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Bob, is that my guitar I see?
Downtown Seymour has everything you need for your Valentine! Here are some ideas!

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Wildflour Confections - Valentine's Day sweets, cupcakes and gift boxes.

Heavenlee Sent - Give the gift of a psychic reading or connect with lost loved ones.

Divine Massage - Nothing beats some self care and relaxation!

Strand Theater in Seymour, CT - Showing of Undead Date Night on Saturday, February 15th.

Hair By Lynn LLC, Genevieve A Salon & Boutique & Static Beauty Lounge LLC - Treat your valentine to a fresh cut and color!

The Grateful Dog Grooming Salon - Show some love to your furry Valentine with a grooming.

Lizzie's Corner Consignment and Gifts - Date Night Jars for a weekly date idea!

Trish's - Handmade Valentine's Day decor!

The Glass Source Stained Glass Studio & Gallery - Gorgeous, hand-blown stained glass accents and ornaments.

Downtown Flips - The Odd Piece - One-of-a-kind gifts for the sports enthusiast, music lover and more!

Lavender Living - Find the perfect outfit for your night out!

Tickled pink - Jewelry and accessories (the more sparkly, the better!)

Seymour Wine & Spirits - Treat your sweetheart to something they wouldn't get themselves like the Johnny Walker box set!

GuitarFixer Bob - Is your instrument your valentine? Get a tune up with this expert!

Take the night off and go out for some local food at Boxcar 145, Jimmies Place, 1st Street Apizza, Zois Pizza or breakfast at Tony's Diner, Tea with Tracy or Haroula's Coffee Shop!

Plus, antiques, vintage items and collectables at Flashbacks, The Artful Eye, Tara’s, Charlie's Treasures, The Seymour Antiques Company, Ro and Betty's Attic and more!
GuitarFixer Bob
hey Bobby ~ you around today ?

GuitarFixer Bob is the place to come for repairs, lessons and vintage, new and used guitars, parts a Well-known luthier Robert Pieper is GuitarFixer Bob in Seymour.

Pieper's career began at Brian Guitars in New Haven; he worked at Rudy's Music in New York City and Ace Music in Santa Monica, California, before moving back to Connecticut. He operated a mobile guitar shop working in New York City for years, and then operated OneFlightUp Guitars and Amity Music with a partner until 2010. He opened the Seymour store in 2010. Pieper, the original guitarist for the

Operating as usual

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GuitarFixer Bob will be closed for vacation from Saturday, September 24 to Thursday, October 13. For very important guitar-related business. Yep, that's why. Absolutely not to go drink beer in Munich and eat our way around several European countries. Nope, not that at all.


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed Saturday Aug 20 will open Tues 11AM Thank You


GuitarFixer Bob will be closing at 4 p.m. today, to take advantage of this gorgeous summer day! He will re-open Tuesday at 11.


GuitarFixer Bob will close at 3pm June 1st and will open 11am Friday June 3rd for funeral

Four Businesses Destroyed by Fire in Downtown Seymour, Asbestos Decontamination Underway 04/23/2022

Four Businesses Destroyed by Fire in Downtown Seymour, Asbestos Decontamination Underway

GuitarFixer Bob was lucky - no damage at all and we only had to close for about a day.

Four Businesses Destroyed by Fire in Downtown Seymour, Asbestos Decontamination Underway The town of Seymour is dealing with major damage in its downtown area. A historic building was destroyed by a huge fire Wednesday. Now, decontamination is underway after the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection confirmed asbestos in the area. Where there were once open signs at fo...

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The fire in downtown Seymour has not damaged GuitarFixer Bob but the store will be closed for the rest of today and likely tomorrow. Power is out on the block and we don't know when it will come back on. Our thoughts are with our friends and neighbors who were not as fortunate. And our thanks to the Seymour Fire Department and the other first responders for their skill and commitment to our community.
Please email [email protected] or call 203-927-9975 with any questions.


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed Saturday, April 9. And, beginning this Tuesday, April 5, the store will be closed on Tuesdays for at least the next few months so Bob can catch up with repairs. Please call 203-881-0077 or email [email protected] with any questions.


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed Friday for snow will open Sat 10AM thank you


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed on Saturday 2/19 will open Tue 11AM ThankYou


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed Saturday, Jan. 1 and will reopen Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 11 a.m.
Wishing everyone a happy, safe, and healthy New Year!


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed at 2pm tomorrow Christmas Eve and reopen Tue Dec 28th Merry Christmas Happy Holidays everybody

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Looking for a stocking stuffer or other small gift for the musician in your life? We've got ornaments, magnets, straps, slides, tuners, picks, cables, and pedals. If you want something to put under the tree (for yourself or someone else) we've got amps and newer and vintage instruments!

Photos from GuitarFixer Bob's post 11/26/2021

Just a little reminder of what's available in the store. In case you're wondering what to get yourself as a reward for (almost) making it through 2021.


Come on in tomorrow to Shop Small 2021!


Can't believe it's almost that time of year again! Come on it to see what we've got in stock. Buy local and avoid shipping and supply-chain delays!

Photos from GuitarFixer Bob's post 10/16/2021

It's been a while since we've shared any shop inventory photos, so let's fix that with some cool guitars. (Dare we say it's a Strat-tastic Saturday? No? Ok).
First, a 1979 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail. Obvious condition issues - the black is peeling and cracking. In what seems like a wild understatement, Fender had some problems with finishes in the late 70s! All original parts and plays and sounds great. Bob refretted it in the 90s for the current owner; it comes with the original hard-shell case.
The other is a 1986 Jackson DKNY (Dinky) Stratocaster, made in San Dimas, California (Mrs. GuitarFixer Bob said "oh, you mean where Bill and Ted are from? and got a blank look back). Color is a bluey-greeny gunmetal, and it has original Jackson pickups and original Kahler tremolo. There are 2 chips and some belt scratches on the back but otherwise it's in terrific condition. Comes with a non-original hard-shell case.


GuitarFixer Bob is going to be closed tomorrow so Bob can go fishing. He will be in the store Monday, if anyone needs any assistance.


Cases of COVID-19 are thankfully on the decline, and the state of Connecticut has updated its mask guidance to allow those who are vaccinated to remove their masks in some indoor settings.

However, the choice is up to individual businesses and we are choosing to continue to require that anyone coming into GuitarFixer Bob wear a mask - at least for now.

We have a small store so social distancing is not really possible. We also recognize that there is still a chance of passing COVID along to someone who is not vaccinated or is not able to be vaccinated. To protect our customers and ourselves, we will continue to wear masks and disinfect surfaces regularly.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed today but we expect to re-open tomorrow. If you need to reach Bob today, please call 203-927-9975.


GuitarFixer Bob will only be open 10am to 12noon Sat


Bob is still trying to get caught up with his repair work so GFB will be closed Tuesdays for the near future, beginning this Tuesday, April 20 (timing is coincidental, officers, we promise).
Please call or email if you have questions.


Whew. It's getting crowded in here! GuitarFixer Bob is going to be closed Tuesday, March 9, and Tuesday, March 16 so he can work on repairs. Please email or call if you have any questions.


GuitarFixer Bob Will Open At 3pm Tue & Wed Thanks


GuitarFixer Bob will close at 3 p.m. on Dec. 31 - he and Mrs. GuitarFixer Bob need time to symbolically burn a 2020 calendar to start 2021 off on the right foot.
We will re-open Saturday, Jan. 2 at 10 a.m.

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Ornaments make great gifts! We've got pewter Strand Theater ornaments for sale ($15, cash only, all proceeds go to the theater) as well as a variety of musical instrument ornaments and magnets for the music-lover in your life (various prices, credit cards accepted).


GuitarFixer Bob is open today from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for Small Business Saturday or, as Mrs. GuitarFixer Bob insists on calling it - "Buy a vintage guitar for that someone special in your life (hint - it could be yourself) Saturday."


GuitarFixer Bob is open today until 6 and will be open from 10 to 6 tomorrow, Small Business Saturday.
2020 continues to be a challenge for everyone, including small businesses like ours. We appreciate your continued support.


GuitarFixer Bob is going to close at 3 p.m. today. He will re-open Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Photos from GuitarFixer Bob's post 09/24/2020

GuitarFixer Bob is always happy to welcome musicians of all kinds - professional, amateur, enthusiast, avian ...
Just this week, the store hosted a vocal professional who was thinking about adding an instrument to his/her repertoire. Our guest checked out some amps and a wall of electric guitars (and loved the mirrored slat board from Brian Guitars in New Haven) before hopping over to look at picks and string winders. A couple of hours later - after a few bits of cracker and some water - s/he apparently decided to stick with chirping and hopped out the door!
Bob followed his guest out and saw him/her fly across the street into a bush.


Awful fire in downtown Seymour this afternoon. We were very lucky - no one was hurt. It was a few buildings down from GuitarFixer Bob and the Strand Theater, and there was no damage to the store or theater.
A transformer down the street blew about 2 hours before the fire started so we didn't have power. We don't know when it will be back, so will be closed until then. You can call Bob at 203-927-9975 or email [email protected].
Many thanks to all the first responders, including Seymour, Beacon Falls, Oxford, Bethany and Ansonia. And to the very generous Knights of Columbus Aurora Council 53, for putting out cold drinks and snacks for the first responders!


GuitarFixer Bob Will be closed thurs 7/23 open fri 7/24 11AM

Photos from GuitarFixer Bob's post 05/23/2020

By request - the El Degas is a mid-1970s with a bolt on neck with a recent grind and polish (by GFB). Impeccable condition, all original parts and a hard shell case.

Photos from GuitarFixer Bob's post 05/22/2020

Mrs. GuitarFixer Bob put her foot down as the date for re-opening got closer and demanded a reorganization and junk reduction to go along with the cleaning. Check out the results!

Photos from GuitarFixer Bob's post 05/20/2020

It's official - GuitarFixer Bob is open again!


Oh glorious day! May 20th is nearly here, which means GuitarFixer Bob is about to re-open!
We have cleaned the store and posted the rules: no more than 3 shoppers in at any one time, you MUST wear a mask, and maintain 6' of space (orange tape on the floor will help you there).
We have hand sanitizer and baby wipes available at the door - please don't touch the merchandise until you've used a baby wipe (the sanitizer can hurt the instruments).
We are still offering curbside service - call Bob at 203-881-0077 - and we ask that if you're sick, postpone your visit.
Bob will be open at 11 a.m. tomorrow, and we will return to our regular hours (closed Sunday and Monday, 11-7 Tuesday - Thursday, 11-6 Friday and 10-6 on Saturday), going forward.


We hope you are all safe and healthy. GuitarFixer Bob plans to re-open Wednesday, May 20, in accordance with the state's rules. So - no more than 3 shoppers in the store at once, maintain social distance, and everyone has to wear a mask (including Bob and Pam).
If you would like to handle an instrument, we're going to give you some hand sanitizer and then a baby wipe (we've got to protect those instruments!).
We are in the process of cleaning and reorganizing the store to make the 6 feet of social distancing possible.
We will still offer curbside pickup and drop off for those customers who don't want to come in but ask that you call Bob first (203-881-0077 or 203-927-9975) to arrange it.


GuitarFixer Bob will be closed after 8 p.m. Monday to comply with the Connecticut governor's order, and will not re-open to customers until that order is lifted. The store will be open Sunday and Monday, but call Bob at 203-927-9975 to find out when.
Yet another public service announcement - a damp, disposable paper shop towel is the best way to clean a guitar body.
Original public service announcement - the chemicals in hand sanitzers will ruin your guitar's finish, so wash your hands before touching your guitar.
Stay safe and healthy, and hope to see you soon!


GuitarFixer Bob is still guitar fixing but with limited store hours. He will call clients who have dropped their guitars off for repair when they are ready for pickup. If you need a repair, call him at 203-927-9975 to arrange a time to meet at the store.
And now, a public service announcement: instrument finishes and alcohol- and other chemical-based products are a bad combination! The chemicals and alcohol in things like hand sanitizer can permanently damage the finish on your prized guitar, bass, violin, etc. Please wash your hands with soap and water before picking up your instrument!!

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