Author Don R. Crawley's company that publishes learning resources and training videos on Cisco and Linux products, networking fundamentals, and customer service training for IT staff. publishes books, videos, and blog posts and provides accelerated training for I.T. professionals on Cisco and Linux products, computer networking, and workplace skills including customer service training, I.T. project management training, and time and task management training. Training is provided onsite at the client location for groups, small or large.

NSA Northwest

For anyone who's interested in becoming a professional speaker, attend a free sneak preview of ProTrack, the aspiring speakers academy by the National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter (NSA Northwest). I'm one of the presenters, along with many of my colleagues from NSA Northwest. The preview is Saturday, January 27th from 10am - Noon at Mercer Island Community Center in Seattle.

Would you like to take your speaking career from FREE TO FEE? NSA Northwest ProTrack can get you there. Attend our FREE ‘Sneak Peek’ event on Jan. 27, 2018 to learn how.

Nasa runs competition to help make old Fortran code faster - BBC News

For all you Fortran coders... Two coders will share a $55,000 prize for what a Nasa official calls the "ultimate 'geek' dream assignment.

IBM warns of malware on USB drives shipped to customers | ZDNet IBM said some flash drives for Storewize initialisation should be destroyed because they may contain Trojan malware.

This command line utility will come in very handy! Thanks, Ed Tittel.

Check out this link

Want some help with IPv4 subnetting? Check out my free worksheet. #cisco #subnetting

TIA Category 8 cabling standard approved

The new standard will support short-distance (between 5 and 30 meters) runs of 25- or 40-Gbit/sec. The ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1 specifications for Category 8 cabling has completed the balloting and approval process. Its publication is expected soon.

Cisco ASA Training 101

Cisco ASA fundamentals, 2-day hands-on workshop, coming to Seattle in August. This Cisco ASA training workshop is two intensive days filled with hands-on lab exercises including Cisco firewall training.

Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows; New Vulnerabilities Announced

In case you missed this, uninstall QuickTime now. According to Trend Micro, Apple will no longer be providing security updates for QuickTime for Windows, leaving this software vulnerable to exploitation.

Don R. Crawley, Award-Winning I T Conference Speaker and Author

A little self-promotion...courtesy of audience members.

Audience comments on professional keynote speaker Don R. Crawley, CSP's keynote speech "How to be a Compassionate Geek". See the immediate reaction of audience members to Don Crawley's keynote speech on IT customer service.

The Accidental Administrator: Creating Global Aliases in Linux (CentOS 7/RHEL 7)

New blog post over at the Accidental Administrator on creating global aliases in Linux (CentOS 7 and RHEL 7).

IP Subnet Wallet Cards (IPv4)-Pack of 100

Finally, the fashion accessory needed by all the cool people is available. At long last, you can now get the official IP subnet wallet card! You can't be truly cool without one in your wallet. Unfortunately, they're available only in the US.

Techniques for Hiring and Managing Technical Staff

My friend Paul Senness is an internationally recognized authority on management and leadership. I got him to sit down with me for an interview on techniques for successfully hiring and managing technical staff. In a nutshell, he said the most important part of the hiring process is writing a well-thought-out job description, then taking time in the hiring process. In managing, Paul recommends his four foundations of management: participatory management, letting people do things their way, taking the mystery out of the workplace, and letting choices have consequences. Learn techniques for successfully hiring and managing technical staff in this interview with management and leadership expert Paul Senness.

Spain's review of Cisco ASA for Accidental...

Check out this new 5-star review for my new Cisco ASA book. Thanks, Spain! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cisco ASA for Accidental Administrators: An Illustrated Step-by-Step ASA Learning and...

S. Wilde "Coffee Geek"'s review of The...

Wow, what a great review for The Compassionate Geek! Thanks! #CustomerService #custserv Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Compassionate Geek: How Engineers, IT Pros, and Other Tech Specialists Can Master Human...

New 3D XPoint Storage Will Be 1,000 Times Faster Than Current SSDs

Coming next year to a computer near you. Think your solid state drive is blazing fast? Then prepare to be amazed by the new storage system being proposed by Intel and Micron, which...

The Compassionate Geek

Having trouble getting people to do the right thing? Check out posts on people skills at

A series of books, videos, and seminars on customer service and communication for technical staff.

Jeffery Caskey's review of The Accidental...

Another 5-star review for my Linux server book on Amazon. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Accidental Administrator: Linux Server Step-by-Step Configuration Guide at

Here Are The Features Microsoft Is Cutting From Windows 10 Windows 10 is fast approaching and while there’s no immediate need to upgrade from 8.1, or even 7, odds are you’ll want to make the jump eventually. Before you do, you’d best check out the Windows 10 “feature deprecation section”, to make sure your favourite features aren’t being cut from the latest release.

Jabil: An Innovative IT Product Maker You've Never Heard Of

You've probably never heard of Jabil, but they're a $20 billion company with 180,000 employees and they make cool stuff. eWEEK looks at some of the key products and technologies Jabil is designing, building and exhibiting at its new 100,000-square-foot Blue Sky Center.

JB's review of Cisco ASA for Accidental...

Check out this 5-star review for my new #Cisco #ASA book. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cisco ASA for Accidental Administrators: An Illustrated Step-by-Step ASA Learning and...

Microsoft bought Tim Paterson’s DOS for $75K; the rest is history -...

Meet the guy who invented DOS. #MSDOS #Microsoft Tim Paterson flips through a yellowing stack of code that’s been sitting on his shelf for 34 years.

Four Success-Blocking Character Traits (Don't Do These Things!) - Don R....

4 Success-Blocking Behaviors (Don't Do These Things!) #CustomerService #CustServ Helping technical staff master the arts of great customer service and outstanding communication

Novell on Twitter: "Here's to hoping you're feeling like the first on...

RT @nixcraft: 😂 Been there done that RT “@Novell: Here's to hoping you're feeling like the first on this Monday ... #sysadmin ”

You'll soon get 10TB SSDs thanks to new memory tech

Affordable 10TB SSD may be just around the corner.

Throwing My Broken Laptop in the Oven Baked It Back to Life

I've put keyboards and mice in the dishwasher, but this is a new one for me. Still, it makes sense. Pretty crazy. Every couple months I pull out my old gaming laptop from college: a busted-ass Dell m1210 that's had its motherboard replaced four times under warranty because Nvidia couldn't get its sh*t together. It never works right. I've had enough. I'm sticking this sucker in the oven.

We've all been there.

True, true.

[03/11/15]   Prepare to be surprised with these 10 skills for IT pros who want to advance their careers.

Learn customer service and communication skills for IT staff.

Check out my new promo video. #customerservice #custserv Are you trying to raise the level of customer service in your IT department? Do some of your tech people "get it", while...

Automation Nation 2015 - Keynote Reveal

RT @LabTechSoftware: What's going to make #AN15 the best yet?! Well for one thing, our awesome guest keynote speaker @doncrawley: Hey, that's me!

We are so excited to announce that this year's Automation Nation keynote speaker will be Don Crawley, author of the bestseller book "The...

Watch The Laptop Evolve Over 27 Years In 1 Satisfying GIF

The evolution of mobile. Too bad they didn't add tablets and smartphones at the end. #mobile Stop taking your 4-pound laptop for granted. ...

America's Internet Is Worse Than You Thought

Excuse me, I'm still waiting for that file to download. #broadband #comcast #timewarner One of the richest countries in the world has crappy Internet access. Womp.

A Microsoft we can actually believe

As a Seattlelite and longtime #Microsoft user, I like this. What do you think? Microsoft moved from winner to also ran, but it's back at its best. Matt Asay explains.

Seattle Cisco ASA Hands-On 2-Day Training Workshop

Learn #Cisco #ASA basics in 2-days in Seattle hands-on training. Save $200/person w/ code asafb thru 2/6/15. Description This Cisco ASA training workshop is two intensive days filled with hands-on lab exercises where you'll learn how to reset the...

Office puts chips under staff's skin

You knew it was coming. Rory Cellan-Jones visits a building where microchipped workers gain entry and use photocopiers by holding up their hands - and trials the tech...

New Linux Bug Could Cause "a Lot of Collateral Damage on the Internet"

Time to patch. Linux users around the world are scrambling to update their operating systems, as a new flaw known as GHOST has been shown to have the potential to cause "a lot of collateral damage on the Internet."

New Trojan Detected In Linux Systems With Rootkit Installation!

RT @LinuxForYou: New Trojan Detected In #Linux Systems With Rootkit Installation! Based on the Linux environment, installation procedure of this Trojan keeps varying and it also runs a rootkit so that detection can be avoided.

"Five Stars" a review of: The Accidental Administrator: ...

Wow, a 5 star review for my Cisco ASA book. Thanks to the reviewer! #Cisco #firewall Brad Nelson says: It is a step by step guide and you should never leave home without it.

Cisco ASA Training 101

3 days left to save on early bird registration on Seattle ASA workshop. #cisco #firewall This Cisco ASA training workshop is two intensive days filled with hands-on lab exercises including Cisco firewall training.

The Accidental Administrator: Learning the Cisco IOS

New blog post on using GNS3 to learn Cisco IOS commands.

Four Flaws Expose Critical Network Time-Keeping Servers to Attack

Time to patch those servers running ntpd. (Pun fully intended.) #ntp #ntpd #linux Flaws in a popular program implementing the Network Time Protocol, the software used to synchronize servers across the Internet, have...

John F. Hoye's review of The Accidental...

Another 5-star review for my Linux server book. Let me help you set up your server! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Accidental Administrator: Linux Server Step-by-Step Configuration Guide at

Linux Mint 17.1 Freshens Up Linux Desktop

Here's a look at #LInux Mint 17.1 on the desktop and it looks interesting. #LinuxMint eWEEK looks at some of the improvements in Linux Mint 17.1, an incremental update but with additional polish.

Cisco ASA Training 101

Cisco ASA Hands-On 2-Day Training Workshop coming to Seattle, Feb 26/27. Save w/ e-bird registration now. This Cisco ASA training workshop is two intensive days filled with hands-on lab exercises including Cisco firewall training.

"This Book is great if you want to get something..." a review of: The...

Another great review for the Accidental Administrator #Cisco ASA book. #firewall #security David Goetsch says: I first came across Don's Sound Training videos while tracking down the answer to a Cisco Switch issue I was having. Then,...

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