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A non-medication approach to help those with ADHD, Autism, TBI, PTSD and more. Timing 4 Life, LLC Step one: Visit our website to see how we can help your!

Timing 4 Life, LLC has been working with ADHD, autism, Parkinsons, gait issues, and other cognitive and neurological challenges since 2005. All work is one-on-one, and is customized to the clients needs/abilities.


See what this client accomplished in the past 30-DAYS! I'm very proud of all his hard work.

"The results were hard-hitting. I find myself much more comfortable in both my personal and professional lives. I now think about what I am going to say before I say it and my communication is much more deliberate. This has had dramatic effects both in meetings and in crafting or responding to emails in the workplace. The other considerable improvements were approximately a 30-40 percent reduction in overall anxiety levels and a 70-90 percent decrease in nervous habits such as nail-biting. Overall the program had a major impact on my life and I highly recommend it."

What you need to know about your cerebellum, with Mary Schlesinger 07/08/2020

What you need to know about your cerebellum, with Mary Schlesinger


Part 1 of 4. Dr. Daniel Amen (Amen Clinics) interviews Timing 4 Life, LLC (Fairfax, VA) on the benefits of Interactive Metronome training for kids and adults.

What you need to know about your cerebellum, with Mary Schlesinger Dr. Daniel Amen says that the brain is like the Rodney Dangerfield of the brain – it gets no respect. In fact, despite being 10% of the brain’s mass, it uses...


Seems it wouldn't be, but it's hard to bring cog/neuro resources to those who need help. You see, we've all seen the ads on television and can name the popular meds people take to make a variety of symptoms bearable, but few can name therapies that mitigate symptoms and can virtually change how the brain works.

My hope is that this will someday change!


So many people need help but will only consider programs that take a NON-MEDICATION approach. If this sounds like you, then IM training through Timing 4 Life, LLC would be a great fit.






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