfway and down. Continue doing that for 12 minutes.
3) 10 min warm-down and stretch

[08/07/17]   Ok team
Mountain Monday is:

Continuous bleacher run for 25 minutes after standard 2 mile warmup. 800m run then 15 minutes bleacher. Then stretch cool down. The 25 minutes will have 10 min of lunge walks, jump squats and other drills.

See you there!

[08/02/17]   Attention River Cities Tri:

Wednesday moderate speed work (100s, 200s, 3-4x400m run intervals; Drill and pulling in the pool (30min); Nice and easy bike with 7-8 one minute sprints sprinkled in.

Thursday: 45-55 min run with functional drills; 2000 swim EZ w/choice drills and stroke sets; 4x3 min hard on the bike (holding 78-88RPM with 5 min spin of over 110RPM.

Friday: Yoga, nutrition, nap, stretching anything training should be light (you can do light weights at high reps)

Saturday: limit run, swim, bike to 15-20, but make sure you do 1-3 fast fast sets. Wear compression, sleep with feet up, anti-inflammatory precautions.


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[07/22/17]   Join us for Mountain Mondays @ the Caddo stadium, Capt Shreve High School. 530-645am. Come at go at your own time. The workout is below.

[07/19/17]   Signed up for River Cities Triathlon?
Get your tapering program now

[07/19/17]   Congratulations to Air Force Ken for winning the Sunrise Triathlon #4!
If you're wanting to achieve more in your day, just like the already signed up enthusiastic customers, give us a call or text 07/17/2017

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Sunrise Triathlon #4

See you at the Sunrise Triathlon tomorrow! Individual Race Entry $50 – open to 6/25/2017 11:59 p.m. CDT $60 – 6/26/2017 to 7/9/2017 11:59 p.m. CDT $70 – 7/10/2017 to 7/15/2017 3:00 p.m. CDT No race day registration 07/14/2017

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[07/08/17]   Last minute run invite, Saturday 6am from DiamondJacks. Heading south on the Bossier Side Red River Trail.




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