Come & See Visitation Weekend at The School of Theology

Come & See Weekend 2017
Feb 16-18, 2017
The School of Theology

The School of Theology is a leader in Episcopal education that prepares priests and lay leaders for ministry in witness and service to the Triune God rooted in scripture, theology, prayer, and reflective practice.

Operating as usual


Wow. What an incredible weekend with an amazing group of prospective students and their families. Now we say "Goodbye!"... or maybe just "See you later!"


This morning our Come & See-rs are asking questions of our Community Life panel- which consists of seminarians from all walks of life- and hearing more about our academics and field education sites.


Even after dinners at seminarians' homes, a late night "fellowship opportunity" at one of the EQB houses, and a drizzly morning (we can't have gorgeous weather all the time,) our prospective students made it to breakfast on the last day of Come & See!


Our Come & See-rs enjoyed drinks and conversation with the faculty at the Vice Chancellor's house before heading to seminarians' houses for dinner.


It was a gorgeous day for a hike on the mountain! We try to provide ample free time for Come & See-rs to process all the information thrown at them, to nap, or to explore!


We sure do like eating around here! The companions of our prospective students are lunching with our CIM (Companions in Ministry) board while the prospective students dine with our professors.


Our seminarians open their homes to the prospective students so Come & See-rs can imagine what living in community might actually look like. Our housing tours- displaying our EQB houses, 1-2 bedroom houses and apartments, and our big family sized houses- are one of the greatest benefits of Come & See!


It is another beautiful day on the mountain for our second day of Come & See! We're starting with morning prayer and breakfast.


Mmmmmmm fried chicken and community! Our prospective students are enjoying dinner, coffee, and dessert with current students and their families.


Our prospective students get to sit in on multiple classes in order to get a taste of what seminary is really like!


Finally- time for lunch! Our prospective students are enjoying a catered lunch in convocation while learning about our dining hall, our university farm, and our sustainability efforts at Sewanee.


Our prospective students are being shown main campus before lunch. Here they are exploring All Saints' Chapel.


Come & See continues. Some current students and a recent alumnus are discussing their experiences at Sewanee and beyond!


Come & See has officially kicked off this morning! We had a full house for morning prayer, we are registering the last few folks, and we are now enjoying breakfast with the community!


Registration is in full swing up at Hamilton Hall! Some of our most dynamic personalities are welcoming prospective students and handing out swag bags.

Come & See is here folks! This is not a drill!


The Future for Our Graduates

Come & See starts tomorrow! We can't wait to meet you and answer all of the questions you may have.

On here we've talked a lot about what your school year might look like. I mean, formation and community is great and all, but let's be real- you probably want to use that big fancy degree you're about to invest your time and money into, right?

So what are your prospects after graduation from Sewanee?

The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander discusses the history and success rate of the deployment of our graduating students.


Suddenly, we are 2 days out from Come & See! What should you pack?

See the schedule posted below for more details about specific activities, but for the most part pack for some early spring days. Casual dress is great for all activities. You may want to bring one nicer outfit for the evening at the Vice Chancellor's.

We'll have opportunities for short hikes or work outs at the Fowler center, so feel free to bring some sneakers and workout clothes. No matter what you bring, or forget, we'll be excited to see you! But seriously, consider packing some clothes.

Got questions? Post here or shoot us a message!


High Church, Low Church

As you may have noticed, community worship is an important focus of our formation here at Sewanee. You'll get to experience it with us soon enough, but here's a sneak peek of our chapel life!

The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander explains The School of Theology's profile within the framework of "high church" and "low church."


Spring is popping up all over the mountain! With miles of trails to explore, amazing flora, waterfalls, and incredible mountain views, Sewanee is one of the best places to observe winter slowly melting away. Come & See whether our forecast of sun holds out for next weekend!


We're officially a week out! Do you have your travel plans finalized? Let us know- especially if you need a ride from or back to the airport!


Come & See is 8 days away! We know you're getting excited and we are too!

We've been working hard to make sure you see and hear everything the School of Theology has to offer. Attached is our full Come & See schedule including class descriptions. Let us know what you're looking forward to or if there is something that may not be on the list that you are dying to know. We are here to serve you!


The School of Theology's Prayer Life

Each day at Come & See begins with morning prayer. Worship is important to us. Community is important to us. So you better believe we place a special emphasis on chapel here at Sewanee! Check out how we do prayer here on the mountain:

The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander explains the importance given to the formation of a strong prayer life at The School of Theology.


Come & See is officially 10 days out!!! We can't wait to meet you and we know you'll have lots of questions! Why not start asking now? We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the visitation weekend or the school in general. Feel free to post below or message us!

Meanwhile, stay tuned to this page as we'll be posting important stuff each day like the schedule, weather, and whether there will be coffee (Who are we kidding? Of course there will be coffee- we are seminarians after all!) Also, we'll be using on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to use it as well!


Worried about getting flabby while you're at seminary? When you aren't doing book curls or squats while wearing your book bag, you can be working out at the Fowler Center which has a rock-wall, swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, and so much more! Free for students and very low cost for spouses and families. Check it out here:


We know students want to get the most out of their seminary education while here. That is why Sewanee is happy to announce our inaugural May Term offerings. These courses range from a deep dive into stewardship or leadership to an environmental ethics course in Cuba or a pilgrimage in Italy led by our very own Dean Alexander!

Check out more info on these course offerings here: Where do you see yourself next May?


The School of Theology's Academic Year

We've all been students at one time or another, but a residential seminary education has a different rhythm to it. Watch Dean Turrell explain how your next few years may be different:

The Rev. Canon James Turrell provides a description of the benchmarks of the School's academic calendar year.


A Year's Journey

We are officially 4 weeks away from Come & See and we can't wait to welcome a whole new group of prospective students coming from far and near! One of the things we pride ourselves on is being a loving and welcoming community... and that extends to those who are coming to see and to those who are coming to stay!

"A Year's Journey" documents the experiences and formation that await those who enroll in the School of Theology's full time residential program. From matriculation to commencement, and all that lies in between, this video gives a visual witness to what life, study, and worship is like for our students.

From matriculation to commencement and all that lies in between, witness firsthand what life, study, and worship is like for residential seminarians at The School… 01/16/2017

Come & See | The School of Theology | The University of the South

After a relaxing break for our students, Easter semester begins today. What does that mean for you? It means our Come & See team are kicking our efforts into high gear! We can't wait to meet you!

Stay tuned for more information regarding Come & See and make sure you are signed up here: In an intimate community high on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, students with diverse callings and backgrounds experience the best in theological education and formation.


School of Theology at the University of the South

We invite you to Come & See, the School's visitation weekend, to share in our worship, sit in on the classes, and meet the community. You will meet our faculty, including the Rev. Dr. Julia Gatta, professor of pastoral theology. Dr. Gatta shares a bit of what her teaching philosophy, in her own words: "Through my teaching of pastoral theology and courses in Christian spirituality, I hope to prepare future priests to exercise their distinct vocation in the church as prayerful, discerning, and able pastors. I believe that the classical tradition of the “cure of souls” offers deep roots to support a pastoral ministry exercised with theological integrity and practical wisdom. After 25 years in parish ministry, I am convinced that the grace of Christ surrounds all sorts of pastoral situations and serves as an ever-fresh source of strength, insight, and joy.”
Read more about Come & See here: 12/30/2016

Come & See | The School of Theology | The University of the South

Come to our visitation weekend and you will meet this member of our faculty—Dr. Cynthia S. Crysdale, professor of Christian ethics and theology.
"I have always enjoyed seeking out the deeper patterns in life. These include the meaning of life and how we live in tune with God the all-powerful creator, the one who reverses sin and death, and the one whose spirit enlivens all we do. I see the task of theology as a kind of gardening—digging and thinking hard about the big God questions while also connecting the dots amongst ideas in a way that will spark the imagination of the ordinary person and create beauty."
Find complete details for Come & See here: In an intimate community high on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, students with diverse callings and backgrounds experience the best in theological education and formation. 12/28/2016

Come & See | The School of Theology | The University of the South

We hope you can visit during our Come & See visitation weekend Feb. 16–18. Here's someone you will meet if you do—the Rev. Dr. William F. Brosend, professor of New Testament and preaching. "Critical study of the New Testament is foundational to all we do in seminary and in ministry. In the words of the Prayer Book collect, we not only must “hear” the words of Scripture, but “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them.” I approach the task primarily through historical, literary, and socio-rhetorical methods, always mindful that our study, while rewarding for its own sake, prepares us to teach and preach in ways that inspire others to engage Scripture more deeply." In an intimate community high on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, students with diverse callings and backgrounds experience the best in theological education and formation. 12/27/2016

Come & See | The School of Theology | The University of the South

Come & See welcomes prospective students to Sewanee Feb. 16–18. We hope you can come and meet our faculty, staff, and students. In the meantime, hear what motivates one of them—the Rev. Benjamin J. Anthony, assistant professor of preaching. "I teach from the conviction that learning to preach is more than learning technique. Rather learning to preach occurs through critical engagement with the history and theology of the practice. My primary research interest is in the personality of the preacher and the consequence that an emphasis on this term has had for the practice and practitioner of preaching. This interest has fostered an approach to teaching that stresses formation of the disposition necessary to being a pastor and preacher."
Learn more about Come & See here: In an intimate community high on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, students with diverse callings and backgrounds experience the best in theological education and formation. 12/26/2016

Come & See | The School of Theology | The University of the South

As our Come & See visitation weekend approaches, we thought you might want to meet our faculty and deans. First up, our dean, the Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, in his own words:
"Someone once said that the ministry of the Church is about “texts and people.” I believe the Church in our day needs clergy and lay leaders who have the devotion of a rabbi to the texts of the tradition, a pastor’s love for the people committed to their care, and a passion to bring the two together. Few things in ministry are more fulfilling than to be there when a seminarian has a fresh encounter with the Scriptures, the Prayer Book, or another great text we hold in common."
Come and see if Sewanee is right for you. In an intimate community high on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, students with diverse callings and backgrounds experience the best in theological education and formation.


While our seminarians may be hunkered down writing papers and exams this week, our worship schedule stays strong. We put an emphasis on chapel at Sewanee and offer three services a day, Monday through Friday- many of which are sung. Our students work hard and pray harder.


As winter creeps in, we've been getting some spectacular skies on the mountain! Just check out this shot from our golf course.

(Did we mention we have a golf course overlooking the valley with very discounted rates for our students? The Course at Sewanee was renovated by Gil Hanse in 2013 — Golf Magazine’s 2009 Architect of the Year. Find out more here:

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