356 Ministry

356 is taken from Proverbs 3:5-6

Operating as usual

[08/01/21]   The Lord is in His temple.
The Bible says that we are the temple of God.
Is He in your temple today?

[05/22/21]   God is on the move what is He doing in your life

[01/12/21]   Praying for you!

[12/06/20]   And the Lord said let their be light. And their was, the light of Jesus. He can be yours today because He paid the price for You.

[07/25/20]   Praying is reaching up to God.
The Bible is God reaching down to us.

[07/20/20]   Preaching on prayer this week in Gilliam, LA.

[08/08/19]   Who do you trust?
Trust God!!

[08/06/19]   Living for Christ and Christ Alone!

[07/07/19]   In my years of being a Christian I have learned somethings that God would have us learn.
Number one is that in the Christian life we need to be teachable. I thought of the verses in Jeremiah where God tells the prophet to " go to the Potter's house ".
From this we learn first we need to be Moldable. We need to be playable in His hands for service. Second, sometimes we become hard with sin and God has to use His knife. This when we are no longer careveable. Thirdly God might just have to make us breakable to do His will. All of these three things in my life.
God always has a plan for our life, sometime we just have to wait for His time.
Scripture reference Jer. 18: 1-10

[05/09/19]   Looking for new horizons for the Lord's

[05/03/19]   God is so good

[04/02/19]   God has some awesome things in store for you.
Just Trust Him.

[03/26/19]   Might be old but, people still need the Lord!

[02/12/19]   People, in this life deal with a lot of things that are just hard. But God has said that He will be a with us as we trust His son, Jesus. This is not a one time thing but a daily Trust.

[01/16/19]   Trusting in God for the Christian is not alone time event. It's a lifetime

[11/13/18]   God is not through with me yet.

[11/12/18]   Thanksgiving a time to be thankful, I think sometime we miss that!

[11/10/18]   God's wonderful Love is for all of us share it today

[11/09/18]   God is moving!


356 Ministry

[06/19/18]   I was thinking about LOVE this morning. How we love our spouses, and children, and grandchildren, and yes sometimes great grandchildren. Just imagine how much God loves you and me.

[06/17/18]   Thinking about our love ones we are closer to them today than yesterday but not as close as we Will be tomrrow.

[06/16/18]   What time is it..., time to pray. The Apostle Paul said to pray About everything, are you praying about everything or worrying about somethings. Let me encourage you to PRAY about everything .


356 Ministry

[03/27/18]   The LORD is good.


356 Ministry

[03/26/18]   Enjoyed palm Sunday, waiting forward to Holy Week.

[03/19/18]   The Lord is waiting on the Church to get out and get the job Done. How can we do this? Through telling our Story about Christ. What He has done for us.

[03/05/18]   I am learning how to rest. It's hard to rest when you want to work at Hospice. But God knows what He is doing. He is also teaching me to WAIT, something that no one likes to do. But I realized a long time ago we always are waiting something. What are you waiting on? And are you letting God teach you, I pray that you are.

[01/31/18]   A mighty FORTRESS is my GOD. Who is your fortress?

[01/28/18]   The Lord can reach you wherever you are.

[01/26/18]   The Lord Jesus prays for us. He speaks to God the Father about us, that is some awsome stuff. To know that He loves me enough to talk to God about me. I don't know how that makes you feel but that makes me feel pretty special.

[11/14/17]   Last night at we looked at God is our helper, He is mine is he yours?

[11/09/17]   What a good day of ministry Even though the rain came down I was able to see who the Lord wanted me to see. I am so glad the Lord choose me to share His Word with others.
If you are a Christian He has chosen you to share His Word. Share and see what God does.

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On this cool,, fall day I am eating lunch at at a church outside of Arcidia, LA. Oak Grove Cumberland church.





Shreveport, LA
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Centenary College of Louisiana Class of 2015 Centenary College of Louisiana Class of 2015
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Shreveport, 71104

Proactive Partners Proactive Partners
9051 Mansfield Rd., Bldg. B, Suite 5
Shreveport, 71118

We are a non-profit (501C3) organization dedicated to providing caregivers, law enforcement, and other first responders with educational tools and skills to more effectively care for and deal with those with dementia or other special needs.

Delta Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha
3132 Greenwood Road
Shreveport, 71109

Alumni Chapter located in Shreveport, Louisiana

GISMO Girls Initiatives for Science and Math Opportunities GISMO Girls Initiatives for Science and Math Opportunities
P.O. Box 8335
Shreveport, 71148

We promote awareness of STEM courses and careers for girls in an effort to spark interest, excitement, and exploration!

Surgical Skills Lab Surgical Skills Lab
1501 Kings Hwy
Shreveport, 71103

The purpose of this surgical skills laboratory is to serve as a teaching tool for medical students, residents, faculty, and practicing surgeons.

LSU AgCenter NW Region Gardening LSU AgCenter NW Region Gardening
3101 Fairfield Ave (Randle T Moore Center)
Shreveport, 71104

Home garden and landscape information, tips, tricks and Q&A. Let us know how we can help you!

St. Paul's Gift Shop St. Paul's Gift Shop
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Impact Sports Academy Impact Sports Academy
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Shreveport, 71107

Our focus: teach fundamentals with specific exercises to train core muscles to be a great hitter, pitcher, football player and all around good ball player.

B'nai Zion Congregation B'nai Zion Congregation
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Shreveport, 71105-3608

A Reform Jewish Congregation for over 150 years in Shreveport. A great place for Jewish learning, worship, and friendly gathering.

Virginia College in Shreveport Virginia College in Shreveport
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Avenue Baptist Church Sunday School Avenue Baptist Church Sunday School
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