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Bringing out the positive side of today’s young people and pointing them toward a hopeful future! Young Life in Shreveport is part of a world-class organization for adolescents.

Our staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we think matters most of all — the truth about God and His love for us.

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Photos from Young Life Shreveport's post 05/05/2021

"The GOOD that YL has done for me can’t be said in in in a few sentences, but it has changed my life. Not only did it help me begin a relationship with God it has taught me how to stay true to that relationship. I will never be able to thank younglife for all it has done for me." - Chanel Beasley, Byrd ‘21

Photos from Young Life Shreveport's post 05/05/2021

“What GOOD that YL has done in my life is that it has lead me to make connections with people I never thought of and has taught me the importance of making those relationships meaningful. The leaders have always been there for me and willing to pray with me about anything. Being in an environment that pushed me to seek scripture for answers in my life greatly impacted my high-school experience in a positive way.” — Hallie Phillips, Magnet ‘21

Photos from Young Life Shreveport's post 05/04/2021

“What GOOD that YL has done for me it has taught me to believe in god and to love myself as a person. My leaders have helped me gain confidence and to believe in god more! YL has been such a great family to me” - Kaliyah Brown, BTW ‘21

Photos from Young Life Shreveport's post 05/04/2021

Today 5/4 is our community’s Give For Good‼️ Throughout today you will get to hear the stories of how Young Life Shreveport has changed their life for GOOD from our GRADuating class of 2021. We hope you’ll find their stories encouraging & if you feel so inclined to give, the link will be in our bio! #GiveForGoodNLA

“What GOOD that YL has done for me is it has showed me the unconditional love of Jesus and given me the best friends to share it with. My leaders have helped shape me into the woman i am today, and they have always been by my side. YL has completely changed my life.” - Reagan Hetrick, Byrd ‘21

Photos from Young Life Shreveport's post 05/04/2021

“What GOOD that YL has done for me is…it’s taken me out of my comfort zone, because I’m really shy, it’s made me grow closer than ever with God, and it’s also made me have the best friends I could ever ask for! I love YL for life, and I’ll always cherish the memories I’ve made with it!” - Edward Webster, Capt. Shreve ‘21

Photos from Young Life Shreveport's post 05/04/2021

“The GOOD that young life has done in my life is that YL is the reason i have a relationship with god. i have met the most amazing people and gone on the coolest trips and i hope to continue it through college. it has been my favorite thing i’ve ever done.” — Abigail Schmidt, Byrd ‘21

Revised Summer 2020 Template v2 04/03/2021

Revised Summer 2020 Template v2


Revised Summer 2020 Template v2 Online registration for 2021 Frontier Ranch Wk 2 - LA51 starts on April 3rd 2021. Online registration ends June 7th 2021.

[03/15/21]   SAVE THE DATE for Young Life Camp 2021!!
YL Camp is June 6-12!
Wilderness is July 8-14!
More information to come in the next two weeks.

Camp sign up will be on Saturday April 3rd ALL ONLINE! The sign up link will be posted here, instagram, and through parent emails. Please email us at [email protected] if you do not receive parent emails. Those who were signed up for last year's cancelled trip will be given priority for the first 24 hours after the link goes live!


Drive By Trick Or Treat TODAY @ the YL House 713 Southfield Road! 2-4PM! Anyone is welcome! Swing by for a little treat, Halloween cheer, and more info about our newest ministry to Shreveport Young Life called Capernaum, which is YL’s ministry to students with special needs ages 14-22!


Help us support our teachers this school year! We are having a hand sanitizer drive!

See information below. Link to order on amazon click here:



Barrington (BJ) Gibson serves on our staff mainly overseeing the ministry at Booker T. Washington High School. He speaks for all of us at Young Life as we say THANK YOU for giving, supporting, praying, and much more for this ministry. We cannot do what we do without the support of our community. We truly are thankful and blessed by y’all! You are WHY we YL! There is still FOUR hours left to support the work of YL! Link in our comments section to give! #WhyIYL #GiveForGood


6/7 – 👏COMMITTEE ✅
We could not do what we do for students in Shreveport if it wasn’t for our incredible committee. Our committee of about 20 folks serve in lots of different roles from supporting our leaders and staff to ensuring the long-term success of this ministry. We truly enjoy the incredible people we have on our committee. Here are some of our committee members and WHY they serve YL in this way! ICYMI – see post 1/7 of the day for more information on Give For Good and Young Life! Link in our comments section to give. #WhyIYL #GiveForGood
● WHY WE YL - “We love the community that YL builds for kids and also us! And the big cookie..IYKYK!” - Robyn and Beau Stewart
● WHY WE YL - “Our family joined the YL Family because we wanted to help bring youth to Christ. One day our child will be a leader in YL!!!” - Toya and Sebastian Edwards (& future YL leader Lil Sebastian!!)


5/7 - 💥S’PORT YL ALUM‼️

We love to see how the impact of Young Life changes lives for years to come. Sarah Davidson, C.E. Byrd ‘16, LSU ’20, shares her story of WHY she loves YL and how it has been part of her high school and college life! ICYMI – see our first post of the day for more information on Give For Good! Link in our bio to give! @sdavie #WhyIYL #GiveForGood


4/7 –👏STUDENTS👏Swipe to see all the reasons WHY our students love Young Life and how it has impacted their life! These are only a few of the 1,000 students in Shreveport known by name in this ministry. ICYMI – see our first post of the day for more information on Give For Good! Link in our comments below to give. #WhyIYL #GiveForGood.
● “I YL because everyone accepted me for who I was before Christ. I was broken and lost, I went to clubs and campaigners, and then camp. YL changed my life” – Lily, Captain Shreve Junior
● “Why I YL is for the joy in the atmosphere when I get around the leaders and the other students. It helps me feel safe and at peace.” – Deandre, Booker T. Washington Freshman
● “I love YL because it gives people the opportunity to create lasting friendships that are centered around our creator. YL is accepting and loving to all people, and I think that is so important for high school students!!” - Lillie, C.E. Byrd Senior
● “From YL I have learned so much such as how to love God, how to love myself, and how to love others. God loves all of us unconditionally and YL has helped me unconditionally love not only others but myself!” – Maci, Captain Shreve Freshman
● “Why I YL because it changed my life. I also YL because it’s fun and because these are my people.” – Jamiya, Booker T. Washington Junior
● “I YL for the real relationships and real conversations that are hard to find other places. I feel understood at YL!” - Emma, C.E. Byrd Junior


💥Shreveport Capernaum ‼️

We are looking to begin Young Life for our adolescent friends in our community with special needs. Amber Waldron shares WHY she has a heart for Capernaum and the beginning of this ministry in Shreveport. Amber has been on Young Life staff 6 years and has extensive experience with Capernaum. We are looking to add her to our staff starting this fall! ICYMI – see our first post of the day for more information on Give For Good! Link in our comments section to give! #WhyIYL #GiveForGood


2/7 – VOLUNTEER LEADERS: Swipe to see all the reasons WHY our leaders do what they do! They are the real heroes of this ministry. They spend countless hours outside their schooling and/or jobs showing up in the lives of students in Shreveport! They are only a few of the over 50 volunteer leaders in Shreveport. ICYMI - see our first post of the day for more information on Give for Good! Link in the comments to give! #WhyIYL #GiveForGood
• WHY I YL - “YL has given me a new sense of adventure; a way to explore the world around me with amazing people.” - Kaylee Jones, C.E. Byrd Leader
• WHY I YL - “I got involved in YL as a high school kid. My leader was and STILL IS a spiritual mentor to me, 14+ years later. I want to be that for kids here in Shreveport.” - Katie Lowder, Captain Shreve Leader •WHY I YL - “ I love my YL leader who helped me to follow Jesus. I love that as a leader I can do the same with students.” - Laterence Stinson, Booker T. Washington Leader
• WHY WE YL - “Carlton and I met and married because of our connection with YL. We love that we can serve God and love others TOGETHER through this ministry!” – Lauren and Carlton Holland, C.E. Byrd Leaders
• WHY I YL – “My favorite memories in HS are from my time in YL! My friends and I still talk about the amazing camp food, the time we repelled down a mountain, and so much more. It is such a joy to share these same experiences as a leader with my middle school friends. “ Hannah Lee, WyldLife Leader
• WHY WE YL - “Dan and I YL because Jesus has called us to “stand in the gap” as advocates, leaders, and friends to students in our city.”- Katy and Dan Ainsworth, Caddo Magnet Leaders


1/7 - 💥TODAY💥 is Northwest Louisiana Community Foundation’s Give for Good. Be sure to check back every couple hours for glimpses into the ministry of Shreveport Young Life as our volunteer leaders, students, alum, committee, and staff share about “Why I YL.” First up is our Area Director, Nicole Mazur.
We hope that these stories will uplift you. If they lead you to give, we are very grateful. There is a giving guide in the comments below of suggested donation amounts. We know that the world has changed, but the needs of adolescents in Shreveport have not. Link in our comments below to give ✅‼️#WhyIYL #GiveForGood


From Local Missions of First United Methodist Church Shreveport -- Resources available in our community during this Stay-At-Home order!

03/16/2020 03/16/2020

Coronavirus Update - Young Life Shreveport

As part of our on-going response to COVID-19 globally and Gov. Edwards actions last week, we won't be holding any Young Life events until after April 13. Once school in Louisiana resumes, so will Young Life club and campaigners. But, the most important work of Young Life goes on -- leaders coming alongside students (in accordance with CDC recommendations, common sense, and parents' wishes). Whether students have questions, need answers, or just need to laugh, your Young Life leaders are ready. #YoungLife Dear friends, We have no doubt that your inboxes are filled with messages regarding COVID-19. Though we don’t want to add to your load, we do want to make sure to keep you informed on the steps Young Life is taking to ensure the safety and well being of our staff, volunteers, and the kids with who...


There’s more room for YOU✨this summer in the mountains of Georgia at SharpTop Cove! Sign up for #YLCAMP with all your friends today! Link in pic with all the details.
Email us with any questions or if $$ is a concern at [email protected]! We always find a way to help our friends get to camp!


Eat at Grub in Shreveport today and mention Young Life!!

[05/08/19]   Update: Rotolos is without power! Enjoy dinner somewhere else tonight 🙂 stay safe y’all!


T O D A Y !! 🍕🍕🍕


Give For Good is today! We’re all about introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith! Join in that adventure today!


Come on out and see us at Shop For Good today! Starting at 11AM! Starbucks on Line!


• Camp Sign Up Night - this Sunday!!! 5PM!!
• We’re going to CROOKED CREEK RANCH!!!
• Want to have the greatest adventure of your life? Come backpack in CO at Wilderness Ranch!
• Interested in helping teen moms have the best week of their life? Sign up to be childcare at YoungLives camp!

Please DM us if you have any questions or email us at [email protected]! Especially if it’s finances related. We never want $$ to be the reason someone doesn’t go to camp.

We will have fundraisers in the spring for camp!!


BYRD, MAGNET, & SHREVE HS: SAVE THE DATE FOR CAMP 2019!!! Ask your YL Leader for info!

We will be revealing WHERE we’re going to camp next week @ C L U B!

CAMP SIGN UP NIGHT: SUNDAY DEC 2nd 5PM @ YL HOUSE (713 Southfield Rd)!! $100 deposit saves your spot on the bus to one of these trips below!


If you love @younglife and @grubburgerbar, today is your lucky day 🙌🍔🍟
All day today, 8/21, Young Life is partnering with Grub Burger Bar on E. 70th St. for a Give Back day.
Mention YL when you order your food, and a percentage of the proceeds will go back to Young Life! #younglife #ylatthemag #ylatthecity #innercityshreveportyounglife #ylattheswamp #shreveportwyldlife


Parent open house !! T O N I G H T !! 5:30-7PM !!


Hey Shreveport YL parents: WE MADE IT to Frontier Ranch!! Check out our week at the link in the picture!!!


Today! Download the app and order something delicious to help send our high school and middle school friends to camp this summer!

[04/14/18]   Unfortunately due to storms, we will have to postpone our rummage sale to next Saturday! See y’all next Saturday at 7am! 11/28/2017

Young Life Shreveport

#GivingTuesday! Help give a kid the best week ever! Thanks! Give Kids the Best Week of Their Life! CAN YOU SPARE A FEW DOLLARS TO CHANGE A KID'S LIFE FOREVER? You may not always see it, but your life is making an impact on others! By supporting Shreveport Young Life's camping program with an easy gift of $50 or $100, more kids experience the best week of the...


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5/7 - 💥S’PORT YL ALUM‼️
💥Shreveport Capernaum ‼️
1/7 - 💥TODAY💥 is Northwest Louisiana Community Foundation’s Give for Good. Be sure to check back every couple hours for ...
Sign up now!
Love Club with YL@TheCity
Young Life's Frontier Ranch. Hands down, the #bestweekofyourlife. Don't. Miss. It.  || #ylshreveport #getonthebus
Don't forget!! The next YoungLife is Feb. 17 at 7:37pm! MARDI GRAS CLUB is going down at the YL house!  | | #ylshrevepor...
Club this Tuesday! The party is happening at 7:37pm. If you have a crown/tiara, maybe bring it.
High schoolers come with us to Crooked Creek Ranch in Colorado! June 28-July 6! Its not too late to sign up, 10 spots le...
Know a middle school student who wants to go to camp?! Check on the video below for Camp Buckner! Shreveport is going Ju...




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