NO JOKE Popping Studio

Shreveport/Bossier's Only Popping Class!!! Located in Shreve City at Life Long Fitness Center, behind Ming Garden! Sign up or in @

We will start off with teaching the foundational moves of popping, tutting, waving, glides, botting (etc.) and eventually we will get into creating some cool routines that will have your friends saying "HOW DID YOU DO THAT???" For those of you who aren't' familiar with Popping, it is a dance style that based off of creating Illusions with your body to music(in a nutshell). If that doesn't ring a b

Operating as usual

[05/27/13]   we had a great show at mud bug madness today!!!! :):):):)

[05/25/13]   practice at 6:30!

[05/09/13]   This is David from the No Joke click :) doods really got some moves! will have to go to Youtube Desktopview to see it

[05/06/13]   we have the mud bug madness show at the end of this month so those of you who would like to perform please show up for class!

[05/02/13]   A.D. will be teaching today see yall up there!


Anytime, FaLow, Blackstar, Maskman, Clown, Gordon. Popping after NO JOKE class

Anytime, Me, Bl*ckst*r, Maskman, Clown and Gordon...Freestyle! 318-232-2POP

[04/27/13]   I will be putting up more footage of more dancers in one video a little later(Anytime, Bl*ckst*r, Clown, Maskman,, Gordon and Me :) ...this HD stuff takes a while to upload!


Quinn Freestlyin at NO JOKE Popping studio

Here is some footage of one of my friends QUIN that I had no CLUE could TEEEAAAR ITTTT UUUP!!!!!! came to class yesterday.

Nice moves brotha!!! 318-232-2POP


BLACKSTAR freestyling at NO JOKE

Here is a student that's getting A LOT BETTER!!!! Good job Josh (aka BL*CKST*R)!!!

He's getting a lloooottt betterrr!!! Great Job brotha!!!


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Timeline Photos

[04/25/13]   We will be focusing more on individual talent in classes and small routines. :)

[04/17/13]   Me and some of the click will be going to WOD (world of dance) this Sat!!!! A big Dallas dance event!!!! classes this week will be Thursday and Friday!...not Saturday


NO JOKE - Wave Routine #1

This is Wave Routine#1 from class yesterday... for the students in class....PLEASE PRACTICE! the way, it was really cool to see Courtney come try it out!...

We're starting small routines for each class. This is the first wave routine. 318-232-2POP


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No Joke Practice

Routine we messed around with in class yesterday A.D. had to pull some of the beginner peeps off to the side so they could be focused on...Song: Pharcyde - She Keeps on Passing Me By 04/12/2013 It's a dance style that's been around for decades, and it's making a big comeback in Shreveport.


No Joke Hair Show Routine! :) 4-4-2013

Here we go! Bare with the fact that this is basically the FIRST routine as a group!...there are some factors that can be cleaned up :) stay with us through the progress!!!...

Its got some shake to it but we will be getting the show footage also! This is our first show with the kids and the adults!...The second show for us basicall...

[04/05/13]   Practice today all day for Advanced...Beginners will start at 6:30


Next No Joke Performance


Were having Another Dance this SATURDAY!!!!...but now we are adding SOME BATTLES!!!!...this will be happening every last Saturday of every Month!!!! Anyone can come!!!!!


NO JOKE at Phoenix Underground (Popping/Hip-Hop Dance Routine 03-23-2013)

Here is the No Joke Phoenix Ungeround Performance! 318-232-2POP [email protected] Dancers in somewhat order: Masked Man, Marcus, FaLow, Da...


The advanced No Joke students

Here are some of the advanced dancers in NO JOKE!!!!

Here is a collage of some of the advanced students at No Joke! 318-232-2POP


Little Beiber, Chase, Kalyah, Hunter, Chris, Matt after class Battles!

Some of the young ones battling it out after class! funny stuff!!! :)

After Practice Battles with the little ones! 318-232-2POP

[03/19/13]   NO JOKE Popping Studio will be a having a monthly dance on the 30th(Saturday) of this month! There will be a KID BATTLE going on this go round so come check it out! Chase(aka Anytime) and Matt(aka Capital) VS. Kalyah(aka ElecTrick) and Keegan(I call him little Beiber lol) Bring your friends and family for some FUN and COOL KIDS BATTLES!!!! doors open at 6:30 - $5 cover. All children under 13 must have parental supervision.


Timbaland Routine

Routine we are WORKING ON lol

Little rough but they're getting there! :)


NO JOKE Popping Studio's cover photo


NO JOKE Choreo

This is the beginning of the newest "beginners routine" :)

Beginning of some choreo for class

[02/28/13]   We're working on some cool routines in class!...its all explained from the basics so you can do it! Anyone who hasn't tried, come check it out tomorrow at 6:30pm mind Ming Garden in Shreve City :) its a GREAT TEAM!!!

[02/19/13]   popping class today at 630! :)


NO JOKE(Adam and FaLow) at Mardi Gras Song: What Goes Around Comes Around - Timbaland and J...

[02/05/13]   Class at 6:30! :)


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No Joke Practice




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