Seymour Music Department

Seymour Music Department


Now accepting students for the fall.
20+ years of experience.
Lessons held at my home studio on Bungay Rd. Seymour
203 305 4114
Anyone know anything about the Halo's this year? Engy asked me for money for his ticket. I thought the kids didn't have to pay last time. Not sure if parents got tickets through school or Seven Angels. If anyone knows what the process is please post
Music lessons available. 20+years of experience. Currently employed as a writer/arranger for the Apollo Theatre's TV show "Showtime At The Apollo".

Sax, Piano/Keyboards, Clarinet, Flute
Song Writing, Music Theory, Ear Training, Recording
Call 203 305 4114 or email me at [email protected]
He trully enjoyed the concert last night!
Saddened to hear that Mr Schneider will not be at the high school next year. This is a huge loss! Our family will miss you terribly and appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for these kids. Is there anything or anyway we can turn this around?
He really enjoyed the band!
Awesome group of kids ❤️
I'm a private instructor teaching out of my home studio on Bungay Rd. in Seymour. If anyone is interested in private lessons for Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute or Studio Production please give me a call @203 305 4114.

Seymour, CT

Operating as usual

GOMS Corona Playlist, a playlist by Brandt Schneider on Spotify 03/20/2020

GOMS Corona Playlist, a playlist by Brandt Schneider on Spotify

Hey folks. I'm checking in. If anyone needs anything please let me know. Be safe. Follow me on Spotify and we can listen to the same tunes.

GOMS Corona Playlist, a playlist by Brandt Schneider on Spotify For studying/working/listening


This week I resigned from my position at Seymour Public Schools. I want to take a minute and thank everyone for the last 14 years of teaching, coaching, and living. I have watched my daughters grow up along with you, cried at funerals, laughed in the coach’s office, taken a few 911 rides, and spent countless hours on the way to festivals and track meets contemplating the meaning of it all.

Some of my favorite memories include:

-The “Time Trial Bridle Trail Bee Swarm Episode”
-Putting the hammer down in the 4x200m. Sheer power.
-Seussical Hair
-The unbridled student joy of the second HALO win
-Kinder faces in Oz
-The parents who shared the vision
-“My kids” who have gone on to throw in college, sing in choir, appear in plays, or at the minimum know who Yo-Yo Ma is.

I want to thank you all, but especially those who looked after me. The coaches who would check in before they leave for the day if they saw my car. The ladies at CLS and SHS who are always asking me how I am feeling. My “partners in crime”; Stephanie and Darlene. The students who would lend a helping hand. Of course, above all Kasey, Claudia, and Molly. We shall say a small prayer that my new journey will be one where nobody has to worry.

Thank You.



Chorale Concert tonight! 7pm SHS Auditorium.


Chorale rehearsal


Tomorrow: Graduation. Congratulations to all that are moving on. Please remember to drop a line and invite me to your concerts. I'll miss you.

I will leave this page open for the "next chapter" at SHS and I hope it is filled with lots of great news by the fall. Thank you for sharing the journey with me!!


We had a fun time at our ice cream party with the kinders today.


Spring 2018 Concert

Spring Concert

Seymour High School, CT


In My Life

Will miss singing with these girls.

HALOS2018 06/04/2018

courtesy Seven Angels.

courtesy Seven Angels.


Seven Angels Theater

by Gary Rosengrant


Remaining events:

Monday 2pm-4pm: Chorale
Tuesday 2pm-330pm: Chorale
Friday 2pm-3pm: Kinder Graduation at Bungay (optional: walk or get a ride).
Friday 7pm: Concert (630pm dressed call)
Possible Monday 6/11 215pm-3pm: Ice Cream with Kinders at Bungay (walk or get a ride)


Seven Angels Theater


Seven Angels Theater


Seven Angels Theater

HALOS2018 05/31/2018

courtesy Seven Angels.

courtesy Seven Angels.


HALO Wins:

Best Hair and Make-up: Mireli Ramos: Wizard of Oz
Best Sound: Rachel Moon, Eliana Arroyo, Brooke Sheehan, Kayla Pollman: Wonderful Life
Best Classic Play: Wonderful Life
Student Director: Abby Andrade
NYC Studio Dance Scholarship: Taylor Dauphinais

There is nothing as exciting and thrilling as winning one of these. You will never see teenagers jump so fast and smile so big. Pure joy.

No school won more than Seymour.

No words suffice for our staff who work selflessly and tirelessly. I can't tag them all: Stephanie Ciccone, Darlene Keeffe, John McCasland, Courtney Leahy, Jeehyun Rachel Kim, Stefanie Slie, Nicole Yustin, Gina Caporale Kindt, Courtney Parsons, June Tema, Joe Perrucci, Emily Spear, Alex Nizet (I think I got everyone....).


Seven Angels Theater

At the Halos




Best hair and makeup!! First halo. Yeah Mireli.

Followed by best sound!! Brooke, Kayla, Eliana and Rachel!!!!


I am really proud of how we have grown from a bunch of freshman doing Seussical to a legit drama/musical program with 14 nominations. Tonight we will celebrate the amazing progress we have made. We are bringing 80 people to the HALOs!!

It has been a good ride.


HALO reminders (wednesday):

Dress nice. Any questions: see me.
Bus leaves 530pm from SHS. All students ride the bus.
Some of you owe me a medical form. I will give that to you tomorrow.
I expect to be back between 1030pm-1115pm. Late night.
Parents/family if you ordered tickets pick up at Will Call at Palace.

Abe Deshotel 05/25/2018

Abe Deshotel

Hey everyone--please help support a former student of mine and click on his music Abe Deshotel It is good!

Abe Deshotel Abe Deshotel, Category: Artist, Singles: I Will Be What I Will Be, Top Tracks: Find, Loosen Up, Be, Fix It, Change, Biography: Abe (ah-bay) Deshotel, aka Ukulele Abe, amplifies the experiences of life with his ukulele. Seeing and feeling positivity in the world around him, he captures this essence in his songwriting., Monthly Listeners: 14, Where People Listen: Jena, Farnborough, Berkeley, Honolulu, Phoenix


This is the adapted schedule:

May 27: Seymour Parade (with kinders)
May 29: Chorale 2pm
May 30: HALOS
June 4: Chorale 2pm
June 5: Chorale 2pm
June 8: Kinder graduation 2pm
June 8: HS Concert 7pm (630pm call).

I have cancelled the Chorale concert/reception. If we can find a day when I can get everyone there we will have it.


Here are our HALO nominations:

BEST PERFORMANCE BY A FEATURED ACTRESS IN A PLAY: Sophia Fioretti as Clara in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST COMIC MALE PERFORMANCE IN A MUSICAL: Aidan Loock as City Guard in The Wizard Of Oz

BEST COSTUME DESIGN: Anna Peel & Stephanie Perez for It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST HAIR AND/OR MAKEUP DESIGN: Mireli Ramos for The Wizard Of Oz

BEST LIGHTING DESIGN AND/OR EX*****ON: Rachel Moon, Kayla Pollman & Brooke Sheehan for It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST SOUND DESIGN AND/OR EX*****ON: Rachel Moon, Eliana Arroyo, Kayla Pollman & Brooke Sheehan for It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST SCENIC DESIGN AND/OR EX*****ON: Anna Peel & Stephanie Perez for It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play/The Wizard Of Oz

BEST INCIDENTAL OR ORIGINAL MUSIC IN A PLAY: Rachel Moon & Eliana Arroyo for It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST CHOREOGRAPHER: Taylor Dauphinais for The Wizard Of Oz

BEST PERFORMANCE BY A SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A PLAY: Evan Webb as Mr. Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST PERFORMANCE BY A SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A PLAY: Anna DeJarnette as Violet in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST PERFORMANCE BY A COUPLE OR DYNAMIC DUO OR MORE IN A PLAY: Michael Starkey & Shyanne Gonzalez as George & Mary in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST PERFORMANCE BY A LEADING ACTOR IN A PLAY: Michael Starkey as George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST PERFORMANCE BY A LEADING ACTRESS IN A PLAY: Shyanne Gonzalez as Mary Hatch in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

BEST CLASSICAL PLAY: It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play


Hi everyone. I hope everyone is coping OK with the storm. Our house is doing OK but we have about 20 trees down. We have left for cousins house and power.

A few updates:
1. HALO nominations are out. Congratulations to all. A new record in nominations for us -- we had 10 last year.
2. The Chorale party will be rescheduled tentatively to 5/31. I know that is the day after HALOs. I am open to other ideas. I need to check with everyone.
3. Please practice!!


Halo nominations are out. 14! Proud of everyone. Will be posted on halo site shortly.


The date we were given for HALO nominations to be announced is May 16. I haven't heard anything in a while, so who knows if they hold to that date. Remember there are two HALO show announcements so don't get confused . I will let you know as soon as I have an official announcement. Yes, I am excited too.


Wizard Quick Change

This is still my favorite moment of the year.

Wizard of Oz Seymour High School Quick Change


Wizard of Oz: Friday

I just bought 77 tickets for HALOs.

A few things:
1. Watch the plays again!
2. I am told nominations will be out next week.
3. We are the WEDNESDAY show (there are two).
4. It is a dress up night. Wear the suit, find a dress.
5. It is a long night. Eat before you go.

Parents: if you bought tickets they will be under your name/school at Will Call.

I wish the kinders could go. They would love it.

Wizard of Oz: Friday Performance at Seymour HS


Parents: if you want to go to HALOs send me an email. I have 22 parent tickets so far. It is a fun night (long night). There are a few stragglers with students. I hope to place my order on Monday.


The Daily Routine of Christian Lindberg

Lindberg might be the best trombone player in the world and this is a great video that can apply to all of our lives.

1. Have a passion.
2. Get organized.

Worth the time!!

A glimpse into what goes along with being a professional trombone soloist, composer and conductor—all at once! Christian Lindberg guides you through his minu...

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Chorale rehearsal
In My Life
Future stars
Dress rehearsal
Band festival
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