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E3 Washington integrates three systems – education, environment, and economy – in a dynamic approach that invites bold, action-oriented participation.

Our mission is to optimize environmental and sustainability education for everyone who lives, learns, works, and plays in Washington State—to create thriving environments for schools, communities, and businesses.

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Here at E3 Washington we learn from environmentalist Leah Thomas who re-writes the script of what it means to take care of the Earth, and its people. Leah Thomas founded the non-profit Intersectional Environmentalist, a platform and resource hub that aims to advocate for inclusivity in the environmentalist movement; fighting for the protection of both people and planet. Leah argues that social and environmental justice are intertwined, and environmental advocacy that disregards this is harmful and incomplete. Intersectional Environmentalism focuses on "achieving climate justice, amplifying historically excluded voices, and approaching environmental education, policy, and activism with equity, inclusion, and restorative justice in mind" (Intersectional Environmentalist). E3 Washington believes in Thomas' approach, and we enshrine her societal goals and values into the core of our environmental organization.

In a Vogue publication "All My Environmental Heroes Are Black Women," Leah shares influential women in the environmental movement such as Hazel M. Johnson. "Hazel fought for clean air and water in addition to raising awareness about the health impacts that affected her community in Chicago, which was located on top of a toxic waste site. Through her advocacy and discovery that many Black communities were disproportionately surrounded by environmental hazards, Johnson changed the history of the environmental movement and sparked new research that analyzed the relationship between identity and environmental hazards. She founded the organization People For Community Recovery () in 1979 to address both environmental and renters’ rights concerns in her community. By doing so, she helped spark the creation of similar environmental justice organizations around the world."

Leah also shares Gloria Walton, President and CEO of the Solutions Project (.project), an organization that brings “grants, media training, and celebrity support to local renewable energy and climate justice organizations and initiatives. Her organization invests 95% of their funds into grassroots environmental organizations with leaders of color, prioritizing women. The millions they’ve directed to smaller organizations has expanded climate justice work around the world and is a great example of wealth redistribution in a field that often prioritizes white-led conservation organizations within philanthropy."

As a community, we're excited for the future of our world with people such as Leah Thomas, Hazel M. Johnson, and Gloria Walton in the fight for intersectional environmental justice. We encourage you to check out Green Girl Leah and continue reading about influential women of color in the environmental movement at the link below.


Photographed (left to right) by People for Community Recovery, Val Vega, and Will Utley Photography


Do you have any plans for the long weekend? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite state and national parks across all of Washington! Grab a friend, your family, or a partner to explore these beautiful parks.

1. Whidbey Island's Deception Pass State Park 🌿
2. Beacon Rock State Park 🌲
3. Mount Rainier National Park 🌈
4. North Cascades National Park 🗻

Let us know if you check any of these places out by commenting below.

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As a member of E3 Washington, you receive a quarterly newsletter with informative articles, local resources, events, job opportunities, and news for 2024—all in one email, delivered straight to your inbox. This last Winter Newsletter we shared a self care break, introducing the three E's of self care. And we’d love to share them with you…

We invite you to take a few moments to check in with yourself. How can you better show up for yourself? What do you need? Breathe your intention in, and out. This winter you can take the opportunity to follow the three E's of self care:

1. Examine: Begin by examining your current emotional state, and naming your emotions.
2. Express: Now, discover what you may need to express. Expression is a vital part of a self-care break, because many folks tend to hold onto emotions that are not serving us.
3. Evolve: Now, with a new-found state of being, let's evolve and create a sustainable and realistic future. In what areas of your life can you ask for help or collaborate? What do you need to let go of to feel contentment?

What do the three E's of self care mean to you?

P.S. to gain tools like the Three E’s of Self Care delivered quarterly to your inbox, become a member today using the link below. ✨


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We're excited to announce CLEARING Magazine's 2024 Honoring Our Rivers Anthology! CLEARING Magazine's Anthology is a great activity to incorporate into your science or arts curriculum—or include it with your Outdoor School program this year! CLEARING is taking submissions from anyone ages K-12 who wants to submit a creative writing piece, poetry, or artwork honoring our rivers. The deadline to submit is April 30th. Go to the link below to learn more and learn how to submit!


Photo credit: CLEARING Magazine


Are you interested in deepening your toolkit for youth voice, youth-adult partnerships, and civic action? This virtual course held by Earth Force could be good for you! Over 3 virtual sessions, you'll cover the Earth Force process, Environmental Action Civics basics, dig into youth-adult partnerships, and they will offer ongoing coaching once the course is complete. There is no cost to attend and they can offer stipends in most cases! Check out this workshop, among other events on our New Events page!


Happy Black History Month! Did you know that Black History Month was founded with the sole purpose of ensuring that schoolchildren were taught about Black history in 1926? It's true. A scholar article written by Bernard Grant, Ph.D. shares why he believes that Black History Month still matters. Some of his reasons include that Black and African American communities are still underrepresented, students still learn white-washed history, and that some states still ban Black history in high school to this day. He argues that a month recognizing Black history will help to prompt the public to study Black History all year long.

Contrary to Grant's approach, Dawn Porter wrote an article sharing that the goal behind the creation of Black History Month was to prompt a future where the public did not need to be reminded to include Black people in history lessons and the media. As companies and institutions are still using Black History Month as a performative marketing tactic, Black History Month is still a federally recognized month. Though, we hope that some day we don't need a month to remind us all to recognize the contributions of Black people to our society.

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Photos from Natural Start Alliance's post 02/02/2024

Meet Aliza Yair, who is an E3 Washington board member and also a part of the Natural Start Alliance team. We benefit so much from our board members’ broad range of experience and expertise!


Today we're highlighting a job from E3 Washington's Job Board. If you haven't browsed our Job Board before, it's a great resource if you're trying to find a new job in the ESE field. The job we're highlighting today is being offered by Mount St. Helens Institute, who are seeking a lead guide for the 2024 summer season. If you're interested in learning more and applying for this job, or others, check out our Job Board at the link below. Happy job hunting!



As we recognize today as the International Day of Education, we must also discuss the educational disparity that lies behind the American education system. Part of the work that E3 Washington does is to fight for equal educational access for all, with the primary focus on Washington state. While reflecting on your education experience, you might feel content with the resources provided to you and your family, or you may have felt a lack in your education. If you're interested in learning more about the inequitable opportunities in American education, we encourage you to go to the link below to find Brookings Institute's article. E3 Washington will continue to fight for the right to free and equal education in Washington state; rippling outwards into America as a whole.


Photographed by Jason Sung


What are you harvesting? 🌱🍠🌰🧄 🥬

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Check out our new blog post! Chase Buffington, director at the Cispus Learning Center, shares 10 tips on how to celebrate the longer days ahead with your loved ones. Check out the link in our bio to read more.

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"Today, January 15th, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today's purpose is to honor the legacy that the Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King Jr. left behind. To honor this day, we would like to share a project from the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), who have come together to amplify the voice of MLK Jr. to schools all over Washington state. Updated for 2024, ""I AM | WE ARE"" is a ready-to-roll program designed for school assemblies and MLK Day events. It includes a keynote address, implementation guide, engagement questions and access to AWSL Director, James Layman all in a format that lets you customize a 20-30 minute assembly event that fits your school day. Engage your students across elementary or high school with the ideas of belonging and humanity. If you're interested in incorporating I AM | WE ARE in your school, click the link below.


Photographed by Project 290


We're so excited to share the Outdoor Learning Store's Winter Virtual Workshop Series! They start next Tuesday and will be running through February. They have several educationally rich events such as Outdoor Learning Astronomy and Indigenous Resources for Outdoor Learning! Each workshop runs for an hour, and is free. If you're interested in attending one or all, head to the link below to find out more and register. Thank you, The Outdoor Learning Store - A Charitable Non-profit



Have you ever noticed how the winter solstice holds the longest night of the year, but neither the earliest nor the latest sunrise? Scientific American offers an explanation in their recent article "The Winter Solstice Has a Surprising Secret." They share that "There are two major effects we feel from this in the Northern Hemisphere. One is that the sun’s path across the sky is the lowest it will be all year. The sun doesn’t get up as high in the sky, so its light doesn’t heat the ground as efficiently, and our half of Earth gets colder. The second is that the time the sun is above the horizon—the length of daytime—is shortest, so there’s less time for it to warm us as well. This also cools our hemisphere, hence winter. You’d think that if the solstice is the shortest day, then December 21 would have the latest sunrise and the earliest sunset. But—as is always true in the real world—things are more complicated than that." If you're interested in learning more about the honest science behind the winter solstice, check out the link below.

https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-winter-solstice-has-a-surprising-secret/ #:~:text=If%20you%20check%20a%20table%20of%20the%20sunrise,weeks%20ago%20on%20December%207%20%28at%204%3A45%20P.M.%29%21

Photographed by: Javier Zayas


We're excited to share that the Outdoor Learning School is holding a course titled "Nature Activities for Learners." This course will feature The Big Book of Nature Activities, with a feature from one of the authors, Jacob Rodenburg. If you're interested in attending this 4 session course, check out the link below. Thank you, The Outdoor Learning Store - A Charitable Non-profit for holding such a fascinating and informative course!



Happy New Year! We at E3 Washington are excited to bring you new ESE resources, environmental actions, and continue the push for greater environmental education in the state of Washington throughout the new year. We hope that 2024 is a great year for you. 🎊

Photo credit: Cristina Munteanu


The United Nations recognizes December 3rd as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. To extend the recognition of persons with disabilities, we want to recognize a non-profit organization that amplifies the voices of disabled environmental activists. SustainedAbility is a Disability Led network working with grassroots movements and organizations on Disability and climate justice. They convene the Disability and Climate Network. "Climate change negatively and disproportionality affects disabled people. This negative effect is magnified for disabled people who are also Indigenous, People of Colour, women, transgender, non-binary, or have intersecting experiences of marginalization. We cannot develop real solutions to climate change without disabled people’s voices, wisdom, and activism across all levels of decision-making." It is so important to recognize communities that are disproportionately unrecognized in movements that will change the world through a climate justice lens. If you're interested in learning more about sustainability, you can find more at the link below. Let's continue to amplify the voices of disabled peoples!


Photographed by CNN


Happy Winter Solstice! Since today marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, our periods of sunlight will travel its shortest path through the sky. Many use this day to spend time reflecting on the year behind us. What are your favorite Winter Solstice traditions? What comes up for you during this period of reflection? Since today marks the earliest sunset, our periods of sunlight will only be getting longer from here! If you'd like to learn more about the Winter Solstice, and the different cultural impacts around the world, see the link below. ❄️🌅


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We're excited to share great news with you! The first-ever National Environmental Youth Advisory Council has officially been announced! A total of 16 youth aged 16-29 have been chosen to become members of the EPA's National Environmental Youth Advisory Council. The EPA shares that "The newly established federal advisory committee will provide independent policy advice and recommendations to Administrator Regan on how to increase the effectiveness of EPA’s efforts to address a range of environmental issues impacting youth. Young people have been at the forefront of every movement for political and social change in American history, and the environmental movement is no different. Today we are cementing seats for young leaders at EPA’s table as we tackle the greatest environmental challenges of our time." We're ecstatic to see that young leaders are becoming involved in government policy to tackle the climate crisis. Senators and Representatives such as Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Ed Markey, and Representative Maxwell Frost have all shared remarks at how necessary this new advisory council has been. We're excited to see the change that these young trailblazers will make while fighting the climate crisis. If you're interested in reading more about the 16 chosen advisory council members, take a look at the link below. Let's make change! 🌎📢🔥


Video credit: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Have you ever browsed our ESE Job Board on the E3 Washington website? It's such a great resource to check out if you or a friend is interested in finding a new job that is in the ESE field. The ESE Job board is updated regularly and is a great resource for you to use if you're on a job hunt! If you're a part of an organization/company who is in the environmental educators field and looking to hire, we encourage you to email [email protected] or go to e3washington.org/ese-jobs to learn more about the necessary criteria to follow when submitting your open position to E3 Washington's Job Board. Happy job hunting!


What are you harvesting this winter? ❄️

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Have you been looking for a fun activity or educational event to go to with family or friends? Check out our New Events page featuring fun activities, workshops, and more! In this post we're featuring a Net Zero Educational workshop, Outdoor Learning Store's Enhancing Climate Education through Active Learning, as well as Padilla Bay's 'Clay Play.' Learn more at the link below. 🪼🌎



For those who celebrate Christmas, have you ever thought of adopting a living Christmas tree for the holidays? Cutting down Christmas trees lead to over 2-3 billion kgs of a Carbon Footprint per year. Instead, try adopting a living Christmas tree from a local non-profit such as the Northwest Stream Center located in Everett, WA. The Northwest Stream Center sells Christmas trees from Dec. 2nd-23rd. After your adopted Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Grand Fir, or Douglas Fir helped you to celebrate the holidays, you can return the living tree back to the Northwest Stream Center, which will then be planted next to local streams which will help to restore the local environments to aid the next year of salmon runs. Everyone who purchases a tree will receive an annual Adopt A Stream Foundation membership as a holiday gift, and a free day pass to the beautiful 32 acres of forest and wet-land habitats at the Northwest Stream Center. Interested in learning more and adopting your first living tree? Check out the link below! If Christmas is not the holiday you celebrate this season, we encourage you to research ways you can make your holiday tradition more sustainable. Happy holidays! 🎄🕎❄️


Photographed by Jay Wilde


We're honored that the Founder of Kicking Gas, Derek Hoshiko, wrote an article for our ESE News web page. Derek shares his experience working with youth climate leaders, updates the ESE community on what he's been up to, and shares the non-profit organization he recently founded called Kicking Gas. To keep reading, check out the link in our bio to see the full-length article of Kicking Gas: Lower The Burn.


Today is Thanksgiving, an American holiday that many have traditionally celebrated every last Thursday of November. Although the purpose of this day, for some, may simply be to spend quality time with family or friends, we encourage everyone to reflect on the story, and myths, of the Thanksgiving holiday. An article by the Smithsonian Magazine on 'The Myth of Thanksgiving', asks: First of all, what is the Thanksgiving myth? The Thanksgiving myth is that friendly Indians, unidentified by a tribe, welcome the Pilgrims to America, teach them how to live in this new place, sit down to dinner with them, and then disappear. They ultimately "hand off America to white people so they can create a great nation dedicated to liberty, opportunity and Christianity for the rest of the world to profit. The story is about Native people conceding to colonialism." Now, where are the inaccuracies in this over-told story? "One is that history didn't begin for Native people until Europeans arrive. Humans have been in the Americas for over 12,000 years. Most poignantly, using a shared dinner as a symbol for colonialism really has it backward." If you're interested in reading more of the myths told about the Thanksgiving holiday, we encourage you to find the remaining of 'The Myth of Thanksgiving article by the Smithsonian Magazine at the link in our bio. If you're sitting around the dinner table tonight, perhaps you can start this conversation with your loved ones and reflect on what Thanksgiving will mean to you in the future. Can we re-frame Thanksgiving to mean something else?

Photographed by Meriç Dağlı


The National Day of Mourning has been observed in the United States since 1970. This day of mourning was created after Native American tribes in New England brought to light the myths of the Thanksgiving holiday. This day was created for remembrance and protest in honor of Native Americans who have suffered and died in the hands of European Settlers. James, a member of Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) and Oglala Lakota, and granddaughter of the founder of the National Day of Mourning said, "We Native people have no reason to celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims. We want to educate people so that they understand the stories we all learned in school about the first Thanksgiving are nothing but lies." We encourage you to make the space on November 23rd to remember and honor the lives lost during the European Settlement, and reflect on ways that we can better care for and honor the voices of Native Americans in colonized America. To use this time for education, we encourage you to go to the link in our bio to learn more about the National Day of Mourning.

Photographed by Rachel Jones


Are you interested in taking action to benefit our enviorment? King County just shared several tangible tips on actions that you can take to build a cleaner earth. We're excited to share two actions that you can do in your local community.

1. Volunteer at your local state park! Learn more about the natural environment surrounding you with your family and friends, while maintaining the parks to remain the special and protected spaces that they are. Learn more using the link in our bio.

2. Become a Green School! Are you an educator or staff member of a public/private K-12 school? Encourage your school to become a Green School using the resources given by King County, or Earth Gen. Both King County and Earth Gen provide the framework for K-12 communities to take action and earn recognition for their commitment to make a healthier, more sustainable campus. Learn more using the link in our bio.

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E3 Washington is the state’s association for Environmental and Sustainability educators, and is an affiliate of the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE). E3 is a state affiliate of NAAEE and a member of their Leadership 360 team. E3 is also a key partner for the Spokane International NAAEE Conference October 10-13, 2018.

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Every young person in Washington state should have high-quality environmental and sustainability education experiences in and out of school that are responsive to community and youth assets, aspirations, and needs.

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